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Million Reasons

MillionReasons WM

cinphul: porkie pies [plaid] Hat @Shiny Shabby

Clef de Peau: Ansel skin @MOM

Song: Million Reasons
Photography: Lutke Avedon

..  I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away
But baby, I just need one good one to stay..

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Caught Out In The Rain

Caught out in the Rain WM

.SHI : Tucked Hair @ uber Oct. 2017

Caught Out In The Rain


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Dear Enemy

Dear Enemy

Disclosure + Credits: All images on W H I T E C I T Y are taken by me (Lutke Avedon), unless otherwise credited with a proper source. You may not use images from my blog for any use.
Mossu: Spiky Harness – Black – Belleza Jake @ Man Cave

Stealthic – Rebellion Hair @ TMD

Photography: Lutke Avedon

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Take Me to Infinity

Color-Take Me To Infinity

::GB:: Body: Tied suit (Black) – Shiny Shabby July

Dura: B&G79-DARK hair – TMD July

STRAY DOG: LEON Applier – Shiny Shabby July


Photography: Lutke Avedon


Oh, you’re showing me an adventure
Oh, you make me feel alive
Oh, something’s taking me over
Girl you know I can’t breathe
Oh, you’re taking over me
Just take me to infinity

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Special Affair

Special Affair

Azoury: SKRILLEX piercing (male)


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You Don’t Know Me

You Don't Know Me

Jeans:..S..: (sabotage) Searing Denim – [Gianni]

Hair: no.match (male) No Less

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Bento Mesh Head by GA.EG: “Damon” (Purchased) L$ 2660* (VIP group discount)*BENTO COMPATIBLE VIEWER NEEDED !
► Please be sure to use a viewer compatible with the Bento technology !


DISCLAIMER: Advertisement above copyright of “Gael Streeter” owner and creator of “GA.EG” Bento head 2017. (comes in full permission copy with purchased item)

Purchased add-ons:

[GA.EG] Damon Bento Vampire Teeth L$646

[GA.EG] Damon Bento Facial AO Pack – DA02 Default Lips L$380

[GA.EG] Damon Bento Facial AO Pack – DA08 Sex Emotes L$380

[GA.EG] Damon Bento Facial AO Pack – DA05 Sexy Emotes L$380

[GA.EG] Damon Bento Facial AO Pack – DA03 Happy Emotes L$380


– Talk On Voice
– Talk On chat
– Chat Triggers
– Emote Triggers

SMART HUD – All in One ( on the right) OPTIONAL COSMETICS ADDONS AVAILABLE : Vampire Teeth!

✔ OMEGA Ready! – Use your favorite Omega Face Skin, Makeup and Tattoos Appliers with your GA.EG Mesh Head.

► For that you just need the Omega System Relay for GA.EG Mesh Heads available here :


DAMON Bento mesh head is stunning and masculine. The animations/emotes are smooth and realistic.  Head shape customizable by shape sliders (use your own shape).

If you are looking for technology and innovative features in mesh products, Bento is  the answear. Only buy original products from trusted and HQ brands.






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Standing (Lutke):

Sweater: BTTB double shirt. green @TMD January 2017

Boots: [ VERSOV ] BLENDOV. Camel @TMD January 2017

Sitting (Bo):

Sweater: BTTB double shirt. yellow @TMD

Boots: [ VERSOV ] BLENDOV. Camel @TMD

Building Props:

::no13::Little stairs @TMD January 2017



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Eternal Rains Will Come


Eternal Rains Will Come

SABOTAGE: “Oversize Structure PullOver”. Black @Signature Event

Bade: “Bradley” Male Hair @Hairology

So hard to keep the darkness from seeping through
And when the flood comes to drown us there is nothing we can do

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Hotter Than Hell


Hotter Than Hell

(Nov. 2016) The Mens Dept!

GB: Fur Jacket / Black

[Deadwool]: “Strider” Boots

[MANDALA]: “HANNYA” Male Chain Choker

(Nov. 2016)  Amsterdam vs Australia – 6º Republic

Interior design by David Heather:

David Heather-Austri Sofa RARE

David Heather-Austri Golden Burger RARE

David Heather-Austri Laptop

David Heather-Austri Chest

David Heather-Austri Camera


Can you feel the warmth? Yeah
As my kiss goes down you like some sweet alcohol
Where I’m coming from, yeah
It’s the darker side of me that makes you feel so numb..

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