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Excited to showcase three new releases from my favorite designers. This month Gac Akina has been blazing out some really awesome new skins! I always love when he does deep tones, they are my favorite because he executes them so well. Stray Dog has released a new skin, Kayden! I am also excited to show off new poses from Animosity and a new Sweater from American Bazaar! Check out these new items and go to the events listed below to get them today!


Todays Styling Details:


Hairbase || UNORTHODOX || John – Noir

Skin || STRAY DOG ||  Kayden – Tone 10 – New 2 Shiny Shabby

Sweater || AMERICAN BAZAAR || Warmy Sweater – Bordeaux – New @ ULTRA

Backback || HXNOR || Noir Sharaf Backback

Jeans || GABRIEL ||  Slim Denim Jeans w/ Wallet Chain

Shoes || VALE KOER || Usagi Trainers – Tan

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Julian 5 – New @ Men Only Monthly

Backdrop || ISUKA ||  Izakaya Backdrop


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Anyone that knows me in RL knows I am not much of a sports person, but I could not pass up the opportunity to blog some really great items from Xenials, Animosity and Bad Unicorn. When I say, I am thoroughly impressed with the way these designers have created this month. Xenials brings you a seriously executed Track and Field set complete with a bomb ass water bottle that I will blogging in my next post. Animosity and Bad Unicorn for TMD teamed up to do a basketball styled pose collection and skybox for any basketball lover. Hats off to you fellas, youre killing the game right now. These items are are MUST GET!


Todays styling Details:


Hair || BOON || Lab 036

Goggles || MINIMAL || Villano Goggles

Earring || XENIALS || Pin Medallion Earring – New @ The Mens Jail

Shirt || XENIALS || Old Track Shirt – Orange – New @ Mainstore

Shorts || XENIALS || Old Track Shorts – Orange – New @ Mainstore

Basketball || ANIMOSITY || Basketball Bonus – New @ TMD

Shoes || SHOEMINATI || Gator -OG  – New @ Man Cave

Pose || ANIMOSITY || BB Bonus 1 – New @ TMD

Skybox || BAD UNICORN || Basketball Skybox – New @ TMD


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Finally back home after a weekend of travels. The day I get home… of course I get a fever and am sick, gotta love recycled air on airplanes. Anyway, here’s this weeks blog post. I picked up some items that I can’t wait to show off over the next couple of blog posts. One of which is this dope hoodie from Legal Insanity. I paired it with an awesome visor from HXNOR. Enjoy the look.


Todays Styling Details:


Hat || HXNOR || Yamato Visor

Hoodie || LEGAL INSANITY || Robin Hoodie – Orange New @ Man Cave

Sweat Pants || AITUI || Sweat Pants – Loyalty – Gray

Shoes || FLITE || Kamikazees – Grey

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Zayn 1

Backdrop || MINIMAL || Underground Background -1-


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Today Ill be finishing my packing and getting ready to jump on a red eye flight to handle some business. Work keeps me active and moving but I gotta make a little time for SL. For 2018 I am changing up the style card feel just a little bit, adding a bit of scenery but keeping it in line with my easy to view format. Creating a mood will help you decide which outfit is best for own plans, and gives me an opportunity to play with the much better graphics settings I have been using. This week I am showcasing a new skin by Stray Dog, Shane. This dope skin and shape are available at The Mens Cave. I paired it with a few great items including this bag from BH9  new at The Mens Jail.


Todays Styling Details:


Hair || LOCK & TUFT || Denver – Brown & Red New @ The Mens Cave

Glasses || ZOOM || Maiorn Glasses

Skin || STRAY DOG || Shane  New @ The Mens Cave

Necklace || AMERICAN BAZAAR || Avacado Love Necklace

Jacket & Shirt || ASCEND || Shawn Long Coat

Pants || COLD ASH || Mens Chinos

Shoes || 2REAL || Holbrookz

Pose || POSEOLOGY || John 3

Backdrop || MINIMAL || Subway Backdrop


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Prepping up for another month of great items. I am super excited for all of the new releases coming this month. I figured I would get a jumpstart on blogging for one of my favorite bloggers as well as play a little catch up from a busy work week. I am loving PBM ENTERPRISES new Wool Knit Sweater available this weekend at The Mens Jail. I paired it with a dope OZ Beanie from Xenials and some other great items I picked up! I hope you enjoy this weeks new styling.


Todays Styling Details:


Hat || XENIALS || OZ Beanie – Green

Shape || TREDENTE || Elliot Shape ( Body Modified)

Skin || STRAY DOG || Victor – Tone 06

Beard || VOLKSTONE || Monier Beard

Nose Bandage || RUT || Nose Bandage – Human

Sweater || PBM ENTERPRISES || Wool Knit Sweater – New @ The Mens Jail

Bag || EPIA || Make it Rain Money Dufflebag

Gloves || GABRIEL || Finger less knit gloves – Gray

Jeans || LEGAL INSANITY || Dirk Dirty Jeans 

Shoes || FLITE || Kamikazees – Grey

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Nigo 3


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Working hard and making money, thats how I like to live. I want to see green everywhere. Before I head to work today I picked up some new items to blog with my newest piece from sponsor Xenials. After just a couple of items from this designer, I believe that this is a brand to watch, their tailoring is exceptional and I cant wait to see more.  I paired it with the new skin from Straydog that will offically be my new face! lol I love Gac.  Check out todays look for all of the details.


Todays Styling Details:


Hair || YUTH || JODYE – Brown

Skin || STRAYDOG || Victor – Tone 06  – New @ Kinky Event

Beard || VOLKSTONE || Monier Beard – New @ Man Cave

Glasses || MULLOY || Forli Glasses

Hoodie || XENIALS || OTW Hoodie

Jeans || NOT SO BAD || Brandy Jeans – Khaki

Shoes || VALE KOER || Hightop Strapped Sneakers – Green

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Zion 1


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On a quick break from the busy season of the year. Looking forward to it dying down and normal life resuming. Until then, I will try and keep up with posting at least one look a week, just until January. Recently I picked up an awesome new sponsor, Xenials, a designer I first managed to see at The Mens Jail event. I love the perspective of the designer and am excited to be working with their brand. I paired the Anime Long Shirt with their Tiller Round Brim hat and some oldies but goodies from my inventory. Enjoy todays look.


Todays Styling Details:


Hair || HOMAGE || RANKS – Brown

Glasses || ZOOM || Jaycob Crist Glasses

Necklace || KUNST || Rockstar Necklace

Hat || XENIALS || Tiller Round Brim Hat

Shirt || XENIALS || Anime Long Tee – Grey II

Jeans || DEADWOOL || Broberry Jeans – Gunmetal

Shoes || FRONTLINE || The Architect

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Miguel 3


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With the holiday season, this is the first day I have had free in a while. I am excited to finally post this look from Dufaux, The Coverall. I paired this with some dope hair from Yuth. Check out todays look!

Todays Styling Details:

Hair || YUTH || Chase Hair – Brown

Ears || L’ETRE || Dialator Mesh Ears ||

Bracelet || BAD UNICORN || Faith Bracelet

Watch || MANDALA || Kotowari Watch

Rings || CINPHUL || Kole Ring 2 & 3

Outfit || DUFAUX || Coverall – Brown

Boots || LAPOINTE & BASTCHILD || Patrol Boots

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Miguel 5

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Fattening times are quickly upon us! With the holiday season its so easy to get into bad eating habits and forget #bodygoals. I have been working hard to get to a particular feel and look in my body and I wont stop now.  Today I figured would be a good day to refocus on some goals and i chose to pair those goals with a little visual reinforcement. Dufaux released an awesome addition to their Patch Sweater, the Patch Sweatpants! These are a great combo together and I am excited to blog them with StrayDog’s new Sven Skin from Winter Trend.


Todays Styling Details:


Hair || YUTH || LLOYD -Brown

Bandana || XODONOTHRONU || Bandana Fatpack

Skin || STRAYDOG || Sven – Tone 04 – New @Winter Trend SL

Headphones & Phone || MUSCHI || XPHONE

Sweater || DUFAUX || Patch Sweater

Pants || DUFAUX || Patch Sweatpants – New @ The Mens Jail

Shoes || VALE KOER || Deadstock Trainers –

Pose 1 ( Close – Up) || ANIMOSITY || Drew 4

Pose 2 ( Full Body ) || ANIMOSITY || Drew 3


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Working on a new persona with my Andrea head by Lelutka. I havent really used this much bc I dont love how hairbases go on it, but with this awesome hat by Cinphul, I am confident in my sexy. I paired this look with the new Natural Brows by VYC and their guylashes to give this a pretty boy look but toughened it up with some classic leather and boots. Hopefully this new persona wont get me into too much trouble. Or maybe it will.


Todays Styling Details:


Hat|| CINPHUL || Porkie Hat – Studs

Head || LELUTKA || Andrea 

EARS || MANDALA || Steking Ears Season 5

GLASSES || MULLOY || Josa Glasses (not pictured in close up)

Skin || STRAY DOG || Breno for Andrea – Tone 07

Brows || VYC || Natural Brows – New @ Hello Tuesday

Lashes || VYC || Guylashes

Beard || UNORTHODOX || Groomed Beard

Beard Prim || VOLKSTONE || Dean Beard  6 Prim
Jacket and Shirt || ASCEND || Anton Leather Jacket & Shirt – Maroon

Watch || MANDALA || Kotowari Watch – Formal

Jeans || E-CLIPSE || Caeser Jeans – Indigo

Boots || REDGRAVE || Survivor Boots – Leather

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Xion 5


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