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Westbury Manor

Westbury Manor is the latest home from DaD Design and is currently available @ FaMESHed this month. Firstly this is a BIG house. It’s 62×32 and has a land impact of 493. It features an entry hall, living room, study, tea room, kitchen and dining rooms, three upstairs rooms and a master bedroom. The climbing plants on the outside can be removed or they have several different textures including winter. The snow roof is also available as an add-on so you can use it now through the winter.

Raining Love

• My Look •
Stealthic - Rebellion (Unrigged) TMD (October 5th) [New Release!!]
..::ILLI::..  Classic Knitted Sweater TMD (October 5th) [New Release!!]
::K::  Slim Fit Jeans Homme(Jake) Used
[Deadwool] Pancho hat The Epiphany (October 15th) [New Release!!]
[Deadwool] Peak XV chrono - RARE The Epiphany (October 15th) [New Release!!]
floorplan. umbrella (gacha) / shit olive The Epiphany (October 15th) [New Release!!]
Astralia - September ends Scarf
RM Store - My Umbrella [Comming Soon!!]
• Scene •
DaD DESIGN "Covered Bridge" Deco(c)rate (October 8th) [Exclusive!!]
Anhelo M43CP-17AGA :: food trailer (cocoa powder) FLF (October) [New Release!!]
..::THOR::.. 9- The Flying Leaves

I’m not alone

• My Look •
Stealthic - Rebellion (Unrigged) TMD (October 5th) [New Release!!]
Clef de Peau Gaston T1 [LELUTKA[New Release!!]
Clef de Peau Body Tight T1 [BELLEZA]
::K:: Blancket Scarf Homme(Jake) Black-Mohair Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
::K:: Off Neck Pullover Homme(Jake) AshBrown TMD (October 5th) [New Release!!]
::K:: Levi Jodhpurs-S Homme(Jake) Brown Plaid TMD (October 5th) [New Release!!]
//Ascend// Triple Monk Shoes - Slink
[AR2 Style] S1 Scarf
* SORGO - AYKO Shades - TORT (G)
[VEX] Merit Diamond Watch (Platinum) @ MOM (September 20th) [New Release!!]
*HEXtraordinary* Harvest Lantern  Deco(c)rate (October 8th) [Exclusive!!]
RK Poses. Coziness (This is a couple pose but I just make a picture with the male pose) [New Release!!]

• Scene •
Pewpew! Brown Harvest Chair (Texture Change Branch) Deco(c)rate (October 8th) [Exclusive!!]
Pewpew! Harvest Planter Solo - Brown Branch Deco(c)rate (October 8th) [Exclusive!!]
Ariskea [Harvest] Cabin Verenda Addon [New Group Gift!!]
Ariskea[Curiosity] Phoebis sennae Display Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
Ariskea[Curiosity] Fragment Skull Display Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
Ariskea[Curiosity] Blue Morpho Display Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
N4RS Agave Shawii Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
N4RS_Minelli_NightStand Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
N4RS_Minelli_Carpet Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
SAYO - Painted Pumpkins - Golden Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
ACORN Chesterfield Sofa Black -PG Shiny Shabby (September 20th) [New Release!!]
DaD DESIGN "Industrial Fan Floor Lamp" Industrie (October 2nd) [New Release!!]
 Dynasty - Antique Abacus - Light Salem (October 1st) [New Release!!]

• Other Items •
Jian :: Red Fox (Static - Sleeping R)
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins

Don’t cry over spilt pumpkins



The Lake Cabin

• Scene •
Trompe Loeil - Piper Hideaway House Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
Trompe Loeil - Piper Hanging Chair Dark PG Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
SAYO - Painted Pumpkins - Fall Fameshed (October 1st) [New Release!!]
Ariskea[Corine] Lantern Uber (September 25th) [New Release!!]
DJ  / SF Porch Welcome Sign - dark Shiny Shabby (September 20th) [New Release!!]
DaD DESIGN "Love Gardening" only decor Trés Chic (September 17th) [New Release!!]

• Other items •
DRD - Autumn Log Camp - Pumpkins
Apt B // Goodbye Autumn Seat RARE
:CP: Scilly Boat Natural (PG)
..::THOR::.. 9- The Flying Leaves

No Signs Allowed



  • Bag o leaves: DaD DESIGN @ Tres Chic – Love Gardening
  • Rooster: Schadenfreude – Red Rooster Chicken! (gacha)
  • Rooster: Schadenfreude – Grey Rooster Chicken! (gacha)
  • Rooster on Stand: Schadenfreude – Gold Onagadori Chicken! (RARE gacha)
  • Sign: DRD – Junk Yard Signs – No Signs (group gift – free to join)
  • Sign: DRD – Junk Yard Signs – Chickuns (group gift – free to join)
  • Sign: DRD – Junk Yard Signs – Fix It Jesus (group gift – free to join)
  • Car: Hive – forgotten old car (gacha)
  • Pavilion: Vespertine – farm city pavilion (RARE gacha)
  • Builds: Hive – Camp cabin (RARE gacha)
  • Path: Stormwood – Timber Tiptoe Path

Getting some stacks of wood with the buddy’s

• My Look •
 -David Heather- Hades Wide Brim Hat/Black 1
DOUX - Hugo Hairstyle [Unrigged]
[ MUDSKIN ]_Forever Young Glasses # 2(Plain)
//Ascend// Eric Shirt v2 - Belleza Man Cave (September 15th) [New Release!!]
//Ascend// Eric Vest - Belleza Man Cave (September 15th) [New Release!!]
//Ascend// Jack Cargo Pants - Signature
//Ascend// Jack Suspender - Signature
-NOeditiON- Unisex Flat Sandals (Signature) Darkbrown TMD (September 5th) [New Release!!]
floorplan. axe [wear]
Ana Poses - Oslo 4

• Scene •
DaD DESIGN "Suspension Wooden Bridge" We ♥ Roleplay (September 4th) [New Release!!]
JIAN 'dorable Danes 9. Fawn Wander Pup Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
JIAN 'dorable Danes 11. Mantle  Wander Pup Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]

Just Jestyr 2017-09-11 20:14:57

“Serenity is when you exchange expectations for acceptance”

The Watering Hole

• I'm Wearing •
BODY TATTOO. .Identity. Body Shop - Final Sentence MOM (August 20th) [New Release!!]
HAT. STRAY DOG - Wide Brim Hat
SHIRT.  ::K:: Classy Gillet Homme(Jake) Taupe TMD (September 5th) [New Release!!]
SHORTS. DUFAUX - belleza jake - JogJeans shorts TMD (September 5th) [New Release!!]
CONURE PET. JIAN Green Cheek Conure Companion (add me!) Fameshed (September 1st) [New Release!!]
POSE. Ana Poses - Oslo 3 (modified) 

•Scene Deco•
FENCE. DaD DESIGN "Wooden Fencing System"  v.1.0 Fameshed (September 1st) [New Release!!]
TAPPED KEGS. brocante. beergarden gacha / tapped kegs Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
RAKE. brocante. beergarden gacha / rake Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
GREEN BENCH. brocante. beergarden gacha / bench green Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
YELLOW TABLE. brocante. beergarden gacha / table yellow Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
BEER CRATE. brocante. beergarden gacha / beer crate Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
BOTTLE CANDLE. brocante. beergarden gacha / bottle candle Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
SUNBRELLA. brocante. beergarden gacha / sunbrella Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
SIGN 'NO TOPS'. brocante. beergarden gacha / no tops sign Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
KEG STOOLS. brocante. beergarden gacha / keg stool dark Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
BAR. brocante. beergarden gacha / silo bar RARE Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
FLOATING CANDLES. brocante. beergarden gacha / floating candles RARE Arcade (September 1st) [New Release!!]
WHEELBARROW FIREPIT. brocante. wheelbarrow firepit Arcade (September 1st) [The Arcade Sept '17 Player Reward!!]

•Other Items•
BEER TOWER. Kalopsia - Beer Tower
BEER PUMPS. MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Beer Pumps
STRING LIGHT 5. floorplan. garden string light curve/5
STRING LIGHT 7floorplan. garden string light curve/7
STRING LIGHT 9floorplan. garden string light curve/9

Summer Job

• I'm Wearing •
HAIR. DOUX - Hugo Hairstyle [Unrigged] Trés Chic - June 17th [New Release!!]
BODY TATTOO. IDTTY Body Shop - Dead End Man Cave - June [New Release!!]
BLAZER. Ascend  Smith Shoulder Blazer (Resize) - Unrigged Man Cave - June [New Release!!]
TANK TOP. Ascend / Smith Tank - Belleza Male Man Cave - June [New Release!!]
NECKLACE. Noedition WOH3 Necklace (Male) WOH3 - June 3rd [New Release!!]
SNEAKERS. Noedition Lace Pumps V.2 (Signature) Red Shiny Shabby - June 20th [New Release!!]
JEANS. Kalback High Cuff Jeans #Cuff1#_FULLPACK (TMP) [New Release!!]
POSE. RK Poses Juno 4
•Scene Deco•
DOG HOUSE. N4RS Dog House v1.2 Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
WATER BOWL. N4RS Dog Water Bowl [deco] Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
BONE. N4RS Dog Bone [deco]  Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
DOGS. JIAN Playful Pibbles 19. Pit Stop Bed (modified) Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
HOUSE. DaD DESIGN "Riverside Cottage" c/m V.1.0 Ultra (May 15th) [New Release!!]
MAPLE TREE 1. The Little Branch NorwayMaple{Animated}7Li Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
MAPLE TREE 2. The Little Branch NorwayMaple{Animated}  Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
DRAGONFLIES. [ keke ] even dragonflies dream . green  Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]

•Other Items•
SHRUBS. [we're CLOSED] shrub large green
GRASS. [we're CLOSED] grass field lush
HANGING PLANTS. Mesh Plants - Hanging Fern
PLANTS. Apple Fall Juniper Topiary
DOOR BLINDS. Lisp - Mesh Blinds Narrow Long - Beech
DOOR BLINDS. Lisp - Mesh Blinds Wide Short - Beech
POTS. 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Clay Pots
GARDEN BOX. PILOT  - Garden Supplies
GARDEN HOSE. hive // vintage garden hose cart unraveled
WHEELBARROW. [Con.] Planter's Habitat - Wheelbarrow
FLOOR. :Fanatik Architecture: LISBON Dead End