CATWA Daniel head (Bento) 
STRAY DOG Ade skin (shape and eyebrows) at MOM 
ISUKA Asmund tattoo at MOM
:::NOIR::: Roman Watch + Bracelet at MOM
[AB] Tank and sweats at MOM
XXY Manly 1 pose at MOM

Haters mad for whatever reason..


MGmen’s Hat BIker @ MOM MARCH 2017

MGmen’s Hoody Biker @ MOM MARCH 2017

MGmen’s Jacket BIker @ MOM MARCH 2017

-NOeditiON- Military Cargo @ MOM MARCH 2017


LOTD 392

Shirt:Fakeicon-Nopun Tank w/ waist Shirt @Tres Chic
Pants:Unkwn-5710 Denim @MOM
Boots:Vale Koer-Techstrider Boots@TMD
Hat:Sorgo-Simple Hat
Chain:Seven-4 Way Choker &Chain (Can edit the choker)
Nose Ring:Fakeicon-Bedik Piercing @Cotw
Bracelet:Bad Unicorn-Faith bracelet

No Mercy

No Mercy Is Given

The Darkness Chamber Fair

Serendipity: searching for faith…

Nightmare :: The Darkness Set

::GB::Restraint chain Shirt (Signature) Black

RONSEM* Skinny black

J’s Studded Long boots (Black)

[Signature] Gianni



^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ears 

No Mercy Given


isuka5_blogOne ain’t enough, it ain’t two.



Coming soon…




Hair – [bade] Toshi
Tattoo – .Facade. :: Progression @ Men Only Monthly
Necklace – **RE** Aesis Necklace @ Men Only Monthly
Blazer – -NU- Sinnerman Blazer Complete @ Men Only Monthly
Watch & Bracelets – :::NOIR::: Roman Watch + Bracelet @ Men Only Monthly
Pant – //Ascend// Johny Casual Pants

# 124 – St. Patrick’s Day for Newfoundland

📸 7 Deadly s[K]ins
** Omega face - JAGER Caramel B1
** Omega BODY Applier - SMOOTH Caramel
📸 Kauna
** DBW Waistcoat & Shirt: St. Patrick's Day
Includes: Waistcoat, Tie, Shirt and Trousers
📸 A&D Clothing
** Shoes - Seattle
Versions: Classic avatars, Slink, TMP and Signature

I will still rise even tho its burning………

My one and only pet, a cat, Nouri, passed away on the 17th of March cus of kidney disease…I miss him deeply…below some of the words i said about him….

RIP My baby Nouri.....

This is what really happen…when he was there at the vet..He wasn’t breathing well.

Then the vet feels that he needs an x-ray. During the x-ray session He was struggling cus he is in pain and he starts to breathe heavily and breathless. During the x-ray he struggled and bites his lips, he was bleeding on the table. But the doctor managed to take one snap then rushed him up to the room to give him oxygen.

Then she came down and explains to me what is going on….

She said that…
His entire lung is full of fluid, 80% of it, the body cannot hold on to the fluid and the kidney not functioning anymore. The only thing that the doctor can do is to drain out the fluid from the chest but need to sedate him as he is breathless and hyperventilating. She told me what she intends to do and before they could do the procedure…his heartbeat stop.

They gave him resuscitation asking me if I want to continue
I say no…
Let him go….
He will be in a better place right?
Saw him on the resus table hurts me, cus I don’t want him to suffer anymore…

I was bawling my eyes out….He passed away on 17th March 2017 at 2015 hrs (GMT+8) having kidney failure ….13 days before 1 yr of Mengka’s anniversary…..

This morning I woke up on my seat.. I think I slept on the chair all night , not knowing about it…missing the meowing of him at 4am asking for food or the early morning wake up call….

I miss you Nouri, my furry Son, my baby boy… I do hope you in the cat heaven playing with Mengka right now.. I love you….

This picture I made for him….its 3.22am my time and im not sleeping cus Im thinking of him….



Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT HAIRDRESSING – Windy from Starry Night Gacha from past The Arcade(Dec 2015)

Mesh Head: CATWA – Daniel Bento Mesh Head at mainstore
Mesh Head Applier: TABLEAU VIVANT – Nyx Applier Tone 1 for Catwa Daniel Bento head at mainstore
Mesh Body Applier: TABLEAU VIVANT – Body Applier Tone 1 for The Mesh Project at mainstore

Choker: L’ETRE LES ACCESSOIRES – Punky Choker (Includes 10 leather and 10 metal textures) at mainstore

Shawl: CURELESS [+] – Cheshire’s Shawl White from Red Queen’s Realm Gacha at The Arcade March 2017

Coat: [ RIDI-LUDI-FOOL ] – Juban (Men) Type D Black at Japonica March 2017

Skirt/Kimono: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Koshi Kimono Kuro(Black) at Japonica March 2017

Pose by Ramsa Luv, Style Vero Modero exclusive 5

Scene: 8f8 CREATIONS – No Place of Ours (Autumnal) from Deco(C)rate ‘November Rain’ subscription

1376 NEW! NEW! NEW!


Style of the Day – 19.03.2017

Featured: Labyrinth, AZOURY, Unorthodox, DAPPA, A:S:S, Scars, GABRIEL & VALE KOER


Bento Mesh Head | CATWA HEAD Daniel @ Catwa
Face & Body Appliers | -Labyrinth- ‘Tylar’ Catwa (DanBento) &BodyAppliers @ Skin Fair 2
Accessory | AZOURY – Moab Accessory Black @ Shiny Shabby
Hair | Unorthodox Sierra Hair – Chocolate (NEW!!!)
Eyebrow | Unorthodox Brows- Bonez Eyebrow Omega Applier (NEW!!!)
Bowtie | A:S:S – Stripper Bowtie – Leather (NEW!!!)
Tattoo | DAPPA – Ichiban Tattoo. @ Men Only Monthly
Pants | …Scars… Leather Pants @ TMD – The Mens Dept
Gloves BENTO | ::GB::Metallic Long nail gloves @ We < 3 Role-Play
Mesh Body | Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body V2.04 @ Slink Avatar Enhancement
Hands | Slink AvEnhance Hands Male Gesture/Relax V2.3.2 @ Slink Avatar Enhancement
Feets | Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat V2.2.2 @ Slink Avatar Enhancement

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