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Into the ring

Hipster Men's Event has been open a few days now. CDC Creation's brings you another great combo pack! This beard comes show above with the cuts built into the applier. There is also a hair base included in the pack too (not shown)

Men's Fashion from Second Life

TP to Hipster Event it will be for sale in the middle row!

Beard & Cuts: 5 Scar- Beard @ Hipster Event
Necklace: Orion Necklace by Kunst @ Kustom 9


By far my favourite collection at The Epiphany is the 'DRINK DRANK DRUNK' set from Peaches n' Cream: funny, clever and extremely well crafted.  I was never a frat boy, but I've had my fair share of nights like this...


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'slink physique'
face: applier: 'lewis' - stray dog @ the mens dept july 2017
body applier: 'tone 04' - stray dog
beard: beusame @ kustom9 july 2017
hair: 'barbercut spiky reds' - tableau vivant @ the epiphany july 2017
jacket: 'his fave jacket rare' - peaches n' creamthe epiphany july 2017
briefs: 'kevin underwear' - mossu
glasses: blank line @ the epiphany july 2017 (free gift)
shoe: 'chase sneakers' - deadwool

all decor items: 'drink drank drunk' frat party gacha - peaches n' cream @ the epiphany july 2017:

'any hole is my goal' pong deco; 
'lisa's loo' toilet ice chest; 
'oh sheet!' toilet paper mess; 
'don't worry beer happy' beer trash'; 
'friendchips in a bowl' chips deco; 
'pour it up' keg deco; 
'i'd tap that' keg deco; 
'ride a fratboy' fraternity banner; 
'classical' fraternity banner; 
'alcohol you later' up deco  

 see gacha key for more details

pose: 'stay chilled1' - drunk panda (slightly modified due to beer can in my hand)
build: 'hetton barn conversion' - apple fall @ summerfest 2017


This new pose from Grafica at the upcoming round of Men Only Monthly (opens July 20th) perfectly compliments the new swimwear set from Blank Line at The Epiphany...


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'jake' - belleza
face: applier: 'lewis' - stray dog @ the mens dept july 2017
body applier: 'tone 04' - stray dog
tattoo: 'hikaru' - isuka @ okinawa summer festival
beard: beusame @ kustom9 july 2017
hair: 'barbercut quiff' - tableau vivant @ the epiphany july 2017
shorts: 'mens swimwear red' - blankline @ the epiphany july 2017
choker: blankline @ the epiphany july 2017
sunglasses: blank line @ the epiphany july 2017

pose: 'gagi' - grafica @ MoM july/august 2017
location: the bay

Old Friend



Headphones- .random.Matter. – Wonho Set – Earbuds [Black] @ Kustom9

Pants & Socks- HIEMAL Sebastian Sweatpants w/ Socks WHITE @ TMD

Shirt- etham – Dustin Tank @  MOM

Hair- VoltHair- Alexis Hair(by TABOU) @ WE ❤ RP

Body Tattoo-{ Speakeasy} x DAPPA : Rot Tattoo Rot Tattoo @ Somber


Special Thanks To…

{Speakeasy}  DAPPA  TABOU  etham  MOM


Stray Dog's new appliers for the Belleza body are well worth the wait. Stop what you're doing and get them now!

I'm a big fan of Anxiety's photo backdrops and sky boxes: this new release is the perfect environment in which to show off Izzie Button's Wet Body and Face appliers, out now at Summerfest.  Although Izzie's products lean towards female avatars, I find they work brilliantly on male bodies too.

The pose I'm using is a free gift from Frankey Swain's new pose store, Imitation.


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'jake' - belleza
face: applier: 'diego' - stray dog
body applier: 'tone 04' - stray dog
eyes: 'tokyo eyes (lights)' - izzie's
wet body and face applier: izzie's @ summerfest 2017
hair: 'b77' - dura
briefs: 'kevin underwear' - mossu @ kustom9 june 2017

pose: 'poolside 2' - imitation (free gift)
build: 'manic' - anxiety @ the chapter four july 2017
plants: 'plant 17' - compulsion @ cosmopolitan



HAT – [ RO @ CRYSTAL HEART FESTIVAL ] – Resonance Ultra Cat Cap

[ This round of Crystal Heart Festival ends 31st July 2017 RO Mainstore ]

EARS – [ SWALLOW ] – Gauged Ears


[ This round of TMD ends 31st July 2017 Not So Bad Mainstore ]

CLUTCH – [ BTTB X BEUSY @ KUSTOM9 ] – Clutch Red

[ This round of Kustom9 ends 10th July 2017 BTTB Mainstore Beusy Mainstore ]

Summer Time

SummerFest started on June 30th and will be going until July 20th!


  • Outdoor Shower: Soy @ Knot & Co – Outdoor Shower
  • Flip Flops: Soy @ Knot & Co – Flip-Flops
  • Flamingo: Kalopsia @ SummerFest – Polly’s Metal Flamingo
  • Puppy: JIAN – Scruffy Shepherds – Toy Destroyer (gacha)
  • DRD @ SummerFest – Boho Backyard
    • Sunflowers, Hewett Chair, Dining Table, Table Decor, Table Settings, Barbecue Pergola, Lantern, Planters, Barbecue Clutter
  • Tree: DRD – Garden Party – Big Tree Decorated (RARE gacha)



Some favourites from the new round of Men Only Monthly...


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'jake' - belleza
face applier: 'diego' - stray dog @ tropical summer 2017
body applier: 'tone 05' - stray dog
tattoo: 'josh arms' - AR2 style
hair: 'colin' - vangoMoM june 2017
shirt & tie: 'nathan' - belleza @ MoM june 2017
watch: 'nuvolari chrono - deadwool
bracelet: 'boho bracelets' - swagga

pose: 'xcus i' - grafica @ MoM june 2017
backdrop: 'simple days' - taikou @ kustom9 june 2017

Musical Retreat



  • Build: Anhelo – T02MG-176GA :: tres en dehors (available for 50l ONLY on Friday 21st June)
  • Record Player: Ariskea @ TLC – Record50 – Vinyl Record
  • Planters and shelf: Ariskea @ Kustom9 – Succulente – Fox Shy, Cat Dotty, Piggy Pink, and Hanging Table
  • Dragonflies: keke @ Deco(c)rate June – Even Dragonflies Dream (curated box)
  • Stepping Stones: Merak @ Deco(c)rate June – Butterfly Stepping Stones (curated box)



MASK – [ AMA ] – Full Pup Mask

UNDERWEAR – [ MOSSU @ KUSTOM9 ] – Kevin Underwear

[ This round of Kustom9 ends 10th July 2017 Mossu Mainstore ]

TAIL – [ STINKER ] – Pup Tail