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Take me to the other world……..


HEADGEAR:Zibska – Adra (from we <3 Roleplay)
PIERCING ON LIPS: PUNCH / Sucked / Male {black steel}
EaRRINGS: .Pekka. Radius

Keeping Warm

N4RS has released a gorgeous new fireplace and rug set that is available at The Men’s Department called the Hampton Fireplace* and comes with PG and Adult animations.

The Men’s Department Slurl

Keeping Warm

Keeping Warm
Keeping Warm

Keeping Warm

Hair: Truth Tom
Beard: Deadwool Full Beard
Sweater: Amitomo Shirt Under Sweater #2 (available at The Men’s Department)
Pants: Deadwool Corduroy Pants (mustard)
Shoes: United Colors Moc Folk Boat Shoes (black)

Floorplan – Sailor’s Sofa (leather)
Junk – Vintage Barbers Drawers, Arch Lamp
Breno – Hot Chocolate
MishMish – Clay Family
Pilot – Its a Horse, Golden Arrows
Apple Fall – Preserved Poppies, Tribal Prints I & II, ‘Strength’ Fragment
Soy – Table with Drawers (Aged Dark Wood)
Fancy Decor – Vostre 2 Prints
MudHoney – Cactus Plant
What Next – Maison Drapes
Ison – Fatty Black Ram
Lode – Snapdragon Vase Big (mix)
Stockholm & Lima – My Love, My Beard – Beard, My Love, My Beard – Life

*Promotional copy

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If I Lose Myself Tonight

Post Blog 01

Hair: Modulus – Locs Mohawk @ Wayward Market

Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Freak Tattoo @ GEN

Briefs: NO!Project – Briefs Ares / Basic



Hair – Tableau Vivant \ Kyou hair – Naturals II
Necklace – 7.::GB::Lion Necklace / Silver* @ The Fantasy Gacha
Fur – 1.::GB::Offshoulder Black fur RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha
Pant – 6.::GB::Warrior boots in pants / Black/ @ The Fantasy Gacha

403 : 1112


Hair : taketomi : Hyde Blacks "NEW"
Hat : GABRIEL : :Silkhat Black (Gacha)
Horns : *Sweet Kajira* : Morgana Horns silver/1 @Fantasy Gacha Carnival "NEW"
Mask : Candy Crunchers : Sharp Mouth - Rare @Fantasy Gacha Carnival "NEW"
Eye : ContraptioN : Maskineri Eye *industrial* (Limited item)
Stole : CerberusXing : Fur Stole - Coat Version (Grey) @Uber "NEW"
Suit : !APHORISM! : Cassady Jacket, Trousers Black @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Shoes : GABRIEL : Dress shoes Basic
Gloves : FATEwear : Glove - Dexter - Void
Wings : RO : Azrael Bonewings @We Love Role-Play "NEW"
Gun : nefarious.inventions : big.stick.rusted - locked and loaded @We Love Role-Play "NEW"




Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely day today, I know I am! I’ve been running around all day mostly, shoveling snow and grocery shopping I thought I’d take a break and do a blog post. So! Let’s get in to it shall we? This scarf from MoonAmore has to be one of my favorite things I’ve picked up in the past couple months. So many times I feel like winter clothes can look so bland, granted I know theirs only so many ways one can make a sweater. It’s nice to see a designer who is willing to step outside of the box and take a risk. I also like that the scarf gives me some major Halloween feels.  I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for the holidays! I will hold on to Halloween as long as my fingers are able! Jack-o-lanterns for always! Well, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. I’m going to snuggle up with some chili and tickle my boyfriend.


Hair-*ARGRACE* SHUN – Blacks by: rika Oyen
Horns-Katat0nic Autumn blues. By: Katat0nik Pidgeon @Collabor88
Ears-UNISEX[MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season 5 by kikunosuke Eel
Eyes-Ikon -Sovereign In Pharaoh and Wraith by Ikon Innovia
Scarf-MoonAmore+Cureless Owlsome scarf in burgundy
Sweater-Amitomo- sweater #4 at TMD
pants-Deadwool- Corduroy pants in blue by Masa Plympton




Hat: Mi-Ro Hat v1 by alpha.tribe ( Art in Hats 2015 , till Nov 14th)
Earrings: Hekinan Earring by JANGKA ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Coat: Offshoulder Black Fur RARE by Gabriel ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Necklace: Lion Necklace by Gabriel ( Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Tattoo: Caravage by White Widow We <3 RP
Pants: Harajuku Swag Pants by Ascend ( Men Only Monthly )
Rings: Elegance Rings for TMP by RealEvil Industries ( Men Only Monthly )
Footwear: Ethan Sandals by ..:ILLI:..
Poses: Photo Pose Set M005 (brand new male poses) by Agapee

Our business…

Our business...


Phoenix is wearing..

MINA Hair Maarten @TMD *NEW*

[NikotiN] Pipe @The Chapter Four *NEW*

[monso] My Autumn Suit – Grey Check @TMD *NEW*


 Gohan is wearing..

Credits on Hype SL


Scene details..

The [Den.] Room 144 – Residential Container @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro gun racks + RARE @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro. Filthy Bed @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro portable hacking control station @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro bulletin board (heist map) @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro tough luck michael @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro file cabinet + fan @ 6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro money briefcase @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro weapons briefcase @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro wall safe @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro boss chair @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro boss desk @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro hacking statoin @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro bulletin board (crew) @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro bulletin board (planning) @6º Republic *NEW*

xin + toro filthy couch @6º Republic *NEW*


We work hard, play hard…

We work hard, play hard...


{ Speakeasy } Aiden Hair @GEN-Neutral Event *NEW*

^^Swallow^^ Eyebrows Man Head @Cosmopolitan *NEW*

{ Speakeasy } Freak Tattoo @GEN-Neutral Event *NEW*

Elysium – Chaos bangle @The Fantasy Gacha *NEW*



Scene details..

The [Den.]  – Room 144 Residential Container @6º Republic *NEW*

uK – Play Hard The Old Bag-Blue @6º Republic *NEW*

uK – Play Hard The Old Bag @6º Republic *NEW*

uK – Play Hard Pipe Bench @6º Republic *NEW*

uK – Play Hard Screen Color @6º Republic *NEW*

uK – Play Hard Sign @6º Republic *NEW*

uK – Play Hard Stool Stack @6º Republic *NEW*

uK – Play Hard Round Cards @6º Republic *NEW*

uK – Play Hard End Bell @6º Republic *NEW*

[Brixley] locker console @6º Republic *NEW*

[Takeo] Fantasy Sport – Football Sky @The Fantasy Gacha *NEW*

[Takeo] Fantasy Sport – Helmet Crimson @The Fantasy Gacha *NEW*

:CP: Duncan Sofa (Adult)

:CP: Duncan Equipment Shelf

:CP: Duncan Purple Pennant

:CP: Duncan Green Pennant

:CP: Duncan Blue Pennant

:CP: Duncan Gridtrotters Sign

:CP: Duncan AFK Sign

:CP: Duncan Hoopz Game

N4RS Gym Flag

N4RS Gym Towel Folded 01

N4RS Gym Towel Folded 02

N4RS Water Bottle

– David Guetta – Play Hard ft. Ne-Yo, Akon