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The Tree

Jestyr (left)

Saber (right):


  • Cabin: Ariskea – Canada – Rustic Cabin
  • Dog: Jian – ‘dorable Danes – Posable
  • Bird: Jian – Pecking Placer Bird (part of Cozy Bird House)
  • Tree: Botanical – Douglas Fir
  • Pose set: Come Soon – Men Working

Smells like Christmas

• Inside Scene •
FIREPLACE FRAME. Ariskea[Andrea] Paysage Frame For the Loveof the Devil (November 3rd ) [New!!]
GREEN SEATED. Ariskea[Andrea] Side Seated For the Loveof the Devil (November 3rd ) [New!!]
CABIN. Ariskea [Canada] Mountain Cabin 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FAN. MudHoney Briley Ceiling Fan 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
MOUNTAIN FRAME. MudHoney Wooden Mountain Art 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
SOFA. MudHoney Briley Sofa w Pillows PG - Gold 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
SIDE TABLE. MudHoney Briley End Table 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
BIG RUG. MudHoney Briley Sisal Rug 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
ROUND RUG. MudHoney Briley Round Rug 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
PATTERN RUG. MudHoney Briley Fringe Rug 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
LOG TABLE. MudHoney Briley Log Table 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
ORCHID. CONSTRUCT - Phalaeonopsis Orchid 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
HOLIDAY FUND. CONSTRUCT - Canada Holiday Fund 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
CALENDAR. CONSTRUCT - Calendar 2018 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
SNOWGLOBE. CONSTRUCT - Snowglobe Quebec 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
BROWN BLANKET. CONSTRUCT - Cuddle Blanket 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FOLDED BLANKET. CONSTRUCT - Cuddle Blanket folded Display only 6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FERRET. Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Naughty RARE  6 Republic (November 6th -20th ) [New!!]
FIREPLACE. *HEXtraordinary* Rustic Fireplace Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
WHITE PILLOW. Sari-Sari - Pillow (hold) Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
STACK PILLOWS. Sari-Sari - Cozy Pillow Stack Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
BIRCH LOGS. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Birch Logs Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
CANDLESTICKS. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Candlesticks (modified) Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
WHITE BOUQUET. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Bouquet - Snow Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
BLUSH BUQUET. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Bouquet - Blush Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
CANDLE. SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Spice 3-Wick Candle Uber (October 25th) [New!!]
FIREPLACE NEON. floorplan. neon crime scene C88 (October 8th) [New!!]

• Other Items •
LADDER. Ariskea{Australia} Ladder
TREE. Botanical - Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
ORNAMENTS CLOSED BOX. [ dynasty ] - Box of Ornaments - Brown CLOSED
ORNAMENTS OPENED BOX[ dynasty ]  - Box of Ornaments - Brown OPENED

• Outside Scene •
LOOK DOE. Jian Fallow Doe Static - Look Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
SCRATCH DOE. Jian Fallow Doe Static - Scratch Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
BLICK BUCK. Jian Fallow Buck Static - Blink Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]
LOOK BUCK. Jian Fallow Buck Static - Look Fameshed (November 1st) [New!!]

• Other Items •
BUCK BIRD. Jian Snow Birds :: Percher
SNOW CLIFF. Soy. A Snow Covered Cliff [Tall] for large use
COVERED WOODS. Soy. Snow covered woods [Wood-C] -Low

Westbury Manor

Westbury Manor is the latest home from DaD Design and is currently available @ FaMESHed this month. Firstly this is a BIG house. It’s 62×32 and has a land impact of 493. It features an entry hall, living room, study, tea room, kitchen and dining rooms, three upstairs rooms and a master bedroom. The climbing plants on the outside can be removed or they have several different textures including winter. The snow roof is also available as an add-on so you can use it now through the winter.

Hello Autumn Chills

Hᴇʟʟᴏ Aᴜᴛᴜᴍɴ Cʜɪʟʟs

Armani Torelli (Male)

Top: BTRYL - Striped Fracture Tee (Fatpack Exclusive) (@Man Cave)
Pants: ..S.. - Buster Rip Denim
Hair: Beusame x Beusy - Onyx Hair & Beanie (Rare)
Shoes: [VALE KOER] - Retro Dunks


Top: ..S.. - Vintage Tied Shirt
Coat: ..S.. - Bubble Puffer Coat
Pants: ..S.. - Vintage Shorts
Shoes: ..S.. - Bubble Puffer Boots
Hair: HoMAGE - Lonee

Other Notable Items

House: dust bunny - Willow Farmhouse
Flowers: Botanical - Sunflower
Trees: Heart - Illuminated Oak - SUMMER - White Lights
LAQ Decor - Birch (Seasons Pack)
Dirt Track: HPMD* - Dirt Road - Brown
Fence: [ba] - White Garden Fence

Hidden Sanctuary

Hɪᴅᴅᴇɴ Sᴀɴᴄᴛᴜᴀʀʏ

Sometimes in life when things get too tough we wish we got that one special place we can go to where nothing and no one can bother us. A place where we can go to forgot all our troubles where stress don't follow nor exist even if it's just for a few hours. Fortunately for most of us Secondlife is like our escape from reality where we can come to be whoever or be wherever we like. It's a place where we can get away from all the stuff we face daily in real life by either chilling by ourselves doing what we love or connecting with the amazing people we meet on here. This is my take on a "perfect escape" hidden by mother nature herself.

House: Mushilu - Watter Wheel (@We <3 Role-Play)
Well: Mushilu - Water Well (@We <3 Role-Play)
Wall Ivy: "Moon_Sha" - Wall Ivy (@We <3 Role-Play)
Trees: :: JIAN :: - Hillside Orchard - Apple Tree 
Bushes: *alirium* - Dwarf Forest 
Corn + Sunflower: !! Follow US !! - Autumn Field
Animals: Just Animals - Horse Package
Just Animals - Grey Tabby Cat
Just Animals - Chicken Pack
Just Animals - Black Face Sheep Pack
Just Animals - Young Goat Pack
:: JIAN :: - Southern Shelties - 8. Sleeping Sheltie
HHVET - Stable Prop W/Barn Cat
Hay: Botanical - Round Hay Bale
Waterfall: Luna Bliss - Rainforest Beauty Falls
Deer Skull: Apple Fall - Deer Skull
Milk Bottles: Apple Fall - Ceramic Bottles

Stray For The Summer

Sᴛʀᴀʏ Fᴏʀ Tʜᴇ Sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ

Armani Torelli:

Face Applier: Stray Dog - Frank - Tone 09 (@ULTRA Event)
Body Applier: Stray Dog - Gianni Skin - Tone 09 
Pose: Poseology Poses - 3am
Hair: Yuth - MARCO - Black
Glasses: * SORGO - Maestro 
Necklace: FLI. - Owl Necklace - Gold

Body Applier: Stray Dog - Gianni Skin - Tan line 01 - Tone 07
Tattoo: -Nivaro- - 'Crow' Tattoo 
Towel: HISpose - Draped Towel

Other Notable Items:

Pool: DaD DESIGN - "Double Roman Swimming Pool" 
Fence: Apple Fall - Cranfield Fence
Apple Fall - Juniper Hedge 
House: Trompe Loeil - Jenica Cottage
Chairs: Concept - Botanic. Chair - RARE
Table: Concept - Botanic. Table
Dog: :: JIAN :: - Southern Shelties 8. - Sleeping Sheltie
Vases: Concept - Botanic. Pots
Concept - Botanic. Lemons
Magazines: [ zerkalo ] - Beginning of the Day - Magazines
[Commoner] - Carried Away / Magazines
Drinks Tray: Tartessos Arts - Drinks Tray
Bicycle: ~BAZAR~ - Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone
Trees: Hayabusa Design - Composite Tree Bignoniaceae 
Hayabusa Design - Tree for Flower 
:: JIAN :: - Nightingale's Tree
Flowers: Botanical - Sunflower

Gallant Magazine – Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Notable Items:

Cans: 8f8 - Milk Containers
Bucket: Atelier Visconti - White Roses Bucket
Hot Tub: Abiss - Allure Spa
Grass: Alirium - Itchy Grass Brown
Pier: Apple Fall - Coastal Pier
Fan: Apple Fall - L’Air Frais
Fence: Botanical - Lattice Fence
Shoe Holder: BS - Flip Flop Holder
Rug: Cheeky Pea - Fish Rug
Trellis: Consignment - Trellis
Table: DRD - Pergola Wicker Sidetable
Rug: Dust Bunny - Breaded Rug
Chair: Dust Bunny - Rocking Chair
Plant: Mesh Plants - Hanging Fern
Lantern: Junk - Large Lantern Silver
Plant: Keke - Sacred Lotus in Zinc Basin White
Build: Llorisen - Lil Shotgun Cottage
Fishing Poles: Pilot - Fishing Poles
Swing: Revival - Swing Double
Plant: Skye - Hosta Leaf
Plant: Soy - Potted Plant F
Basket: The Loft - Oriana Towel Basket

Presents Time

Rick Morsch
[Hair] Modulus Vercetti Hair
[Skin] Stray Dog Kenichi [New Release!!]
[Sweater with Shirt] Kalback Casual Sweater+Shirt Striped Signature  The Mens Department - December 5th  [New Release!!]
[Pants] Clef de Peau Bootcut Pants Herringbone Grey Signature  The Mens Department - December 5th  [New Release!!]

[Presents] Zerkalo Magical Christmas - Pile of Gifts#1 (modified)
Zerkalo Magical Christmas - Pile of Gifts#2

[Pose] RK Poses Kole 4 The Crossroads - December 3rd [New Release!!]

Scene Deco
[Outside Tree] Keke little winter tree Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
[Christmas Tree] Botanical Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree @Tannenbaum Holiday Market - November 25th [New Release!!]

[Outside Snow] Pixel Mode Snow Forms - Drift 1 Fameshed - December 1st [New Release!!]
Pixel Mode Snow Forms - Small Mound Fameshed - December 1st [New Release!!]

[Windows Stars] Goose window star lights Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
[Train] Goose wooden XMAS train Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]

[Outside Mushrooms] Kalopsia Toadstool Small Silver Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
Kalopsia Toadstool Silver Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Outside Deer] Kalopsia Rosie's Deer - Glitter Blue Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
Kalopsia Rosie's Deer - Polka Mint Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Outside White Branches] Kalopsia Rosie's Branches Vase Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Chair] Kalopsia Rosie's Cuddle Chair - Adult Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[House] Kalopsia Gabriel's House RARE The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Fireplace] Kalopsia Gabriel's Fireplace The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Little Houses on the Fireplace] Kalopsia Gabriel's Tin Houses The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Rug] Kalopsia Gabriel's Rug The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Christmas Tree Ornaments] Kalopsia Bell Garland - Gold
Kalopsia Glitter Leaf - Gold
Kalopsia Glitter Leaf - Copper
Kalopsia Wood Candy Cane - Red
Kalopsia Wood Candy Cane - Green

[Puf] Serenity Style Warm Winter Puf Drape Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
[Tray with Hot Chocolate] Serenity Style Warm Winter Tray Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]

[Galard on the Fireplace] Ariskea {Winter Nostalgia} Garland Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
[Plant] Ariskea {Winter Nostalgia} Mirtille Plant Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]

[Wall Print] Floorplan sugarplum print Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Fireplace Red Board] Floorplan north pole toy co. Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Fireplace Chalkboard] Floorplan joyeux noel chalkboard Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Lights at the ChalkboardFloorplan starry string lights box Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]

[Candles on the Fireplace] BackBone Candle Holder Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
BackBone Small Candle Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
[Tree on the Fireplace] BackBone Bauble Tree Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]

Baby It’s Cold Outside.


BEANIE / HAIR – Ink @ The Arcade – Beanie w/ Hair – Black

JACKET – Swear @ SwagBag – Sherpa Denim Jacket

PANTS – Gabriel – Roll Up Denim

SCARF – Sleepy Eddy @ The Arcade – Handknit Muffler – Earth

BOOTS – BlankLine @ TMD – Army Boots

GIFTS – What Next @ Tannenbaum – Christmas Gift Boxes

THOUGHT BUBBLE – Caboodle @ TMD – Mischief Gacha – Thought Bubble – Ellipses

HOUSE – Anhelo @ TMD – HO6B1

TREE – Botanical @ Tannenbaum – Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

CAR – Consigment @ The Arcade – Winter Wagons – Die Cast Cars – Red – MODIFIED

TRAIN – DRD @ The Arcade – Arctic Express – Engine – RARE

Luka’s Perspective at Style Me Rotten

It All Comes Down to the Finishing Touch.

It All Comes Down to the Finishing Touch.

Divos Titanium:

Ultra Event:

Pants: <kalback> Sweatpants_Ultra Exclusive 

Other Clothing: 

Hat: Reckless. - Santa Hat 
Hair: [BURLEY]_Barry_Reds


Build: hive // holly's home RARE
Candles: SAYO - Candle & Light  Set


Tree: Botanical - Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree
Reindeer: The Loft - Tivoli Reindeers
Cloche: The Loft - Reindeer cloche
- Fancy Decor: Striped Bauble (silver)
- Fancy Decor: Tree Beads
- Fancy Decor: Tree Ribbon
- Fancy Decor: Tassel (gold)
- Fancy Decor: Striped Bauble (red)
- Mori. star ornament . silver . neutral
Small Tree: Fancy Decor: Twig Tree (silver)
Sleigh: {vespertine}- yule sledge /just deco
Garland: ARIA -Nicola Pine Garland
Cards: R(S)W Christmas Card Row
Pillows: {Petite Maison} Sparkle Pillow Duo: Red
Pewpew! Tree Xmas Frame

Other Decor Items:

Chair: Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair
Plant: dust bunny . potted rowan berries
Kittens: JIAN :: A Very Kitten Christmas - Ornament Box
Gift Boxes: Pewpew! Xmas Gift Box Stack
Rug: The Loft & ARIA - Troubadour Rug
Stocking: O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Gift Stocking & Stocking Puppers
- Kalopsia - Wood Ball - Joy
- MishMish - Puppy in a box - Golden
- The Loft - Monochrome Christmas Twinkle Lights
- {anc} glass ornament. for tree (4)
- ARIA - Myrrh Handmade Vintage Traditional Bauble Ornament
- Schadenfreude Mouse 2 Catmas Ornament
- Sway's [PineConny] Ornament . green
- [ keke ] winter ornaments in tin form
- dust bunny . box of ornaments
Stars: Lark - CC 12 - Stars
Table: floorplan. arrow table