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[№.137] A Beautiful Mind

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Peak Suit (wool) | by | [Deadwool]


Lawson Hairstyle | by | DOUX

Photographers Eye | by | RO | Remarkable Oblivion

Rox 0.2 Ears | by | ^^Swallow^^ 


Wait and See | by | Inertia



Lately I’ve been hard to reach

I’ve been too long on my own
Everybody has a private world
Where they can be alone
Are you calling me, are you trying to get through
Are you reaching out for me, I’m reaching out for you

I’m just so f&kin’ depressed
I just can’t seem to get out this slump
If I could just get over this hump
But I need something to pull me out this dump
I took my bruises, took my lumps
Fell down and I got right back up
But I need that spark to get psyched back up
In order for me to pick that mic back up
I don’t know how or why or when
I ended up in this position I’m in
I starting to feel distant again
So I decided just to pick this pen
Up and tried to make an attempt to vent, but I just can’t admit
Or come to grips, with the fact that
I may be done with rap, I need a new outlet
And I know some sh!t’s so hard to swallow
And I just can’t sit back and wallow
In my own sorrow, but I know one fact
I’ll be one tough act to follow
One tough act to follow, I’ll be, one tough act to follow
Here today, gone tomorrow
But you’d have to walk a thousand miles

In my shoes, just to see
What it’d be like, to be me
I’ll be you, let’s trade shoes
Just to see what I’d be like to
Feel your pain, you feel mine
Go inside each other’s mind
Just to see what we find
Look at shit through each other’s eyes

But don’t let ’em say you ain’t beautiful oh
They can all get f&ked. Just stay true to you so

I think I’m starting to lose my sense of humor
Everything is so tense and gloom
I almost feel like I gotta check the temperature in the room
Just as soon as I walk in
It’s like all eyes on me, so I try to avoid any eye contact
Cause if I do that then it opens a door for conversation, like I want that
I’m not looking for extra attention
I just want to be just like you
Blend in with the rest of the room
Maybe just point me to the closest restroom
I don’t need no f&king manservant
Trying to follow me around, and wipe my a$$
Laugh at every single joke I crack
And half of ’em ain’t even funny like
Haha Marshall, you’re so funny man, you should be a comedian, god damn
Unfortunately I am, I just hide behind the tears of a clown
So why don’t you all sit down
Listen to the tale I’m about to tell
Hell, we don’t gotta trade our shoes
And you ain’t gotta walk no thousand miles

Don’t let ’em say you ain’t beautiful oh
They can all get f&ked. Just stay true to you so

Lately I’ve been hard to reach
I’ve been too long on my own
Everybody has a private world
Where they can be alone
Are you calling me, are you trying to get through
Are you reaching out for me, I’m reaching out for you


Eminem | Beautiful

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I remember all the places you wanna go……..

Hair: FOXY – Kali Hair (Includes style HUD) at FaMESHed May 2017

Headphone: MANDALA – Eargasm Headphones at mainstore

Sunglases: EGOISME – EXMACHINA Sunglasses at mainstore

Bracelet: 7MAD;RAVENS – Fisher’s Fishbone Wrist at FaMESHed May 2017

Cigarette: [ KUNST ] – Vintage Cigarette Holder at mainstore

Bag: REMARKABLE OBLIVION – Messenger Bag (Cayote Tan, Male) at mainstore

Top: NATIVE URBAN – Ibiza Shirt at Ultra Event May – June 2017

Pants: NATIVE URBAN – Formentera Shorts at Ultra Event May – June 2017

Car: BILLIONAIRE MOTORS – Powershot (Baked Black) at mainstore

Building: WETCAT & LEMON – “Alley” Backdrop with poses at FaMESHed May 2017



HAIR – [ ACTION ] – Luke

EARS – [ Mandala ] – Stretched Ears

FACE PAINT – [ PMS ] – Skeleton Face Tattoo

NOSE – [ BOLSON & kunst ] – Clown Nose 1


PANTS – [ PARKER ] – Patrick Pants

CLOWNS – [ Remarkable Oblivion @ The Arcade March 2017 ] – Peepo & Chubbs

Edge of Nowhere.

plb 296.png

HAIR – Tableau Vivant @ TMD – JD

SHIRT – Breath – Back String Shirt

PANTS – Seul – Vintage Ripped Denim – Black

CLOWN HEAD – Soy @ The Arcade – Abandoned Memorys – Head

TRAIN CAR – Soy @ The Arcade – Abandoned Memorys – Cable Car

CONTAINERS – Bad Unicorn @ TMD – ‘The Docks’ Backdrop

FENCING – Remarkable Oblivion –  Junkyard Dogs – Wall03  &  Wall02



Beanie – RO – HIFI Classics – Black –
Face Applier – -Labyrinth- Tylar Skin Catwa Applier Hud (DanielBento) – Pale @ Skin Fair 2017
Body Applier – -Labyrinth- Omega Body Skin Appliers – Pale @ Skin Fair 2017
Tattoo – THIS IS WRONG Music tattoo  @ Skin Fair 2017
Cardigan – [Gild] Relaxing sweat cardigan @ Signature Event
Pant – not so bad . mesh . TIMEO jeans . used stone @ The Mens Dept

Can you feel me……..


Hair: CATWA – Mesh Jason V2 Hair at mainstore

Head: GAELINE & ELLEGANCE – [GA.EG] Damon Bento Mesh Head (including eyebrows and hairbase used in pic) at mainstore

Skin Applier: CLEF DE PEAU – Jimmy (Omega GA.EG Face Applier, Freckles option included) at mainstore

Hat: REMARKABLE OBLIVION – Sleigh Bells Gacha, Coach Tophat, at mainstore

Ears: ^^SWALLOW^^ – Punky Ears at Kustom9 December 2016

Top: :: GORODEE :: – SMPK Classical Jacket (Black) at Shiny Shabby December 2016

Nobody’s Got Your Back Like Your Brother.

Nobody's Got Your Back Like Your Brother.

Divos Titanium:

Skin: Clef de Peau - Justin
Beannie: ::C'est la vie !:: Leonie beanie (The Men's Dept)
Scarf: ::C'est la vie !:: Leonie muffler (plaid) (The Men's Dept)
Jacket: Cold Ash - Survivor - Leather Jacket (The Men's Dept)
Pants: [Deadwool] Corduroy pants - mustard
Gloves: Razor - Alloy Gloves - Black/Chrome
Snowboard: Remarkable Oblivion - Snowboard - Strike
Coffee: Flite - Kickstart Coffee - Controversy


plb 277.png

HAIR – Modulus @ Limit 8 – Rasmus

ONESIE – Noche @ Fameshed – Pajama Onesie – Black

SHIRT – BlankLine – Waist Shirt

DOG – Jian @ The Arcade – Holiday Huskies – Help Pup – Grey

GLASSES – Minimal – Bond Glasses

BUILD – RH @ The Arcade – Holday Cafe – Wagon

FIRE PLACE – No Concept @ TMD – Wood Burning Stove

CHAIR – Remarkable Oblivion @ The Arcade –  Home For The Holidays – Leather Chair

HOLLY ART – RH @ The Arcade – Holiday Cafe – Holiday Poster – Christmas

WOOD TREE – Hive @ The Arcade – Wooden Christmas Tree

STUFFED ANIMALS – RH @ The Arcade – Holiday Cafe – Reindeers

AX – Bamse @ SwagBag –  Lumberjack – Axe

BASKET – What Next – Winter Harvest Picnic Hamper

Bring Forth That Holiday Spirit.

Bring Forth That Holiday Spirit.

The Arcade - December 2016

Ariskea[Winter in Canada] Red Wreath
hive // holly's home RARE
hive // wooden christmas tree [green]
SAYO - Quilted Tile Fireplace
SAYO - Twig & Light Wreath
SAYO - Candle & Light  Set
Remarkable Oblivion - Home for the Holidays - Patterned Chair
Remarkable Oblivion - Home for the Holidays - Rug
Remarkable Oblivion - Home for the Holidays - Festive Swag 

Tannenbaum Event:

The Loft - Tivoli Reindeers
The Loft - Snowflake Stocking Holder
{vespertine}- yule sledge /just deco
{vespertine}- gilded door sign / merry xmas /gold
Fancy Decor: Twig Tree (silver)
Pewpew! Xmas Gift Box Stack
Pewpew! Joy Xmas Frame
Pewpew! Cartboard - "Santa is coming"
ARIA -Nicola Pine Garland
R(S)W Christmas Card Row
- Fancy Decor: Red Bauble
- Fancy Decor: Tree Ribbon
- Fancy Decor: Tree Beads
- Fancy Decor: Tassel
- Fancy Decor: Striped Bauble
- Fancy Decor: Tapered Ornament
- Mori. star ornament 
- :::ChicChica::: Noel Mooise
- {Petite Maison} Gigi Ornaments: Hex
- {Petite Maison} Gigi Ornaments: Royal
- Kalopsia - Carol's Tree - Socks
- {Worn decor} ball plain-red .::Cubic Cherry::.
- Schadenfreude Bird 1 Catmas Ornament

Other Notable Decor Items:

dust bunny . potted rowan berries
SAYO - Glam Vintage Filigree Mirror
The Loft - Candle cloche (Group Gift)
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Gift Stocking
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Stocking Puppers - RARE
Sari-Sari - Christmas Light Decor
JIAN :: A Very Kitten Christmas - Ornament Box
[Commoner] Gilded Modern / Himmelli Wreath
junk. log bucket.
Silence. - Merry and Bright