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Smells like Christmas

• Inside Scene •
FIREPLACE FRAME. Ariskea[Andrea] Paysage Frame For the Loveof the Devil (November 3rd ) [New!!]
GREEN SEATED. Ariskea[Andrea] Side Seated For the Loveof the Devil (November 3rd ) [New!!]
CABIN. Ariskea [Canada] Mountain Cabin 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FAN. MudHoney Briley Ceiling Fan 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
MOUNTAIN FRAME. MudHoney Wooden Mountain Art 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
SOFA. MudHoney Briley Sofa w Pillows PG - Gold 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
SIDE TABLE. MudHoney Briley End Table 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
BIG RUG. MudHoney Briley Sisal Rug 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
ROUND RUG. MudHoney Briley Round Rug 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
PATTERN RUG. MudHoney Briley Fringe Rug 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
LOG TABLE. MudHoney Briley Log Table 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
ORCHID. CONSTRUCT - Phalaeonopsis Orchid 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
HOLIDAY FUND. CONSTRUCT - Canada Holiday Fund 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
CALENDAR. CONSTRUCT - Calendar 2018 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
SNOWGLOBE. CONSTRUCT - Snowglobe Quebec 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
BROWN BLANKET. CONSTRUCT - Cuddle Blanket 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FOLDED BLANKET. CONSTRUCT - Cuddle Blanket folded Display only 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FERRET. Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Naughty RARE  6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FIREPLACE. *HEXtraordinary* Rustic Fireplace Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
WHITE PILLOW. Sari-Sari - Pillow (hold) Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
STACK PILLOWS. Sari-Sari - Cozy Pillow Stack Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
BIRCH LOGS. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Birch Logs Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
CANDLESTICKS. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Candlesticks (modified) Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
WHITE BOUQUET. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Bouquet - Snow Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
BLUSH BUQUET. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Bouquet - Blush Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
CANDLE. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Spice 3-Wick Candle Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
FIREPLACE NEON. floorplan. neon crime scene C88 (October 8th) [New!!]

• Other Items •
LADDER. Ariskea{Australia} Ladder
TREE. Botanical - Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
ORNAMENTS CLOSED BOX. [ dynasty ] - Box of Ornaments - Brown CLOSED
ORNAMENTS OPENED BOX[ dynasty ]  - Box of Ornaments - Brown OPENED

• Outside Scene •
LOOK DOE. Jian Fallow Doe Static - Look Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
SCRATCH DOE. Jian Fallow Doe Static - Scratch Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
BLICK BUCK. Jian Fallow Buck Static - Blink Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
LOOK BUCK. Jian Fallow Buck Static - Look Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]

• Other Items •
BUCK BIRD. Jian Snow Birds :: Percher
SNOW CLIFF. Soy. A Snow Covered Cliff [Tall] for large use
COVERED WOODS. Soy. Snow covered woods [Wood-C] -Low

558 : 1031


DISORDERLY. : Abandonment Gacha @The Epiphany
Hanging Display / EXCLUSIVE
Dumpster / RARE
Conveyor / RARE
Worktable / RARE
Pallet / Torso
Big Crate / Legs
Small Crate / Hands & Feet
Pile / Torso
Pile / Feet
Pile / Head
Head Shelf

cinphul : Brooding Curtains [drab]
The Loft & Aria : Hourglass Brass
Serenity Style : Gacha - Vintage Fan White RARE
apollo. : Constellation Frame - [White]
Pewpew! : Animal Wall Drawing Sketch
Soy. : Papers - spread [C]
ChiMia : Neutral Apartment

Harvest Feast



  • Build: Soy @ kustom 9 – Rustic Storage Shed
  • Sway’s @ TLC – Pumpkin Carving Set
    • Bucket, crate with pumpkins, pumpkin bowl, pumpkin scraps, carved pumpkin, table, stump seats
  • Doors: Apple Fall – Farrow Garden Wall with Door (modified)
  • Chair n Bucket: Pewpew @ Deco(c)rate – White Harvest Chair (subscription crate)
  • Hay bale: Cheeky Pea @ Deco(c)rate – Autumn Harvest Haystack (subscription crate)
  • Pumpkin n lantern: Cheeky Pea @ Deco(c)rate – Autumn Harvest Pumpkins (subscription crate)
  • Worms Pumpkin: Noble Creation @ The Season Story – Worms Pumpkin
  • Cat: SWaGGa – Goodbye Kitten
  • Grass: Studio Skye – Wild Grass
  • Ivy: EliBaily – Ivy

Lose Yourself in Music

• My Look •
Stealthic - Rebellion (Unrigged) TMD (October 5th) [New Release!!]
DOUX - Big mesh beard [Dark blonde] Beard 1
DOUX - Big mesh beard [Dark blonde] Moustache 1
Clef de Peau.Brock T2 [LELUTKA] Applier Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
Kalback Basic Tee M2_Pack#2 FULLPACK (BellezaMan Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
COMPLEX /  JOGGERS / FAT PACK / BELLEZA_M Shiny Shabby (October 20th) [New Release!!]
[Shoeminati] xOffWhite - Bred (Signature GianniBlack Fair 2017 (October 6th) [Limited Edition - New Release!!]
::GB:: fingers less knit gloves(Belleza) Black
RK Poses. Remi's Closet 2 [New Release!!]
• Scene •
..::THOR::.. White Russian DIY Tap [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Raw Coffee Table [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Old Tank Lamp [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Dirty Piano Shelf [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Guitar Wallart [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. The Dude Sofa [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Standing Ashtray [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. The Dart Game [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Wood Beer Box [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Bowling Pins [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Dudes Rug [C] Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Empty Beer Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. Bowling Ball Man Cave (October 10th) [New Release!!]
Kuro - Uva's lanterns (strawberry) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ]  Music is Life - Guitar Lamp The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ]  Music is Life - Musical Notes - Dark The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ]  Music is Life - Record Clock The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Music Neon Sign - Blinking On/Off The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Guitar - RARE The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Recordplayer - Red The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Record Player Stand The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Life is Jazz Sign The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Music is Life - Rug The Gacha Guardians (October) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Milk Can Table K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Headlight Lamp - Red K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Teapot Lamp K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Daybed (RARE) K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Recycled Fan Clock - Dark K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Gear Candle - Type A K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Gear Candle - Type B K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Gears Drink Set K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[ zerkalo ] Industrial Spot - Rug K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]
Soy. Rustic Storage Shed  K9 (October 15th) [New Release!!]

• Other Items •
Soy. Potted Pothos [Ssize]
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize]
[ zerkalo ]  Backstreet Hideout - Pizza

Youre Embrace

• My Look •
DOUX - Hugo Hairstyle [Unrigged]
RIOT / Pearson Joggers - Belleza Jake Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
RK Poses. Blend me in [New Release!!]

• Scene •
Kuro - Sun bed *Cold* (PG)TLC (October 7th) [New Release!!]
Serenity Style- Rick Forest Cabin TLC (October 7th) [New Release!!]
Serenity Style- Rick Forest Lamp TLC (October 7th) [New Release!!]
Serenity Style- Dean Fall Fireplace The Project S7ven (October) [New Release!!]
Serenity Style- Dean Fall Metal Logs Basket The Project S7ven (October) [New Release!!]
Soy. Pine cone brass lamp (with stand) C88 (October 8th) [New Release!!]
Soy. Pine cone brass lamp C88 (October 8th) [New Release!!]
Soy. Braid bean bag Couch w/texchanger C88 (October 8th) [New Release!!]
floorplan. neon black No21 (September) [New Release!!]
N4RS Minelli_Carpet Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
MudHoney Grace Rocking Chair w/ pillow Deco(c)rate (October 8th) [Exclusive!!]

• Other Items •
MudHoney Throw Pillow - Love
MudHoney Throw PIllow - Random
MudHoney Throw PIllow - White Canvas
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Nude


plb 337.png

HAIR – Tableau Vivant – Late – MOM

COAT – Gabriel – Down Jacket – Wine – Shiny Shabby

JUMPSUIT – Clef de Peau – Wes Jumpsuit – Butter

TRUCK – Soy – Old 3 Wheeler Truck – Ash Blue

PUMPKINS – Apple Fall – Pumpkin Assortment

FENCE – Hive – DIY Country Fence Set

HAY WHEEL – Jian –  Southern Shelties 16. Hay Bale

Metro Way

• My Look •
[BURLEY] - Rory (Unrigged;MultiStyler) [New Release!!]
AG. Charm Eyes - Fatpack Shiny Shabby (September 20th) [New Release!!]
STRAY DOG - CODY - TONE 02 Lelutka [New Release!!]
:PARKER: PERRY Bomber.FATPACK.Belleza Uber (September 25th) [New Release!!]
REPRESENT - Hooded Sweatshirt Inner "Jake, Logo I" Man Cave (September 15th) [New Release!!]
REPRESENT - Terry Sweatshort "Belleza, Black" Man Cave (September 15th) [New Release!!]
BLACK Fanny Back Semller Tourist Gacha
MyPhone7 Plus // MUSCHI
WRONG & The Owl. Anim Stand #1 Shiny Shabby (September 20th) [New Release!!]

• Scene •
[ isuka ] Inbetween backdrop Shiny Shabby (September 20th) [New Release!!]
Soy. Vending Machine [Cigarette]

A house is not a home without a dog

Jestyr (on couch)

Cyrus (on floor)

Pose: SenseS @ MoM – Couple 129


There is little difference between being lost and exploring


Location: Mother Road

We live in a world full of empty places filled with empty souls

• My Look •
[Deadwool] Slicked back hair - unrigged - all colors Man Cave (September 15th) [Exclusive Release!!]
.Identity. Body Shop  - Ultra Violence Kinky Event (July 28th) [New Release!!]
DUFAUX - belleza jake - backpack shirt MOM (September 20th) [New Release!!]
Mossu - Wood.Sweatpants - Belleza Jake - Fatpack Man Cave (September 15th) [New Release!!]
Ana Poses - New York 2

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• Scene •
Soy. Share House [Ohitori] K9 (September 15th) [New Release!!]
Serenity Style Aegeas Electricity Rust Poles Shiny Shabby (September 20th) [New Release!!]
Serenity Style Aegeas Country Fence Shiny Shabby (September 20th) [New Release!!]

• Other Details •
Soy. Weeping Willow (high density)
Nutmeg. Kate's Vintage Collection