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Anyone that knows me in RL knows I am not much of a sports person, but I could not pass up the opportunity to blog some really great items from Xenials, Animosity and Bad Unicorn. When I say, I am thoroughly impressed with the way these designers have created this month. Xenials brings you a seriously executed Track and Field set complete with a bomb ass water bottle that I will blogging in my next post. Animosity and Bad Unicorn for TMD teamed up to do a basketball styled pose collection and skybox for any basketball lover. Hats off to you fellas, youre killing the game right now. These items are are MUST GET!


Todays styling Details:


Hair || BOON || Lab 036

Goggles || MINIMAL || Villano Goggles

Earring || XENIALS || Pin Medallion Earring – New @ The Mens Jail

Shirt || XENIALS || Old Track Shirt – Orange – New @ Mainstore

Shorts || XENIALS || Old Track Shorts – Orange – New @ Mainstore

Basketball || ANIMOSITY || Basketball Bonus – New @ TMD

Shoes || SHOEMINATI || Gator -OG  – New @ Man Cave

Pose || ANIMOSITY || BB Bonus 1 – New @ TMD

Skybox || BAD UNICORN || Basketball Skybox – New @ TMD


Alternate Views: 


Outfit #095

Bandana: Red Band [##hand-o-right## Altamura]

Pants: Hyperbeast Shorts White [##hand-o-right## Vale Koer]

Trainers: Explorer sneakers [##hand-o-right## Semller]

Pose: Jordan 4 [##hand-o-right## Animosity]

Backdrop: Basketball Gym Skybox[##hand-o-right## Bad Unicorn]

Just Another Interlude

++ Girl I’m known as Pen Griffey too
It’s only right that I swing by and hit it too
First base, second base, third base
I’m tryna’ get you in your birthday suit ++

Just Another Interlude


Head – Catwa – Stanley

Skin – Stray Dog – Nate

Ears – L’etre – Dilator Mesh Ears

Eyes – Suicidal Unborn – Hadria Eyes

Hair – Modulus – Alex Hair – TMD

Facial Hair – Volkstone – Dylan

Facial Hair – Unorthodox – Noah

Facial Markings – CDC – Scar 03 – Hipster Event


Hat – Bad Unicorn – Roth Beanie

Earbuds – Bad Unicorn – X7 Smartphone

Jacket – Kalback – Letterman Jacket M3

Necklace – Vex – Messiah Necklace

Elf – Mutresse – Kidnapper Elf – The Arcade


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With the holiday season, this is the first day I have had free in a while. I am excited to finally post this look from Dufaux, The Coverall. I paired this with some dope hair from Yuth. Check out todays look!

Todays Styling Details:

Hair || YUTH || Chase Hair – Brown

Ears || L’ETRE || Dialator Mesh Ears ||

Bracelet || BAD UNICORN || Faith Bracelet

Watch || MANDALA || Kotowari Watch

Rings || CINPHUL || Kole Ring 2 & 3

Outfit || DUFAUX || Coverall – Brown

Boots || LAPOINTE & BASTCHILD || Patrol Boots

Pose || ANIMOSITY || Miguel 5

Alternate Views:




CAP – [ BAD UNICORN ] – Sad Dad Cap


[ This round of Industrie ends 2nd December 2017 HAUNTEDCASTLE Mainstore ]

TATTOO – [ BOLSON ] – Charlie

SHORTS – [ NOCHE ] – Running Shorts

SHOES – [ VALE KOER ] – Dads Trainers

Oh puppies…It’s cold outside

• My Look •
BEANIE. COMPLEX / BEANIE / FATPACK District 20 (November 20th) [New!!]
HEAD SKIN. STRAY DOG - DAMIEN  - TONE 04 District 20 (November 20th) [New!!]
SWEATER. DUFAUX - belleza - patch sweater Shiny Shabby (November 20th) [New!!]
PANTS. //Ascend// Jerry Sweat Pants - Belleza
PILLOW. Sari-Sari - Pillow (hold) Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
CHAMBERSTICK. Sari-Sari - Old Chamberstick (hold) Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
POSE. Ana Poses . Oslo 4

• Scene Deco •
CONTAINER HOUSE. [Bad Unicorn] Content Container Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
BED. Pewpew! Comfi Bed - Brown Fur (Animations & Texture Change) Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
PILLOWS STACK. Sari-Sari - Cozy Pillow Stack Deco(c)rate (November 8th) [Exclusive!!]
BISCUITS SIGN. floorplan. mind your own biscuits sign FLF (November) [New!!]
GREETINGS BOX. Serenity Style- Loly Christmas Greetings Box The Whimsical (November18th) [New!!]
STAR GIFT. Serenity Style- Loly Star Gifl The Whimsical (November18th) [New!!]
LACED GIFT. Serenity Style- Loly Laced Gift The Whimsical (November18th) [New!!]
BAG GIFTS. Serenity Style- Loly  GIFTS BAG The Whimsical (November18th) [New!!]
JINGLE BOX. Serenity Style- Loly Jingle Bell Box The Whimsical (November18th) [New!!]
STOOL. Serenity Style- Loly Xmas Stool The Whimsical (November18th) [New!!]
SACK. Serenity Style- Loly Xmas Sack The Whimsical (November18th) [New!!]
WIRE BALLS. Serenity Style- Loly Xmas Wire Balls The Whimsical (November18th) [New!!]
FRAMES AND BALLS. Serenity Style- Loly Xmas Frames & Balls The Whimsical (November18th) [New!!]
BIG SPARKLY LAMP. [Merak] - Sparkly Lamp (Pure) Shiny Shabby (November 20th) [New!!]
SMALL SPARKLY LAMP. [Merak] - Sparkly Lamp (Silver) Shiny Shabby (November 20th) [New!!]
HANGING LIGHT. [Merak] - Holahoop Hanging Light Shiny Shabby (November 20th) [New!!]
CONSOLE. [ kunst ] - Industrial vintage console / copper Shiny Shabby (November 20th) [New!!]
XMAS TREE ORNAMENTS. Apple Fall Hunt Gift - Ornaments [Hunt Gift!!]

• Other Items •
XMAS TREE. Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree - Flocked
PUPPY WITH HAT. O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Santa's Helper
LYING PUPPY. O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Hicuppy Beagle RARE

• Outside Trees •
SMALL TREE. [ keke ] little winter tree
BIG TREE. [ keke ] still falling winter tree



HAT – [ BAD UNICORN ] – Clif Beanie Hat

TOP – [ NOCHE @ KINKY ] – Essential Mesh CropTop

[ This round of Kinky ends 19th December 2017 Noche Mainstore ]

TATTOO – [ IDENTITY @ ULTRA ] – Enemy Line

[ This round of Ultra ends 8th December 2017 Identity Mainstore ]


[ This round of Shiny Shabby ends 15th December 2017 Fakeicon Mainstore ]

KEYCHAIN – [ XENIALS ] – Trench Keychain

SHOES – [ VALE KOER @ N21 ] – Gumball Boots

[ This round of N21 ends 12th December 2017 Vale Koer Mainstore ]




You can’t see tears in the rain

Location: Ironwood Hills

Too Cool


Jacket:6ixth– Figures Coat 3way
Pants:Hiemal– Sebastian Sweatpants (Fatpack)
Shoes:Vale Koer- Dads Trainers (Fatpack) @TMD
Chain:Vexiin- Herringbone @TMD
Bracelet:Vexiin-Herringbone Bracelet @TMD
Hat: F.M– Icon Rouge
Mask:BTTB– Rose Mask (Fatpack)

Bad Unicorn – Tower 6 @6republic