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LOTD 402


Shirt:Blankline-Henley Shirt @TMD
Jeans:Blankline-Ripped Pants @TMD
Shoes:Versov-Latiov Wine @TMD
Hat:David Heather-Liberty Brim Hat Sand
Bracelet:Vexiin-Cuban Bracelet 18k
Watch:Vexiin-Daor Limited Watch

Facial Hair: Unorthodox-Agus
Tattoo:Bolson-Vergilivs @TMD

Backdrop:Bad Unicorn-Blanco
Vent:Leijin-Mounted Wall Vent

LOTD 400

blogpostShirt:David Heather- Shirt SE/Breen2 @Rewind
Pants:David Heather-Trouser SE/Green2 @Rewind
Hat:David Heather-Brim Hat SE/Green2 @Rewind
Shoes:David Heather– Gongini Oxfords Sienne
Stole:David Heather-Vintage Fur Stole/Sienna (Gacha Item)

Backdrop:Pseudo-Subway (Gacha Item) @Sanarae

LOTD 399


Jacket:Semller-Lenoir Jacket
Pants:Blankline-Joggarpants Camo
Shoes:Vale Koer-Retro Dunks @TMD
Hat:Hxnor-Black Ball Caps Rare @TMD
Mask:Hxnor-White Facemask Features @TMD
Bag:Hxnor-Black Tote Bag@TMD
Bat:Caboodle-Spiked Yanki Bat Rare@TMD
Skin:StrayDog-Zack @Kinky Event

LOTD 398


Jacket:Semller-Ballpark Youth Denim Jacket Rare @TMD
Hoodie:Semller-Worker Jacket Hoodie
Pants:Rebel Gal-Soft Sweat Pant Black
Shoes:Vale Koer-Special Force
Hat:2byte-Monster Cap
Watch:Vexiin-Doar Limtied Watch @MOM
Rings:Bjewla-Triple Stones Ring(bento rings)

Skin:StrayDog-Zack @Kinky Event

LOTD 397

Jacket:MgMen-Bion Jacket @MOM
Pants:David Heather-St.Biker Pants@TMD
Shoes:Deadwool-Chase Sneakers@Shoetopia
Beanie:Bad Unicorn-Backward Beanie
Shades:Minimal-Zell Glasses
Watch:Vexiin-Cuban Diamond
Chain:Vexiin-Luxor Diamond

LOTD 396

Jacket:Semller-LeNoir Jacket Rare @ Epiphany
Pants:Amitomo-Waist Skinny Jeans Blue
Shoes:Deadwool-Chase Sneakers @Shoetopia
Hat:BTTB-Manchester Cap Fatpack@Project Se7evn
Necklace:Vexiin-Finesque Necklace @Tres Chic
Watch:Vexiin-Opulence Watch
Rings:BVS-Siam Square 18k
Headphones:Hxnor-Black Royalty Headphones
Bag:Hxnor-Cash & Currency Bag

LOTD 395

Shirt:Not So Bad-Jake Denim Shirt@TMD
Pants:Seul-Ripped Knee Denim Classic @TMD
Hat:David Heather– Liberty Brim Hat
Choker:L’etre– Punky Choker
Glasses:Minimal-Enigma Glasses Silver

Backdrop:Pseudo-Daves Place Scene @Sanarae

Beast Mode

Track Jacket:Vale Koer-Essential Track @TMD
Pants:Vale Koer-Essential Track Pants @TMD
Shoes:Vale Koer-Beezy Lowtop
Headphones:Bad Unicorn-Travis Headphones

Building:Soy-The Studio
Pilot-Morello Weight Bench Set
Pilot-Sweat is Fat Crying
Pilot-Battle Ropes
Pilot-Pilates Mat Rack
Pilot-Stability Ball Rack
Pilot-Medicine Ball Rack
Bag:Hxnor- Premier Duffle Bag
Kalopsia-Kali’s Yoga Ball and Weights
TA-Fitness Weights and Water

LOTD 394

Jumpsuit:Clef de Peau-Wes Jumpsuit Black
Jacket:Gabriel-Out the Shoulder Rare Jacket
Shoes:Bleich-Unisex Creepers Gold Leather
Bracelet-Noir-Roman Bracelet @MOM
Hat: StrayDog- Wide Brim Hat (Mens Only Hunt Item)
Hair:Doux- Toni Hairstyle

Pose:Rk Poses-Bob

LOTD 393

Jacket:NotSoBad-Hans Jacket
Pants:NotSoBad-Timeo Bootcuts
Boots:Semller-Worker Boots Classic @N21
Hair x Hat x Headphones-Bad Unicorn & Unorthodox-Travis (Found at either store!!)
Chain:Blupr/nt x Bjewla -VVS Blue & Pink

Backdrop: Psuedo-Club Trouble Scene @Sanarae