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A lazy day off, starting a very strenuous schedule in RL. I needed to do a little SL R&R and put together a new look and visited Backdrop City. I dont care what people say, this place is a great resource in SL, and saves me tons of prim space on my homestead. Keep up the good work, I love the place. 


Todays Styling Details:


Hair || UNORTHODOX || Lex Hair – Chocolate

Glasses || NOMAD || Occular Television

Shirt || HEVO || Plaid x Patches- Red  New @ Ultra

Pants || ASCEND || Mikel Jeans – Slim Fit – Black

Fanny Pack || COSMIC DUST || Trendy Fannypacks – Gold Holographic

Shoes || [[ZEN]] || Snatch Sneakers – Black – New @ Men Only Monthly

Pose || IMATION (ANIMOSITY) || Sensei 4r

Backdrop || MINIMAL ||  Illusion III – *1* RARE


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Did a little bit of event shopping and picked up a few new items. Ill be pairing my finds with a dope pair of sunglasses from designer, HEVO. You never know what great stuff you’re gonna get until you open the box! I haven’t been disappointed yet with their designs. Check out todays look!


Todays Styling Details:


Shades || HEVO || Vintage Round Glasses- Gold

Necklace || BENJAMINZ || Arrow Necklace – Pacl

Jacket || BREATH || Off Shoulder Chesterfield Coat (BS)

Jeans || ASCEND || Mikel Jeans – Black

Shoes || VERSOV || Molotov Boots – Black & White

Pose || SHIBARI || Smith 2

Backdrop || MINIMAL || Hell Door Backdrop


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Finally got a chance to update blog with some new items. In the processes of doing a design for my new homestead I managed to get out and do a bit of shopping. I also got some great new items from my sponsors Stray Dog and Animosity and am also excited to be blogging for a new sponsor, HEVO.


Today’s Styling Details:


Hat & Hair || BEUSAME || Travis Hair Style & Cap

Skin || STRAY DOG || Shiro – Tone 5 – New @ TMD

Tattoo || FACADE || Cryptic Tales

Vest || HEVO || Puff Vest B – Green

Pants || HEVO || Zipper Jeans

Shoes || SEMMLER || Puffer Boots

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Jesse 4 v2

Backdrop || ISUKA || Elevator Backdrop


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Deciding to change up my format for the blog is really making me happy. Utilizing more light and scenery but still keeping the same simple structure I love it. Today, I decided to do an oldie but goodie post. These items I have had in my inventory for a minute but wanted to get them blogged out. All good design in SL is timeless. Enjoy todays look.


Todays styling Details:


Hair || BOON || Lab.067

Necklace || MINIMAL || Revolver Necklace

Tattoo || FACADE || Heights

Shirt || FAKEICON || Nopun Tank – Haagenti

Bracelet || KLARA ORIGINAL MESH (KOM) || Bracelet Leather – Gift

Watch || ZOOM || Bess Classic Watch

Waist Shirt || FAKEICON || Nopun Waist Shirt

Pants || COLD ASH || Elias Skinny Jeans – Black

Shoes || FRONTLINE || Top Courts

Pose || POSEOLOGY || AL – 3

Backdrop || MINIMAL || Anniversary Background


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Excited to showcase three new releases from my favorite designers. This month Gac Akina has been blazing out some really awesome new skins! I always love when he does deep tones, they are my favorite because he executes them so well. Stray Dog has released a new skin, Kayden! I am also excited to show off new poses from Animosity and a new Sweater from American Bazaar! Check out these new items and go to the events listed below to get them today!


Todays Styling Details:


Hairbase || UNORTHODOX || John – Noir

Skin || STRAY DOG ||  Kayden – Tone 10 – New 2 Shiny Shabby

Sweater || AMERICAN BAZAAR || Warmy Sweater – Bordeaux – New @ ULTRA

Backback || HXNOR || Noir Sharaf Backback

Jeans || GABRIEL ||  Slim Denim Jeans w/ Wallet Chain

Shoes || VALE KOER || Usagi Trainers – Tan

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Julian 5 – New @ Men Only Monthly

Backdrop || ISUKA ||  Izakaya Backdrop


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Finally back home after a weekend of travels. The day I get home… of course I get a fever and am sick, gotta love recycled air on airplanes. Anyway, here’s this weeks blog post. I picked up some items that I can’t wait to show off over the next couple of blog posts. One of which is this dope hoodie from Legal Insanity. I paired it with an awesome visor from HXNOR. Enjoy the look.


Todays Styling Details:


Hat || HXNOR || Yamato Visor

Hoodie || LEGAL INSANITY || Robin Hoodie – Orange New @ Man Cave

Sweat Pants || AITUI || Sweat Pants – Loyalty – Gray

Shoes || FLITE || Kamikazees – Grey

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Zayn 1

Backdrop || MINIMAL || Underground Background -1-


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Today Ill be finishing my packing and getting ready to jump on a red eye flight to handle some business. Work keeps me active and moving but I gotta make a little time for SL. For 2018 I am changing up the style card feel just a little bit, adding a bit of scenery but keeping it in line with my easy to view format. Creating a mood will help you decide which outfit is best for own plans, and gives me an opportunity to play with the much better graphics settings I have been using. This week I am showcasing a new skin by Stray Dog, Shane. This dope skin and shape are available at The Mens Cave. I paired it with a few great items including this bag from BH9  new at The Mens Jail.


Todays Styling Details:


Hair || LOCK & TUFT || Denver – Brown & Red New @ The Mens Cave

Glasses || ZOOM || Maiorn Glasses

Skin || STRAY DOG || Shane  New @ The Mens Cave

Necklace || AMERICAN BAZAAR || Avacado Love Necklace

Jacket & Shirt || ASCEND || Shawn Long Coat

Pants || COLD ASH || Mens Chinos

Shoes || 2REAL || Holbrookz

Pose || POSEOLOGY || John 3

Backdrop || MINIMAL || Subway Backdrop


Alternate Views:



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January is a new month, the start of a New Year and an opportunity to refine perspectives. As always, I like to start my month out with a feature of some great items from my sponsors. One of my newer sponsors released a new item for the monthly Mens Jail Event, Xenials. I have paired their accessory with some great poses from Animosity and a refresh of a tattoo from my favorite tattoo place, Facade. This month I will be doing a few more full scene blog posts, as I have a ton of new backgrounds that I need to cycle through, and as well, I have some new editing effects I want to play around with courtesy of Frankey Swain’s facebook group Photography Help Tips & Tricks SL Edition. I plan to utilize the resources in this group greatly within the coming months. 

Enjoy this months full feature, While I Waited.



Todays Styling Details:


Hair || BOON || Lab 036

Hairbase || YUTH || Jodye Hairbase

Earring || XENIALS ||  Safety Pin Medallion – New @ The Mens Jail Event

Tattoo || FACADE || Odin

Ears || L’ETRE || Basic Mesh Ears

Necklace || MANDALA || Onliest Necklace – Option A

Shirt || RIOT || Marcus Tee – White

Watch || MANDALA || HOKUSAI Bracelet – Formal Option

Pants || PARKER || Ethan Pants – Black

Waist Shirt || FAKEICON || Nopun Waist Shirt  – Red Plaid

Shoes || VALE KOER || Special Force – Red


All Poses by Animosity

Miguel 3
Malcolm 1
Stephan 1


Scene Details:


Backdrop || MINIMAL || Heaven Door Backdrop New @ TMD

Dinner Table || DUTCHIE ||Bistro Table

Dinner Bread || WHAT NEXT ||Garden Cafe Bread Board

Cafe Sign || BEE DESIGNS || Cafe Chalkboard



|| ||


Prepping up for another month of great items. I am super excited for all of the new releases coming this month. I figured I would get a jumpstart on blogging for one of my favorite bloggers as well as play a little catch up from a busy work week. I am loving PBM ENTERPRISES new Wool Knit Sweater available this weekend at The Mens Jail. I paired it with a dope OZ Beanie from Xenials and some other great items I picked up! I hope you enjoy this weeks new styling.


Todays Styling Details:


Hat || XENIALS || OZ Beanie – Green

Shape || TREDENTE || Elliot Shape ( Body Modified)

Skin || STRAY DOG || Victor – Tone 06

Beard || VOLKSTONE || Monier Beard

Nose Bandage || RUT || Nose Bandage – Human

Sweater || PBM ENTERPRISES || Wool Knit Sweater – New @ The Mens Jail

Bag || EPIA || Make it Rain Money Dufflebag

Gloves || GABRIEL || Finger less knit gloves – Gray

Jeans || LEGAL INSANITY || Dirk Dirty Jeans 

Shoes || FLITE || Kamikazees – Grey

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Nigo 3


Alternate Views:



|| ||


Working hard and making money, thats how I like to live. I want to see green everywhere. Before I head to work today I picked up some new items to blog with my newest piece from sponsor Xenials. After just a couple of items from this designer, I believe that this is a brand to watch, their tailoring is exceptional and I cant wait to see more.  I paired it with the new skin from Straydog that will offically be my new face! lol I love Gac.  Check out todays look for all of the details.


Todays Styling Details:


Hair || YUTH || JODYE – Brown

Skin || STRAYDOG || Victor – Tone 06  – New @ Kinky Event

Beard || VOLKSTONE || Monier Beard – New @ Man Cave

Glasses || MULLOY || Forli Glasses

Hoodie || XENIALS || OTW Hoodie

Jeans || NOT SO BAD || Brandy Jeans – Khaki

Shoes || VALE KOER || Hightop Strapped Sneakers – Green

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Zion 1


Alternate Views :