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Hit it or quit it

Rick Morsch
[HAIR WITH BANDANA] Taketomi - Kris (Unrigged;MultiStyler) Ultra Event - January 15th  [New Release!!]
[SKIN] Stray Dog - Nero Catwa - Chocolata (Vitiligo Version) Men Only Monthly - January 20th [New Release!!]
[BODY TATTOO] IDTTY Body Shop Life Line Omega MBA - January 10th  [New Release!!]

[BRACELETS] Kunst Morgan bracelet #1 (M) / Right Uber Event - January 25th [New Release!!]
Kunst Morgan bracelet #2 (M) / Right Uber Event - January 25th [New Release!!]
Kunst Taylor bracelets / Left (M) The Liaison Collaborative - January 7th [New Release!!]

[JEANS] Kalback Original Jeans M2 SNEAKER CUT (Signature) Signature Event - January 20th [New Release!!]
[BELT & BRIEFS] Kalback Original Jeans M2 BRIEFS/BELT (Signature) Signature Event - January 20th [New Release!!]
[RED SNEAKER] Shoeminati x4 Toro - L [New Release!!]
[BLACK SNEAKER] Shoeminati x4 Bred - R [New Release!!]
[POSE] MarEsto :: Emotions 1

Scene Deco
[BALLET STUDIO] Soy The Studio with mirror & ballet barre Collabor88 - January 8th [New Release!!]
[WALL NEON] Floorplan neon hit it / periwinkle Kustom9 - January 15th [New Release!!]
[PUNCHING BAG] Nomad // Punching Bag
[WEIGHTS & WATER BOTTLE] TA Fitness Weights and Water
[CHAIR] OneDecor Romantic Winter :: Chair The Crossroads - January 3rd [New Release!!]

[SHELF, BLACK BOARD & GREEN YOGA MAT AT WALL]  Kalopsia Kali's Shelf (Modified) Collabor88 - January 8th [New Release!!]
[BALL ON THE FLOOR]  Kalopsia Kali's Yoga Ball Collabor88 - January 8th [New Release!!]
[BAG ON THE FLOOR]  Kalopsia Kali's Bag Collabor88 - January 8th [New Release!!]
[PURPLE WEIGHTS ON THE FLOOR]  Kalopsia Kali's Weights Collabor88 - January 8th [New Release!!]
[YOGA MAT ON THE FLOOR]  Kalopsia Kali's Yoga Mat Collabor88 - January 8th [New Release!!]

Coffee time with my leopard

Coffee time with leo.jpg

Eating some bagels

Eating some bagels..jpg

The Boss is wearing…

HEAD: Catwa – Justin
SKIN: [Avenge] Henry | @New | @MBA
HAIR: Beusy: Krit Mesh Hair w/ Cap | @New | @TheMensDept
BLAZER: <kalback> Casual Blazer_Brown | @New
PANTS: // SEUL GARCON \ Vintage Ripped Denim – Classic Wash
BAG: -David Heather-Corse Bag/Mahogany | @New
BOOTS: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Heritage Boots – Chocolate



HOUSE: *ionic* The House Cafe
BAGEL BASKET: *AF* Bagel Basket | @New
BARGEL SIGN: *AF* Bagel Cart Bagel Sign | @New
BAGEL CART: *AF* Bagel Cart RARE | @New
SACK [ON THE FLOOR]: *AF* Flour Sack Padded Crate | @New
BAGEL BOARD [ON TABLE]: *AF* Bagel Board 4 – Cheesy Tom | @New
TABLE: Ariskea Mocorra Table | @New | @FaMESHed
STONE PATH: Ariskea[Mocorra] stone path | @New | @FaMESHed
CHAIR: Ariskea Mocorra Chair Singles&Couples | @New | @FaMESHed
TREE PLANT: Ariskea Mocorra Tree plant 2 | @New | @FaMESHed
TRAY: Fancy Decor: Tiered Tea Tray | @New | @TheCrossRoads
TEA CUP: Fancy Decor: Teacup w/ tea | @New | @TheCrossRoads
LITTLE PLANT [NEAR DOOR]: Fancy Decor Tall Fern Planter | @New | @MonsieurChic
PLANT PLAQUES: Apt B // Eco Plant Plaques | @New | @TCF
WHITE TABLE & CHAIR: Flecha Lemonade Party | @New | @BLACKJACK
CHOCOLATE SHOPPE: *AF* Chocolate Shoppe Front Counter Mirrored
CATS: [Black Bantam] Sphynx Cat Gray | @New | @C88

I can’t stop to try catch them all

I can't stop to try catch them all.jpg


The Boss is Wearing…

SKIN: [Avenge] Henry skin | @New | @MBA2016
HAIR:[MALO] F04 Hair | @New | @TheMensDept
GLASSES: [Z O O M] Clubber Glasses
BEARD: No.MINAL – King Beard Ginger |@New |@MOM
SHIRT:not so bad . mesh . DYANI tshirt  |@New |@TheMensDept
WATCH: [Z O O M] Liberium Watch |@New | @MonsieurChic
SHORTS: Legal Insanity – Clay dirty shorts with shirt |@New |@MOM
TATTOO: Letis Tattoo Darkness MM16012 | @New | @SwagBag
LOAFERS: [ VERSOV ] SANDOV | @New | @TheMensDept



HOUSE: Trompe Loeil – Amelia Cabin
SOFA: Apt B // Tufted Sofa
CLOCK:[n.i] letictocchoc RARE gears | @New | @TheGachaGarden
PHONE:[dynasty] – Antique Phone – Wood/Brass | @New | @TheCrossRoads
BOX: Kalopsia – Old Box
TABLE: Soy. Solid Wood Center Table
HEADPHONES: ~BAZAR~ Stockholm-Headphones
TWINKLING BIRCH: Apple Fall Twinkling Birch
PIANO: Apple Fall Dolly Piano
MUSIC STAND: Fancy Decor: Music Stand
RESEARCHER’S CHAIR: dust bunny . researcher’s chair
TUBA: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tuba Planter
RUG: Apt B // Rug V1