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Wife’s Beauty Closet

• Scene Deco •
WARDROBE. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Wardrobe Unit RARE [New!!]
PILLOW ARRAY. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Pillow Array RARE [New!!]
GREEN BOX. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Storage Box Large [New!!]
SMALL BOXES. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Storage Boxes A [New!!]
BIG BOXES. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Storage Boxes B [New!!]
BOOKS. {Petite Maison} Bookstack [New!!]
GLASS TRAY. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Glass Storage Tray [New!!]
WIRE BASKETS. {Petite Maison} Wire Storage Basket - Gold [New!!]
HANGERS. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Hanger - Gold [New!!]
OTTOMAN. {Petite Maison}Beauty Room Striped Seat [New!!]
RUG. {Petite Maison} Priscilla Shag Throw Rug: White [New!!]
ROMPER. {Indyra} Freya Romper on a hanger [New!!]
COAT. {Indyra} Irina Coat on a hanger [New!!]
GREEN DRESS. {Indyra} Kitt Katt Dress on a hanger [New!!]

• Other Scene Deco •
HEART BOXES. [ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Boxes
TECTANGULAR BOXES. [ zerkalo ] Black & White - Boxes
HAT BOXES. [ zerkalo ] Precious Moments - Hatboxes
FLOWER BOX. Ariskea[Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box[Decor]
JEWELRY BOX. ~Bazar~ Glam-Jewelry box

• Scene Deco •
GOAL FRAME. {Petite Maison} Framed Prints: Goal Digger [New!!]
CHIC FRAME. {Petite Maison} Framed Prints: Tres Chic [New!!]

• Other Scene Deco •
WHITE WOODED PANELS. Fancy Decor: Plank Panels (white)
PLANT. Soy. Potted Pothos [Lsize]
DAYBED. 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vanderbilt Daybed White/Drape (PG)
DOG. JIAN Splendid Spaniels 19. Floor Snoozer
FLOWERS BOX. Ariskea[Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box 1[Decor]
• Scene Deco •
MIRROR. {Petite Maison} Vanity Mirror: Gold RARE [New!!]
NAIL POLISH TRAY. {Petite Maison} MARS Nail Polish Tray RARE [New!!]
CLOSED COMPACT. {Petite Maison} Compact Closed [New!!]
BRUSH. {Petite Maison} Blush Brush [New!!]
LIGHT POWDER{Petite Maison} N.A.C. Studio Powder: Light [New!!]
EYESHADOW 1. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Single Matte: Fine Wine [New!!]
EYESHADOW 2. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Single Shimmer: Cherry Topped [New!!]
LIPSTICKS. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Lipstick: Flesh Pot [New!!]
COMPACT. {Petite Maison} Highlighter Compact [New!!]
GLASS TRAY. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Glass Storage Tray [New!!]
MASCARA WAND. {Petite Maison} Mascara Wand [New!!]
MASCARA TUBE. {Petite Maison} Mascara Tube [New!!]
PENCIL. {Petite Maison} Jumbo Pencils - Peach [New!!]
BROW QUAD. {Petite Maison} Brow Quad [New!!]
PINKS PALETTE. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Palette: Pinks [New!!]
NEUTRAL PALETTE. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Palette: Neutral [New!!]
JEWELS PALETTE. {Petite Maison} N.A.C. Eyeshadow Palette: Jewels [New!!]
POWDER BRUSH. {Petite Maison} Powder Brush [New!!]
PENCILS CUP. {Petite Maison} MARS Jumbo Pencil Cup [New!!]
CONTOURBRUSH. {Petite Maison} Contour Brush [New!!]
ANGLED BRUSH. {Petite Maison} Angled Brush [New!!]
FLAT BRUSH. {Petite Maison} Flat Brush [New!!]
SHADOW BRUSH. {Petite Maison} Shadow Brush [New!!]
WALL DRAWERS. {Petite Maison} Artista Wall Drawers [New!!]
CHAIR. {Petite Maison} Artista Chair : White [New!!]
LAMP. {Petite Maison} Beauty Room Lamp [New!!]
SIDE TABLE. {Petite Maison} Reigine Side Table: White [New!!]
ROSES. {Petite Maison} Taylor Roses: Nude [New!!]
BOOKS. {Petite Maison} Bookstack [New!!]

• Other Scene Deco •
SMALL DRESS FORM. [ zerkalo ] True Love - Small Mannequin Dressed
BIG DRESS FORM. brocante. GBBC gacha / dress form REWARD

every day is a fresh start

Morning Routine.

plb 334.png


Want to take part in too and get special prize from Mossu? Read the rules: on Facebook & Flickr

HAIR – Deadwool – Slicked Back Hair – Man Cave

SWEATPANTS – Mossu –  Wood Sweatpants with Auto-Boner – Man Cave

TUB – Apple Fall – Victoria Clawfoot Tub – Iron

SINK – Balaclava – Melby Pedestal Sink – White – Ultra

MIRROR – Balaclava – Melby Mirror – Nickel – Ultra

PRODUCTS – Balaclava – Melby Soap Bottles – Warm / Cool – Ultra

TOOTHBRUSH – The Loft  – Toothbrush

TOOTHPASTE IN HAND – Bazar – Toronto – Toothpaste

TOWEL LADDER – Pixel Mode –  Ansley Towel Ladder – The Arcade 

CASE – Apple Fall –  Barber Supply Cabinet

SLIPPERS – Apple Fall – Leather Moccasins



Jestyr (left):

Cyrus (right):

  • Hair: Doux– Stephan
  • Undies: [SM] – Nicholls
  • Spiked Band: CX @ TMD – Spiked Fury
  • Arm wraps: CX – Fighter’s Mark
  • Tattoo: Isuka
  • Mesh Head: Catwa – Daniel
  • Mesh Body: Belleza – Jake

Pose: Senses @ TLC – Couple 112


  • Bed: Soy – Your Bed is Always Messy
  • Wall hanging: Soy – Safety Pinne Torn Tapestry
  • Clothes rack: Bazar – Stockholm Set – Flip Clock
  • Clock: Bazar – Stockholm Set – Clothing rack

Besser spät als nie

Besser spät als nie

John Cordeaux

Beard: [Deadwool] ~ Full Beard
Shoulder Pads: [Lazybum] ~ Shoulder Pads
Jocks: Dufaux ~ Titanium Jocks

Other Notable Items

Cup: KM Design ~ Boite Trophy Cup
Foam Finger: Consignment & Brocante ~ Foam Finger
Helmet: Tartessos Arts ~ Football Helmet
Bag: Bazar ~ Traveler Bag 1
Scene: SEUL ~ Locker Room

Sundays are Laundry Day!

Sundays Are Laundry Day!

I had an awesome time collaborating with Eoh Bowdit for this blog post featuring Dufaux!  If you want to see his take on this photo, just click here.

Make sure you check out more of his work on his blog Crayola Clothes!

Divos Titanium: 

Body Skin: Stray Dog - Body Skin - Jake
Hat: Parker - Nelson Snapback - White
Shorts: Dufaux @ FaMESHed - Sweat Shorts

Eoh Bowdit:

Hair: Stealthic @ FaMESHed - Hysteria
Underwear: Dufaux - Titanium Jock
Tattoo: Dappa @ Man Cave - Hysteria

Build: Oyasumi - Laundromat 
Washing Machine: Oyasumi - Laundry Machine - Green
Table: Oyasumi - Laundry Table
Basket: The Loft - Vintage Laundry -  Wire Hamper
Basket: NOMAD - Improvised - Laundry Basket and Soap
Rack: Bazar - Stockholm Bedroom - Clothing Rack
Clothes: Tres Blah - Hodgepodge - Tossed Clothes
Laundry Basket: .lame - Tiara Laundry Basket - White

For The Record…

Fᴏʀ Tʜᴇ Rᴇᴄᴏʀᴅ...

Armani Torelli

Pants: Mind Carlberg - Working Pants - [e] (@Man Cave Event)
Shoes: FLI. - Suede Grey Gum Canvas
Hat: .Chicago Ink. - Hat Skull & Rose - Silver
Pose: Schitt - Kash Sit Posepack (Bento) - 4

Other Notable Items

Scene: MINIMAL - Retro Backdrops *3* (@Rewind Event)
Headphones: ~BAZAR~ - Stockholm - Headphones
:: GORODEE :: - Headphone - Silver Lightning
Record Player: {vespertine} - Midori Record Player
Vinyl: {what next} - Pile of Vinyl
Record Shelf: {vespertine} - Record Showcase Shelf
{vespertine} - Record Shelf - Floor Unit
{vespertine} - Record Shelf - Floor Unit 2
Bag: BellePoses - Plastic Shopping Bag - 1


This jacket/hoodie combo is new from Gabriel at the current round of Uber. You can wear the jacket with or without the hoodie...


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: mesh body: 'jake' - belleza
face: applier: 'lewis' - stray dog @ the mens dept july 2017
body applier: 'tone 04' - stray dog
beard: beusame @ MoM july/august 2017
eyes: 'yonder eyes fantasy' - izzie's (VIP group gift)
hair & hairbase: 'reach' - stealthic
glasses: blank line @ the epiphany july 2017 (free gift)
jacket/hoodie: 'loose cotton jacket set' - gabriel @ uber july/august 2017
jeans: 'broberry jeans' - deadwool

backdrop: 'simple days' - taikou
bicycles: 'stockholm bicycle stand alone' - bazar
pose: 'pose_i_23' - iruco

‘… thusly, they said ‘

'... thusly, they said '

Hair: DOUX - Cornelis Hairstyle Shaved
Hairbase: L'Etre - Sided hairbase [Dark]

Shirt: kalback - Casual Shirt M2 (NEW)
Jeans: kalback - Original Jeans

Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Bracelet #1/ studs (gacha #4) @ The Arcade
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Bracelet #1 (gacha #7) @ The Arcade
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Bracelet #3 (gacha #10)
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Bracelet #3 (gacha #11) @ The Arcade
Necklace: [ kunst ] - Leather Necklace (gacha #3) @ The Arcade
Ring: [ kunst ] - Axis ring


Hair: DOUX - Sofia hairstyle [Brunettes] (NEW)
Outfit: Blueberry - Cutieberry - Cardigan Set


Dog: O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Dream Pup - RARE


Books: Apple Fall - Books B
Books: {vespertine} - lifestyle books
Pillow: 22769 -  Pillow Pile
Plant: BAZAR - Berlin-Plant 1
Player: Ariskea - Record50] Vinyl Record @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Sofa: Nutmeg. - Chesterfield Sofa Brown

Structure: ::no13:: Rainy day Reykjavik

Pose: RK Poses. - A thousand years (slightly modified)

Now playing: You Will Find Me by Alex & Sierra

Everything Is Better When You Can Hear The Ocean Waves.

Everything Is Better When You Can Hear The Ocean Waves.

Cabin: Cheeky Pea - Garden Parlour Hut 
Chandelier: Cheeky Pea - Garden Parlour Chandelier
Chair: SAYO - Peplum Pillow Lounger 
Bed: The Loft - Verne Bed Adult
Plant: The Loft - Verne Eucalyptus Vase
Clock: The Loft - Verne Marble Clock
Lamp: The Loft - Verne Pendant Lamp
Cabinet: MudHoney Layla Cabinet - White
Stool: MudHoney Layla Stool - Sea

Vases: Ariskea - Frank - Vases
Plant: Ariskea - Frank - Little Marble Bush

Other Notable Items:

Flowers: Ariskea - [Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box
Plant: BAZAR - Berlin-potted tree
Glass: Soy. - Glass Fishing Float -hanging- (green)
Bench: Soy. Shag Shag Stool [Cream]
Rug: Soy. Reed Mini Mat - Dark
Rug: Fancy Decor - Rug III
Boards: {Reverie} Honey Pie Windows and Wood Planks
Lantern: junk. large lantern. silver.