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At last, summer trip

Head - CATWA - HEAD BENTO Stanley
Skin - [theSkinnery] Martin (Catwa) @TMD 
Hair - Modulus - Valdes Hair @TMD 

Tank - FAKEICON / daroc tank / @TMD 
Bag - FAKEICON / plast bag / @Souled Out
Tattoo - [White~Widow] DarkTower - Black @UBER
Shorts - //Ascend//Ben casual Shorts - Belleza Jake @FaMESHed
Bracelet - AITUI - Shoreline Bracelet .a - Black @FaMESHed

Trompe Loeil - Glynwood Stilthouse @UBER
Trompe Loeil - Glynwood Couch PG @UBER
Trompe Loeil - Glynwood Chair PG @UBER
[ kunst ] - Growler / Red scotch @UBER
FAKEICON / csepel booze station / 10. beer bottles
FAKEICON / csepel booze station / 5. ashtray
Kalopsia - Hilly's Suitcases Table @C88
Kalopsia - Hilly's Polaroid Camera @C88
SAYO - Viva Lounge Set - Plantains 
SAYO - Parisi Drapes - Palms @FaMESHed
Ariskea//The Den [Maui] Surf Board @UBER
Ariskea//The Den [Maui] Beach Baloon @UBER
Ariskea//The Den [Maui] Beach Tode @UBER
[Bad Unicorn] Shoreditch Startup Shelf @TMD
Zen Creations - Farmhouse Art 1
Zen Creations - Farmhouse Art 2
Zen Creations - Farmhouse Art 3
Zen CreationsFarmhouse Table
Zen CreationsFarmhouse Clock
Zen Creations - Burlap Rug
Zen Creations - Willows
Zen CreationsTulips
Serenity Style - Vintage Fan Black RARE @The Project Se7en
Fancy Decor: Ring Lamp (silver) @The Home Show: 2017
Fancy Decor: Handled Box (silver) @The Home Show: 2017
Fancy Decor: Too Glam Art (silver) @The Home Show: 2017

FaMESHed July 2017

FaMESHed July 2017

FaMESHed July 2017:

Plant: Dust Bunny - Areca Palm Plant
Plant: Dust Bunny - Potted Rubber Tree
Plant: Dust Bunny - Pink Medinilla Plant
Plant: Dust Bunny - Pilea Peper Plant
Build: DaD Design - Summertime Cottage & Blowing Curtains
Bed: Cheeky Pea - Kolymbia Cabana 
Branches: Cheeky Pea - Kolymbia Potted Branch
Flower: Cube Republic - Red Tower Ginger Plants
Pool: Jian Pupper Pool Party - Pool
Puppies: Jian Pupper Pool Party - Pug Drifting & Chihauhau Spinning Floater
Truck: Vespertine - Ice Cream Truck - with logo/sunny
Silo: Consignment - Silo Hideout
Chair: Trompe Loeil - Verdi Creek Chair Natural
Swing: Zerkalo - Garden Swing 
Plant: Tia - Rebecca's Ball Topiary
Curtains: Sayo - Parisi Drapes - Ikat, Chevron & Palms
Chair: Pixel Mode - Hayward Suede Chair
Table: Pixel Mode - Hayward Coffee Table
Couch: N4RS Club Sofa
Rug: N4RS - Vintage Bruxelle Rug
Table: N4RS - Vintage Deco Table - Ambush Green
Chandelier: Fancy Decor - Bonham Chandelier
Candle: Fancy Decor - Triangle Candle - Black & Gold
Art: Fancy Decor - Monstera Print A & B
Table & Chairs: Fancy Decor - Bonham Table, Place Setting & Chairs
Rug: Fancy Decor - Bonham Rug

Barn Living

The new Apple Fall Converted Barn is available @ SummerFest until July 20th!

  • Build: Apple Fall @ SummerFest – Hetton Barn Conversion
  • Couchdust bunny – camellia couch
  • Chair: dust bunny – camellia chair
  • Bookcases: Apple Fall – Mercantile Bookshelf
  • Wine rack: DRD @ SummerFest – Boho Backyard – Wine Rack
  • Coffee table: 22769 – Lake House – Frosted Glass Couch Table (gacha)
  • Rug: 22769 – Lake House – Round Hemp Rug (gacha)
  • Lighthouse: !Six o’clock! – Earthquaked Lighthouse
  • Photos: 22769 – Lake House – Lake House Gallery (gacha)
  • Cell frames: Trompe Loeil – Nine cell photo arrangement
  • Large plants: Soy + Toro – potted butterfly palm
  • Ivy plant: 22769 – Hanging Plant – Style two on plantstand
  • Blind: LISP – Mesh Blinds
  • Chest: 22769 – Lake House – Lake House Drawer (gacha)
  • Lamp: 22769 – Lake House – Fishermans Lamp (Wall Mount) (gacha)
  • Curtains: 22769 – Lake House – Lake House Drapes (gacha)

Show me what I need to know……….

Hair: EXILE – Outsider Hair at mainstore

Earring: NO.MATCH – No Salvation Earring, L’Homme Magazine SL February 2017 Readers Group Gift.

Glasses: MINIMAL – Chiara Glasses (Includes 5 transparencys with resizer script and 1 modify version) at FaMESHed June 2017

Cigarette: [ KUNST ] – Unisex Accessories Gacha IV, .01 Threaded Cigarette Holder (Rare), at The Arcade June 2017

Necklace: [ KUNST ] – Thor’s Hammer Necklace at The Mens Department June 2017

Top: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Half Pants In Shirt (White) at Uber May – June 2017

Pants: E-CLIPSE DESIGN – Veneto Pant BlackDenim at mainstore

Chair: TROMPE LOEIL – Romy Cove & Romy Cay Chairs at FaMESHed June 2017

Pose: RK POSES – Remy 2 at mainstore

Almost Summer

• Morsch's Wearing •
EARS. ^^Swallow^^ Drop Ear Shiny Shabby (March 20th) [New Release!!]
BODY TATTOO. THIS IS WRONG Glory tattoo Shiny Shabby (March 20th) [New Release!!]
HEAD SKIN. STRAY DOG -ARTHUR  - TONE 02 Destination Hope Hunt for RFL (June 1st)  [New Release!!]
JACKET. Clef de Peau.Roman Jacket White&Navy (Jake) TMD (June 5th)  [New Release!!]
TEE. Clef de Peau.Roman Tee Navy (Jake) Inner TMD (June 5th)  [New Release!!]
PANTS. Clef de Peau.Bootcut Pants White (Jake) TMD (June 5th)  [New Release!!]

• Other Items •
HAIR. DOUX - John Hairstyle [Unrigged]
HAIRBASE. Unorthodox Agus Hairbase - Chocolate/Chestnut Omega Applier [New Release!!]
BEARDBASE. Unorthodox Agus Beard-Noir/Frost Omega Applier [New Release!!]
BEARD. Unorthodox Agus Beard Prim- Frost [Mod] [New Release!!]
BODY SKIN. Stray Dog - Gianni Skin - TONE 02
POSE. RK Poses - Daniel 4

• Scene Items •
DOG. JIAN Cheeky Chihuahuas 1. Comfy Blankie RARE Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
FLIPFLOPS. [Shoeminati] Lux - Black Blue - FlipFlop [New Release!!]
JIUCE GLASS. Soy Metal Pipe Dinette Juice (Green coaster)
• Scene Deco •
ICE CREAM LAMP. Kalopsia - Juliette's Ice Cream Lamp Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
ICE CREAM CART. Kalopsia - Juliette's Ice Cream Cart RARE Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
CUPS. Kalopsia - Juliette's Stack of cups Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
SPOONS. Kalopsia - Juliette's Spoons Bucket Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
SYRUP BOTTLES. Kalopsia - Juliette's Syrup Bottles Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
CONE STAND. Kalopsia - Juliette's Cone Stand Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
CHAIRS. Kalopsia - Juliette's Iron chair Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
TABLES. Kalopsia - Juliette's Iron Table Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
NEWSPAPER. Kalopsia - Juliette's Newspaper Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
TAKE OUT DRINK. Kalopsia - Juliette's Take out Drink Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
FRUIT STAND. Kalopsia - Juliette's Fruit Stand Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
TRASHCAN. Kalopsia - Juliette's Trashcan Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
JUICE CART. Kalopsia - Juliette's Juice Cart RARE Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
JUICE BOWL. Kalopsia - Juliette's Bowl of juice Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
HUICE JAR. Kalopsia - Juliette's Jar of juice Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
JUICE BOTTLES. Kalopsia - Juliette's Juice Bottles Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
FRUIT & JUICE TAKEOUT. Kalopsia - Juliette's Take out Fruits & Juice Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
FRUIT SALAD. Kalopsia - Juliette's Take out Fruit Salad Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
FRUIT SIGN. Kalopsia - Juliette's Fruit Sign Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
BARN RED DOOR. brocante. barn door slider / falu red FLF - April

• Other Items •
JUICE GLASSES. Soy Metal Pipe Dinette Juice (Green coaster)
TABLE NEON ROSES. Soy Rose Neon Lamp [vase type]
CARTS NEON ROSES. Soy Rose Neon Lamp [wall type]
LAMP STRINGS. Floorplan garden string light curve/9
PATIO BUILDING. Trompe Loeil - Geonna Patio + Pool PG V1.1

Changing Conditions.

plb 311.png

HAIR – Taketomi – HaeSol

SHIRT – Gabriel – Half Pants In Shirt – White – Uber

PANTS – Sharp – Morton Slack – Blue Stripes – MOM

FLIP FLOPS  – Elysium – Dude Flip Flops – MOM

HOUSES – Trompe Loeil –  Kiya Beach Hut – White

CHAIR – Trompe Loeil –  Adirondack Chair

JUG / FLOWERS – Apple Fall – Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums

RUG – Apple Fall – Fabrique

TACKLE BOX – Pilot – Vintage Tackle Box – Red

FISHING ROD – Soy – Summer Lakeside Retreat – Fishing Rod for Decor

LIFE SAVER – Soy – Summer Lakeside Retreat – Float Ring  – Red

OARS – Soy – Summer Lakeside Retreat – Four Paddle Set

FISH FLOAT – Soy – Glass Fishing Float – Green

BELL – Hive – Dinner Bell – Rusty Red



Uber is here and it’s almost time for The Arcade!

  • Ivy: YumYum – Vertical Garden
  • Grass: Little Branch – Snakeweed
  • Plants: keke @ Uber –  Aquilegia
  • Table pots: Apple Fall – Design a planter – Shield Terracotta Pot
  • Table Bush: Apple Fall – Design a planter – Buxus Ball, Large
  • Topiary: Apple Fall – Design a planter – Bay Leaf Topiary, 3-Tier
  • Dining Set: keke @ Uber – Sommer Dining
    •  simple dining table, retro chair,  simple tableware,  simple kitchen clutter. bowls
  • Lounger: Ariskea @ Arcade – [Namaste] – Lounger (gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Chair: Ariskea@ Arcade – [Namaste] – Chair Lounge (gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Buddha: Ariskea@ Arcade – [Namaste] – Mossy Buddha (RARE gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Gong: Ariskea@ Arcade – [Namaste] – Gong (with sound) (gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Lights: Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Hanging Log Lights
  • Build: Trompe Loeil @ Uber – Chiara Pool Pavilion

Stray For The Summer

Sᴛʀᴀʏ Fᴏʀ Tʜᴇ Sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ

Armani Torelli:

Face Applier: Stray Dog - Frank - Tone 09 (@ULTRA Event)
Body Applier: Stray Dog - Gianni Skin - Tone 09 
Pose: Poseology Poses - 3am
Hair: Yuth - MARCO - Black
Glasses: * SORGO - Maestro 
Necklace: FLI. - Owl Necklace - Gold

Body Applier: Stray Dog - Gianni Skin - Tan line 01 - Tone 07
Tattoo: -Nivaro- - 'Crow' Tattoo 
Towel: HISpose - Draped Towel

Other Notable Items:

Pool: DaD DESIGN - "Double Roman Swimming Pool" 
Fence: Apple Fall - Cranfield Fence
Apple Fall - Juniper Hedge 
House: Trompe Loeil - Jenica Cottage
Chairs: Concept - Botanic. Chair - RARE
Table: Concept - Botanic. Table
Dog: :: JIAN :: - Southern Shelties 8. - Sleeping Sheltie
Vases: Concept - Botanic. Pots
Concept - Botanic. Lemons
Magazines: [ zerkalo ] - Beginning of the Day - Magazines
[Commoner] - Carried Away / Magazines
Drinks Tray: Tartessos Arts - Drinks Tray
Bicycle: ~BAZAR~ - Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone
Trees: Hayabusa Design - Composite Tree Bignoniaceae 
Hayabusa Design - Tree for Flower 
:: JIAN :: - Nightingale's Tree
Flowers: Botanical - Sunflower

Front Porch Sittin’

I recently had an unfortunate issue involving a sim griefer that resulted in half my inventory disappearing. After a back and forth with Linden Labs they determined they didn’t know what happened and couldn’t fix me even though the items still existed on the beta grid. As such I lost 4 years of homes, landscaping items, and furniture, which if you knew my inventory was a lot o lot of stuff. Putting together scenes and re-discovering all the things you no longer own is a little depressing. People always say their inventory is a mess and over run and easier to start over. Be careful what you wish for! Thankfully we have awesome designers putting out new things all the time to fill up our inventories with new and exciting things.

On Jestyr (left)

On Cyrus (right)



Wanderlust Man

I'm Wearing
HAIR. Burley Otto (Unrigged;MultiStyler) [New Release!!]
BEADDoux Big mesh beard [Grey] Beard 1 [New Release!!]
HEAD SKINStray Dog Zack Buttermilk Kinky Event - April [New Release!!]
HEAD TATTOO COMBO. Hipster Style David Combo The Crossroads - April 3rd [New Release!!]
BODY TATTOO. IDTTY Last Days The Dark Style Fair - May 1st [New Release!!]

SHIRT. Ascend  Enzo Shirt Signature The Mens Department - May 5th  [New Release!!]
JEANS. Parker Blake JEans Anthrazit Signature The Mens Department - May 5th  [New Release!!]
SNEAKERS. Shoeminati RareAir - Black White [New Release!!]

GLASSES. Sorgo Astoria / BLACK (G)

POSE. RK Poses Jordan 5

Scene Deco
HOUSE. Trompe Loeil Mali Shores Cottage Natural Uber Event - April 25th [New Release!!]
VINYL PLAYER. AsteroidBox Record Player // White The Draftsman - April 20th  [New Release!!]

FENCE PANEL. Fancy Decor Davis Long Panel Fameshed - May 1st [New Release!!]
FENCE WINDOW. Fancy Decor Davis Fence Window Fameshed - May 1st [New Release!!]

FRAME. Floorplan wanderlust map frame FLF - March
SIDEBOARD. Floorplan farm sideboard / ink FLF - March

FLOWERS BUCKET. Revival bucket of tulips Fameshed - May 1st [New Release!!]
CANDLE HOLDER 1. Revival concrete candleholder I Fameshed - May 1st [New Release!!]
CANDLE HOLDER 2. Revival concrete candleholder II Fameshed - May 1st [New Release!!]

SUSPENDED PLANT. Soy Super long Hanging Hedera
LOUNGER. Soy Reclining Lounger [Allcolor] The Mens Department - May 5th  [New Release!!]
FLOOR LAMP. Soy Three Legged Floor Lamp [Blown] The Mens Department - May 5th  [New Release!!]