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Let me put you in a safe place little friend

• My Look •
HAIR. Stealthic - Psycho (Unrigged)
HEAD SKIN. Clef de Peau.Theo Bruise T4 [CATWA] TMD (December 5th) [New!!]
HOODIE. ::GB:: Fur Hoodie set (male) White Shiny Shabby (November 20th) [New!!]
TANK TOP. ::GB::Thank top (Signature) Blak Shiny Shabby (November 20th) [New!!]
SWEATPANTS. DUFAUX - belleza - patch sweatpants The Man Jail (December 8th) [New!!]
SNEAKERS. [Shoeminati]  x11Remaster - Gym Red - Signature [Limited Edition!!]
FAWN. [Black Bantam] Laying Fawn in Ivy GiftArcade (December 1st) [GIFT!!]
POSE. RK Poses. -  Ash 1

• Scene Deco •
GREENHOUSE. :CP: Winter Snowy Greenhouse Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
FIREPLACE SNOW MIRROR. MudHoney Noelle Mirror Snow Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
GLITTER CONE TREE. MudHoney Noelle Cone Tree - Silver Glitter Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
SILVER CONE TREE. MudHoney Noelle Cone Tree - Silver Mirror Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
CANDLES. MudHoney Noelle Candle - Silver Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
SILVER METAL TREE. MudHoney Noelle Metal Tree - Silver Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
FIREPLACE. MudHoneyMudHoney Noelle Fireplace - White Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
SLED TABLE. Serenity Style- Neige Winter Picnic Sled Table Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE. Serenity Style- Neige Winter Picnic Champagne Bottle Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
CHAMPAGNE GLASS. Serenity Style- Neige Winter Picnic Champagne Glass Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
POPCAKES. Serenity Style- Neige Winter Picnic PopCakes Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
RUG. Serenity Style- Neige Winter Picnic Rug Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
CUP. Serenity Style- Neige Winter Picnic Hot Chocolate Cup Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
TREE AND SLED. CHEZ MOI Tree Sled Rezzer  Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
LEFT SNOW TREES. MI Winter Snow Tree 1 Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
RIGHT SNOW TREES. MI Winter Snow Tree 2 Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
STAG AND DOE. MI Stag and Doe Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
SNOW LOGS. Sari-Sari - Outdoor Log Holder (Snow) Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
SNOW BUCKET. Sari-Sari - Winter Olive Bucket (Snow) Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
LANTERNS. [ keke ] frosted lanterns . decocrate dec. 2017 Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
SLEIGHT. [ keke ] sleigh . decocrate dec. 2017 . Deco(c)rate (December 8th) [Exclusive!!]
CAR WITH TREE. --ANHELO-T04RD-17CGA :: christmas 2017 (red) FLF (December 8th) [New!!]

A Christmas Moment

A Christmas Moment

Uber Event:

Couch: The Loft @ Uber - Morgan Love Seat
Bed: The Loft @ Uber - Morgan Bed
Lamp: The Loft @ Uber - Morgan Table Lamp
Nightstand: The Loft @ Uber - Morgan Side Table
Table: The Loft @ Uber - Morgan Marble Table
Box: The Loft @ Uber - Morgan Deco Box
Candle: The Loft @ Uber - Morgan Stone Candle

The Arcade Event - December 2017 Round:

Pouf: Ariskea @ The Arcade - Pouf Flower
Rug: Ariskea @ The Arcade - Round Rug
Flower: Ariskea @ The Arcade - Perfect Rose
Curtains: Ariskea @ The Arcade - Classic Curtains
Tree: Hive @ The Arcade - Assorted Trees
Display: Hive @ The Arcade - Pinecone Display

Tannenbaum Event:

Puppies: Black Bantam - Ribbon Puppy & In The Tree Puppy

Other Notable Items:

Build: Apple Fall - Country Hall
Fireplace: Apple Fall - Period Fireplace
Tree: Dust Bunny - Christmas Tree
Garland: Aria - Nicola Pine Garland
Wreath: Nomad - Baubles Wreath

Nasty Boiz

Nᴀsᴛʏ Bᴏɪᴢ

Armani Torelli

Harness: Mossu - Spiky.Harness (@Man Cave)
Jock: NOCHE. - Essential Simple Jockstrap
Leg Harness: NOCHE. - Kyle Leg Harness
Socks: NOCHE. - Garter Socks Essentials
Mask: VRSION - KONVERT 6.1 Mask
Collar: L'Etre - Anna Choker
Gloves: ::GB:: - Metallic Long Nail Gloves
Scratches: IDTTY - Wild Marks

Armani Torelli 2

Top: MoDANNA - Trompeur Collection - Top Fishnet - Omega Applier
Pants: !:Lybra:! - Jared Leather Pants - Omega Applier
Harness: NOCHE. - Celt Chest Harness
Shoes: [[Z:E:N]] - Unisex Dragon Skull Boots
Mask: FLite. - Apocalypse Riot Mask - RARE

Menkaure Khafre

Harness: [ abrasive ] - Eros Harness
Pants: [VALE KOER] - Techwear Pants
Shoes: **Brii Underground Wear** - Combat Boots 119
Mask: [Black Bantam] - Dog Eat Dog Mask
Collar: Mossu - Violent.Top
Glove: ::GB:: - Assassin glove

Aeon Jiminy

Underwear: Mossu - Violent.Underwear
Collar: Mossu - Violent.Top
Shoes: [VALE KOER] - Techrider Boots
Mask: erratic / chris - Blindfold
Hair: [Deadwool] - Slicked Back Hair

Other Notable Items

Poses: ::SenseS:: - Couple 137 (@Black Fair)
::SenseS:: - Couple 138 (@Black Fair)
Scene: dust bunny - Sleepless Attic Skybox
Toys: :DEADPOOL: - Sins And Secrets Rack One
:DEADPOOL: - Sins And Secrets Rack Three
:DEADPOOL: - Sins And Secrets Rack Four
.birch - Collection of Kink
Quasi - Kink Toy Shelf V.2
[THIRST] - AP.Jack - Swallow


If you've not made it to Blush yet, what are you waiting for?  Don't make me set my pussy on you.


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: 'jake' - belleza
face: applier: 'lewis' - stray dog
body applier: 'tone 03' - stray dog
hair: 'hysteria' - stealthic @ fameshed august 2017
hairbase: stealthic
beard: beusame @ the mens dept august 2017
t-shirt: 'montana tee' - cold ash
mask: 'sleep mask lashes' - peaches n' cream
briefs: 'kevin underwear' - mossu

bedroom set (bed, lamp, table, print): 'boudoir bedroom' - sayo blush august 2017
wet dreams sign: vagabond blush august 2017
pussy: 'my pretty kitty cat' - black bantam  blush august 2017

pose: stay chilled1' - drunk panda
build: 'paris apartment' - apple fall


asymmetric3_blogCrossed the sky so many times we might die for it…



gizza3_blogYour distance feels so warm in the morning…

The Curiosity Shoppe


Some more Arcade goodness featuring the inside of the DRD Vagabond set this time around!

  • DRD @ Arcade – Vagabond Set (gacha)
    • Trailer (RARE), Hang Out Rug, Wood Sign – Run Wild, Charlottes Shelf, Barrel Table, Hutch, Red Stool, Rugs, Hippie Swag, Wendys Storage
  • Kalopsia @ Arcade – Bibi’s Boho (gacha)
    • BiBi’s Can Plant, BiBi’s Screen, BiBi’s Lantern, BiBi’s Dreamcatcher (25 pull reward)
  • Headphones: Bueno @ Arcade – Oneway or Another – Headphones Pop Deco (gacha)
  • Laptop: Bueno @ Arcade – Oneway or Another – Laptop Blessed (gacha)
  • Dolls: !gO! @ Arcade – Troll Mariposa, Troll Blaster, Troll Kiez
  • Puppy: Black Bantam @ Arcade – A Prince was Born – Bear the Border Collie Puppy (gacha)
  • Papers: Anhelo – G0185-168GA – recycling
  • Mannequin w/robe: ARIA @ Arcade – Serendipity – Dressform with a Robe (gacha)
  • Chest: Merak @ TLC – Crate/Bonus Decor w/o Logo
  • Lamp: HEXtraordinary @ Deco(c)rate February – Antique Cherub Lamp
  • Drawer: Soy @ TMD – Wooden Drawer Cabinet with Caster
  • Clock: Soy @ TMD – Retro Flap Clock
  • Armchair: Soy @ C88 – Armchair made with villager handmade fabric
  • Basket: Soy @ C88 – Handmade Pompom Basket

Its Been A Rough Day.

plb 292.png

HAIR – Doux @ TMD – Mikey

JACKET – Not so Bad @ TMD – Hans Jacket –  Carmine

PANTS – Fe Style  – Orlov Jeans – Blue 2

SHOES – Semller – 011 Sneaks 6 worn

DOG – Black Bantam –   My Old Doggy & Collar Dingy Brown

CHAIR – Revival @ TMD – Wood Chair

CABINET – Apple Fall @ TLC – Apothecary Cabinet

PILLOWS – Junk – Retro Sport Tee Wall Cushions

HEATER – Soy – Retro Electronic Heater – Wood




Head - CATWA - HEAD BENTO Daniel
Skin - Tableau Vivant \ Fabian applier [for Catwa Daniel] - Tone 4  
Hair Base - Unorthodox - John Hairbase
Eyebrows - Unorthodox - Brows- RVRE
Hair - lock&tuft - benjamin 

Ears - ^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ears- @Fetish Fair
Scarf - BTTB - moskva scarf gacha - 08 neck - @Kustom9
Pants - BTTB - yverboren pants - fatpack - gianni male @TMD
Shoes - [Shoeminati] x4 White Cement 
Trompe Loeil - Anastasia Cottage Wine @C88
Serenity Style - A love touch room divider @The Liasion Collaborative
Serenity Style - A love touch flowers jars @The Liasion Collaborative
Serenity Style - Vintage Games Wallart RARE @The Crossroads 
 [ keke ] refurbished spring drawer @Deco(c)rate
[Black Bantam] My Old Doggy Brown @The Chapter Four
Zen Creations - "Afternoon Tea" Chair  
Zen Creations - "Afternoon Tea" Table
Zen Creations - "Afternoon Tea" Pot
:HAIKEI: Save room for my love_gacha {6}
*AF* Tavern Pitcher - Brown
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Clothespins
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Table
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Clothesline With Posts


I could be the storm that tears down everything ……


Hair: NO.MATCH – No Toy Hair at mainstore

Nose Piercing: AITUI – Septum Jewelry 001 (includes HUD for silver, bronze, & titanium) at mainstore
Lip Piercing: PUNCH – Sucked (Male Black Steel) at mainstore

Ring(index finger): [ KUNST ] – Axis Ring at mainstore
Ring(middle finger): [ KUNST ] – Cornelius Ring at mainstore
Cigarette: [ KUNST ] – Unisex Accessories Gacha II, .01 Slim Cigarette Holder RARE at mainstore

Suit: GABRIEL – Cloak Suit Black & White (includes Cloak, Leather Dress Shoes, and Leather Tie Suit) at The Mens Department December 2016

Cat: [ BLACK BANTAM ] – Sphynx Cat Gray Male at mainstore

Chair: APPLE FALL – Wingback Chair (includes HUD for four textures) at Shiny Shabby November – December 2016