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“I’m always with you”..


Stealthic – Haunting Hair @ MOM May 2017

//Ascend// Enzo Shirt with Tie @ TMD May 2017

//Ascend// Jack Cargo Pants @ MOM May 2017


DRD Cordelia curiosus Inside

DRD – Forgotten Attic – Chair – Stripe @ Shiny Shabby May 2017

DRD – Forgotten Attic – Wedding Dress @ Shiny Shabby May 2017

’till the Lights go Out

 Morsch's Wearing •
HAIR. DOUX - Cornelis Hairstyle FULL [Unrigged] [New Release!!]
HEAD SKIN. Clef de Peau.Sam T3 [CATWA] Applier [New Release!!]
BODY SKIN. Clef de Peau.Body Tight T3 [OMEGA] Applier [New Release!!]
GLOW STICK. Ariskea [80s] Glow Stick [Blue] [New Release!!]
[Other Items]
SHORTS. Kalback Sweat Shorts_Fullpack (Signat.)
POSE. 3M jump1_3

• Scene Deco •
TASTE NEON. floorplan. neon taste me [New Release!!]
LICK NEON. floorplan. neon lick me [New Release!!]
BITE NEON. floorplan. neon bite me [New Release!!]
PLAY NEON. floorplan. neon play time [New Release!!]
SKATE NEON. floorplan. neon skate rentals [New Release!!]
LADIES NEON. floorplan. neon ladies choice [New Release!!]
CHAIR. :CP: Waltzer Chair RollerDisco (PG) [New Release!!]
RUG. :CP: Lincoln Road Cow Hide Rug Fauxbra [New Release!!]
SLUSH MACHINE. :CP: RollerDisco Slush Machine [New Release!!]
CANDY MACHINE. :CP: RollerDisco Cotton Candy Machine [New Release!!]
PURPLE MIRROR. :CP: Rainy Mirror Purple Neon [New Release!!]
PINK MIRROR. :CP: Rainy Mirror Pink Neon [New Release!!]
GREEN MIRROR. :CP: Rainy Mirror Lime Neon [New Release!!]
CITY NEON. :CP: Lincoln Road Silhouette Light [New Release!!]
MUSIC BOX. Ariskea [80s] Retro Boombox [Add me] [New Release!!]
[Other Items]
DANCEFLOOR. [ kunst ] - Dancefloor
STUDIO. Soy The Studio

Urban Jungle.

plb 310

HAIR – Stealthic @ MOM – Haunting

SHIRT – David Heather @ Rewind – Ever Shirt – Green 2

PANTS – David Heather @ Rewind – Ever Trousers – Green 2

SHOES – David Heather – Jeffery Chelsea Boots – Mud

JEWELRY – Enfant Terrible @ TMD – Priest Gacha – Gold Cuff / Necklace – Rare

CHAIR – N4RS @ TMD –  Benz Chair

LAMP – Soy @ TMD – Three Legged Floor Lamp – Orange

RUG – Junk – Zebra Rug

BUILDINGS – Kraftwork @ Fameshed –  Firehouse

TROPICAL PLANTS – RH @ Fameshed – Japanese Summer House plants

.                                     Skye Studio  – Tropical Plants Packs

LUKA’S VIEW – Stylemerotten

1403 JAKE

A beautiful rose

Head -  CATWA - HEAD BENTO Stanley 
Skin - [theSkinnery] Tobias (Catwa) @TMD 
Hair - Tableau Vivant \ Angy I [base] boys
BTTB strypa choker - fatpack - bigger fit @Designer drive

BTTB hej shoulder bag - fatpack - unrigged/resize/anims @kustom9
BTTB tragic gacha - holdable rose pink @TMD
BTTB tragic gacha - plug - left @TMD
BTTB tragic gacha - plug - right @TMD
BTTB tragic gacha - tee & shirt RARE male SLINK  @TMD
*UNKWN* - Cause For [Slink] @MOM

 Fancy Decor: Davis Short Panel @FaMESHed
Fancy Decor: Davis Sconce @FaMESHed
Zen Creations - Gypsy Corner Books 2 
Zen Creations Gypsy Corner XO 
Fancy Decor: Books & Bookends (white) @FLF
.:revival:. concrete candleholder I @FaMESHed
Thistle Book Stack with Photos - 2017 @FaMESHed Gift (cm)
Zen Creations - Rug
:HAIKEI: The Way I Feel_Gacha / RARE @Kustom9
:HAIKEI: The Way I Feel_Gacha / {1} @Kustom9
:HAIKEI: The Way I Feel_Gacha / {2}  @Kustom9
:HAIKEI: The Way I Feel_Gacha / {3} @Kustom9
:HAIKEI: The Way I Feel_Gacha / {4} @Kustom9
:HAIKEI: The Way I Feel_Gacha / {5}  @Kustom9
 Zen Creations - Gypsy Corner Cat
Zen Creations -  Gypsy Corner Books 1
Zen Creations - Gypsy Corner Shelf
Zen Creations - Gypsy Corner Pillow 4
Zen Creations - Gypsy Corner Potted Plant
Zen Creations - Gypsy Corner Tapestry 
Zen Creations - Gypsy Corner Small Fern
.:revival:. bucket of tulips @FaMESHed


I give you all that I can give……..

Hair: DOUX – John Hairstyle at Mainstore

Skin Applier: STRAY DOG – Sean at The Mens Department May 2017 (5th Anniversary!)

Nose Ring: [ MONS ] – Dreamer Septum Ring (Style 4 Black) at mainstore

Ears: SWALLOW – Drop Ears at Shiny Shabby May – June 2017 (Event opens on 20th May!)

Branch on shoulder: ENTER.VIRTUAL.EVOLUTION – E.V.E {Male L} Ivy Jacket Sleeping Nature from L’Homme Magazine SL group gift for May 2017 (available until 31 July 2017)


plb 309.png

HAIR – Modulus @ Limit 8 – Tate

SHIRT – Ascend @ TMD – Enzo Shirt w/ Tie

PANTS – David Heather @ Rewind – Ever Trousers – Sky

CHESS BOARD – Apple Fall @ TMD – Garden Chess Board

HEDGE – Apple Fall – Juniper Hedge – Tall

GATEWAY – Apple Fall – Old Church Gate


kunst_blogToo much pain sometimes we even forget how to forget it…


The Train Station

• Morsch's Wearing •
HAT. JfL Traveler's Fedora (Venezia V.1) white [New Release!!]
SHORT. -NU- Formentera Shorts SIGNATURE[New Release!!]
SHIRT. -NU- Ibiza Shirt Stripes SIGNATURE [New Release!!]
BODY TATTOO. .Identity. Body Shop - Pure Delusion[New Release!!]
HEAD SKIN. Stray Dog - Frank Tone 08[New Release!!]

NECKLACE. [ kunst ] - Gold bar necklace [New Release!!]

[Other Items]
BRACELET. [ kunst ] - Reed bracelet (M) [New Release!!]
NECKLACE 2. [ kunst ] - Evan necklace (M)[New Release!!]
BODY SKIN. Stray Dog - Gianni Skin - TONE 08 *beta HUD* [Soon!!]
GOATEE BEARD. Unorthodox Born Sinner Goatee (prim)
BACKPACK. [Deadwool] Quest backpack - black
POSE. RK Poses - Jude 6
• Scene Deco •
WAGEN. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Frituur Wagen 1 [New Release!!]
FRIETJE GEVER. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Frietje Gever [New Release!!]
MENU. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Menu [New Release!!]
FRIGO. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Drink Frigo [New Release!!]
FRIETKETEL. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Frietketel [New Release!!]
BURGUER. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Hamburger Sauzen [New Release!!]
POSTERS. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Reklame Posters [New Release!!]
FRIGO 2. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Vlees Frigo [New Release!!]
VOOBEREIDINGS STATION. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Voorbereidings Station [New Release!!]
TRAM. MadPea MyHelsinki Vintage Tram RARE [New Release!!]
STREET LAMPS. MadPea MyHelsinki Streetlamp Double [New Release!!]
LUGGAGE 1. not so bad . PARIS .  baggage v3 [New Release!!]
LUGGAGE 2. not so bad . PARIS .  baggage v1 [New Release!!]
BUS SIGN. FAKEICON / csepel booze station / 3. bus stop sign [New Release!!]
LUGGAGE MAN. FAKEICON / csepel booze station / 8. old drunk [New Release!!]
WAKLING MAN. FAKEICON / csepel booze station / 9. young drunk [New Release!!]
WALL BLUE PANEL. [Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa - Painel Azuleijo (18) [New Release!!]
TRAIN STATION BUILDING. DaD DESIGN "La Gare" Train Station c/m V.1.0 [New Release!!]

[Other Items]
NEWSPAPER MACHINE. xin. newspaper machine + blue
LUGGAGE CART. xin. travel luggage push cart
VENDING MACHINES. xin. vending machine

I Feel It Coming ..


DOUX – Dane hairstyle @  The Darkness Monthly Event May 2017

<Kalback> Casual Shirt M2 @ TMD May 2017


[ kunst ] – Evan necklace @ Kustom9 May 2017

[ kunst ] – Reed bracelets @ Kustom9 May 2017

-DRD- Wasteland Backpack – Unisex @  N21 Event May 2017