~ Varsity ~

Well, it seems I’m addicted to another kind of clothing. Varsity jackets!
I don’t know why, but I simply love the casual look behind them. This one comes from Love Re Me (hoodie included) and it’s going to be available @ The Mens Department on November 5th.
There’s several options to purchase and choose from, both plain and patterned. Other than that, Today, I’m bringing you a new mesh belt from :Sey that you can get for 30% off in the :Sey mainstore for group members (Valid through 4th November, 2012).
There’s 3 types of belts and each includes a plain version and a desired pattern you buy (HUD).
The belt itself is modifiable on every axis, so there shouldn’t be any problems with adjusting for your size.

::eXpression:: Poses – Dual Swords

*Aotreo* Sid – ChocolateT2

Jacket and Hoodie:
[LOVE RE ME] – Letter Jacket (M)(S)Indigo Plain @ Mens Department on Nov, 5th

Super Kingdom – Jeans 02 – Under: Anthro M

2REAL - Cuttlerz Sneakers

:SEY – Double-Hole Belt_A (plain)

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– Orange –

What can I say, I’m a sucker for hoodies! :P
This is a limited edition Halloween hoodie, coming from FATEwear (more info here), that has a 50% discount price for this specially made Halloween pack. Available both inworld and online.
This is my first ever Halloween (where I come from, it’s not celebrated!), so I wanted to do more Halloween themed posts, seeing how it’s that time of the year :)
This cool scarf comes from :Sey and it’s completely free for group members! It has several wearing options and a complementary HUD with some amazing features such as different patterns, colors and tinting.
My mesh sneakers are the new amazing release from 2REAL Footwear.
I made a separate photo for you guys to see what comes in the pack. 3 sizes (all script resizable/deleteable), HUD with 7 premade patterns and 14 colors, 2 laces options, and virtually unlimited options for you to colorize and mix & match.
Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


::eXpression:: Poses – Assassin (TBA

*Aotreo* Sid – ChocolateT2

FATEwear Jacket – Marshall – Halloween Edition

– Entente – Au Fait Pants – Royal Texture Pack

:Sey – Halloween Scarf

2REAL - Cuttlerz Sneakers


A:B – Glasses

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~ Pleasant ~

Back again, and with a few new releases! Hope I’m not boring you with posting every day :P
This time I’m featuring new Sey’s Cutoff Unisex shirt and Mandala’s fabulous mesh stretched ears.

Both come with a HUD which are simply amazing.
Mandala’s features more than 370 (!) different textures for plugs, tunnels, piercings and the diamond, and Sey’s 5 shirt + 5 base textures, 12 undershirt and 12 belt textures, with the option of tilting every color.
Crazy finds this week and they’re all a steal, considering what they include!

Blog shot.

Mandala’s Ears close-up.

Sey’s Fat Pack HUD options.

-Shown in photos-

::eXpression:: Poses – Ichiro

*Aotreo* Sid – ChocolateT2

:SEY Ensemble & Cut-off / Mesh, Unisex

Not so Bad – MUNGO Jeans – Faded

Not so Bad – MUNGO belt – Red

Vintage_BLACK Group Gift [BLK2.0]


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~ Slender ~

Previous post inspired me to make more Halloween themed posts. This time I’m bringing you -etam-‘s brand new Slender Man mesh avatar. Being a HUGE Slender Man fan, I just had to review this excellent piece of mesh.

For those of you who do not know who Mr. Slender is, here’s some links.
Slender Man bio found here.
Ultimately creepy Youtube channel that closely follows a couple of young film students and their Slender Man encounters (had me screaming while watching haha), found here.
And the most popular one, The Slender game, found here.

Now a bit about -etam-‘s release. Following the successful track pants which included a ton of HUD options, this Slendy avatar has everything you need to spook your loved ones, or just random people. And here’s why.
The item comes in two options (with and without tentacles) with a HUD which changes skin color, 6 different tie textures, and wait for it…the option to become invisible and then back visible when you’re close to your victim. And let’s not forget 8 Slender notes for decoration or to play to find them, like in the game.

Avatar is extremely well made and there’s no doubt you’ll have massive amounts of fun with it, as I sure did :)

Slender HUD

Shown in Photos:

-etam- – Slender Man Avatar (MESH)

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– Assassin –

Wow. That’s all I have to say for this post.
First of all, I have to mention that I’m a HUGE fan of the Assassin’s Creed series and this new Desmond coat from FATEwear is simply brilliant. Inspired by the game and a real life cosplay clothing designer Enzo Volante of Volante Design, Damien translated this piece into SL brilliantly. The coat comes with the option with/without hoodie, and the hoodie comes in two options.
I’m telling you now, I’m forever wearing this!
But jokes to the side and the review to the front, this coat comes in 7 different colors and the fat pack comes with an exclusively textured messenger bag. Totally worth all your Lindens.
I tried arranging the coat with Damien’s previous pants release Roy, but the boots from lassitude & ennui (at CINEMA!) sadly didn’t let it happen. Instead I went with Entente’s system L’equipe pants. To complement the renaissance assassin’s look, FATEwear’s Dexter gloves in Tundra matched the look perfectly.
To the side note, I’m really proud of how this image turned out. Simple yet, eye-catching is what I’d describe it. Definitely my Halloween Costume.
Enjoy and remember; “Everything is permitted, nothing is true”.

Color chart of Desmond Coat.

-Shown in Photos-

Pose: ::eXpression:: Poses – Assassin (TBA)

Coat: FATEwear Coat – Desmond – Volcanic/Tundra

Pants: -Entente- L’Equipe Pants – White

Gloves: FATEwear Gloves – Dexter – Tundra

Boots: lassitude & ennui Suede boots / coffee @ CINEMA 2012

Hidden blades: Photoshopped in the image for Photography needs

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Diamondz Beauty Presents – ” Justin “

We are gloud to present you our New Release ” Justin ” . I work alot of this skin and now you can find this At The Boho Coulture Fair , this skin is made exclusive for that and is 30% off there . After 31 oct. will be in store at normal price , so go and check TBCF and try a demo to this our new skin . Justin comes for TBCF in 5 skin tones , (at the end of TBCF will come 3 more tones ) , with/w Hairbase and shape .

Check The Boho Coulture Fair for this amazing skin and more…

In-World Store

Diamondz Beauty – Jhonny

Hi ,
This is Johnny , a new fresh look and a new body , that comes in 8 different tones , with/w Hairbase and shape.
Hope you like

In-World Store

Diamondaz Beauty Presents – “Pamela”

Hi Girls :D
Pamela is my first Female Skin , that i work alot , and after few months this is out . You can find this skin at The Boho Coulture Fair where is 30% off . At TBCF i put 5 skin tones , but Pam comes in 6 skin tones in Store . IT’s a wonderfull female skin . Go and Check yourself .
Btw The Boho Coulture Fair will start 15 Oct. till 31 oct. so grab a skin if you like .

In-World Store

Diamondz Beauty – Mike Skin

Hi ,
This is Mike a new skin from Diamondz beauty , that comes with a new body . Comes in 8 different skin tones , 2 different body hair , with/w hairbase and shape .
Hope you like :)

In-World Store

Diamondz Beauty – Anthony Skin

Hi ,
We are very proud to present you our new release ” Anthony ” , it’s a ” man ” skin with an High quality body , and a expresive face . Like the other skins i’ve made this have a different body . Because I go “tradition” each skin comes with a totally different body doing these skins to be given the right original .
Anthony comes in 8 different tones with/w hairbase and shape .
Hope you all enjoy :)

In-World Store