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plb test 313.png

HAT / HAIR – Beusy – Jasper & Cap

FACIAL HAIR – Volkstone – Aeron Beard – The Man Cave

VEST – Meva – Raider Vest – Black Dark – The Man Cave

BODY BELT – Gabriel – Cyber Ninja – Body Belt – Black – FGC

HOLSTER – Gabriel – Cyber Ninja – Dagger Holder Belt – Black – FGC

DAGGERS – Gabriel – Cyber Ninja – Daggers – Silver – FGC

CUFFS – Gabriel – Cyber Ninja – Arm Guard – Silver – FGC

PANTS / BOOTS – Giz Seorn –  Rick Denim Pants w/ Boots – TMD

SET – Rama – Green Pass & Neon Hanging – 6 Republic

Do You Know Who I Am?

plb 315.png

MASK – Vale Koer – Haute Couture Trillion Mask

CROWN – No! – Arthur – Modified

EYES – Cureless – Dragon Tears

SHIRT – Gabriel – Strap Open Shirt – TMD

PANTS – David Heather – Owen Trousers – Black – TMD

CARS – Intense – The Finest Muscle Car – 2015 QTO 2.0

BUDDHA – T 3D Creations – Hotei Micro and Regular Mesh

STARS – a.n.c LTD – Iron Halo

SCAFFOLDING – Kunst – Truss System

FLOWER – Keke – Sacred Lotus Flower – Blue

CAITI’S VIEW – The Deviant’s Boudoir



Facing Destiny.

plb 233.png


HAIR – Yuth – Kenji – Blacks

SHIRT – Breath @ MOM – Blowed Shirt 2 – White

PANTS – Pumpkin @ MOM – Slim Chinos – White

DRAGONS – Katat0nik @ The Arcade –  Spooky & Ruby Cloud Dragon – MODIFIED



A few things about this look. Firstly the silks and chains are meant for a female body, in fact it comes for default and numerous mesh female bodies. They can fit some male bodies with some modifying of your body since the items are rigged and cannot be modified. As always, try a demo first where possible. Secondly, both the wasp/yellow jacket and the butterflies come as wearable and rideable companions. The rideable have poses built in although the pose in the picture is not one of them. They also come with sounds that can be turned on/off. They are pretty fun to fly.

Keep reading for the credits.

Wolf Bones


A few things about this outfit before I give the credits. I’m not entirely sure if it is meant for females or unisex since it comes out of the box a little small. The good news is that it is entirely modify and does work pretty well for guys even if it isn’t meant to be. The only issue that may crop up is the loincloth. It’s a one piece modify item and whereas it goes around the waist pretty good, if you’re a flat-assed guy you may need to add a little more junk in the trunk for the perfect fit. And you may have some serious dangle if you’re very ‘healthy downunder’ if you know what I mean.

As for where you get all those goodies, keep reading for the full credits!

  • Outfit: PFC @ FGC – Bones (gacha)
    • Includes: Crown, mask, choker, chest armour, horn, loincloth, and staff.
  • Arm and leg armour: PFC – Junglestuff (gacha)
  • Pose: Inertia – Kept Looking
  • Wolfs: Jian @ WHRP – Wolf Pack & Companion (static rez AND a wearable companion)

Location: At my house.. which I’m not linking just in case you’re all stalkers! :P

And since I couldn’t decide between the two pictures I’m adding another one.


Galactic Knight


I’m usually more dark fantasy than scifi but figured I would give it a go. The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has a Game of Thrones versus Star Wars theme this round so plenty of scifi outfits and accessories to choose from. This look is an all-in-one suit from MempaMale that comes with the boots attached. The cloak/cape is an optional add-on and is unrigged so you can wear/move it as you want or even use it with a different look. I also hopped around a few scifi roleplay sims and there are some great looking places out there. This picture was taken at Remnants of Earth that I found thanks to an article in Bright Metallic Magazine. If you like scifi roleplay then check it out!

Full credits below!

Picture taken at Remnants of Earth sim.




The Gunslinger likes to take names and kick ass with the big boys and does a pretty fine job of it too. Maybe too good because she finds the guys keep pointing guns, and other things, at her all too often. This look is just one from the !gO! gacha machines at Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Both guns are from Bamse and have a steampunk feel to them and come in a variety of styles/colours including pink for the girls or femmy boys or just people who like pink – no judgement here! </political correctness>

Full credits when you click on the more thingie.


The gun is mostly blurry background eyecandy but for those curious to know what he’s wearing – the coat is another !gO! gacha outfit at the mainstore called Thief, the pants are from Yasum, hat is Remarkable Oblivion, and the mask is SWaGGa. If anyone wants full credits let me know.

Return of the Light

This blog post is a little different in that I created a short video instead of a picture. The latest offering from Madpea at the Arcade is an interactive collection similar to the Haunted Instruments. Return of the Light is based on the celebration of the Winter Solstice and the soon to be returning light. It involves a ritual and an impressive light display.

In order for the ritual to work in world you need to collect the two RARES as well as nine common items. There are other items in the set but they are mostly for decoration and are not required to perform the ritual. Once you rez everything and ‘sit’ on the altar the ritual begins as you can see in the video.

And if the video isn’t enough to convince you then Madpea has a demo area (available here) where you can try it out for youself. 2015-11-26 22:29:25


Girl (left):

  • Hair: Ayashi – Maya Hair
  • Mesh head: Nomi – Cila – Miemi Mesh head
  • Mesh body: Tentacio – Galatea Doll – Satyr (gacha @ mainstore)
  • Outfit (bra & panties): Takeo @ FGC – Fantasy Sport (gacha event)
  • Football: Takeo @ FGC – Fantasy Sport – Football (gacha event)
  • Pose: Purple Poses – Couple Pose (old group gift – modified and used as a single pose)

Male (right):


  • Bleachers: Xin – Crowd Bleachers (2crash2serious gacha @ mainstore)
  • Lights: Xin – Stadium Light (2crash2serious gacha @ mainstore)
  • Dogs (left): Theosophy – Shiba (Get a Load of that dog gacha @ mainstore)
  • Dogs (right): Xin @ Arcade – Huskies (gacha event)
  • Curled dog on bench: Xin @ Arcade – What’s in the box? FREE Arcade gift – December
  • Foam finger: Xin – Foam Finger (2crash2serious gacha @ mainstore)
  • Boots: Vale Koer @ Kustom9 – Harley Sneakerheels
  • Helmet: The Forge – Football Helm (gacha @ mainstore)
  • Bench: Unkindness – Play Hard Pipe Bench



Today I’m featuring two avatars from KROVA that are available this month at We <3 Roleplay. The first is an Orc (on the left) who comes with the option of wearing the gloves and pants, or not, so if you want to run around as a big hulking naked green creature you can. The designer is hoping to eventually expand and have people create clothing and accessories for him. On the right we have Varo although I couldn’t help but run around with the attitude of Rocky the Raccoon from GotG.


  • Orc avatar: KROVA @ WHRP – Orc Beta (includin gloves and pants)
  • Head mask: DRD – Witch doctor mask
  • Pose: Vestige – Boys of summer