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mom3_001_blog3Always searching for the life that I haven’t live yet…


gabrielpocketgacha5_001_blogWe can live whatever’s left of this world or wander around till you finally decide…


HOODIE: ::GB:: – Hoodie [Gacha Item] @Pocket Gacha

JACKET: ::GB:: – Black Leather Bomber [Gacha Item] @Pocket Gacha

FINGERS: ::GB:: – Finger less Knit Gloves [Gacha Item] @Pocket Gacha

HAIR: Dura – B&G80 @TMD


DRESS: UC – Serenity @Tres Chic

HAIR: Moon. X [Vale Koer] – Fatal Horizon

COAT: Sabotage – Bubble Puffer Coat @Tres Chic


SCENE: anxiety – %rule#1 @Man Cave

POSE: Drunk Panda – I just see you



If you've not made it to Blush yet, what are you waiting for?  Don't make me set my pussy on you.


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'jake' - belleza
face: applier: 'lewis' - stray dog
body applier: 'tone 03' - stray dog
hair: 'hysteria' - stealthic @ fameshed august 2017
hairbase: stealthic
beard: beusame @ the mens dept august 2017
t-shirt: 'montana tee' - cold ash
mask: 'sleep mask lashes' - peaches n' cream
briefs: 'kevin underwear' - mossu

bedroom set (bed, lamp, table, print): 'boudoir bedroom' - sayo blush august 2017
wet dreams sign: vagabond blush august 2017
pussy: 'my pretty kitty cat' - black bantam  blush august 2017

pose: stay chilled1' - drunk panda
build: 'paris apartment' - apple fall


gabrielhoodie5_001_blogWe only feel alive with that spicy chemistry…

  • TOP: ::GB:: – Loose Cotton Jacket @Uber
  • PANTS: ::GB:: – Straight Rollup Jeans
  • SHOES: Vale Koer – Dropout Trainers
  • HAIR: Dura – B&G*76
  • RINGS: MANDALA – Sinra Rings (Right Hand)
  • RING: Kunst – Bolted Ring (Left Hand)
  • POSE: Drunk Panda – Enjoy Yourlife 4
  • SCENE: anxiety – Integer 2 [Group Gift]


By far my favourite collection at The Epiphany is the 'DRINK DRANK DRUNK' set from Peaches n' Cream: funny, clever and extremely well crafted.  I was never a frat boy, but I've had my fair share of nights like this...


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'slink physique'
face: applier: 'lewis' - stray dog @ the mens dept july 2017
body applier: 'tone 04' - stray dog
beard: beusame @ kustom9 july 2017
hair: 'barbercut spiky reds' - tableau vivant @ the epiphany july 2017
jacket: 'his fave jacket rare' - peaches n' creamthe epiphany july 2017
briefs: 'kevin underwear' - mossu
glasses: blank line @ the epiphany july 2017 (free gift)
shoe: 'chase sneakers' - deadwool

all decor items: 'drink drank drunk' frat party gacha - peaches n' cream @ the epiphany july 2017:

'any hole is my goal' pong deco; 
'lisa's loo' toilet ice chest; 
'oh sheet!' toilet paper mess; 
'don't worry beer happy' beer trash'; 
'friendchips in a bowl' chips deco; 
'pour it up' keg deco; 
'i'd tap that' keg deco; 
'ride a fratboy' fraternity banner; 
'classical' fraternity banner; 
'alcohol you later' up deco  

 see gacha key for more details

pose: 'stay chilled1' - drunk panda (slightly modified due to beer can in my hand)
build: 'hetton barn conversion' - apple fall @ summerfest 2017