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HAT – [ BAD UNICORN ] – Clif Beanie

COLLAR – [ MOSSU ] – Lust Choker

TOP – [ ETHAM @ MEN ONLY MONTHLY ] – Julius Tank

[ This round of MOM ends 15th October 2017 Etham Mainstore ]

SHORTS & LEGGINGS – [ VALE KOER @ TMD ] – Hyperbeast Shorts

[ This round of TMD ends 30th September 2017 Vale Koer Mainstore ]

Focus, Strength and Faith

Hair - Modulus - Caesar Hair Reds
Hairbase - Unorthodox Bonez Hairbase ginger/blonde 
Eyebrows - IDTTY Faces - Messy Eyebrows
Beard - IDTTY Faces - Alpha Beard [SCAR] @ManCave
Tattoo - .Identity. Body Shop - Remember
Forever @Hipster Men Event
[Bad Unicorn] Drinks Bottle 'Fight Night'
[Bad Unicorn] Black 'Fight Night' Mouth Guard
[Bad Unicorn] Black 'Fight Night' Boxing Glove (LEFT)(RIGHT)

SAYO - Artists Loft Skybox @FaMESHed
[Bad Unicorn] Boxing Ring 'Fight Night' RARE
[Bad Unicorn] Lockers 'Fight Night'
[Bad Unicorn] Speed Bag 'Fight Night'

Gallant Productions – Bad Unicorn Gacha

Gallant Productions - Bad Unicorn

Gallant Productions releases its latest video featuring the Bad Unicorn gacha.

Want to see more of Gallant Productions?  Check out the Youtube! 

OUT NOW!! Fight Night Gacha.

Only @ Bad Unicorn!  

The following items are animated:
- Bench Press
- Dumbbells
- Lockers
- Speed Bag
- Treadmill

Training Day

Tʀᴀɪɴɪɴɢ  Dᴀʏ

The best way to beat stress is a good ole fashion workout! Taking my frustration out in the ring is what helps me find myself in a better place mentally so I can face another day with a positive outlook. That's why the "Fight Night" collaboration with Animosity and Bad Unicorn, paired with this workout fit from PBM is PERFECT for me because I get to do what I love in real life on Secondlife as well because let's face it, even SL can become quite challenging sometimes!

Armani Torelli

Tank: PBM - [Cut Tank]
Pants: PBM - [Running Tights]
Shoes: [VALE KOER] - Deadstock Trainers
Du-rag: REVEAL. - Du-rag Headscarf
Water bottle + Boxing Gloves: [Bad Unicorn] - 'Fight Night' Gacha
Poses: Animosity - Tyson Pose Pack - #3
Animosity - Steve Pose Pack - #1 (Slightly Modified)

Other Notable Items

Scene: anxiety - Heathen2
Gym Setup: [Bad Unicorn] - 'Fight Night' Gacha

All the Devils are Here





“Life is like a boxing match. Defeat is not declared when you fall, but when you refuse to stand up again”


  • Hat/hair: Stealthic @ TMD – Pyscho
  • Shirt: Thirst – Crop Top – Jersey
  • Shorts: Dufaux – Jogger Shorts
  • Boxing Gloves: Bad Unicorn – Fight Night – Black Boxing Gloves (gacha)
  • Pose: Stakey – TKO


  • Punching Bag: Bad Unicorn – Fight Night – Punching Bag (gacha)
  • Boxing Ring: Bad Unicorn – Fight Night – Boxing Ring (RARE gacha)
  • Posters: Come Soon – Part of the Corner scene set


546 : 0822


Hair : [taketomi] : Kano Fatpack
Blindfold : .Quirky. : Blind Sided @The Mens Dept
Shirt : //Ascend// : Eric Bow tie Shirt @The Mens Dept
Jacket : [monso] : My Tied Up Jacket - Red
Pants : SORGO : PRIMA jeans / BLACK
Accessories : -NOeditiON- : DwellerWatch (Silver), FortuneBracelet (Silver) @The Mens Dept

-- Decor --

10T&Co. : THEDOPESTATION Gacha - 8.Train Home Green
[Bad Unicorn] : Covered Snooker Table @The Mens Dept
[Bad Unicorn] : Covered Snooker Chair (Orange, Blue, Black, Green) @The Mens Dept
[Bad Unicorn] : Shoreditch Startup Desk Stuff
[Bad Unicorn] : Shoreditch Startup Speaker
[Bad Unicorn] : Shore Startup Sign 5 (FATPACK ONLY)
[Bad Unicorn] : Shoreditch Startup Shelf
O.M.E.N : Ragdolls - Sleeping
BALACLAVA!! : Paperbacks (Group Gift)
THOR : Motivational Moleskin
THOR : Pen Holder
Tartessos Arts : Concept Wallet
Apple Fall : 'Lucky Numbers' Cigarettes & Tray
Artisan Fantasy : Inn Reception Gacha - Inn Parcels
SAYO : Vizcaya Garden Party Set - Streamers

Smoke Break


Joggers:Mgmen-May Joggers
Socks:Fakeicon-Basal Socks
Vale Koer-City Sock Trainers @ Uber


Pose:Imitation-Sensei 3

Soy + Toro: Neon Night Skybox
Soy + Toro: Neon Sign Chinese
Soy + Toro: Neon Sign Karaoke
Soy + Toro: Neon Sign Ring Ring House
Soy + Toro: Old Foldable Table
Soy + Toro: Unplugged Fan
Soy + Toro: Water Bamboo
Bad Unicorn x Birch: Mary Janes Gacha
Bad Unicorn x Birch : Ashtray
Bad Unicorn x Birch: Joint Box
Bad Unicorn x Birch: Lisp Light
Bad Unicorn x Birch: iDOOB Phone
Half Deer:Fast Food Clutter
NO13: Pipe Chair Brown
Bamse:The Boss Pistol

Dozed Off


Jacket: Benjaminz– Swain
Skin: Straydog- Quan @ Ultra

Bad Unicorn:Shore Startup Fatpack @TMD
Bad Unicorn: Desk
Bad Unicorn: Desk Stuff
Bad Unicorn:Shelf
Bad Unicorn:Speaker

Sorgo Geek Gacha Items
Sorgo: External Disk
Sorgo: Cigarette Pack
Sorgo: MagsPile

Sorgo Random Set Gacha Items
Sorgo:Wireless Headphones
Sorgo:Potato Chips Bowl

Sorgo Daily Set Gacha Items
Sorgo:Leather Wallet
Sorgo:Lucky Keys
Sorgo:Badges and Coins

Sorgo Novelist Set Gacha Items
Sorgo: Ashtray
Sorgo: Coffee cups Rare
Sorgo: notebook
Sorgo: Paperballs
Sorgo:PaperStack Rare

Le Primitif Gacha Items
Lep: A Fan
Lep:Deks Lamp
Lep: REvolver Pen Holder

Once a man has seen society’s black underbelly, he can never turn his back on it. Never pretend, like you do, that it doesn’t exist.

NOSE/ RUT Nose Bandage (Human)
MASK/ [Bad Unicorn] JPN Surgical Face Mask V2

PANTS/ HIEMAL Sebastian Sweatpants & socks /NEW! @TMD!