1072 "When I’m with you baby, I go out of my head…."

332 : 0710


Hair : Aii : Thresh & Slv Hooks HUD 1 @The Arena "NEW"
Hair Ornament, Blindfold : siratama : NATUMATURIgacha 10 - mekakusi, 9 -kaburiohuda @ORIGAMI "NEW"
Face Scars : antielle. : Devil Scar (Damned) @ORIGAMI "NEW"
Snake, Ring : C L A Vv. : The Metallic Snake Set [ORIGAMI game "鱗廻RIN-NE" prize] @ORIGAMI "NEW"
Chain : CARGO : Chain Belt
Geta : C L A Vv. : Tengu Gacha - Sacred Geta Wood Male RARE
Crow Hatchling : Schadenfreude : Crow Karasu Hatchling *Gacha @ORIGAMI "NEW"
Feet Nails : CerberusXing : Talon Nails (Stone) @ROMP "NEW"
Staple Gag : CerberusXing : Staple Gag (Leather Black)
Ears : europa : Sylven ears demon (light)
Tattoo : G.ID : Ultima Zero Bodypaint-Grey
Hands & Feet Tattoo : Clemmm : Bloody Hands, Bloody Feet

Chat Animation : Alchemist : OrigamiChatAnimation Red RARE *Gacha @ORIGAMI "NEW"


On Cobra
Set Garden:Di'Cor Maria Black Garden Set On Cosmopolitan
On Ciansia
Pipe: Since1975 - Rouge Pipe On Cosmopolitan
Hair: Alice Project - Ivana On HELLO TUESDAY
Tattoo: Pervette - Lock Garter On HELLO TUESDAY

Summer Breeze

Elua Phillip (fatpack) SummerFest'15 - June 20th @NEW!!
Clef de Peau Calum Face T4 TMP & Eyebrows 10 Blondes TMP The Mens Department - July 5th  @NEW!!
FLite Kool Guy Glasses White SummerFest'15 - June 20th @NEW!!
HAK 5 Star Bandito T-Shirt Black The Mens Department - July 5th  @NEW!!
Vale Koer Scuba Pants The Mens Department - July 5th  @NEW!!
BLK2.0 Norage Blackaddict TMP The Mens Department - July 5th  @NEW!!
UC Backpack Cool blackwhite The Mens Department - July 5th  @NEW!!
Trompe Loeil - Kiya Beach Hut Lime V1.1
Ohmai Ivory Gull (Stance4) SummerFest'15 - June 20th @NEW!!
Love Soul Soft Drink Watermelon Soda
Flow V-Surf PS 17 Surfboard
Iconic Jeep Rubicon (modified)

I’m a guitarist!

Hair : MINA Hair - Waylon @ TMD
Shirt: C L A Vv. Paniti Shirts @ TMD
Bracelet : C L A Vv. Cuffed Bracelet @ ROMP
Pants: ::GB::Roll up denim pants @ TMD

– …. Niles @ SWANK ……

Swank HHC Clef TMP_101

Skin: Clef de Peau – Calum:Skin&TMP  only at the The Mens Dept

Hair: [bade]–  Luca

Shades: SORGO –  Mleha / BLACK

Tattoo:  { Speakeasy } – Dark Sea Tattoo  only @ MOM 

Shirt and Pants: HHC – The Niles Men’s Ensemble only @ [ SWANK ]

Necklace: Gabriel – ::GB:: anchor necklace silver

POSE: the pose shop –  broken wall1

No Smiles Around Here

No Smiles Around Here

What I’m Wearing

Trill HB Design / Unorthodox

Teen Facial Hair / Unorthodox @TMD

Bones Necklace / Buc x Benjaminz 

Trooper Parka / Represent @TMD

Zante Duffle Bag / BUC @TMD

Faded Ribbed Biker Jeans / Represent

B-3 Runners / Vale Koer



On Cobra
Skin:-NIVARO - Caspar Skin - ~Fatpack *Wear2Unpack COSMOPOLITAN
Necklace:Tabou Irresistible. Rope necklace COSMOPOLITAN
Tatoo:[M]A.C. [D]ESIGN & Astaroth COSMOPOLITAN

On Ciansia
Outfit Shirt&Jeans: hh - Kimmy ripped Jeans & Kimmy shirt white COSMOPOLITAN
Sunglasses: Since1975 - Vintage Glasses 290 COSMOPOLITAN
Shoes: ChicChica - Beatrice Mix COSMOPOLITAN
Skirt: FABOO - island sarong COSMOPOLITAN
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Esther

#243 Polaroid


Hair: MINA Hair – Waylon by Mina Nakamura ( The Mens Dept)

Shirt: [Pumpkin]Tight T-shirt by Yukio Osei
Shorts: Addams // Denim Short w/ Belt by AmaliaRainwood ( The Mens Dept)

Shoes: BLK2.0 – NORAGE Sneakers by ZlatanBLK Djannovic ( The Mens Dept)
Bag: [BUC] Zante Duffle Bag by badunicorn (The Mens Dept)
Camera: [BUC] Zante Polaroid Camera by badunicorn (The Mens Dept)
Shoulder Shirt: [BUC] Zante Shoulder Shirt by badunicorn (The Mens Dept)
Ring: C L A Vv. Cuffed Ring Black (Gold/R.Hand) by ThePierrot (ROMP)

Sweet Tooth


Apple Fall - An Lar Antique Booth
Apple Fall - Old Painters' Stool
Apple Fall Cherry Iced Tea
Apple Fall Buttery Popcorn
Apple Fall "We're Open' Sign
Che Bella // Traveling Confectionist - Sweet Pops
{amiable}Pop Candy Party Gacha11
.Quirky. - Chocolate Chip Cookie Box
.Quirky. - Milk
{amiable}Pop Candy Party Gacha17
{amiable}Pop Candy Party Gacha15
{ud} & Little Moments .Summer Drink. [peach]
{ud} & Little Moments .Summer Drink. [vanilla]
{ud} & Little Moments .Summer Drink. [coffee]
.trinket. sweet treats trio - cupcake
.trinket. sweet treats trio - donut
[Brixley] ice cream poster
Sari-Sari - Sweet Stuff - Gumball Jars
Sari-Sari - Sweet Stuff - Chocolate Shakes
Sari-Sari - Sweet Stuff - Ice Cream Cup
Sari-Sari - Sweet Stuff - Basket full of Chocolate
{NIJI cafe} Milkshake A .::Cubic Cherry::.
{NIJI cafe} Donutdisplay .::Cubic Cherry::.
{NIJI cafe} lollipop JAR .::Cubic Cherry::.
Sari-Sari - Sweet Stuff - Gumball Tree RARE
The Hive - BSB Cups & Spoons
The Hive - BSB Bunting
The Hive - Ice Cream Cart RARE
The Hive - BSB Whipped Cream
The Hive - BSB Syrup Bottles
The Hive - BSB Toppings
The Hive - BSB Bananas
The Hive - BSB Ice Cream Cones
The Hive - BSB Waffle Cones
EP - Candy Dandy Ice Cream *Tango Mango* ((add me))
EP - Candy Dandy Ice Cream *Berry Delight* ((add me))
EP - Candy Dandy Ice Cream *Vanilla Caramel* ((add me))
[LJ] Parlor Poster - Scoop - Cute

Additional items:

8f8 - Sweet Life Bakery - Lollipops
8f8 - Sweet Life Bakery - Muffins
8f8 - Sweet Life Bakery - Summer Bunting
8f8 - Sweet Life Bakery - Menu Board
8f8 - Ice Dreams - Strawberry Swirl Display
8f8 - Ice Dreams Yellow Ice Cream Display
8f8 - Ice Dreams Popsicle Display
8f8 - Ice Dreams Green Ice Cream Display
8f8 - Ice Dreams - Vintage Cone Stand
8f8 - Ice Dreams Table Menu
8f8 - Ice Dreams Vintage Ice Cream Machine
8f8 - Ice Dreams - Chocolate Cookie Dough in a Cup
8f8 - Ice Dreams - Ice Cream Delicious Toppings
8f8 - Ice Dreams - Ice Cream Accessories Set
xin. tablet register + dark
Bazaar - Traveler-Vintage personal items
!Ohmai @ Summerfest: Herring Gull (Hovering Slow - Rez)
!Ohmai @ Summerfest: Herring Gull (Stance3 - Rez)