Armani – P.I – Petty Instigator

Aʀᴍᴀɴɪ - P.I - Pᴇᴛᴛʏ Iɴsᴛɪɢᴀᴛᴏʀ

Armani Torelli

Pose: Animosity - Egypt - #5 (@MOM)
Coat: -David Heather- - Haider Coat
Pants: [Pumpkin] - Everyday Attire Pants
Hat: PILOT - Wowser Hat
Shoes: -David Heather- - Prado Oxfords
Gloves: [Deadwool] - Erik Gloves
Bag: -David Heather- - Adventure Bag

Other Notable Items

Scene: taikou - Gaien Market Backdrop (@Kustom9)
Buildings: *CS* - Bad Guys

-Nivaro- ‘Rogan’ Akeruka Applier Advert @ Mainstore

-Nivaro- 'Rogan' Akeruka Applier Advert

Now at mainstore release our first AKERUKA head.

‘R O G A N’

– Four colour eyebrows (black, brown, blonde, red).
And More!

Tp to the Nivaro here:



Make sure
Your worst enemy
Is not living
Your own
Two ears.


Now that Stray Dog have released some appliers for LeLukta's new head, I love Andrea even more. The applier I'm wearing here is Cody, there are two more available at the Stray Dog mainstore.

My eyebrows come with the Cody applier whereas my stubble is one of the many facial hair options which come with Andrea.

I also made a new video to show of the head with this skin, watch it here.

raw shot:


mesh head: 'andrea' - lelutka
mesh body: 'jake' - belleza
face & body applier: 'cody tone 03' - stray dog
eyes: 'albino rare': buzzeri @ the epiphany july 2017
hair: 'hysteria' - stealthic
tank: 'julius muscle tank' - etham @ MoM september 2017

pose: 'hang back' - inertia
build: 'september' - anxiety @ n21 september 2017 (this pic doesn't do it justice, it's so cool)

It Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time

It was a strange night as Trip returned home. He had been out with the boys on a hunting trip earlier in the day. In an attempt to wind down from that rush of guns and rompers, he had visited another beautiful land called kekeland to take some photos. The photoshoot turned violent, as Trip was brutally attacked by a pack of Germans! But, bravery is his middle name, so he had gone home to tend to his wounds...alone. To make matters worse, the medicine cabinet was completely out of Snoopy bandaids, and there was not a single package of skittles in the house. He raged silently, and then resigned himself to just going out to check the mail. Deciduous had become autumn, and there was a slight nip in the air as Trip walked the pathway. Soon, his eyes zeroed in on a parcel, and like a missle, Trip pounced on the large box left for him. A scan of the label indicated it was sent to him from Mulloy CASA. A quick peek inside, and he knew this was going to be a good night. Trip called RAI immediately.
Trip knew that RAI was gonna be down for what was inside, but he did not say it over the phone. This was top secret. The women could never know. When RAI walked into Trip's MANCAVE, his eyes lit up! RAI grinned that knowing grin "Oh, Brother, it is on.". It was a brand new poker table set up, and even an ATM machine to boot! Mulloy even included a bottle of Jack Daniels. It was like Mulloy understood the soul of these two. Trip started pouring the drinks, and RAI was shuffling the cards:
Trip: "Now this is living man. We got cards, and an ATM. No women here to boss us around, or make us dance, or pose!".
RAI: "Yeah Bro, but does the ATM have money in it?"
Trip: "I don't know. It didn't come with a set of keys, or a code".
RAI: "If we could just crack the code, I bet it is filled with cash! We could hide the money and then use it to open a stripper club.".
Trip: "OMG RAI that is the best idea I have ever heard! Then we would never be lonely since our Euro girlfriends go to bed early like the elderly!".
The guys surrounded the ATM machine and took in the beauty of it.
RAI: "Let's make this real interesting. We can just punch in numbers. For every wrong number, we have to take a shot of whiskey."
Trip: "Now, that is the best idea ever!".
Soon, the room would be filled with the sound of the ATM buzzer indicating a wrong code had been entered, and shot glasses clinking in celebration of the failure. It was completely logical in their minds. Not a single hand of poker was played as the bottle of Jack was consumed. However, the poker table became quite handy in ensuring the boys didn't pass out in the floor. Unfortunately, the poker table would have to be thrown out. Trip drunkenly tried to push poker chips into the ATM slot, and when that failed, he figured they were chips so he tried to eat them. RAI was hunkered over with a steady stream of drool leaking onto the green felt of the table.
RAI: "Help me! My mouf is dwowning!"
Trip: "Doooooood we are so fusted. We won't be wight for Blackkkkk Bilk...Filk...Milk"
Their complicated heads would soon fade to black as the whisky won the fight. The women would be sure to find them in a heap stinking of booze. The moral of the story is that it will always be the Euro women's fault for leaving them alone all night.




Backdrop: CMYK// – Pastel Pixel Game Studio (#9 RARE) @ Kawaii Project September 20th – October 10th

Pose: Animosity – Egypt 1 @ Men Only Monthly September 20th – October 15th

Head: CATWA – Daniel Bento Mesh Head @ mainstore CATWA

Tattoo: DAPPA – Gloria Tattoo @ Men Only Monthly September 20th – October 15th

Lip Piercing: GABRIEL – Lip piercing (Catwa Daniel) 6 Black Gacha @ mainstore GABRIEL

Ears: E.A.Studio – Ears Gunner @ Men Only Monthly September 20th – October 15th

Hat/Hair: BeausamexBeusy – Jasper Hair & Cap Gacha #3 @ mainstore BeausamexBeusy

Necklace: Aii – Necklace Dragon (25 Plays Price) @ The Arcade September 1st – September 30th

Jacket: GABRIEL – Down jacket (Black) @ Shiny Shabby September 20th – October 15th

Jeans: Legal Insanity – Dirk Jeans @ Men Only Monthly September 20th – October 15th



Hair – *Dura*B77-
Glasses – K_gs Sedna – Kumaki – Sunglasses – Glasses – Goggles
Suit – Bakaboo – Baka Yakuza Suit – Color B

Look # 203

📸In´Closet Style
**Outliff Male Cole
Versions: Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature, Slink and TMP
📸7 Deadly s[K]ins
**Omega FACE applier - EARTH Caramel v1
**Omega BODY Applier - SMOOTH Caramel
Versions: Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature, Slink and TMP
**Mjollnir Necklace - Exclusive item - Men Only Monthly
With 3 Metal options, 3 Cords options, Unrigged, XYZ-Resizer
**Mesh Head- beta1- v1.4 Bento
**Mesh body - v1.4b

She’s Been Lookin’ Like A Queen In A Sailor’s Dream

I can see her lyin' back in her satin dress In a room where ya do what ya don't confess Sundown you better take care If I find you beenn creepin' 'round my back stairs
She's been lookin' like a queen in a sailor's dream And she don't always say what she really means Sometimes I think it's a shame When I get feelin' better when I'm feelin' no pain
I can picture every move that a man could make Getting lost in her lovin' is your first mistake Sundown you better take care If I find you been creepin' 'round my back stairs
Sometimes I think it's a sin When I feel like I'm winnin' when I'm losin' again
I can see her lookin' fast in her faded jeans She's a hard lovin' woman, got me feelin' mean Sometimes I think it's a shame When I get feelin' better when I'm feelin' no pain Sundown you better take care If I find you been creepin' 'round my back stairs Sometimes I think it's a sin When I feel like I'm winnin' when I'm losin' again