Head: CATWA – Daniel Bento Mesh Head @ mainstore CATWA

Face Applier: Stray Dog – Yori (Tone 4) @ TMD September 5th – September 30th

Tattoo: RedFish – Etsuko Tattoo @ Hipster Men’s September 13 – October 6th

Lip Piercing: GABRIEL – Lip piercing (Catwa Daniel) 9 Black Gacha @ mainstore GABRIEL

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ – Rox Ears @ mainstore ^^Swallow^^

Hair Base: [BAD HAIR DAY] – HairBase02 @ mainstore [BAD HAIR DAY]

Hair: [BAD HAIR DAY] – Lueur @ mainstore [BAD HAIR DAY]

Top: *AGATA* – Allan Tops (Black) @ Hipster Men’s September 13 – October 6th

Phone: e.marie – Text Back Phone Gacha (DOPE) @ Kustom9 September 15th – October 10th

[Gild] Easy suits set @ taxi
Kauna - Bento Beard & Moustache v1.1
[ kunst ] - Pipe #8
*Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack - Mikhail @ManCave

Rooftop Talks



Bonez Eyebrows / Unorthodox 


Oversized Flannel “Gianni, Fatpack” / Represent @Mancave

 Hooded Sweatshirt Inner “Gianni, Gray” / Represent @Mancave

Terry Sweatshort “Gianni, Fatpack” / Represent @Mancave 

Cuatro Angel Chain / [Bad Unicorn] x ///BENJAMINZ// 

His Key Moon Phase Bracelet / [BUC] x BENJAMINZ 

Nautical Necklace 24inch (18k) / Vex @Mancave

Nautical Bracelet (18k) / Vex @Mancave 

HIS Ring Gold Vista Right / FLI

BDay FR Ring- P M(VB) /  BJEWLA

BIG Benz-ring w/stones (PF) Male L -bento / BJEWLA


Sensei 5r Pose / Animosity 

Jennie’s Look 



Sync’d Motion__Originals – Gilipo II Pack @ Man Cave


Sync'd Motion__Originals - Gilipo II Pack

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The dance is available at the Mancave for the September round!

Fellas come and grab this swaggy dance! ladies if this is your kind of dance come and grab it too! It won’t disappoint ! 

After Midnight

Three event opened this week for us guys. At TMZ you can pick up this new beard released by CDC Creation's, gives you that jawline with a bit of a shaggy cheek. The Hipster event also opened this week and !NFINITY brings you a new ring set for you and your lover. The heart and key ring set are transfer to give that special someone the key to your heart. (See below for the close up)

Man Cave also opened up yesterday and everyone is going crazy over these "wood" sweatpants. There are three version that come with the purchase. The "normal" sweat pant (shown above), the boner, and the auto boner has just been added! The unicorn shown above is part of the fat pack bundle.

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Beard: Beard 96 by CDC Creation's @ TMZ
Rings: Forever Love Rings by !NFINITY @ Hipster Event
Sweatpants: Wood by Mossu @ Man Cave
Tattoo: Spook Tattoo by Speakeasy @ Man Cave
Hair: Slicked back hair by Deadwool @ Man Cave


" A caterpillar must
  endure a season
  of isolation
  before it turns
  into a butterfly.
  Embrace the time
  you have alone,
  it will
  only make
  you stronger."
                              ~ S.A.

Together with you…….


Marcus Styling (on left):

Hair: TRAM – G0106 at mainstore
Top: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Zipped jacket & Tank (Olive) at mainstore soon
Pants: GABRIEL – ::GB::Cotton pants (Sand) at The Mens Department September 2017
Pose: MMMA – [3M] ah-hun3_m_001 (sit)

Hikaru Styling (on right):

Hair: DURA – Boys & Girls 57 (Dark Colour) at mainstore
Cigarette: [ KUNST ] – .01 Threaded Cigarette Holder (Rare), from Unisex Accessories Gacha IV, at mainstore
Tattoo: BOLSON – Jinsang Tattoo at Man Cave Event September – October 2017
Pants: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Strap pants from Pocket Gacha September 2017
Shoes: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Loose work boots from Pocket Gacha September 2017
Pose: DEL MAY – Undoubtedly Male


Backdrop: 22769 – Speicherstadt Pallet Tryptichon (from 6 Republic Event May 2017)

From The Arcade September 2017: —
• JIAN – ‘dorable Danes Gacha
– 6. Harlequin Companion Pup
– 13. Music Lover

• BUENO – He said/She said Gacha
– 3. Industrial Light NYC
– 5. Pizza Boxes227
– 9. Gamer Kitty
– 11. Night Table Light
– 12. Summer Fan LA
– 16. Her Mug

• LOST JUNCTION – [LJ] TV Night Gacha
– Boot Beer Extra

• DAVID HEATHER – The Man Cave Gacha:
– Theater Seats
– Bar RARE
– Barstool

• BIGBULLY – Mid-Century Minimal Gacha
– Rug (12.)

1440 Pierre

-Nivaro- Maori Tattoos Appliers Advert @ HME & Ultra

Lots of awesome Maori head tattoos at lots of events this week:

-Nivaro- 'Maori 1' Tattoo Appliers Advert

@ Hipster men’s Event
Teleport to the stand @ HME:

-Nivaro- 'Maori 2' Tattoo Appliers Advert

@ Ultra
Teleport to the stand @ Ultra: