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Half God Half Devil

Half God Half Devil

BlankLine: Rider Jacket [Black]@ TMD Nov. 2017

Beusame: Hat “UR2CLOSE”@ TMD Nov. 2017

Half God Half Devil

You look to me like I’m a revelation You wanna know if I can bring salvation You saw a sinner – saw a saint inside of me You wanna know if I’m a friend or an enemy

I waged war in a fiery blaze I found peace in a purple haze My angels and my demons they don’t know their place Ready or not they’re gonna come out and play

I can be your heavenly or I can be your hell I can say a prayer for you or I can cast a spell I push you to the darkness just to pull you to the light Cause I can take away your breath or I can bring you back to life Half God Half Devil

I won’t pretend that I resist temptation I think it’s funny when you preach damnation I’ve been to hell and back and now it’s just a part of me without the darkness there’d be no light in me

I waged war in a fiery blaze I found peace in a purple haze My angels and my demons they don’t know their place Ready or not they’re gonna come out and play


Photography: Lutke Avedon

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Caught Out In The Rain

Caught out in the Rain WM

.SHI : Tucked Hair @ uber Oct. 2017

Caught Out In The Rain


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E.GO – Animals


.LeLutka.Andrea 3.1

VOLTHAIR. Kevin Hair [Man Cave]
-SU!- Delora Eyes Blind Blodshot Collection RARE 2 [N21]

[The Epiphany] 

::GB:: Bento Leather gloves
::GB:: Crow Feather stole / Black
::GB:: Long Jacket & open shirt (B+blood)
::GB:: Long Jacket & open shirt (B+W)
::GB::Cross strap boots & Pants (Black)
::GB::Cummerbund / Black

Nana – Rose Black Spiderweb Mask [TDSF]

Pose: RK Poses. Jeremy [Mainstore]



CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0

C L A Vv. Cannibal’s Dinner – Butcher Knife [Past Gacha]
C L A Vv. Cannibal’s Dinner – Silver Food Cover[Past Gacha]
C L A Vv. Modern Witch – Dress  RARE [Salem]
C L A Vv. Modern Witch – Eyepatch Black 6[Salem]
C L A Vv. Modern Witch – Hat Black 2[Salem]
.Moon. Hair. // Owl
[VEX] Merit Diamond Watch (18k)
[VEX] Tia Diamond Earring L (18k)

Pose: EGO. Fancy servant



[The Epiphany] 

anxiety %apt830 RARE

anxiety %apt830 covered cabinet

anxiety %apt830 scalpel tray

anxiety %apt830 covered table

anxiety %apt830 knives

anxiety %apt830 case files

anxiety %apt830 messy lamp

anxiety %apt830 privacy screen

DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Alter [Season of the witch]

DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Tapestry [Season of the witch]

C L A Vv. Cannibal’s Dinner – Eyes (Serve) Silver) [Past Gacha]

The Witch’s Curse

The Witch's Curse

The Witch’s Curse

BREATH: Wicked Witch – Male (fitted mesh*needs adjusting on Belleza body) @ Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa

Gabriel: Fingerless Gloves – Belleza

Photography & Photoshop: by Lutke Avedon


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E.GO – Fetish


Hair: DOUX – Cornelis

Blindfold: Mossu – Saba blindfold

Choker: Mossu – Lust choker

Croptank – NOCHE. Croptank @Kinky

Tattoo: IDTTY – The Upcyvle @The Darkness Event

Undies: NOCHE. Essential Jockstrap

Garters: NOCHE. Garter Socks Essentials 2017 @Man Cave


E.GO – Dirty Mind


Mask: Azoury – Pierrot

Lingerie: ALEUTIA – Beloved Lingerie

Gloves: [CX] 18 Luceat Arachne Gloves – Black (Past Gacha)

Prosthesis: Azoury – Barthelemy @Cosmopolitan Events

Heels: Azoury – Huguette @The Chapter Four

Pose: FOXCITY – Hot

Scene: RO – Danse Macabre – Ruins Stage RARE (Past Gacha)


EGO – Safe and sound

-HD Quality-


Beanie: GUTCHI – Beanie & Headset Premium @Man Cave

Tattoo: DAPPA – Drift tattoo @Kinky Event



Credits here



Pose: IC Poses- Couple 12 @Darkness Event

Backdrop: FOXCITY – KPOP STAR. I am the best @Pocket gacha


EGO – Raising

Hair: Moon. x [VALE KOER] Hair // – Variety – Fatal Horizon UPDATE!

Mask: Cubic Cherry . After Gas Mask @Thereafter

Tattoo: DAPPA – Gummo tattoo @HME

Armlets: [CX] Spiked Fury @TMD

Pose: Drunk-Panda-Prove-Them-Wrong @Thereafter

Scene: ISUKA- Death ahead @Thereafter


EGO – Rebel school

– HD Quality –


Hair: lock&tuft – thom @Hipster Event

Outfit: AMI:HAI / Midsummer Memories GACHA / 6 @Okinawa Summer Festival


Outfit: Outfit: AMI:HAI / Midsummer Memories GACHA / 4  @Okinawa Summer Festival



Pose: : SenseS: Friends 01 @Hipster Event

Backdrop: AMI:HAI / Midsummer Memories GACHA / 2 ULTRARARE  @Okinawa Summer Festival

EGO – Run away

 – HD Quality –

Hoodie: VRSION- Slash Jacket @TMD April Round

Mask: VRSION – Slash mask @TMD April Round

Shorts: Kalback – Sweat shorts @TMD April Round

Claws: ASTRALIA – Beasts Claws @Kustom9 April Round