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Style Card:
Headwear: Neige Accessory by AZOURY (at The Enchantment)
Makeup: Lud by SlackGirl (Powder Pack- Catwa edition, November 2017)
Scarf: Axel Fur Scarf by Boys to the Bone


Mask: Machiavelique Mask by AZOURY (at Enchantment )
Shirt: Gladiator Long Shirt by Gabriel (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Pants: Gladiator Pants by Gabriel(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Stole: Gladiator Shoulder Fur RARE by Gabriel(at Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Decor: Dream Tree Pink RARE by E.V.E Studio
Pose: First Pic: Sit 01 by Bauhaus Movement, and on 2nd Pic: AE M Stand 8 by Artis


Style of the Day – 19.02.2017


Featured: elua, violetta, AZOURY, Scars, GABRIEL, Sakka’s Studio & HEXtraordinary


Hair | +elua+ Micah_Variety_A M @ TMD – The Mens Dept
Applier makeup | 18 violetta. -catwa male applier kitsune make2 @ CREATORS COLLECTION BOX
Accessory | AZOURY – Skrillex Accessory @ Men Only Monthly
T-Long | …Scars… Geometric T long M @ CREATORS COLLECTION BOX
Pants | ::GB::Boots in color Denim pants Black @ CREATORS COLLECTION BOX
Dove | *HEXtraordinary* Stepsister’s Revenge Dove – Brown @ Enchantment
Mesh Body | Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body V2.04 @ Slink Avatar Enhancement
Feets | Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat V2.2.2 @ Slink Avatar Enhancement

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Vendetta: A Precautionary Tale About Offending Diva Designers

So, as promised, I am going to now share the rest of my story concerning the designer Zib Scaggs and what her blog and flickr post cost for me in my modeling career. Btw, I found the original drama-and-hate-mongering blog post still is up after more than 2 years. As I had suspected. It’s right here: but the flickr post promoting this blog was where most of the ganging up from people took place and where I fought back and it’s gone, she deleted it after my partner pleaded with her to do so. She never took down her blog though, so what good did that really do for me?

Indeed, she took away what I loved doing in SL, what I felt was my calling here.

First, the top name agencies Penumbra and SCALA that had me as their model came forward to me and told me because of what Zib said about me I was being let go, and that’s the only reason they gave. It wasn’t concerning them at all, yet they made it that way, they said they needed to “protect their image” and that other models in the agency were coming to them to say they refuse to work with me and even were threatening to leave the agency if I wasn’t fired. Nice. I never had any bad words with any of my fellow agency models, and in fact was nice to everyone, and this is what they do to me, stab me in the back? That just shows you what people in the modeling business are truly like.

And SOLARIS is another big agency that is run by the same person who used to run PENUMBRA who had yelled at me and said horrible things to me after she saw the Zib flickr and blog post and had as I said heard from other models protesting my being in that agency, so that’s another agency I can never be part of. As of now, and for a long time now, SOLARIS and Penumbra are the only agencies doing big fashion runway weeks, aside from FEROSH which is another agency that won’t hire me because they said it was the reputation I had.

Not only did agencies fire me, but also fashion magazines I was a model for. Style Kingdom was one of them, and they actually had treated me like one of their best models, I was very popular with them and even got to be Model of the Month in their 5th anniversary issue. They even hired me to teach a style seminar once. I was in several issues of theirs, it wasn’t fair. It hurt me so much to lose this work I loved to do.

So, basically, I was left with really nothing in the way of modeling opportunities. And also, one of the events I blogged for, The Fantasy Collective, dumped me as a blogger also due to this drama. They said to me they can’t have someone blogging for them that demands blogger copies from designers and threatens/extorts them when they refuse to send them! I have gone over in my previous written post that this was NOT at ALL what I was doing with Zib,it had little to nothing to do with her saying no to sending a review copy, but they wouldn’t hear my side or anything, as usual.

And recently, I had been running my own monthly fashion event called Epicene, and was looking for event partnerships. People turned me down left and right, except the event manager of Enchantment, Duchess Flux. She seemed even excited to partner with my event, she was very willing to do it, and she was also someone who for a long time had been frequently favoriting my photos on flickr. She and I were almost like friends, and it was all going so well until she suggested I ask Zibska to be part of my event. I wish I hadn’t said anything, because she didn’t know anything about the fight between her and I, but I said it wasn’t possible because me and her were enemies. She got really concerned when I said that, and I asked her please not to talk to Zib or if she does not to instantly take her side without hearing mine, but that’s exactly what she went and did.

The last I heard from her, she was on board with our event partnership and even invited me to blog for Enchantment, but she said she would have to talk with Zib to make sure it wasn’t going to be problem for Zib for Duchess and Enchantment to work with me. Well, you can imagine how that went. Zib turned her against me, refused to be part of Enchantment if I was going to work with them either as an event partnership or blogger, and Duchess absolutely stopped talking to me entirely after that.

I messaged her and sent her notecards and nothing. She even stopped favoriting my photos. Do you see now how Zib has been pure poison for my opportunities in fashion? And how awful of Duchess to act this way. It seems very unprofessional. But, nothing I can do about it.

Here’s yet another thing. I couldn’t get Seraphim to cover my event either, they avoided telling me why, gave me strange excuses like I hadn’t sent in my event application months in advance, when in fact I had done over a month in advance, and that my event didn’t have enough recognizable names in it. That is truly bullshit, because I had names like Zafair, Boys to the Bone, titzuki, E-Clipse, Noble Creations, Elysium and others in my first round. It doesn’t get more recognizable than that. When I asked them if it had anything to do with drama they heard about or my reputation, they claimed it wasn’t, but I think it’s pretty likely it had to do with it.

And then less and less designers accepted my invites for Epicene, and after 3 rounds, I had to close it. So another dream down the drain.

The backlash seems to never end. It doesn’t help that I got into another fight with a big name designer very recently, but in that case, I apologized and took responsibility for it. Even though, I had my reasons to antagonize this person (David Heather), it wasn’t my place to do it in public on facebook I should have kept it between him and me in private. And that wasn’t at all to do with blogging for him, not whatsoever yet he twisted it to make it sound like it was, and people believed him because of what they heard from Zib. Once again, Zib is more or less responsible for people ganging up on me and never listening to or believing my side in a public conflict/drama. I lost my 2nd Runner Up title from Mr SL that year because of the David Heather fight, and he also banned me from being able to go to his Monsieur Chic event, which is the only men’s event I really care most about.

And now I lost my crown as Mr Virtual World 2016, too, which is the worst of it all.
Well, I have to move on…the world of modeling for designers and magazines and agencies is all over for me and I have accepted that fate. As is running a shopping event. There’s not much left for me to do in SL though, that’s the problem. I mean, I can’t even find DJ gigs now no one is even getting back to me when I send in applications and I have years of experience both in SL and RL with DJing, I used to be very popular and successful at it and well in demand. Now everyone is avoiding me everywhere, whether they belong to the fashion world or not.

Ask yourself, do you think Zib took this all too far and what happened to me is not right, not fair or just? Or do you really just think like the majority, and think I’m a bad person who deserved everything that was done to him and taken from him. Leave your comments below, but if you use insulting language, like slurs and insults (like saying “you’re a whiny bitch” and such), then I will delete your comment. I don’t tolerate hate.



Hat: Wire Hat by Kikas Babenco (was part of an Art in Hats exhibit, no longer for sale)
Hair: Spudly by Lock&Tuft (at Men Only Monthly- open November 20th)
Chest Bandage by Tabou Irresistible (at Enchantment- November)
Belt: “Of Snails and Shells’ by alpha.tribe
Upper & Lower Leg Accessory: “Of Snails and Shells” by alpha.tribe
Pants: Rhimdr pants 3 by !gO! (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival- November)
Pose: Poseidon 2 from Poseidon Set by PosESioN



Hair: Laugh by Spellbound
Headpiece: Lost Mind Headdress by PurpleMoon (at Enchantment, August round)
Kimono: Yoshiwaratsunagi by kokorotayori
Fans: Hagoromo Fan Pose Prop by LDG (at Creators Collection Box ) August round
Pose: Fan Pose 2 by LDG (comes with Hagoromo Fan Pose Prop set) (at Creators Collection Box ) August round

We’re not in Kansas anymore!


MadPea has a new game coming out soon called Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior or as I like to call it ‘Inca’. Once you buy the hud to play the game you also get an outfit that you can decide to play in (completely optional). There’s a male and female version. It’s a full outfit – shirt, pants, boots, and a bow. The nice thing is that unlike some outfits that is all in one, all the items are separates so you get to mix and match, which is exactly what I did before practicing my cave exploring at Ironwood Hills… or was it Oz?

Location: Ironwood Hills

Nothing But Flowers


It’s enough to make a guy sneeze. Achoo! But summer is finally here. Stay tuned for much blogg-age, including some documentation of my journey with Mr Virtual World this year as the official candidate Mr Virtual Japan 2016. I have done 3 style challenges for MVW so far, I plan to share them with you all soon once I get caught up on some sponsor and event blogging.

Headwear: Jacquimot Headwear by AZOURY (at Enchantment )
Beard: Flowered Beard by AZOURY (at Men Only Monthly, May round)
Earring: Nameless Earring by AZOURY (at The Secret Affair )
Suit: 2BN Casual Suit Tweed Grey by Kauna (at faMESHed, May round)
Shoes: Myles Formal Shoes by ..::ILLI::.. (at Tres Chic )
Pose: The Kildaire Series- Three by an lar poses



Headpiece: Insanity Headwear by AZOURY (at The Fantasy Collective, May 22nd)
Mask: Teeth Mask by KROVA (at Epicene, May round)
Outfit: Asphyxia+harang by titzuki (at The Dark Style Fair 3)
Tattoo: Inferno by White Widow (at Enchantment, May round)
Pose: I Still Don’t Know by Inertia