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HAT/ Jarvis unisex _ Black Hat by Tracei
HAIRBASE/ Modulus – Lars Hair Base – Monochromes
HAIR/ DOUX – Alexandra Hairstyle
TATS/ *Bolson Tattoo – Jinsang /NEW!/@TMD!
EARS/ AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, Stretched

GLASSES/ MINIMAL – Enigma Glasses -Silver- Transparency 75%
TEE/ BTRYL: Grudge Fracture Tee /NEW!/@TMD!
PANTS/ Rare Jeans Semller Tourist Gacha
SHOES/ ::GB::Bai color WT with sox – Black /NEW!/@TMD!

HAIRBASE/ Modulus – Lars Hair Base – Monochromes
HAIR/ [Deadwool] Slicked back hair – unrigged – light browns
BEARD/ [Deadwool] Full beard – brown

PANTS/ REPRESENT x SEMLLER – Track Pants Tucked “Blk” /NEW!/@TMD!

Once a man has seen society’s black underbelly, he can never turn his back on it. Never pretend, like you do, that it doesn’t exist.

NOSE/ RUT Nose Bandage (Human)
MASK/ [Bad Unicorn] JPN Surgical Face Mask V2

PANTS/ HIEMAL Sebastian Sweatpants & socks /NEW! @TMD!

Wild Thoughts

HAIR/ STEALTHIC – Reach (Unrigged)
BANDAID/ C L A V v. RED Stripes Band Aid Nose /NEW!/@SUMMERFEST!

HOODIE/ Sleepy Eddy_Zip Up Hoodie (Gray)
SHORTS/ Sari-Sari – Board Shorts (Blue Dots) /NEW!/@SUMMERFEST!
SHOES/ Semller Two-Plat Sneakers

HAT/ C L A Vv. Summer Cowboy Hat Back Gray /NEW!/@SUMMERFEST!
GLASSES/ [Z O O M] Ozzy v2 Glasses /NEW!/
HAIR/ Modulus – Julius Hair

OUTFIT/ C L A Vv. Ireto Outfit (Signature) /NEW!/@SUMMERFEST!
SHOES/ SEUL – Princeton Slippers – Signature – RARE

BANDAID/ C L A V v. RED Skull Band Aid Eyebrow /NEW!/@SUMMERFEST!
HAIR/ DOUX – John Hairstyle [Unrigged]

OUTFIT/ Sleepy Eddy_Dungaree shirt & Summer shorts (Sax) /NEW!/@SUMMERFEST!
BOOTS/ [Deadwool] Ulrich boots – (non rig.) reinforced – brown
POSE/ ANA POSES – Hamburg /NEW!/



CAP/ HX: Double-Ring Ball Cap “Brown” /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!

SWEATER/ HX: Oversized Sweater “Black Coming Soon” /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!
PANTS/ BlankLine Joggarpants(Signature)[Black] /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!
BOOTS/ BlankLine ArmyBoots(NOrigged)[Brown] /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!


HAIR/ Modulus – Lou Hair /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!
PIERCING/ 7mad;Ravens (Dirty) Lip Ring Black /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!
BUBBLE/ Caboodle – Thought Bubble – Profanity /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!

JACKET/ !APHORISM! Easy Rider Jacket Black – Signature /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!
KILT/ Legal Insanity – Ethan red tartan kilt SIGNATURE /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!
PANTS/ ~Tableau Vivant~ – Boots pants – Onyx – /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!
BOOTS/ Combat Boots (Medium) – REDGRAVE /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!



JACKET & HOODIE/ SEUL GARCON – raglan Denim Jacket – Light /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!
PANTS/ Clef de Peau.Bootcut Pants Black /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!
BOOTS/ -David Heather-Jeffery Chelsea Boots/Signature/Black /NEW!/ @THE MENS DEPT!

You’re lookin’ at me like I am your freedom, I’ll set you free alright..


HAIRBASE| Unorthodox Classic Hair Base 11
SHADES| //Mulloy – Chocolato Sunglasses |NEW!|@MEN ONLY MONTHLY!

SHIRT| [Pumpkin] Wide neck tee- TMP |NEW!|@MEN ONLY MONTHLY!
PANTS| .:villena:. – Chinos [M/XS] in Black
SHOES| –David Heather-Prado Oxfords/Slink/Black


HAIRBASE| Unorthodox Classic Hair Base 11
HAIR| *Drot* -Ash-

SWEATER| –David Heather-Yang Sweater/M/Grey
PANTS| –David Heather-Yves Biker Pants/Slink/Grey |NEW!|@MEN ONLY MONTHLY!


Ver·tig·i·nous: adjective

causing vertigo, especially by being extremely high or steep.

Example: “vertiginous drops to the valleys below”

also: relating to or affected by vertigo.

Well luckily today I didn’t have vertigo, unfortunately yesterday and friday night I couldn’t say the same. Back from a week of traveling and the first thing that happens (literally after sitting down on my couch) a whirl of dizziness overtakes me, I try to stand and can barely catch my footing. What I didn’t realize tho is that this was just the first part of the vertiginous feelings I would have over the course of this weekend.


I’ll be honest in saying that this has been a tough weekend, and right now I am feeling a whirlwind of emotions, a sense of dizzy in my spirit. My senses are off and I think it might be time to do a little calibration, I never want to allow myself to fall into a place of despair or discouragement as I have in the past. I feel these whirling of emotions circling and  I think I have to revisit my space, my place of calm. In other words, ya’ll ain’t gon worry me today. Ahhh theres so much more I could say, but I just have to remain silent.


Todays look:

HAIR || Boon || WTN 148 – Chocolate

GLASSES || Sabotage || Monster Frames – City Glare

SHIRT || VRSION || Rival 7.0  Top – Black

BRACELET || C l a Vv || Cuffed Black Set

PANTS || VRSION || Rival 7.0 Pants – Black


Windlight || – Silver


Checking out new places to blog is always a good time. Sometimes tho, when you are out and about, the people at the sims you visit aren’t necessarily the nicest. Yesterday I visited the Everwinter sim which is a beautifully decorated place, full of character much like its partnered sim Netherwoods, and immediately upon my arrival I was met by two trolls, one of which who decided to jump into the passenger side of my bike and shout profanities at me on voice. Mind you, Ive never met these people before, so I do what I do, I derender and keep it moving.

Once they get the picture that I am not the least bit concerned by them the get bored and start talking about where they should go next, and every place they mentioned, they said they were banned from. Go figure right? You’re banned because you suck as a person. Yes, #thatpartwherrdayattho3

I was excited to be able to shoot this look at such a great sim, so I didn’t let the trolls stop me. I was able to pick up a few items from the newest round of ULTRA (and Kustom9) from one of my favorite designers Represent, Their new pieces are AMAZZING and I couldn’t wait to show them off.wherrdayattho

Heres todays look:

HAIR || Boon || MWO577

BODY || Signature || Gianni

EARS || Mandala || Stretched Ears – Omimi

BANDANA || Unorthodox || Bandana Fatpack

NOSE RING || Zoom || Marine Septum

NECKLACE || Mandala || Onliest – Male – Full

SHIRT || Represent || Essential S/S Hoodie – Grey (for signature body)

VEST || Represent || Destroyer Denim Vest – Dark

RINGS || Kunst || Screws Ring / Sharp Ring – Gold

RINGS || Gabriel || Curb Chain Male Ring

WATCH || X.Co || Gold – A.Watch (City

JEANS || Represent || Destroyer Denim Jeans – Original (K9)

BOOTS || illi || Timbo Boots


BIKE || SAU || Kuazi[lite][TMD][Matt Black]


wherrdayattho4WINDLIGHT || Annan Adored – Cozy Interior

LOCATION || Everwinter

When You Choose Sabotage

Prepare yourself for a lengthy blog post.

I want to preface this blog to say, while I love the clothing, this has nothing to do with the SL clothing brand, but rather the true meaning of the word Sabotage. I want to vent, talk, dialogue about Sabotage.

Sabotage: any undermining of a cause.

It’s unfortunate when you have people that will choose to sabotage relationships, situations, and people. The reality is, it’s no more than a flaw of your own character to choose sabotage over dealing honestly in a situation. To undermine only shows wicked and malicious intent to another and never ends good for you or the other person.

WhenYouSabotage (1 of 5)

The darkest place someone can be is when they choose ill intent over honest actions. I have been in situations where I have seen people sabotage relationships (even just recently) because they don’t have the guts to say they want out or are unhappy. Sadly, this becomes a measure of their character and not the other person. Regardless of what thoughts and statements you choose to say to yourself in order to “justify” the actions, ultimately YOUR actions are what you are responsible for and are the seeds for your next reaping. What does that mean? Simply stated, you REAP what you SOW.

I choose to live a life where I confront the people and situations that affect me and cause me hurt or harm. I state my issue and offenses and I make sure I do so from an honest place so that it can never be said about MY character (in my own heart and mind, before even caring what other people think) that I withheld true feelings, misrepresented my feelings, or had ill-intent or ill actions because of my feelings.WhenYouSabotage (2 of 5)

Get this! Its easier for YOU and the other person, situation, or relationship if you handle it with honesty, clarity, and boldness. You will leave a situation feeling more accomplished because you chose the right action. The challenge with this usually is about your own fear, your own communication, and your own character.

If you allow fear to keep you from dealing with a situation, you have just sabotaged yourself from the opportunity to acquire strength and boldness.  If you don’t properly communicate your issue, and then you act in a way that unbecoming of the true you, You’ve just sabotaged yourself. You’ve robbed yourself of the opportunity to grow and to actually get out whats in your heart.

WhenYouSabotage (4 of 5)And, since on the subject, if you are one of those that chooses INTENTIONALLY to sabotage people and things, you my friend are a fool. Sneaky people create lies, they manufacture situations, they make drama happen so that they don’t have to deal with the true identity of THEMSELVES, the dishonest, low self esteem or inadequate feeling on the inside. When you take pleasure in sabotaging someone or something else, you rob yourself of TRUTH, and you limit yourself to a life of perpetual negative things happening in your own life. You will lose friendships and relationships because real, I mean REAL people, true Genuine people, can see a fool a mile away, sometimes even letting you stay in their space until you show your own true colors. And when you do, you are left alone once again.

I’ll wrap this up in saying this. If you are the type of person that finds excuses and creates situations so that you can get out or see someones demise, This is immature, it is childish, and at some point you have to grow up and choose better ways of dealing with things. You are limiting your own life. YOU ARE CREATING YOUR OWN HELL. Its senseless to sabotage things because you are only sabotaging your own opportunity for growth and being a better person.

You too can get help, start by being honest about your feelings, and do your best to openly communicate your issues. When a negative thought comes into your mind about how to deal with a situation or person, know that you do not have to succumb to the thought or the action, you can CHOOSE a better way.

This was something that was in my head and my heart for a couple of days, so I had to share. I hope it helps someone.

WhenYouSabotage (5 of 5)

Todays look:

HAIR || Drot || Odin – (triplicated then modified)

BANDANA || Unorthodox || Bandana Fatpack

GLASSES || Bad Unicorn Clothing || Cross Genseng Sunglasses

EARS || Mandala || Stretched Ears OMIMI

NECKLACE || Benjamin || Arrow Necklace

SHIRT || Sabotage || Trucker Jacket & Shirt

JEANS || Not So Bad || Branky Jeans

SHOES || Oxygen || Clydes – Black


WINDLIGHT || Annan Adored Sky-4

LOCATION || Netherwoods

Post editing in lightroom

Urban Excursion

Its a good morning to do a little bit of exploring. I find it fun to occasionally check out new places in sl that can be great for a new picture or just hanging out. The Netherwood, is a very peaceful scenic spot to grab some great pictures and to think about the day.


I have a couple more items that I grabbed at the Men Only Monthly in this blog today, I want to make sure that I make use of all the things that I buy in sl (and I buy a lot), so I am hoping that I can keep this new system of inventory organization going because I can see exactly what I haven’t shared that inspires me.



Todays look:

HAT || Vale Koer || Triangle Snapback

SHADES || Zoom || Maiorn Sunglasses (MOM)

PIERCING || Swallow || Septum Ring – Silver

SHIRT || Urban Wealth || Military Tee – Slant Stripes

TATTOO || Facade || Revenge of the Nerds (Geektopia)

BAG || K.h.o.i ||  Leather Bucket Backpack [White]-Shirt

PANTS || ED || Jerod Jeans – Bluewashed (MOM)

SHOES || 2Real || Stackz


POSES || Indigo || Male Blogger Pose Pack (with HUD)

Dramatic 5, Hand 5, Standing (multiple)

LOCATION || Netherwood

WINDLIGHT || StrawberrySingh Headshots