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Stray Dog Best Blogger Ever Contest

I'm Wearing
HEAD SKIN. Stray Dog Jahiri Sienna Black Fair 2017 [New Release!!]
BEARD. Doux Big mesh beard [White] [New Release!!]
MOUSTACHE. Doux Big mesh beard [White] Moustache [New Release!!]

JACKET. ...Scars... Long jacket t-model S [Black Paint]

HAT. Stray Dog Wide Brim Hat Men Only Hunt 9 - April 9th  [Gift!!]
NECKLACE. Clef de Peau Leather Necklace 5 The Epiphany - April 15th  [New Release!!]
NOSE SEPTUM. Kunst  Anuket Septum Ring The Liaison Collaborative - April 7th [New Release!!]
LEFT BRACELET. Kunst Devon bracelet
RIGHT BRACELET. Real Evil ReVoX Roman Bracelet

POSE. Statix Kai 5 [New Release!!]

Love, laziness and a bit of wine

Rick Morsch
No Head Gael 1.5 Men Only Monthly - September 20th [New Release!!]
Speakeasy Otis Hair Shiny Shabby - September 20th [New Release!!]
Speakeasy Wisdom Tattoo Fluffy & Fierce Event - September 16th [New Release!!]
Real Evil Sniper Tags Men Only Monthly - September 20th [New Release!!]
Excellence Pants Romb

Focus Poses Couple 3

Scene Deco
DRD Rustic Cabin Shiny Shabby - September 20th [New Release!!]
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Curtain Pane
Cheeky Pea Rainy Cuddle Couch Clear N21 - August [New Release!!]
Jian Countryside Collies Held Pup Bi
Apt B Creative Outdoors - Books Shiny Shabby - September 20th [New Release!!]
Kunst Malbec glass #2

Zerkalo Love Nest Vintage Rug
Zerkalo Love Nest Vintage Slippers Male (modified)
Zerkalo Love Nest Vintage Slippers Female
Zerkalo Love Nest Vintage Books
Zerkalo Little Love Her Pillow

Let me love you…

Let me love you


Hair: Dela Sienna @ Uber
Harness: Gabriel
Pants: Applier for TMP by Lybra
Bracelet: **RE** Aeternum


Hair: INK at TMD
Harness: Gabriel
Suspenders: .Shi

Deep Love

Rick Morsch
Speakeasy Edward Hair Kustom9 - April 15th [New Release!!]
Dossier Human Ears Plugs V.1 [New Release!!]
Real Evil Savage Necklace Male Men Only Monthly - April 20th [New Release!!]
Etham Elliott Cardigan Fameshed - May 1st [New Release!!]
Clef de Peau Outlet Rolled Pants White
Vale Koer Thermal Socks TMP

Abbey Chanel
Click here to take a look on Abbey's Blog.

RK Poses Summer Love [New Release!!]

Scene Deco
The Little Branch Mystic Birch 4 Seasons Fameshed - May 1st [New Release!!]
Pixel Mode Long Drape Left White Sheer Fameshed - May 1st [New Release!!]
Zerkalo Like a Bird [ Cage w/Candles Light - Cage Chair Light RARE - Food Tray Light - Hanging Light Light - Lamp Light - Rug Light - Pillow Light - Flower Candle Light ] The Seasons Story - April 10th  [New Release!!]
Zerkalo Aurora's Hideout [ Pillow ]
Zerkalo Faded Charm [ White Roses - Lantern ] The Epiphany - April 12th  [New Release!!]
Astralia Glicine Picnic Basket White - Glicine Headpiece White - Glicine Ruffle Pillow White The Seasons Story - April 10th  [New Release!!]
Zenith Kitten Basket Mil Fameshed - May 1st [New Release!!]

Maybe you should know that….


HAIR:Modulus – Bjorn Hair (at The mens Dept)
SUNGLASSES: HAYSURIZA Eyewear Sahara (Colors M) (at on9)
MESH HEAD: Samurai Mesh Head Burton (Special Edition only few pieces left)
SCARF: Real Evil – Legand Scarf CP1- Male (at Mens only monthly)

PANTS::GaBriel::Bondage strap pants _black (at Mens only monthly)
SHOES:::GaBriel:: set boots (at Mens only monthly)

Desirable for you………..


PIECING:**REalevil** Keal Nose Chains – Male (at Cosmopolitan)
HARNESS:::GaBriel::Body belt Harness ( at .Whimsical. event)
TOP:::GB::Harness jacket Black ( at .Whimsical. event)
PANTS:::GB:: Jogger pants (TMP) Black* ( at .Whimsical. event)


My Look
Boon Lab. 008 Hair (Materials) The Mens Department - February 5th  [New Release!!]
Clef de Peau Andre Head T2 TMP -  Beard V.6 Brown TMP The Mens Department - February 5th  [New Release!!]
Ascend Uptown Pea Coat Grey @Men Only Monthly - January 20th [New Release!!]
Ascend Harajuku Swag Pants Pinstripes Black TMP
Kunst Malbec Glass #2

Her Look (Click here to see her blog!)
Burley Veronica Dips [New Release!!]
Kunst Cigarette
Real Evil Innamorata Earring Cosmopolitan Round 10/4 [New Release!!]
Real Evil Aeternum Female Bracelet [New Release!!]
United Colors Nola All in 1 Dress Maitreya Cosmopolitan Round 10/4 [New Release!!]
Illi Maitreya Jacqueline Heels Tres Chic - February 17th @NEW!!

WetCat "Glance" Curtain Prop Cosmopolitan Round 10/4 [New Release!!]

Scene Deco
Ex Machina A Good Vintage [ Wine Rack - Barrel 1 - Barrel 2 - Wine Table ] @ LTD Event - January 12th [New Release!!]
Bazar Forest [ Chandelier - Candle A - Candle B ] @ LTD Event - January 12th [New Release!!]
Kunst Wine Bottle Holder / Malbec (x6)
Kunst Barrel Stool (a) - .11 [ kunst ] - Barrel Stool (b)
Kunst Boho carpet #7

A Boring Sunday Afternoon

Quartzo Hair - David
Clef de Peau James T4 BK TMP Shiny Shabby - August 20th @NEW!!
Clef de Peau Eyebrows 12 Brown TMP Shiny Shabby - August 20th @NEW!!
CLAVv Sound Geek [ Jack Necklace Black RARE ] Kustom9 - August 15th @NEW!!
Bad Unicorn Clothing White Tied2Tee TMD @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
Nomad Repurposed Bracelet B Silver @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
Real Evil ReVoX Roman Watch Male @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
F.A.T. Harem Pants Denim Blue @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
ILLI TMP Resize 40 Shane Sneaker @NEW!!

Ricardo Pose
XXY - He is a Man 2 @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
Unkindness - Abandoned Loft  Fameshed - August 1st @NEW!!
Cheeky Pea Venachar [ Picture Frames 1 - Picture Frames 2 - Shelf - Tartan Cosy Chair (PG) -  Pinecone String - Pinecone Basket ] Kustom9 - August 15th @NEW!!
Haikei If I live In a Hut [ gacha 1 - gacha 2 - gacha 3 - gacha 4 - gacha 5 ] Kustom9 - August 15th @NEW!!
Kalopsia [ Room Divider - Shape Lamp - Rugs ] Kustom9 - August 15th @NEW!!
No Concept Decorative Crate - Colored Step Ladder (full color) Kustom9 - August 15th @NEW!!
Ariskea & Xin Shark Bag Blue Kustom9 - August 15th @NEW!!

The Autumn is comming

Epia 'Rolmaster' Glasses @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
Beusame Often Mesh Beard @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
AR2 Style Stay Strong Tattoo for TMP @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
Pumpkin Tank top [ White Sheer - Black Fishnet ] TMP @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
Real Evil ReVoX Roman [ Watch - Bracelet ] @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
Gabriel Tight Harem Pants Black TMP @Men Only Monthly - August 20th @NEW!!
Vale Koer The Grounded Beezys TMP The Mens Department - August 5th  @NEW!!

Floorplan String Light Pallets Wood No21 - August 21th  @NEW!!
Floorplan Boat Rack LTD Event - August 2015 @NEW!!
Floorplan leaning chalkboard [ soup - octopii -  flamingo ] LTD Event - August 2015 @NEW!!
Consignment & Floorplan Spool Bench Natural A LTD Event - August 2015 @NEW!!
Apt B Chest Group Gift August @NEW GROUP GIFT!!
Vagabond Pearl's Birdie Cage Collabor88 - August 8th @NEW!!
Kalopsia Pearl's [ Chandelier - Flying leaves: Dream ] Collabor88 - August 8th @NEW!!

Let me think out loud

~Tableau Vivant~ Leste hair Kustom9 - June 15th @NEW!!
Tatto Mania - Pow TMP  Fi*Friday - June 3rd Week @NEW!!
 [ kunst ] - Norman pipe / rustic  Shiny Shabby - June 20th @EXCLUSIVE!!
**RE** ReVoX Nipple Piercing P2 L & ReVoX Nipple Piercing P7 R  @Men Only Monthly - June 20th @NEW!!
Addams // A-Brand Leather Pants Kustom9 - June 15th @NEW!!
 [ Excellence ] Cap Poly 3 @NEW!!
[VALE KOER] The Beezy Boosts Kustom9 - June 15th @NEW!!

Scarlet Creative Ete Summer Cabin (modified) Collabor88 - June 8th @NEW!!
Tentácio - lamp, table, basket book, tricycle, pillows & wall rug Kustom9 - June 15th @NEW!!
floorplan. neon gacha / fin The Arcade Gacha Event - June 2015 @NEW!!
Apt B // Raw Materials Gacha - Glass Containers, seat, table, plate sculpture, lamps, moose mount,  gas can &  cabinet RARE Kustom9 - June 15th @NEW!!
tarte. cushioned stool (mint chocolate) Kustom9 - June 15th @NEW!!
:HAIKEI: Humid dusty cottage gacha {1}, {4} & {5} Kustom9 - June 15th @NEW!!
[ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Rug Shiny Shabby - May 20th @NEW!!
+Half-Deer+ Fennec Fox - Stargazing, antwatching, rollover & sleepytime Kustom9 - June 15th @NEW!!