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What to Look For in a General Contractor

A general contractor’s main value lies in his or her ability to manage a construction project efficiently. This requires good communication between the contractor and the subcontractors. To find out if a general contractor meets these standards, ask for references of three recent projects. Ask former clients about how easy it was to work with them, whether the contractor kept to the original schedule, and how much the final cost ended up being in comparison to the initial contract price.

Generally, contractors charge their customers a percentage of the cost of materials and labor. However, some general contractors also charge a flat fee for the entire project. While this option is more flexible, it may also be harder to predict the final cost. Therefore, a flat-fee bid is the best option if you have a specific budget in mind.

The role of a general contractor is to oversee construction projects and ensure that they are completed on time and budget. He or she oversees the day-to-day activities of construction crews, including managing suppliers and vendors, and ensuring that everyone stays on task. A general contractor also manages the cash flow and writes checks to laborers and material suppliers. Lastly, he or she oversees the project’s quality control and deadlines.

A general contractor will supervise the construction project and hire subcontractors to complete the job. A general contractor usually consults an architect or engineer to determine the scope and design of the project, as well as the timeline. He or she will coordinate the various parts of the project and estimate the costs. In addition to that, he or she will also serve as a building designer and foreman.

While there are many differences between a general contractor and a construction manager, they do share similar responsibilities. The difference lies in the nature of the relationship and the structure of the contract. A general contractor will generally spend the majority of his or her time on site. However, a construction manager will focus more on overseeing the construction project.

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