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I'm really grateful to Cassie Middles for taking time out of her busy schedule - blogging, vlogging and hosting hilarious SL shows on her YouTube channel - to do another collaboration with me. You can get details of Cassie's outfit on her blog and Flickr.

my details:

mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'jake' - belleza
face: applier: 'diego' - stray dog
body applier: 'tone 04' - stray dog
hair: 'reach' - stealthic
glasses: blank line @ the epiphany july 2017 (free gift)
t-shirt: 'montana tee' - cold ash
jeans: 'broberry jeans' - deadwool & blueberry
bracelet: 'otto wristband' - ohemo @ MoM july/august 2017

pose: 'just friends' - k&s creations @ MoM july/august 2017
tree house 'isobel tree house' - cheeky pea
background build: 'hetton barn conversion' - apple fall @ summerfest 2017
books: apple fall 


By far my favourite collection at The Epiphany is the 'DRINK DRANK DRUNK' set from Peaches n' Cream: funny, clever and extremely well crafted.  I was never a frat boy, but I've had my fair share of nights like this...


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'slink physique'
face: applier: 'lewis' - stray dog @ the mens dept july 2017
body applier: 'tone 04' - stray dog
beard: beusame @ kustom9 july 2017
hair: 'barbercut spiky reds' - tableau vivant @ the epiphany july 2017
jacket: 'his fave jacket rare' - peaches n' creamthe epiphany july 2017
briefs: 'kevin underwear' - mossu
glasses: blank line @ the epiphany july 2017 (free gift)
shoe: 'chase sneakers' - deadwool

all decor items: 'drink drank drunk' frat party gacha - peaches n' cream @ the epiphany july 2017:

'any hole is my goal' pong deco; 
'lisa's loo' toilet ice chest; 
'oh sheet!' toilet paper mess; 
'don't worry beer happy' beer trash'; 
'friendchips in a bowl' chips deco; 
'pour it up' keg deco; 
'i'd tap that' keg deco; 
'ride a fratboy' fraternity banner; 
'classical' fraternity banner; 
'alcohol you later' up deco  

 see gacha key for more details

pose: 'stay chilled1' - drunk panda (slightly modified due to beer can in my hand)
build: 'hetton barn conversion' - apple fall @ summerfest 2017




Stand: oyasumi / lifeguard tower / dark
Towels: ARIA - Dominique Towel Hanger
Sign: floorplan. lifeguard sign
Shoes: Kalopsia - Polly's Flip Flop
Rug: Kalopsia - Polly's Stripes Rug
Lotion: Second Spaces - beach day - dark tan

Other Notable Items: 

Hair: Stealthic - Reach
Skin: Stray Dog - Belleza Body
Swimsuit: Noche - Christian Trunks
Binoculars: AITUI - Wanderlust Binoculars - Blue
Radio: Seven Emporium - RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard
Lifeguard Items:[aR] - Lifeguard Equipment:
- Rescue Can
- Lifeguard Bag
- Binoculars
- Whistle
- Megaphone
- Cell Phone
- Lifeguard Bottle
Pose: Del May - Fidget (Modded)

Summertime Cottage

Private Waves.

plb 318.png

HAIR – Dura – Boy & Girl 79 – TMD

SHORTS – Illi – Tropical Swim Trunks –  TMD

SCARF –  ::K:: – Bandana Scarf Homme – TMD

SURFBOARD / POSE – Belle Poses – Matthew 4 – Summerfest

BUILDING – Apple Fall – Hetton Barn Conversion – Summerfest

SCOOTER – O.m.e.n – Summer Vespa – Summerfest

BIRDS – HEXtraordinary – Sandpiper – Summerfest


Der Stärkere hat immer Recht

Der Stärkere hat immer Recht

John Cordeaux:

Shirt: //Ascend// @ FaMeshed ~ Ben Slim Fit Shirt 
Shorts: //Ascend// @ FaMeshed ~ Ben Casual Short 
Sneakers: [Deadwool] ~ Chase Sneakers 
Backpack: [Deadwool] ~ Quest Backpack
Hat: Sorgo ~ Flat Fedora
Glasses: Sorgo ~ Rane Shades
Neck Strap: Gabriel ~ Neck Strap 

Other Notable Items:


Stray Dog's new appliers for the Belleza body are well worth the wait. Stop what you're doing and get them now!

I'm a big fan of Anxiety's photo backdrops and sky boxes: this new release is the perfect environment in which to show off Izzie Button's Wet Body and Face appliers, out now at Summerfest.  Although Izzie's products lean towards female avatars, I find they work brilliantly on male bodies too.

The pose I'm using is a free gift from Frankey Swain's new pose store, Imitation.


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'jake' - belleza
face: applier: 'diego' - stray dog
body applier: 'tone 04' - stray dog
eyes: 'tokyo eyes (lights)' - izzie's
wet body and face applier: izzie's @ summerfest 2017
hair: 'b77' - dura
briefs: 'kevin underwear' - mossu @ kustom9 june 2017

pose: 'poolside 2' - imitation (free gift)
build: 'manic' - anxiety @ the chapter four july 2017
plants: 'plant 17' - compulsion @ cosmopolitan

I count the days………..

Hair: ACTION – Von Hair at Summerfest 2017

Necklace: GABRIEL – Ringnecklace (6. from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival 2016 AUG), Gacha at mainstore

Kimono: GABRIEL – ::GB::KataHaori Set Kuro (Each set includes Koshikimono, Sarashi and Katahaori. TMP/SLink/Signature) , at Japonica Summer 2017

Geta: GABRIEL – ::GB::Takageta (male) Black , at Japonica Summer 2017

Sword: THE COVENANT REALM – [:TCR:] Vengeance : Blade of Judgement v1.3
( No longer available. Check out other weapons at [:TCR:] )


House: [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE – Nihonkaoku, beautiful traditional Japanese Summer House at mainstore


This beautiful Aged Mahjong set from Dynasty is currently available at Summerfest. And these plants from Dust Bunny at Fameshed are hands down the best plants I've seen in SL...


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'jake' - belleza
face: applier: 'diego' - stray dog
body applier: 'tone 04' - stray dog
hair: 'brendan' - modulus @ hair fair 2017
t-shirt: 'montana tee' - cold ashman cave
joggers: kalbackthe mens dept july 2017
socks: exalted @ cosmopolitan
bracelet: 'boho bracelets' - swagga
watch: 'nuvolari chrono - deadwool
glasses: 'nerd glasses classic' - sovi3t

mahjong set: - dynasty @ summerfest 2017
plants: - dust bunny @ fameshed july 2017
pugs: - jian
furniture: 'summer's sofa set' - hive @ summerfest 2017
build: 'hetton barn conversion' - apple fallsummerfest 2017

pose: 'beach pose 2'- speakeasy


Loving this new complete outfit from Sleepy Eddy at Summerfest.  I took this picture at Fahrenheit, an absolutely beautiful sim, which is only open to the public for a few days.


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: slink
face: applier: 'diego' - stray dog @ tropical summer 2017
body applier: 'tone 05' - stray dog
hair: 'takumi' - argrace
outfit (hands in pockets): 'dungaree shorts and summer shorts' - sleepy eddysummerfest 2017
shoes: 'chase sneakers' - deadwool (worn with slink feet)

pose: 'heir apparent' - inertia
location: fahrenheit