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Musical Retreat



  • Build: Anhelo – T02MG-176GA :: tres en dehors (available for 50l ONLY on Friday 21st June)
  • Record Player: Ariskea @ TLC – Record50 – Vinyl Record
  • Planters and shelf: Ariskea @ Kustom9 – Succulente – Fox Shy, Cat Dotty, Piggy Pink, and Hanging Table
  • Dragonflies: keke @ Deco(c)rate June – Even Dragonflies Dream (curated box)
  • Stepping Stones: Merak @ Deco(c)rate June – Butterfly Stepping Stones (curated box)

Good Morning My Friend.

plb 316.png

HAIR – Vango  – Colin – MOM

UNDERWEAR – Mossu – Kevin Underwear – Sky – Kustom 9 

DOG – Jian – Cheeky Chihuahuas – Comfy Blankie RARE – The Arcade 

BUILDING – Maru Kado – Laboratory

HEADBOARD – Soy – Vintage Metal Headboard – Type C

FAN – Soy – Electric Fan – Orange

PALM – Dust Bunny – Potted Palm – Collabor88

WATER BOTTLE – Keke – Bottle Of Water

CURTAINS – Knick Knacks – Flying Curtains – White Lace

Summer Job

• I'm Wearing •
HAIR. DOUX - Hugo Hairstyle [Unrigged] Trés Chic - June 17th [New Release!!]
BODY TATTOO. IDTTY Body Shop - Dead End Man Cave - June [New Release!!]
BLAZER. Ascend  Smith Shoulder Blazer (Resize) - Unrigged Man Cave - June [New Release!!]
TANK TOP. Ascend / Smith Tank - Belleza Male Man Cave - June [New Release!!]
NECKLACE. Noedition WOH3 Necklace (Male) WOH3 - June 3rd [New Release!!]
SNEAKERS. Noedition Lace Pumps V.2 (Signature) Red Shiny Shabby - June 20th [New Release!!]
JEANS. Kalback High Cuff Jeans #Cuff1#_FULLPACK (TMP) [New Release!!]
POSE. RK Poses Juno 4
•Scene Deco•
DOG HOUSE. N4RS Dog House v1.2 Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
WATER BOWL. N4RS Dog Water Bowl [deco] Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
BONE. N4RS Dog Bone [deco]  Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
DOGS. JIAN Playful Pibbles 19. Pit Stop Bed (modified) Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
HOUSE. DaD DESIGN "Riverside Cottage" c/m V.1.0 Ultra (May 15th) [New Release!!]
MAPLE TREE 1. The Little Branch NorwayMaple{Animated}7Li Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
MAPLE TREE 2. The Little Branch NorwayMaple{Animated}  Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
DRAGONFLIES. [ keke ] even dragonflies dream . green  Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]

•Other Items•
SHRUBS. [we're CLOSED] shrub large green
GRASS. [we're CLOSED] grass field lush
HANGING PLANTS. Mesh Plants - Hanging Fern
PLANTS. Apple Fall Juniper Topiary
DOOR BLINDS. Lisp - Mesh Blinds Narrow Long - Beech
DOOR BLINDS. Lisp - Mesh Blinds Wide Short - Beech
POTS. 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Clay Pots
GARDEN BOX. PILOT  - Garden Supplies
GARDEN HOSE. hive // vintage garden hose cart unraveled
WHEELBARROW. [Con.] Planter's Habitat - Wheelbarrow
FLOOR. :Fanatik Architecture: LISBON Dead End

Do You Know Who I Am?

plb 315.png

MASK – Vale Koer – Haute Couture Trillion Mask

CROWN – No! – Arthur – Modified

EYES – Cureless – Dragon Tears

SHIRT – Gabriel – Strap Open Shirt – TMD

PANTS – David Heather – Owen Trousers – Black – TMD

CARS – Intense – The Finest Muscle Car – 2015 QTO 2.0

BUDDHA – T 3D Creations – Hotei Micro and Regular Mesh

STARS – a.n.c LTD – Iron Halo

SCAFFOLDING – Kunst – Truss System

FLOWER – Keke – Sacred Lotus Flower – Blue

CAITI’S VIEW – The Deviant’s Boudoir



Das Herz lügt nicht

Das Herz lügt nicht

John Cordeaux:

Hair: Stealthic - Like Lust
Glasses: [Deadwool] - San Diego Glasses
Pants: ::GB:: @ Uber - Suspender Half Pants
Backpack: AITUI - Anchor Backpack
Flip flops: ::Damyn Store:: - Flip Flops MEN's
Pose: *CS* - Hipster Style

Other Notable Items:

Dog: Zooby - Ultimate Gray Husky 
Rose: [ZEX] - Love you / Red Rose
Balloon: [ Keke ] - Heart Balloon 


Uber is here and it’s almost time for The Arcade!

  • Ivy: YumYum – Vertical Garden
  • Grass: Little Branch – Snakeweed
  • Plants: keke @ Uber –  Aquilegia
  • Table pots: Apple Fall – Design a planter – Shield Terracotta Pot
  • Table Bush: Apple Fall – Design a planter – Buxus Ball, Large
  • Topiary: Apple Fall – Design a planter – Bay Leaf Topiary, 3-Tier
  • Dining Set: keke @ Uber – Sommer Dining
    •  simple dining table, retro chair,  simple tableware,  simple kitchen clutter. bowls
  • Lounger: Ariskea @ Arcade – [Namaste] – Lounger (gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Chair: Ariskea@ Arcade – [Namaste] – Chair Lounge (gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Buddha: Ariskea@ Arcade – [Namaste] – Mossy Buddha (RARE gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Gong: Ariskea@ Arcade – [Namaste] – Gong (with sound) (gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Lights: Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Hanging Log Lights
  • Build: Trompe Loeil @ Uber – Chiara Pool Pavilion

Welcome to the Wonderland Party

Scene Deco
Chez Moi Wonder Tree (modified) Deco(c)rate - April 8th [Exclusive!!]

Vagabond Alice's Garden Decor Deco(c)rate - April 8th [Exclusive!!]

Cheeky Pea Wonderland Chair Deco(c)rate - April 8th [Exclusive!!]

Ex Machina Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's Inspiration Deco(c)rate - April 8th [Exclusive!!]

Serenity Style The Magic Alice Tea Time Deco(c)rate - April 8th [Exclusive!!]

Keke  wonderland gate Deco(c)rate - April 8th [Exclusive!!]

Ariskea [Blush] Sign Garden Party Bloom Event - April 15th  [New Release!!]

Blue Sky Chess Hedge - Knight (Clean) The Seasons Story - April 10th  [New Release!!]

Kalopsia Lily's Chair Bloom Event - April 15th  [New Release!!]
Kalopsia Broken Floor - Dream

HEXtraordinary The Cat's Favourite Tree Deco(c)rate - April 8th [Exclusive!!]
HEXtraordinary Cheshire Cat Deco(c)rate - April 8th [Exclusive!!]

The Little Branch RedElder.v2{Seasons} The Draftsman - April 20th  [New Release!!]
The Little Branch RedElder{Seasons} The Draftsman - April 20th  [New Release!!]
The Little Branch RedElderGrass_Spring{Mesh} The Draftsman - April 20th  [New Release!!]

Between flowers and petals


 Head - CATWA - HEAD BENTO Daniel
Skin - Modulus - Beckett Skin - Catwa appliers @Bloom Event 
Hair - no.match_ ~ NO_OFFENCE ~ Pack of REDS 
 Glasses - [Z O O M] Stogger Glasses
Tattoo - ISUKA - Gabriel @MOM 
Shirt  - {COLD-ASH} Mens CONNOR Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
Shorts - <Kalback> Sweat Shorts_Fullpack  
Shoes - A&D Clothing - Shoes -Barcelona- FatPack  


Trompe Loeil - Camden Cove 
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Arm Chair (Adult)
 Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Stool  
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Hanging Plank Table 
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Lantern 3
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Lantern 2
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Lantern 4
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Art 2
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Art 1
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Window 2
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Window 1
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Armoire
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Pillow Pile 1
Zen Creations - Kaleidoscope Pillow Pile 2
 [-BLUE SKY-] Chess Wood Hedge - Knight (Dirt) @The seasons Story
[-BLUE SKY-] Vineyard Barrel - Chardonnay (Rusted) @LIMIT8
 [ keke ] clipped sketch 4
[ keke ] clipped sketch 1
[ keke ] clipped sketch 2



Head - CATWA - HEAD BENTO Daniel
Head Skin - Modulus - Rafa Skin Eyebrow & beard options - Bento shape  - Catwa Applier @TMD
Body Skin - Modulus - Emil Body 
Body Tattoo - DAPPA - Ichiban Tattoo. @MOM

 Hat - lock&tuft - stabler (hat only) (Gacha)
Glasses - [Z O O M] Zooky Glasses @TMD
Hair - Bad Unicorn x Unorthodox  -- Travis Braids : Noir [Mod]
Cardigan - etham - Haruto Cardigan - @FaMESHed
Pants - etham - Duke Sweatpants  
Shoes -  [Shoeminati] SUP - Black
Raindale ~ Dallyne summer house @Cosmopolitan
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Nuggets Bowl'  @Epiphany Gacha
Ariskea[Birdy] Little Bee Vase [Ivoire] @FaMESHed
Serenity Style- Rainy Day Letters @TLC
 [Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Dime Bags' @Epiphany Gacha
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Lisp Lighter'  @Epiphany Gacha
[ zerkalo ] Small Things - Old Newspaper @The Seasons Story
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Dock Radio'  @Epiphany Gacha
*AF* Herb Garden 2 - Crate Basil Purple @Gacha Guardians
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Noel's Cookies' @Epiphany Gacha
.Birch Jupiter Reignz Black/Black @TLC
[ keke ] glass lamp . golden 
*AF* Herb Garden Log Seat - BONUS @Gacha Guardians
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Grinder' @Epiphany Gacha
miwa's airship# Embossed book @The Seasons Story
Serenity Style- Rainy Day Books @TLC
miwa's airship# Metal swivel chair @The Seasons Story
Bad Unicorn x Birch Mary Janes 'Potted Plant' @Epiphany Gacha
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Floatie' (exclusive) @Epiphany Gacha
[Kres] Vintage Vegas - (10) Coffee @The Chapter Four
miwa's airship# Hanging fern pot @The Seasons Story
Serenity Style- Rainy Day Armchair @TLC
[Bad Unicorn] 'Fucking Unicorn' Cap *Limited Edition* @MOH
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Floatie' (exclusive)  @Epiphany Gacha
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Rasta Flag' @Epiphany Gacha
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Noel's Cookies' @Epiphany Gacha
Fiasco - Woodshop Lumber Shelf @Gacha Guardians


Gallant Magazine – Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Notable Items:

Cans: 8f8 - Milk Containers
Bucket: Atelier Visconti - White Roses Bucket
Hot Tub: Abiss - Allure Spa
Grass: Alirium - Itchy Grass Brown
Pier: Apple Fall - Coastal Pier
Fan: Apple Fall - L’Air Frais
Fence: Botanical - Lattice Fence
Shoe Holder: BS - Flip Flop Holder
Rug: Cheeky Pea - Fish Rug
Trellis: Consignment - Trellis
Table: DRD - Pergola Wicker Sidetable
Rug: Dust Bunny - Breaded Rug
Chair: Dust Bunny - Rocking Chair
Plant: Mesh Plants - Hanging Fern
Lantern: Junk - Large Lantern Silver
Plant: Keke - Sacred Lotus in Zinc Basin White
Build: Llorisen - Lil Shotgun Cottage
Fishing Poles: Pilot - Fishing Poles
Swing: Revival - Swing Double
Plant: Skye - Hosta Leaf
Plant: Soy - Potted Plant F
Basket: The Loft - Oriana Towel Basket