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Don’t judge a book by its cover

• I'm Wearing •
HAIR. DOUX - Henrique hairstyle [UNRIGGED] MOM (July 20th) [New Release!!]
HEAD SKIN. STRAY DOG - ASPEN  - TONE 04 Man Cave (August) [Exclusive Release!!]
MOUSTACHE. DOUX - Big mesh beard [Dark brown] Moustache 1
BEARD. DOUX - Big mesh beard [Dark brown] Beard 1
JACKET.  //Ascend// Marc Jacket - Belleza Jake Fameshed (August 1st) [New Exclusive Release!!]
PANTS. //Ascend// Marc Formal Pant - Belleza Hipster Mens Event (August 13th) [New Release!!]
GLASSES. [Deadwool] Herve Glasses - 28. All colors RARE [New Release!!]
WATCH. -NOeditiON- DwellerWatch (Gold) TMD (August 5th) [New Release!!]
BRACELET. -NOeditiON- FortuneBracelet (Silver) TMD (August 5th) [New Release!!]
TABLET. -David Heather-Tablet Case/Sienna
POSE. Ana Poses - Tokyo 1 Shiny Shabby (August 20th) [New Release!!]

•Scene Deco•
INDUSTRIAL BUILDING. Ariskea [Not Dead] MultiFunctions Prop Rewind (August 10th) [New Release!!]
WATER BARRELS. floorplan. survival drinking water ThereAfter (August) [New Release!!]

Ain’t Nobody Fucking With My Clique

Nᴏʙᴏᴅʏ Fᴜᴄᴋɪɴ' Wɪᴛʜ Mʏ Cʟɪǫᴜᴇ

Ain’t Nobody Fuckin’ With My Clique
You can’t choose the family you’re born into but you can definitely choose the people you call your family! These are the people who’re your Ride Or Die, the ones who make sure you’re good at the end of the day and the ones who build you up and motivate you to do and be better! Welcome to my world and the people I call my FAM!

Armani Torelli
Jacket: [VALE KOER] - Leather Biker Jacket
Pants: -David Heather- - St. Biker Pants
Shoes: [VALE KOER] Nocturnal Racers
Hair: Y-U - Chase Hair (Elite Group Member)

Menkaure Khafre
Hoodie: [VALE KOER] - Boxlogo Hoodie
Pants: ::GB:: - Color Rollup Jeans
Shoes: [Benjaminz] - Almond Toe - V3
Chain: (TSAD) - Vintage Chanel Chain
Stack: [D] - Dollars bundle

Aeon Jiminy
Hoodie:  ::GB:: - Asymmetric Jacket
Tank:  [VALE KOER] - Essential Tank Top
Pants:  not so bad - TIMEO Jeans
Shoes:  REIGN x FLITE. - Taylers
Glasses:  REDGRAVE  - Ferraris
Phone:  MUSCHI - MyPhone

Dymonce Khaos
Dress:  Blueberry - Piki Dress
Hair:  Unorthodox - Maddy

Hakeem DeLeon
Jacket:  Semller - Ballpark Youth Denim Jacket (RARE)
Pants:  [Pumpkin] - Sweatpants
Shoes: Urbano - Wheat Timbs
Hair: Unorthodox - Odell Hair Noir

Aaliyah Torelli
Dress: REIGN - Chanel No2 Dress
Shoes: .:KC:. - EUPHORIA
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair - Marnie
Other Notable Items
Male Poses: Animosity - Zayn
Female Poses: Poseology Poses - RuPose 
Scene: taikou - 2AM backdrop (@Kustom9)

How Was Your Day?

plb 327.png

HAIR – Doux – Cooper

SHIRT / BOWTIE – Ascend – Eric Shirt / Bow Tie – TMD

PANTS – Deadwool – Broberry Jeans – Black

SINK – David Heather – His Sink – Epiphany

TUB – David Heather – His Bathtub – Epiphany

DINO PLANT – David Heather – Dinosaur Planter – Epiphany

STOOL – David Heather – Bathroom Stool – Epiphany

TISSUE – David Heather – Bathroom Accessories – Epiphany

HAMPER – David Heather – Hamper – Epiphany

GROOMING KIT – David Heather – Grooming Stuff – Epiphany

TRAY – David Heather – Bathroom Dish – Epiphany

COLOGNE – David Heather – Cologne Set – Epiphany

SHELF – David Heather – Metrosexual Shelf – Epiphany

CEILING LAMP – David Heather – His Chandelier – Epiphany

BUST – 22769 – Caesar Bust on Pillar – Epiphany

STRING LIGHTS – 22769 – Light Curtain – Epiphany

DOG – Jian – Pupper Parlor – Wanderer Yorkie – Epiphany

PLANT – Maru Kado – Ikebana Lotus – White

SHOES – Not so Bad – Dario Shoes – TMD

OTTOMAN – Aria & The Loft – Phelan Pouf – Gray

RUG – Sayo  – Vice City Gacha – Biscayne Area Rug 01

LUKA’S VIEW – Style Me Rotten


plb 323.png

PANTS – Hiemal – Sebastian Sweatpants – Orange –  TMD

HEADS – Iruco –  Mannequin Head Part – Skin A

FLORAL HAT – Flite & Reckless – Strapback – Floral

FLOWER CROWN – Maru Kado – Flower Crown – White

GREEN GLASSES – Birdie – Marcia Look – Sunglasses4

FEDORA – Sorgo – Fedora w/ Feathers – Gris

SUNGLASSES – Zoom – Don Draper Glasses – TMD

MUSTACHE – Kauna – Moustache English

BLINDFOLD – Mossu – Saba Blindfold – Black

CROWN – Astrilia – The Lion Crown – Epiphany

RED HAT – David Heather – William Hat – Burgundy

MANNEQUIN – Soy – Men’s Torso Mannequin

CLOCK – Nomad – Art Deco Industrial – Factory Wall Clock

CONVEYOR BELT – DBy Mesh – Conveyor

LAMPS – The Hive – Rusted Hanging Lamp

LOTD 307


Cardigan:Ascend-Hiroshi Cardigan @TMD
Pants:Pumpkin-Everyday Attire
Shoes:Versov– Latiov Brown
Glasses:Sleepy Eddy-Boston Glasses
Chain:Vexiin-Aviate Necklace @TMD
Bracelet:Vexiin-Rope Bracelet @TMD
Watch:Vexiin-Daor Limited Watch
Ring:Bjewla– Big Benz Ring w/Stones

Pose:Rk Poses-Daniel 5

Backdrop:Leijin-Paneled Noche
DRD:The Trashy Executive Collection @TMD
DRD: Burnt Carpet
DRD:Adult Chair
DRD:Full Table

Jian:Scruffy Shepherd Sleepy

Soy:DIY Shelf
Soy:Old Books

Oyasumi: Little Globe (gacha item)

Apple Fall-Vintage Camera w/ Tripod (gacha item)
Apple Fall-Industrial Lamp w/ Extender

David Heather: Industrio Poster (Also Available on MP)
David Heather: Gramaphone Dock (gacha item)
David Heather:Adventure Bag (Previous Swagbag item)

Kunst Vintage Music Centre Gacha
Kunst: Vintage Music Centre Console Rare
Kunst: Vintage Music Centre Rare
Kunst: Music Centre Speaker
Kunst:Vinyl Albums Pile #1
Kunst:Vinyl Albums Pile #2
Kunst: Tapes
Kunst:Tapes on Rack #1

I have a feeling deep down…

Hair — ‘Prove it’ by Lamb.
T-Shirt — ‘Russ Top’ by Underground
Jeans — ‘Ever Trousers’ by David Heather
Whiskey Prop — ‘Night Owl’ by FOXCITY. (edited hands)

Sleeping with the Fishies




537 : 0629


Horns : [CerberusXing] : Ikenga's Horns ( Silver )
Cap & Mask : BOILDEGG : SKULL CAP, SKULL MASK BLACK @The Mems Dept - June
Hair : .Shi : Kadosh Dips
Neck Accessory : [CerberusXing] : Heretic's Toy
Nail : [CerberusXing] : Cerberus' Diseased Claws (Limited Gift)
Cuff : [CerberusXing] : Decaying Beast Gacha -Decaying Cuff (Dark Rust)
Vest : C L A Vv. : Sandstorm Vest
Chain Mail : [The Forge] : Chain Mail Vest, Black
Pants : -David Heather- : Owen Trousers/Black(BOOT) @The Mems Dept - June
Boots : -David Heather- : Owen Sneakers//Black @The Mems Dept - June
Belt : MAW : cartellino
Tattoo : Suicide Gurls : Bora Unisex Tattoo
Axe : [EZ] : Axe of Retribution

Accessories : CURELESS&DISORDERLY : Hammer of Witches Gacha

Demnächst im Kino

Demnächst im Kino

John Cordeaux:

Pose: Poseology - Descent
Hat: {-Maru Kado-} - Suge Gasa
Pants: [Vale Koer] - Techwear Pants
Boots: David Heather @ TMD - Owen Sneakers
Arm Wraps: >gIYph< @ We <3 Role-Play - Mythos Arm Wraps
Katana: [Body Factory] - Katana Sword
Pauldrons: *Rebel Fire* - Mens Leather Pauldrons

Do You Know Who I Am?

plb 315.png

MASK – Vale Koer – Haute Couture Trillion Mask

CROWN – No! – Arthur – Modified

EYES – Cureless – Dragon Tears

SHIRT – Gabriel – Strap Open Shirt – TMD

PANTS – David Heather – Owen Trousers – Black – TMD

CARS – Intense – The Finest Muscle Car – 2015 QTO 2.0

BUDDHA – T 3D Creations – Hotei Micro and Regular Mesh

STARS – a.n.c LTD – Iron Halo

SCAFFOLDING – Kunst – Truss System

FLOWER – Keke – Sacred Lotus Flower – Blue

CAITI’S VIEW – The Deviant’s Boudoir