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Good Life


Flannel/Hoodie: Represent- Oversized Flannel Fatpack @Mancave
Pants: Represent- Terry Sweatshorts Fatpack @Mancave
Shoes:Vale Koer-Special Force
Hat: Bttb– Manchester Cap Fatpack
Bracelet: Vexiin- Nautical Bracelet @ Men only Month
Beard:Beusame– Beard V32 Noir

Backdrop:Taikou- Gaien Market @Kustom9

Pose: Ana Poses– Oslo

Just Jestyr 2017-09-11 20:14:57

“Serenity is when you exchange expectations for acceptance”

Think About Me


Jacket:Semller-Ballpark Youth denim Jacket Rare
Pants:Semller-Rare Jeans Tourist Gacha (PocketGacha Item)
Shoes:Versov-Tchekov Suede&White
Socks:Fakeicon-Basal Sock
Earrings:Vexiin-Diamond Stud v2 @Tres Chic
Bracelet:Versov-Notrollov Bracelet Black
Hair:Yuth- Jason Hair @MOM opens Aug.20th

Backdrop:Taikou-2AM @Kustom9


Smoke Break


Joggers:Mgmen-May Joggers
Socks:Fakeicon-Basal Socks
Vale Koer-City Sock Trainers @ Uber


Pose:Imitation-Sensei 3

Soy + Toro: Neon Night Skybox
Soy + Toro: Neon Sign Chinese
Soy + Toro: Neon Sign Karaoke
Soy + Toro: Neon Sign Ring Ring House
Soy + Toro: Old Foldable Table
Soy + Toro: Unplugged Fan
Soy + Toro: Water Bamboo
Bad Unicorn x Birch: Mary Janes Gacha
Bad Unicorn x Birch : Ashtray
Bad Unicorn x Birch: Joint Box
Bad Unicorn x Birch: Lisp Light
Bad Unicorn x Birch: iDOOB Phone
Half Deer:Fast Food Clutter
NO13: Pipe Chair Brown
Bamse:The Boss Pistol

Dozed Off


Jacket: Benjaminz– Swain
Skin: Straydog- Quan @ Ultra

Bad Unicorn:Shore Startup Fatpack @TMD
Bad Unicorn: Desk
Bad Unicorn: Desk Stuff
Bad Unicorn:Shelf
Bad Unicorn:Speaker

Sorgo Geek Gacha Items
Sorgo: External Disk
Sorgo: Cigarette Pack
Sorgo: MagsPile

Sorgo Random Set Gacha Items
Sorgo:Wireless Headphones
Sorgo:Potato Chips Bowl

Sorgo Daily Set Gacha Items
Sorgo:Leather Wallet
Sorgo:Lucky Keys
Sorgo:Badges and Coins

Sorgo Novelist Set Gacha Items
Sorgo: Ashtray
Sorgo: Coffee cups Rare
Sorgo: notebook
Sorgo: Paperballs
Sorgo:PaperStack Rare

Le Primitif Gacha Items
Lep: A Fan
Lep:Deks Lamp
Lep: REvolver Pen Holder

➤ [DictatorShop] – Chesterfield – Living Room

➤ [DictatorShop] - Chesterfield - Living Room– Exclusive Items for The Home Show event. 8 – 29 July


ツ Credits:

Sofa: [Ds] Chesterfield Adult Sofa – Cinnamon

● Menu 5 Textures & Metal
● Menu Sits, Cuddles, Sex, BDSM
● 160 animations

Chair: [Ds] Chesterfield Adult Chair – Cinnamon

● Menu 5 Textures & Metal
● Menu Sits, Cuddles, Dances, Male/Fem Dom
● 45 animations

Stool: [Ds] Chesterfield Bondage Stool – Cinnamon

● Menu 5 Textures & Metal
● Menu Male/Fem Dom, RLV enable
● 126 animations

LOTD 307


Cardigan:Ascend-Hiroshi Cardigan @TMD
Pants:Pumpkin-Everyday Attire
Shoes:Versov– Latiov Brown
Glasses:Sleepy Eddy-Boston Glasses
Chain:Vexiin-Aviate Necklace @TMD
Bracelet:Vexiin-Rope Bracelet @TMD
Watch:Vexiin-Daor Limited Watch
Ring:Bjewla– Big Benz Ring w/Stones

Pose:Rk Poses-Daniel 5

Backdrop:Leijin-Paneled Noche
DRD:The Trashy Executive Collection @TMD
DRD: Burnt Carpet
DRD:Adult Chair
DRD:Full Table

Jian:Scruffy Shepherd Sleepy

Soy:DIY Shelf
Soy:Old Books

Oyasumi: Little Globe (gacha item)

Apple Fall-Vintage Camera w/ Tripod (gacha item)
Apple Fall-Industrial Lamp w/ Extender

David Heather: Industrio Poster (Also Available on MP)
David Heather: Gramaphone Dock (gacha item)
David Heather:Adventure Bag (Previous Swagbag item)

Kunst Vintage Music Centre Gacha
Kunst: Vintage Music Centre Console Rare
Kunst: Vintage Music Centre Rare
Kunst: Music Centre Speaker
Kunst:Vinyl Albums Pile #1
Kunst:Vinyl Albums Pile #2
Kunst: Tapes
Kunst:Tapes on Rack #1

➤ *Second Pride 2017 Festival*

Second Pride

– The amazing *Second Pride 2017 Festival* is here again, June 23 – July 2
– One entire SIM filled with Parties, Amazing Content Creators and More

ツ Credits:

Sofa: ~RJ Design’s~ Pride Sofa – White

● As a gift for Second Pride Festival. Black and White version
● 4 male and 4 female animations and 13 Couple animations

Wall Display: [Consignment] – Vinyl Wall Display FLF

● Mod and Copy

Tuxedo: *PowerDesign* – Alec v Tuxedo

● 5 Sizes & Formal Shoes

Rug: {Garrett Interiors} – Safari Rug – Gazelle

● Mesh & Menu 9 Textures change

Signage: [Consignment] – Feature Pres Signage – Black

● Mod and Copy

Chair: [Consignment] – Comfy Chair A – Brown

● Menu with 49 animations (adult)
● Handle to reclining it
● Chair arms with pieces underneath

Signage: [Consignment] – Double Eat Signage

● Lighting

Radiator: [Consignment]– Radiator Light – Bookcase

● Mod and Copy

Flag: [Consignment] – Boneyard Flag – Pride

● Several country flags on the stand

Skull: [Consignment] – Skull Plant Pot – Fight it

● Mod and Copy





LOTD 402


Shirt:Blankline-Henley Shirt @TMD
Jeans:Blankline-Ripped Pants @TMD
Shoes:Versov-Latiov Wine @TMD
Hat:David Heather-Liberty Brim Hat Sand
Bracelet:Vexiin-Cuban Bracelet 18k
Watch:Vexiin-Daor Limited Watch

Facial Hair: Unorthodox-Agus
Tattoo:Bolson-Vergilivs @TMD

Backdrop:Bad Unicorn-Blanco
Vent:Leijin-Mounted Wall Vent

Forgotten Dreams

Some newness coming from the Arcade and some forgotten items from DRD.