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Let me love you……..

On Hikaru
Hair by [BURLEY] – Matt Hair (with hair strand drawn in) at mainstore
Necklace: [ KUNST ] – .06 Pearson Necklace Black from Unisex Accessories Gacha III at The Mens Department May 2017 (5th Anniversary!)
Bracelet: [ KUNST ] – Endurance cuff at Mainstore
Pants: E-CLIPSE DESIGN – Veneto Pants BlackDenim at mainstore
Boots: DEADWOOL – Patmos Boots at mainstore

On Marcus
Hair: STEALTHIC – Like Lust Hair at mainstore
Pants: E-CLIPSE DESIGN – Osaka Pants BlackDenim at mainstore

Sofa: NUTMEG – Chesterfield Sofa Black at Mainstore
Curtain: C L A Vv. – Lace Curtain from Hibernating Time Gacha at Mainstore
Flower Bowl: REVIVAL – Bowl Of Tulips White at Main Store
Frame: {iD} – DecO WindoW Dark (MessagE) at 6 Republic May 2017

Pose: FOCUS POSES – Closer at mainstore

Lust For Life ..


[Avenge] Matthew skin @ MOM May 2017

DOUX – Cornelis hairstyle @ Tres Chic May 2017

[Gild] Overalls with skittle @ MOM May 2017

[ kunst ] – Industrial Bar stool @ Shiny Shabby May 2017

[ kunst ] – Industrial Bar table @ Shiny Shabby May 2017

[ kunst ] – Bottle wall lamp @ Shiny Shabby May 2017

It just you and me……….

Pose by Senses – Love is all we need set available at Limit8 from May 18 (Limited Edition – Set with 3 poses – Only 100 copies)

On Hikaru

Hair: DOUX – Toni Hair at mainstore
Nose Ring: [ MONS ] – Dreamer Septum Ring (Style 4 Black) at mainstore
Earring: NO.MATCH – No Salvation Earring, L’Homme Magazine SL February 2017 Readers Group Gift
Watch: REALEVIL INDUSTRIES – MCX Watch (Includes Male & Female Sizes, HUD for texture options of Belt Leathers / Watch Faces / Watch Metals / Numbers, RealTime Analog Clock, and Resizing) at mainstore
Top: DEADWOOL – Ed Shirt with (optimised for Peak Suit Trousers, with & without suspenders) at mainstore
Pants: DEADWOOL – Peak Suit (Tux) Trousers at mainstore
Shoes: DEADWOOL – Monk Shoes at mainstore

On Marcus

Hair: STEALTHIC – Like Lust Hair at mainstore
Watch: [ KUNST ] – Corey Watch (includes HUD with various customization options) at mainstore
Cigarette: [ KUNST ] – Slim Cigarette Holder at mainstore
Top: KAUNA – 2BN Casual Blazer Tweed Grey at mainstore
Pants: KAUNA – 2BN Trousers Tweed Grey at mainstore

Location at Angel Manor

I remember all the places you wanna go……..

Hair: FOXY – Kali Hair (Includes style HUD) at FaMESHed May 2017

Headphone: MANDALA – Eargasm Headphones at mainstore

Sunglases: EGOISME – EXMACHINA Sunglasses at mainstore

Bracelet: 7MAD;RAVENS – Fisher’s Fishbone Wrist at FaMESHed May 2017

Cigarette: [ KUNST ] – Vintage Cigarette Holder at mainstore

Bag: REMARKABLE OBLIVION – Messenger Bag (Cayote Tan, Male) at mainstore

Top: NATIVE URBAN – Ibiza Shirt at Ultra Event May – June 2017

Pants: NATIVE URBAN – Formentera Shorts at Ultra Event May – June 2017

Car: BILLIONAIRE MOTORS – Powershot (Baked Black) at mainstore

Building: WETCAT & LEMON – “Alley” Backdrop with poses at FaMESHed May 2017


kunst_blogToo much pain sometimes we even forget how to forget it…



' for everyone'

Hair: DOUX - John @ Signature Event
Shirt: {COLD-ASH} - Sawyer Denim Shirt @ Signature Event
Shorts: kalback  - Cut Off Shorts
Shoes: [Deadwool] Chase sneakers - white

Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Devon bracelet
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Drew bracelet
Necklace: [ kunst ] - Rusty Key's Cord
Ring: [ kunst ] - Axis ring
Tattoo: [Hipster Style] - David Combo @ The Crossroads

6º Republic Decor Items: 

Bike: [anhelo] - M30SR-174GA :: sidecar motorcycle
Book/Flask: [anhelo] - Books and flask
Cot: [anhelo] - M34SL-155GA :: folding cot
Latern: [anhelo] - M33SR-175GA :: lanthanum
Stump: [anhelo] - M32SR-175GA :: stump
Tent: [anhelo] - M31SR-155GA :: tarp for M30 / V02

Pizza: BellEquipe Design {BE}- Delizioso Pizza *Kids*
Table: BellEquipe Design{BE}- Iron Box table

Fish: [Krescendo] - Lembranca De Lisboa - Sardinha Assada (gacha)
Guitar: [Krescendo] - Lembranca De Lisboa - Guitarra RARE

Bottle: MadPea - MyHelsinki Salmiakki Vodka
Knife: MadPea - MyHelsinki Salmiakki Vodka
Mug: MadPea - MyHelsinki Beer Mug
Turtle: MadPea - MyHelsinki Turtle Stone

Cup: Serenity Style - Chocolate to Drink (gacha)
Pitcher: Serenity Style - Chocolate Pitcher (gacha)
Tray: Serenity Style - Fritter Tray (gacha)

Beer: Schultz Bros. - 15. Crate of Beer (gacha)
Pallet: Schultz Bros. - 02. Malt Sacks Pallet (gacha)

Additional Decor:

Bag: Caligula - Duty Duffle Bag Olive
Blankets: Serenity Style - Pile of Blankets
Bottle: kalback - Kalneken Beer Bottle (gacha)


Dog: JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 13. Sleepy Pup
Racoon: JIAN - Raccoon Stump

Pose: Chat Noir - 1757_3b (slightly modified) @ Old Fair till 25th of May

Now playing: Tennesse by Allen Rayman

The Train Station

• Morsch's Wearing •
HAT. JfL Traveler's Fedora (Venezia V.1) white [New Release!!]
SHORT. -NU- Formentera Shorts SIGNATURE[New Release!!]
SHIRT. -NU- Ibiza Shirt Stripes SIGNATURE [New Release!!]
BODY TATTOO. .Identity. Body Shop - Pure Delusion[New Release!!]
HEAD SKIN. Stray Dog - Frank Tone 08[New Release!!]

NECKLACE. [ kunst ] - Gold bar necklace [New Release!!]

[Other Items]
BRACELET. [ kunst ] - Reed bracelet (M) [New Release!!]
NECKLACE 2. [ kunst ] - Evan necklace (M)[New Release!!]
BODY SKIN. Stray Dog - Gianni Skin - TONE 08 *beta HUD* [Soon!!]
GOATEE BEARD. Unorthodox Born Sinner Goatee (prim)
BACKPACK. [Deadwool] Quest backpack - black
POSE. RK Poses - Jude 6
• Scene Deco •
WAGEN. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Frituur Wagen 1 [New Release!!]
FRIETJE GEVER. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Frietje Gever [New Release!!]
MENU. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Menu [New Release!!]
FRIGO. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Drink Frigo [New Release!!]
FRIETKETEL. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Frietketel [New Release!!]
BURGUER. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Hamburger Sauzen [New Release!!]
POSTERS. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Reklame Posters [New Release!!]
FRIGO 2. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Vlees Frigo [New Release!!]
VOOBEREIDINGS STATION. DRD - Belgian Food Truck - Voorbereidings Station [New Release!!]
TRAM. MadPea MyHelsinki Vintage Tram RARE [New Release!!]
STREET LAMPS. MadPea MyHelsinki Streetlamp Double [New Release!!]
LUGGAGE 1. not so bad . PARIS .  baggage v3 [New Release!!]
LUGGAGE 2. not so bad . PARIS .  baggage v1 [New Release!!]
BUS SIGN. FAKEICON / csepel booze station / 3. bus stop sign [New Release!!]
LUGGAGE MAN. FAKEICON / csepel booze station / 8. old drunk [New Release!!]
WAKLING MAN. FAKEICON / csepel booze station / 9. young drunk [New Release!!]
WALL BLUE PANEL. [Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa - Painel Azuleijo (18) [New Release!!]
TRAIN STATION BUILDING. DaD DESIGN "La Gare" Train Station c/m V.1.0 [New Release!!]

[Other Items]
NEWSPAPER MACHINE. xin. newspaper machine + blue
LUGGAGE CART. xin. travel luggage push cart
VENDING MACHINES. xin. vending machine

I Feel It Coming ..


DOUX – Dane hairstyle @  The Darkness Monthly Event May 2017

<Kalback> Casual Shirt M2 @ TMD May 2017


[ kunst ] – Evan necklace @ Kustom9 May 2017

[ kunst ] – Reed bracelets @ Kustom9 May 2017

-DRD- Wasteland Backpack – Unisex @  N21 Event May 2017

Let it Be

• I'm Wearing •
HAIR. Doux Dane Hairstyle [Unrigged] MALE  Darkeness Monthly Event [New Release!!]
HEAD SKIN. Bold Beauty .: Homme :. Sebastian (Catwa Applier) - T3 [New Release!!]
BODY SKIN. Bold Beauty .: Homme :. Signature Gianni Body Applier [New Release!!]
HEAD. Catwa Stanley [SL Neck] v2.16 Ultra [New Release!!]

SHOES. Bleich Mesh Reagan - Navy [M TMP Bare] Ultra [New Release!!]
JACKET. GB Zipped jacket & Tank / Navy Uber [New Release!!]
SHORTS. Kalback Cut Off Shorts (TMP)

NECKLACE. Kunst Gold bar necklace TMD [New Release!!]

POSE. RK Poses Jude 4

• Scene Deco •
COUCH FRAME. Ariskea [Frank]  Create your own Future Frame TMD [New Release!!]
CHAIR. Ariskea [Frank]  Leather Chair  [Adult] TMD [New Release!!]
WALL FRAME. Ariskea [Frank] Motivation Frame TMD [New Release!!]
FLOOR BIG FRAME. Ariskea [Frank]  Road Frame TMD [New Release!!]
DESK TABLE. Ariskea [Frank] Wood table TMD [New Release!!]

BLINDS. Lisp Bazar Mesh Blinds Narrow Long - Beech
LUGGAGE. not so bad . PARIS .  baggage v1 6º Republic [New Release!!]
WALL LAMP. Revival nordic light bulb I Deco(c)rate [Exclusive!!]
DESK ORGANIZER. Sari-Sari - Desk Organizer Deco(c)rate [Exclusive!!]

PC SCREEN. Serenity Style Inspired Space PC Screen Deco(c)rate [Exclusive!!]
PC KEYBOARD. Serenity Style Inspired Space Keyboard Deco(c)rate [Exclusive!!]
PC MOUSE. Serenity Style Inspired Space Mouse Deco(c)rate [Exclusive!!]

PLANT. Bazar Berlin-Plant 2 6º Republic [New Release!!]
COUCH. Bazar Berlin-sofa 6º Republic [New Release!!]
RUG. Bazar Berlin-rug 6º Republic [New Release!!]

FLOOR PILLOWS. gO from Krakow -  Pillows 6º Republic [New Release!!]
COUCH PILLOW. gO from Krakow -  Pillow 6º Republic [New Release!!]

• Scene Deco •
JAPANESE GARDEN. Ex Machina Karesansui - Japanese Minimalist Garden Deco(c)rate [Exclusive!!]
LOUNGE. Sources ARCH  lounge FLAMiNGO Ultra [New Release!!]
FENCE WINDOW. Fancy Decor Davis Fence Window Fameshed [New Release!!]
BUILDING. Ariskea [Minimal] Verde Build Deco(c)rate [Exclusive!!]

TREE SNAKE. TLC Mangrove Snake linked to tree Ultra [New Release!!]
BIG BIRD. TLC Cormorant Drying Wings Ultra [New Release!!]
BIG BIRD 2. TLC Cormorant standing Ultra [New Release!!]

TREE. The Little Branch Greenford2{Seasons} Shiny Shabby [New Release!!]
TREE 2. The Little Branch Greenford{Seasons} Shiny Shabby [New Release!!]
MUSHROOMS. The Little Branch Mushrooms.V1 Fameshed [New Release!!]

This is what I feel like …….

This is what I feel like …….

Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT – Yoshi Hair at Kustom 9 May – June 2017

Mesh Head: CATWA – Stanley Bento Mesh Head at Ultra May- June 2017 (1st Anniversary!)

Skin Applier: TABLEAU VIVANT – Eliah Head Applier at Kustom 9 May – June 2017

Freckles: CATWA – Included in the Catwa Master HUD under Blush, for Stanley Bento Mesh Head at Ultra May- June 2017 (1st Anniversary!)

Body Applier: TABLEAU VIVANT – Tone 5 for Signature Mesh Body at mainstore

Nose Ring: [ MONS ] – Dreamer Septum Ring (Style 4 Black) at mainstore

Earring: NO.MATCH – No Salvation Earring, L’Homme Magazine SL February 2017 Readers Group Gift

Tattoo: SPEAKEASY – Adrift Tattoo at Romp May 2017

Scarf: SNIPS & SNAILS – .S&S. Soopascarf 02 Red (Packs include Rigged Standard Male & Female. Resizable.) at mainstore

Cigarette: [ KUNST ] – Vintage Cigarette Holder at mainstore