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Green camp 4:20 AM


Head - CATWA - HEAD BENTO Daniel
Skin - Modulus - Beckett Skin - Catwa appliers @Bloom Event 
Brows - Unorthodox Brows- Bonez Eyebrow Omega Applier
Hair -  tram G0419 hair @UBER

Cap - BTTB manchester cap - fatpack @se7en
Glasses - [Z O O M] Aviator 2017 : Rustic
Jacket - ::GB:: Zipped jacket & Tank @UBER
Socks - FAKEICON / basal socks / signature


3. DYNASTY - Camp Essentials - Beer Can (hold) @epiphany
Bad Unicorn x Birch Mary Jane Potted Plant (w/materials ) @epiphany
1. DYNASTY - Camp Essentials - Opened Cooler @epiphany
9. DYNASTY - Camp Essentials - Campfire @epiphany
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Nuggets Bowl' @epiphany
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Dime Bags'  @epiphany
4. DYNASTY - Camp Essentials - Soda Can (hold) @epiphany
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Bong' @epiphany
5. DYNASTY - Camp Essentials - Noodle Cups (hold) @epiphany
2. DYNASTY - Camp Essentials - Blue Folding Chair @epiphany
7. DYNASTY - Camp Essentials - Closed Cooler @epiphany
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Lisp Lighter' @epiphany
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Grinder' @epiphany
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Ashtray' @epiphany
6. DYNASTY - Camp Essentials - Flashlight @epiphany
8. DYNASTY - Camp Essentials - Green Folding Chair @epiphany

528 : 0419


Hair : [bade] : Samuel NATURAL FADES
Piercing : - .HoD. - : Bulletproof MESH Chest Piece, Facial Piercing - Slide
Glasses : [Z O O M] : Zooky Glasses @The Mens Dept
Jacket : L&B : Swear Blazer @The Mens Dept
Pants : SEUL : Ripped Knee Denim - Onyx @The Mens Dept
Shoes : Covered : Roman shoe - Black

Pose : Le Poppycock : *Trigger Happy* When the Smoke Clears
Backdrop : [Bad Unicorn] : Gacha - 07 Hype-Beast Backdrop

LOTD 397

Jacket:MgMen-Bion Jacket @MOM
Pants:David Heather-St.Biker Pants@TMD
Shoes:Deadwool-Chase Sneakers@Shoetopia
Beanie:Bad Unicorn-Backward Beanie
Shades:Minimal-Zell Glasses
Watch:Vexiin-Cuban Diamond
Chain:Vexiin-Luxor Diamond

527 : 0417


Hair : [BURLEY] : Troy Balayage
Shirt : BlankLine : StandcollerDenimShirts [Light] @The Mens Dept
Pants : fame femme : Deni Pants - Begie @The Mens Dept
Shoes : BALKANIK2.0 : WASSUP #CREAM&WHITE (Shop Closed)
Backpack : AITUI : Sk8 Bag

Backdrop : [Bad Unicorn] : 'The Warehouse' Backdrop

Yoga Every Damn Day

Yᴏɢᴀ Eᴠᴇʀʏ Dᴀᴍɴ Dᴀʏ

Armani Torelli:
T-Shirt: [BUC] - Zante Shoulder Shirt
Shorts: [Pumpkin] - Retro Shorts
Socks: [SM]art - TMP Essentials Socks

Other Notable Items:
Scene: SEUL - Yoga Session - RARE
Chairs: {vespertine} - harajuku chair/texchange
Ladder: dust bunny - vintage step ladder 1
Wall Hanging: Soy. - OSC- HANGING FABRIC - Ganesha
Hanging Plants: Soy. - Super long Hanging Hedera
Plant: Soy. - Potted Ponytail Palm
Plant: Soy. - Potted Pothos
Magazine Shelf: HIDEKI - Magazine Shelf
Frame: [Commoner] - Star of Fame
Water Bottle & Yoga Mat: Eso Darkrose - BIKRAM YOGA STUDIO w/ Mats, Animation & Assessories
Boombox: FNKY! - BigBass BoomBox - Pink
Hanging Lights: +Half-Deer+ - Stringlights - Ceiling


Head - CATWA - HEAD BENTO Daniel
Head Skin - Modulus - Rafa Skin Eyebrow & beard options - Bento shape  - Catwa Applier @TMD
Body Skin - Modulus - Emil Body 
Body Tattoo - DAPPA - Ichiban Tattoo. @MOM

 Hat - lock&tuft - stabler (hat only) (Gacha)
Glasses - [Z O O M] Zooky Glasses @TMD
Hair - Bad Unicorn x Unorthodox  -- Travis Braids : Noir [Mod]
Cardigan - etham - Haruto Cardigan - @FaMESHed
Pants - etham - Duke Sweatpants  
Shoes -  [Shoeminati] SUP - Black
Raindale ~ Dallyne summer house @Cosmopolitan
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Nuggets Bowl'  @Epiphany Gacha
Ariskea[Birdy] Little Bee Vase [Ivoire] @FaMESHed
Serenity Style- Rainy Day Letters @TLC
 [Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Dime Bags' @Epiphany Gacha
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Lisp Lighter'  @Epiphany Gacha
[ zerkalo ] Small Things - Old Newspaper @The Seasons Story
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Dock Radio'  @Epiphany Gacha
*AF* Herb Garden 2 - Crate Basil Purple @Gacha Guardians
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Noel's Cookies' @Epiphany Gacha
.Birch Jupiter Reignz Black/Black @TLC
[ keke ] glass lamp . golden 
*AF* Herb Garden Log Seat - BONUS @Gacha Guardians
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Grinder' @Epiphany Gacha
miwa's airship# Embossed book @The Seasons Story
Serenity Style- Rainy Day Books @TLC
miwa's airship# Metal swivel chair @The Seasons Story
Bad Unicorn x Birch Mary Janes 'Potted Plant' @Epiphany Gacha
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Floatie' (exclusive) @Epiphany Gacha
[Kres] Vintage Vegas - (10) Coffee @The Chapter Four
miwa's airship# Hanging fern pot @The Seasons Story
Serenity Style- Rainy Day Armchair @TLC
[Bad Unicorn] 'Fucking Unicorn' Cap *Limited Edition* @MOH
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Floatie' (exclusive)  @Epiphany Gacha
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Rasta Flag' @Epiphany Gacha
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] Mary Janes 'Noel's Cookies' @Epiphany Gacha
Fiasco - Woodshop Lumber Shelf @Gacha Guardians



billionaire2_blogScars might be deep but they won’t find them…

[№.127] | Toys | Tools | Beer |

Snapshot_044 post 12_111_resize 111.jpg


garage_013 resize.jpg

 In The Garage by Weezer




Furniture & Deco

Snapshot_002 post 127_03_resize 6000_3.jpg

Garage Total Overhaul
by | [The Project God]

Snapshot_020 post 127_5

Office Stuff

Snapshot_003 post 127_2_resized 6000x_2.jpg

PC Set by | [ kunst ] on Marketplace

  • PC SP-1 / black
  • PC tower / model 1
  • PC Monitor PC M-1
  • PC keyboard
  • PC Mouse pad 3
  • PC mouse

Office Stuff by |{Q-Essentials}

Set comes with a desk (not shown).  I will be posting that next time so look out for it.

Snapshot_004 post 127_8_resize_8.jpg


  • Curious Kitties :: Betta Bowl RARE by | JIAN

Garage Toys & Tools

[Ds] XXL Engine Crane Trap v1.0
by | Dictatorshop

Snapshot_014 post 127_10resize_10_10_10.jpg

A Special Review by Me For Sponsored Item created by | Dictatorshop
The XXL Engine Crane Trap

This is a D/s BDSM item.  It’s my main piece, looks good, works great, it’s very realistic and manly as it should be.  It has a suspension with timer, RLV menu, lot’s of high quality animations for Male Dom and Female Domme  | M/f | F/m | M/M | F/F |


This inspired me to finally fix up my garage and actually make use of it.   So what you see is where I spend a lot of my time now.

Excellent job Dee.  It’s always a pleasure blogging for you.

Pin up Girls Wall Art by | Scalawag’s Treasures on Marketplace

  • Tin Sign – Grease Monkey
  • Tin Sign -Quickies
  • Tin Sign Fill ‘er UP

Garage Props by | Temp Socke on Marketplace

  • RR – Compressor 02
  • RR – Compressor 03
  • RR – Toolbox 02
  • RR – Toolbox 03
  • Mesh Pallet
  • RR – Car Creeper

Snapshot_007 post 127_6.jpg

Snapshot_053 post 127_resize 6000.jpg


[The Project God]     Flickr     Facebook     Male Fashion Feed     SL Fashion Directory



HAT – [ Bad Unicorn ] – Roth Beanie

GLASSES – [ REDGRAVE ] – Sunglasses Ferraris

EARS – [ Mandala ] – Stretched Ears

TRACKSUIT – [ VALE KOER @ TMD APRIL 2017 ] – Essential Track Jacket & Pants

BIKE – [ HXNOR ] – Pink Illuminate Bicycle

Beast Mode

Track Jacket:Vale Koer-Essential Track @TMD
Pants:Vale Koer-Essential Track Pants @TMD
Shoes:Vale Koer-Beezy Lowtop
Headphones:Bad Unicorn-Travis Headphones

Building:Soy-The Studio
Pilot-Morello Weight Bench Set
Pilot-Sweat is Fat Crying
Pilot-Battle Ropes
Pilot-Pilates Mat Rack
Pilot-Stability Ball Rack
Pilot-Medicine Ball Rack
Bag:Hxnor- Premier Duffle Bag
Kalopsia-Kali’s Yoga Ball and Weights
TA-Fitness Weights and Water