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Fun and Stylish with Bakaboo

Yesterday at the L’ Homme magazine show, I ran into a good friend mine. His name is Ocean Blackthorn. He makes amazing designer suits and clothing for woman and man. He invited me to his blog group.  And here I am blogging once again for Bakabooooooo!!!!!! Yahoooo hehee. Have a nice day all!

✮ Mesh Head – Catwa – Victor Bento head (new!)
✮ Applier – Stray Dog – Rocco Tone 04
✮ Mesh Body – Belleza– Jake
✮ Eyes – Mayfly – Ghost True Grey
✮ Jacket –Bakaboo – Bakaboo Tuxedo – Ocean – XS
✮ PantsBakaboo – Bakaboo Tuxedo Pants – Ocean – XS
✮ Hair– Tableau Vivant – Barber cut Browns

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LOTM 797 ― by Tadeu Gartner

Style of the Day – 18.12.2017

≡ Featured: Tableau Vivant, DUFAUX & MGmen’s

亗 Credits:

☰ Phisique ―
Bento Mesh Head | CATWA HEAD Daniel v3.0 @ Catwa
Hair | Tableau Vivant \ Dagon hair @ Men Only Monthly
Mesh Body | [SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh Body – v4.4 Signature

☰ Clothing & Accessories ―
Sweater | DUFAUX – signature – patch sweater – @ Shiny Shabby
Belt | MGmen’s_Belt_Boro_Signature 2 @ Men Only Monthly
Shorts | MGmen’s_Sherts_Boro_Signature 3 @ Men Only Monthly

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Only you can save me………..

Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT – Dagon Hair at Men Only Monthly December 2017 -January 2018

Mesh Head: CATWA – Victor Bento Mesh Head at mainstore

Mesh Head Skin Applier: STRAY DOG – Takuya Skin Applier for Catwa Male Mesh Heads at mainstore

Ears: ARTIFICIAL HALLUCINATION – +AH+ Loke Catwa Ear Piercing at mainstore

Septum: |CERBERUSXING| – [CX] Aria Septum , L’Homme Magazine SL Readers Group Gift (AUG 2017, no longer available).

Body: [ SIGNATURE ] – Gianni Mesh Body at mainstore

Body applier: STRAY DOG – Body Applier at mainstore

Top: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Mouton Hoody Coat (There is a Santa version in the Fatpack!) at Shiny Shabby December 2017 -January 2018

Rings & Claws: REALEVIL INDUSTRIES – Striker Rings & Claws at Men Only Monthly December 2017 -January 2018

Let’s get high……..

Featuring the GABRIEL Harness and Brief specially created for the MR SL 2018 FINALS — Victor Secret Challenge. Thank you Takuya Jinn.

On Hikaru:
Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT – Whispers in the Wind at Collabor88 November – December 2017

Mask: CERBERUS XING – [CX] Mara’s Bind at Kustom9 November – December 2017
Collar: NABERIUS – Spinal Tap at mainstore
Armlet: CERBERUS XING – [CX] Spiked Fury at mainstore
Bracelet: |CERBERUSXING| – [CX] Ring Bracelet , L’Homme Magazine SL November 2017 Readers Group Gift, available now until 31st January 2018, at mainstore

Wings: BAREROSE TOKYO – ::: B@R ::: Black Seraph B-Wings at mainstore
Feathers: AIR – Ciel Feather at mainstore
Tattoo: SPEAKEASY – Kelon Tattoo at mainstore

Harness: GABRIEL – Lace-Up Harness (Black. Shown here on Signature Male Mesh Body Gianni.), at Kink(Y) Event November – December 2017

Briefs: GABRIEL – Lace-Up Brief (Black. Shown here on Signature Male Mesh Body Gianni.), at Kink(Y) Event November – December 2017

On Marcus:
Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT – Mystic Hair at mainstore

Blindfold: AIR – Blind Shana-Oh Red at mainstore
Makeup: NORUSH – Bloody Lips (Catwa, Lelutka, OMEGA Appliers) at mainstore
Choker: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Leather Choker (2016 Fantasy Gacha) at mainstore
Wrist Straps: AIR – Shizuka at mainstore

Wings & Feathers: AIR – Ciel at mainstore
Tattoo: TAOX – Eternal Tibetan from past MOH8 (Men Only Hunt 8)

Harness: GABRIEL – Lace-Up Harness (White. Belleza Male Mesh Body Jake.), at Kink(Y) Event November – December 2017

Briefs: GABRIEL – Lace-Up Brief (White. Belleza Male Mesh Body Jake.), at Kink(Y) Event November – December 2017

Pose: WRONG & THE OWL – Human Race 1 at Men Only Monthly November – December 2017


sushibar5_001_blogWe just do things like we can, we never care about the plan…

  • BUILDING: BJK – Tokyo Restaurant [Gacha Item]
  • RED MACHINE: BJK – Umbrella Machine [Gacha Item]
  • BLUE MACHINE: BJK – Drinks Vending Machine [Gacha Item]
  • SIGN: BJK – Restaurant Signal [Gacha Item]
  • COUNTER: BJK – Counter [Gacha Item]
  • SEATS: BJK – Cushions Table [Gacha Item]
  • BURGUER: BJK – Burguer [Gacha Item]
  • LAMP: BJK – Lamp [Gacha Item]
  • STALL: Tableau Vivant – Yatai Stall [Gacha Item]
  • BENCH: Tableau Vivant – Yatai Bench [Gacha Item]
  • SIDEBOARD: Tableau Vivant – Yatai Sideboard [Gacha Item]
  • GRILL: Tableau Vivant – Yatai Grill [Gacha Item]
  • CUPS: Tableau Vivant – Yatai Cups [Gacha Item]
  • LANTERNS: Tableau Vivant – Yatai Lantern [Gacha Item]
  • SAUCE: Tableau Vivant – Yatai Sauce Bottle [Gacha Item]
  • RAMEN: Tableau Vivant – Yatai Ramen [Gacha Item]
  • ZENSAI: Tableau Vivant – Yatai Zensai [Gacha Item]
  • FLOOR: Schultz Bros – Floating Dock [Gacha Item]


baseball_001 copy_perry_blogWe always kicked it late at night…


TOP: Ascend – Steve Sweatshirt @TMD

SHORTS: Kalback – Original Shorts M3 @Man Cave

SHOES: Bleich – Mesh Wheeler @Fameshed

GLOVES: Ascend – Trevor Bento Glove @Man Cave

DRINK: Kunst – Spike Bottle [Gacha Item] @Gacha Garden

HAIR: Tableau Vivant – Cricket

Beard: Barber Shop – Short Beard

EARS: MANDALA – Taper Ears


TOP: COCO – Hoodie Dress + Hair @Fameshed

SHOES: Vale Koer – Moody Platforms

SOCKS: Izzie – Knee Socks


POSE: K&S – Pose1 @Sad November

BUILDING: taikou – batting center building complex [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

CAGE NETS: taikou  – batting cage nets [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

NEON SIGN: taikou  – batting center neon light [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

WALL: taikou  – catcher wall [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

MONEY MACHINE: taikou  – money changer machine [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

PAYMENT MACHINE: taikou  – payment machine [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

PITCH MACHINE: taikou  – pitching machine [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

BAT SET: taikou  – baseball bat rack [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

BAT: taikou  – baseball bat (wearable) [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

FRIDGE: taikou  – beverage fridge [Gacha Item] @6 Republic



Hair – Tableau Vivant \ Oliver hair
Tattoo – THIS IS WRONG Oriental III tattoo @ ROMP
Brief – RIOT / Johnson Briefs @ The Mens Dept


I always have you on my mind………

Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT – Side Blow from Hair Play Gacha at mainstore

Nose Piercing: |CERBERUSXING| – |CX| Vermin , available in gold, silver or black, now at mainstore

Tattoo: SPEAKEASY – Ashes Tattoo at Man Cave Event October 2017

Bracelet: NOIR – Amelia Bracelets at FaMESHed October 2017

Pants: RIOT – Pearson Jogger Pants at FaMESHed October 2017

Pose: RK POSES – Jeremy 5 at mainstore


Backdrop: MINIMAL – Vibe Backdrops *3* (Black) at The Epiphany October – November 2017

Bottle: [ KUNST ] – Iron Bottle Holder /Merlot from Wine Lovers Gacha at Shiny Shabby September – October 2017 (at mainstore soon)

SAYO – Painted Pumpkins (Mono) at FaMESHed October 2017

Are you ready now………..

Firstly I would to thank everyone that have voted me for the Best Blogger Manager (for creators and brands). and Congrats to everyone that has won the award! Full details on the link below 🙂


Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT – Yoshi Hair at mainstore

Nose Piercing: |CERBERUSXING| – |CX| Vermin , available in gold, silver or black, now at mainstore

Septum: |CERBERUSXING| – [CX] Aria Septum , L’Homme Magazine SL August 2017 Readers Group Gift, available now until 31st October 2017, at mainstore

Earring: NO.MATCH – No Salvation Earring, L’Homme Magazine SL February 2017 Readers Group Gift(no longer available as gift).

GABRIEL, Dark Crow Style Gacha at The Epiphany October – November 2017
• 1. Crow Feather Stole (Rare)
• 2. Long Jacket & Open Shirt
• 7. Cummerbund
• 9. Cross Strap Boots & Pants
• 11. Bento Leather Gloves


22769, My Favourite Place Gacha at The Epiphany October – November 2017
• Building: My Favourite Place (Rare)
• Chair: Library Armchair
• Cello