Moments Like This


I know you need protection
I tell you what to do whenever you need direction
You know I’m overworkin’, and I cut the check like director

Purdie Hair / Unorthodox

Diamond Stud Nose Piercing / Vex @Tres Chic

The Moon nosering / VEX

 ‘Burrr!’ Gold Mane Chain / Bad Unicorn

CloudX Necklace Cuban / Benjaminz @TMD

3D Glasses ‘Movie Night’ / 3D Glasses ‘Movie Night’ @epiphany

Aggro Stompers / Vale Koer

 Popcorn ‘Movie Night’ / [Bad Unicorn] @epiphany

Couples Neon Sofa ‘Movie Night’ / [Bad Unicorn] @epiphany

4 Person Neon Sofa ‘Movie Night’ / [Bad Unicorn] @epiphany

Home Theatre Skybox RARE / [Bad Unicorn] @epiphany

 Popcorn Machine ‘Movie Night’ / [Bad Unicorn] @epiphany

Destroyer Jeans / Represent 

Benji Pose Set / Animosity @MOM

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Outfit: GABRIEL – Dark Crow Style Gacha @ Epiphany October 15th – November 15th
Mainstore – GABRIEL

Skin: Stray Dog – Yori (Tone 4)
Mainstore – STRAY DOG

Pose: WRONG & The Owl. – Static Male Poses #6/4 @ Men Only Monthly OCTOBER
Mainstore – The Owl

Head: CATWA – Daniel Bento Mesh Head @ mainstore CATWA

Feather Stole: GABRIEL – Crow Feather Stole 1 (RARE) @ Epiphany October 15th – November 15th
Mainstore – GABRIEL

Jacket & Shirt: GABRIEL – Long Jacket & Open Shirt 3 @ Epiphany October 15th – November 15th
Mainstore – GABRIEL

Cummberbund: GABRIEL – Cummerbund 7 @ Epiphany October 15th – November 15th
Mainstore – GABRIEL

Pants & Boots: GABRIEL – Cross Strap Boots & Pants 9 @ Epiphany October 15th – November 15th
Mainstore – GABRIEL

Glove: GABRIEL – Metal nail Gloves (25pts) @ Epiphany October 15th – November 15th
Mainstore – GABRIEL

Lip Piercing: GABRIEL – Lip piercing (Catwa Daniel) 6 Black Gacha @ mainstore GABRIEL

Tattoo: [ATI] Kenny @ Bodyfy October 24th
Mainstore – Addicted to ink

Eyebrow Applier: VOLKSTONE – Dhuan Eyebrows (Black V2) @ mainstore VOLKSTONE

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears @ Black Fair October 6th – October 20th
Mainstore – ^^Swallow^^

Hair: Stealthic – Rebellion @ TMD October 5th – October 31st
Mainstore – Stealthic



I Don’t Ever Have To Leave

I have officially been in California for over a month! What started out as an unsure thing is developing into an appreciation. Even in spite of the fires last week, I am really liking the area. The job has massive amounts of challenges, and I suppose that is ok. It is ok, because they are listening and making the changes.  We will see what happens tomorrow though. It is our first company wide meeting, and yours truly must conduct the safety portion. Now, that seems harmless right? What they don't know is that I have this thing...I like to gangsta rap the safety meeting. They don't know it is coming. No, you can't watch! There will be no evidence except for the safety impression I leave in the young minds of tomorrow. ;)


Stealthic - Psycho TAXI
IDTTY Faces - Hunky Eyebrows @  ManCave
IDTTY Faces - Alpha Beard  TAXI
STRAY DOG -LEVI  - TONE 04 @ ManCave
etham - Andrew Tee w/ Sweater -  *N21*


gbtmd3_001_blogThe reasons you make me high are so easy to feel…

  • TOP: ::GB:: – Peacoat Denim JK @TMD
  • PANTS: ::GB:: – Cotton Stripe Pants @TMD
  • HAIR: Drot – Baker Hat x Hair @MOM
  • CIGARETTE: Nikotin – Crooked Cigarette

553 : 1019


Hair : *ARGRACE* : MAYU [Mirror]
Cat Ears : *barberyumyum* : nekomimi(gift)
Tail : AII : Gacha - #14 NEKO'NEKO Cocoa Tail {aii}
Halo : {-Maru Kado-} : Halo Gacha - 15-Chouchin Red
Scarf : DISORDERLY. : Harvest Scarves / Front Wind / Right @Project Se7en
Gloves : Sweet Tea Couture : Short Fingerless Lace Gloves:Pieced Lace Gold

Kimono, tippet, shoes : tomoto, : usaco Gacha @Pocket Gacha "NEW"
10 - fur tippet
13 - mocobo enamel
RARE - Kimono F Japaan

Skulls : {-Maru Kado-} : Skull Plant Pot Gacha @The Epiphany "NEW"



MASK – [ KATAT0NIK @ THE EPIPHANY ] – Cockface Mask

[ This round of The Epiphany ends 15th November 2017 Katat0nik Mainstore ]

BASEBALL BAT – [ C.A.M.O. ] – Baseball Bat


[ This round of HME ends 6th November 2017 Identity Mainstore ]


[ This round of MoM ends 15th November 2017 Abrasive Mainstore ]

LEG CUTS – [ CLEMMM ] – Damaged Knees 7


Jestyr (middle):

Yoko (left):

Saber (right):

Backdrop: Isuka @ Shiny Shabby – Union Local


Lose Yourself in Music

• My Look •
Stealthic - Rebellion (Unrigged) TMD (October 5th) [New Release!!]
DOUX - Big mesh beard [Dark blonde] Beard 1
DOUX - Big mesh beard [Dark blonde] Moustache 1
Clef de Peau.Brock T2 [LELUTKA] Applier Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
Kalback Basic Tee M2_Pack#2 FULLPACK (BellezaMan Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
COMPLEX /  JOGGERS / FAT PACK / BELLEZA_M Shiny Shabby (October 20th) [New Release!!]
[Shoeminati] xOffWhite - Bred (Signature GianniBlack Fair 2017 (October 6th) [Limited Edition - New Release!!]
::GB:: fingers less knit gloves(Belleza) Black
RK Poses. Remi's Closet 2 [New Release!!]
• Scene •
..::THOR::.. White Russian DIY Tap [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Raw Coffee Table [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Old Tank Lamp [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Dirty Piano Shelf [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Guitar Wallart [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. The Dude Sofa [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Standing Ashtray [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. The Dart Game [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Wood Beer Box [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Bowling Pins [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Dudes Rug [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Empty Beer Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Bowling Ball Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
Kuro - Uva's lanterns (strawberry) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ]  Music is Life - Guitar Lamp The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ]  Music is Life - Musical Notes - Dark The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ]  Music is Life - Record Clock The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Music Neon Sign - Blinking On/Off The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Guitar - RARE The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Recordplayer - Red The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Record Player Stand The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Life is Jazz Sign The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Rug The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Milk Can Table K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Headlight Lamp - Red K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Teapot Lamp K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Daybed (RARE) K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Recycled Fan Clock - Dark K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Gear Candle - Type A K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Gear Candle - Type B K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Gears Drink Set K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Rug K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
Soy. Rustic Storage Shed  K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]

• Other Items •
Soy. Potted Pothos [Ssize]
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize]
[ zerkalo ]  Backstreet Hideout - Pizza

1454 DiNO