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January is a new month, the start of a New Year and an opportunity to refine perspectives. As always, I like to start my month out with a feature of some great items from my sponsors. One of my newer sponsors released a new item for the monthly Mens Jail Event, Xenials. I have paired their accessory with some great poses from Animosity and a refresh of a tattoo from my favorite tattoo place, Facade. This month I will be doing a few more full scene blog posts, as I have a ton of new backgrounds that I need to cycle through, and as well, I have some new editing effects I want to play around with courtesy of Frankey Swain’s facebook group Photography Help Tips & Tricks SL Edition. I plan to utilize the resources in this group greatly within the coming months. 

Enjoy this months full feature, While I Waited.



Todays Styling Details:


Hair || BOON || Lab 036

Hairbase || YUTH || Jodye Hairbase

Earring || XENIALS ||  Safety Pin Medallion – New @ The Mens Jail Event

Tattoo || FACADE || Odin

Ears || L’ETRE || Basic Mesh Ears

Necklace || MANDALA || Onliest Necklace – Option A

Shirt || RIOT || Marcus Tee – White

Watch || MANDALA || HOKUSAI Bracelet – Formal Option

Pants || PARKER || Ethan Pants – Black

Waist Shirt || FAKEICON || Nopun Waist Shirt  – Red Plaid

Shoes || VALE KOER || Special Force – Red


All Poses by Animosity

Miguel 3
Malcolm 1
Stephan 1


Scene Details:


Backdrop || MINIMAL || Heaven Door Backdrop New @ TMD

Dinner Table || DUTCHIE ||Bistro Table

Dinner Bread || WHAT NEXT ||Garden Cafe Bread Board

Cafe Sign || BEE DESIGNS || Cafe Chalkboard



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With the holiday season, this is the first day I have had free in a while. I am excited to finally post this look from Dufaux, The Coverall. I paired this with some dope hair from Yuth. Check out todays look!

Todays Styling Details:

Hair || YUTH || Chase Hair – Brown

Ears || L’ETRE || Dialator Mesh Ears ||

Bracelet || BAD UNICORN || Faith Bracelet

Watch || MANDALA || Kotowari Watch

Rings || CINPHUL || Kole Ring 2 & 3

Outfit || DUFAUX || Coverall – Brown

Boots || LAPOINTE & BASTCHILD || Patrol Boots

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Miguel 5

Alternate Views:



eclipse8_001_blogEvery daze drowns my mind in the air…

  • TOP: ED – W4ST Shirt @MOM
  • PANTS: ED – W4ST Jeans @MOM
  • GLOVES: ED – Male Bento Gloves [Gift at Mainstore]
  • HAIR: Dura – B&G*63
  • POSE: K&S – Leave me 2 @HME


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Working on a new persona with my Andrea head by Lelutka. I havent really used this much bc I dont love how hairbases go on it, but with this awesome hat by Cinphul, I am confident in my sexy. I paired this look with the new Natural Brows by VYC and their guylashes to give this a pretty boy look but toughened it up with some classic leather and boots. Hopefully this new persona wont get me into too much trouble. Or maybe it will.


Todays Styling Details:


Hat|| CINPHUL || Porkie Hat – Studs

Head || LELUTKA || Andrea 

EARS || MANDALA || Steking Ears Season 5

GLASSES || MULLOY || Josa Glasses (not pictured in close up)

Skin || STRAY DOG || Breno for Andrea – Tone 07

Brows || VYC || Natural Brows – New @ Hello Tuesday

Lashes || VYC || Guylashes

Beard || UNORTHODOX || Groomed Beard

Beard Prim || VOLKSTONE || Dean Beard  6 Prim
Jacket and Shirt || ASCEND || Anton Leather Jacket & Shirt – Maroon

Watch || MANDALA || Kotowari Watch – Formal

Jeans || E-CLIPSE || Caeser Jeans – Indigo

Boots || REDGRAVE || Survivor Boots – Leather

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Xion 5


Alternate Views:





So dating in SL has in me in the struggle zone. I have never met such a batch of strange encounters and experiences as I have in the sl dating scene. Some men are really testy, and quick to jump all in. Others are great until you cross an area of conversation that quickly becomes a conflict, most of the time because you have brought up something that exposes an insecurity. Most men on sl do not know how to properly communicate THROUGH things and a big dealbreaker for me is men who hit a wall, and just log off. Who the eff is that immature that you just log off? Its like you’re hanging up a phone call, real mature pal… lol. Real men deal with their issues and talk through it. Mature men finish what they start. Anyway… if you are one of the guys listed in the description above, lets NOT. Lets not and say we didnt. Ill work on pursuing men who are willing to be men. 


Anyway enough of that rant. This week I am rockin this awesome shirt from American Bazaar, The Thug Shirt. It comes in a variety of styles and prints, this one I picked “Psycho” because it suited the mood I was in, in creating this post. Ive paired it with my goto jeans from NotSoBad and some new hair from Speakeasy called Rav. Sometimes the simplicity of an outfit is best. I endeavor to make posts that are wearable to the everyday guy. Enjoy todays look.


Todays Styling Details:


Hair || SPEAKEASY || Rav Hair – Black

Necklace || MANDALA || Uzumaki Necklace (comes with Ring, not pictured)

Shirt || AMERICAN BAZAAR || Thug Shirt – Psycho

Watch || MANDALA || Kotowari Watch – Formal

Jeans || NOT SO BAD || Ilan Bootcut Jeans –  Dirty

Shoes || 2REAL || Stackz

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Xion 3


Alternate Views:


My Way

My Way

🎧The Sex Pistols – My Way

Molotov: De La Cruz Technologies Lab

Hair: Dura – Boys&Girls 05

Necklace: Mandala – Legendary

Shirt: Breakout – Pure Man Shirt Graphix

Mask: Bauhaus Movement – Anime Beats Mask  Male

Pants: Kalback – Original Jeans M3

Location: Everwinter



HAIR – [ VOLTHAIR ] – Kevin

EARS – [ MANDALA ] – Stretched Ears

TOP – [ XENIALS ] – Okay?  Long Crop Top



baseball_001 copy_perry_blogWe always kicked it late at night…


TOP: Ascend – Steve Sweatshirt @TMD

SHORTS: Kalback – Original Shorts M3 @Man Cave

SHOES: Bleich – Mesh Wheeler @Fameshed

GLOVES: Ascend – Trevor Bento Glove @Man Cave

DRINK: Kunst – Spike Bottle [Gacha Item] @Gacha Garden

HAIR: Tableau Vivant – Cricket

Beard: Barber Shop – Short Beard

EARS: MANDALA – Taper Ears


TOP: COCO – Hoodie Dress + Hair @Fameshed

SHOES: Vale Koer – Moody Platforms

SOCKS: Izzie – Knee Socks


POSE: K&S – Pose1 @Sad November

BUILDING: taikou – batting center building complex [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

CAGE NETS: taikou  – batting cage nets [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

NEON SIGN: taikou  – batting center neon light [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

WALL: taikou  – catcher wall [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

MONEY MACHINE: taikou  – money changer machine [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

PAYMENT MACHINE: taikou  – payment machine [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

PITCH MACHINE: taikou  – pitching machine [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

BAT SET: taikou  – baseball bat rack [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

BAT: taikou  – baseball bat (wearable) [Gacha Item] @6 Republic

FRIDGE: taikou  – beverage fridge [Gacha Item] @6 Republic



HAIR – [ STEALTHIC ] – Haunting

HEAD SYRINGES – [ KATAT0NIK ] – Syringe Toy Cable

EYEBROWS – [ IDENTITY @ MAN CAVE ] – Hunky Eyebrows (Uni)

[ This round of Man Cave ends 1st November 2017 Identity Mainstore ]

EYES – [ IZZIES ] – Demon Eyes

EYE BRUISE – [ IDENTITY ] – Chaos Marks

EARS – [ MANDALA ] – Steking Ears

MASK – [ VIOLETILITY ] – Nurse Feel Good Mask

COLLAR – [ HATE THIS ] – Cervical Collar

HARNESS – [ MOSSU @ MAN CAVE ] – Spiky Harness

[ This round of Man Cave ends 1st November 2017 Mossu Mainstore ]


[ This round of TDSF ends 4th November 2017 Dappa Mainstore ]

UNDERWEAR – [ MOSSU ] – Violent Underwear


kunst3_001_blogMy body aches when I don’t let you die in my arms…


BRACELET: Kunst – Albrecht Cuff @TMD

HAIR: Barber Shop – William [New Release]

PIERCING: Realevil – ReVoX Nipple Piercing

BEARD: Clef de Peau – Stubble V1

EARS: MANDALA – Steking Ears Season5


BRACELET: Kunst – Albrecht Cuff @TMD

HAIR: DOUX – Claudia

PIERCING: Bens Beauty – Molly Piercng