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gizzanov20173_001_blogThrough the curse of life when the moment is perfect… shit happens

  • TOP: GIZ SEORN – Rick Coat Cashmere [New Release]
  • PANTS: GIZ SEORN – Rick Denim Pants with boots [New Release]
  • HAIR: Bad Hair Day – Rahma @MOM
  • POSE: RK – David @MOM
  • COUCH: Nutmeg Chesterfield Sofa
  • TABLE: Aria – Diedra Coffe Table
  • WINE: Kunst – Wine Bottle Holder [Gacha Item]
  • PIANO: Apple Fall – Dolly Piano [Gacha Item]


How Was Your Day?

plb 327.png

HAIR – Doux – Cooper

SHIRT / BOWTIE – Ascend – Eric Shirt / Bow Tie – TMD

PANTS – Deadwool – Broberry Jeans – Black

SINK – David Heather – His Sink – Epiphany

TUB – David Heather – His Bathtub – Epiphany

DINO PLANT – David Heather – Dinosaur Planter – Epiphany

STOOL – David Heather – Bathroom Stool – Epiphany

TISSUE – David Heather – Bathroom Accessories – Epiphany

HAMPER – David Heather – Hamper – Epiphany

GROOMING KIT – David Heather – Grooming Stuff – Epiphany

TRAY – David Heather – Bathroom Dish – Epiphany

COLOGNE – David Heather – Cologne Set – Epiphany

SHELF – David Heather – Metrosexual Shelf – Epiphany

CEILING LAMP – David Heather – His Chandelier – Epiphany

BUST – 22769 – Caesar Bust on Pillar – Epiphany

STRING LIGHTS – 22769 – Light Curtain – Epiphany

DOG – Jian – Pupper Parlor – Wanderer Yorkie – Epiphany

PLANT – Maru Kado – Ikebana Lotus – White

SHOES – Not so Bad – Dario Shoes – TMD

OTTOMAN – Aria & The Loft – Phelan Pouf – Gray

RUG – Sayo  – Vice City Gacha – Biscayne Area Rug 01

LUKA’S VIEW – Style Me Rotten




Stand: oyasumi / lifeguard tower / dark
Towels: ARIA - Dominique Towel Hanger
Sign: floorplan. lifeguard sign
Shoes: Kalopsia - Polly's Flip Flop
Rug: Kalopsia - Polly's Stripes Rug
Lotion: Second Spaces - beach day - dark tan

Other Notable Items: 

Hair: Stealthic - Reach
Skin: Stray Dog - Belleza Body
Swimsuit: Noche - Christian Trunks
Binoculars: AITUI - Wanderlust Binoculars - Blue
Radio: Seven Emporium - RX9-1000 Boombox Keyboard
Lifeguard Items:[aR] - Lifeguard Equipment:
- Rescue Can
- Lifeguard Bag
- Binoculars
- Whistle
- Megaphone
- Cell Phone
- Lifeguard Bottle
Pose: Del May - Fidget (Modded)

Flying Memories

•Scene Deco•
HOUSE. Serenity Style- My Dream-House RARE Trés Chic (June 17th) [New Release!!]
CLOTHELINE. Serenity Style- My Dream- Clotheline Trés Chic (June 17th) [New Release!!]
TREE. Serenity Style- My Dream- Tree Trés Chic (June 17th) [New Release!!]
FRUIT BOWL. Serenity Style- My Dream- Fruits TrayTrés Chic (June 17th) [New Release!!]
JUICE. Serenity Style- My Dream-Orange Juice Glass Trés Chic (June 17th) [New Release!!]
BRIDGE. CHEZ MOI Enchanted Bridge (PG) Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
FLOOR ROCKS. CHEZ MOI Enchanted Floor Sign Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
TABLE. ARIA - Margaret  Dining Table Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
FRUIT BOWL. ARIA - Margaret  Decorative Fruit Bowl Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
VASE. ARIA - Margaret  Vase With Eucaliptus Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
TEA CUP. ARIA - Margaret Decorative Tea Cup Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
TABLE RUNNER. ARIA - Margaret Table Runner Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
A STOOL. ARIA - Margaret  Log Stool A Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
B STOOL. ARIA - Margaret  Log Stool B Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [Exclusive!!]
SHOWER. Soy. Outdoor Shower Knot & Co.- Summer 2017 (June 24th) [New Release!!]
TILES. Soy. Stepping Tiles Knot & Co.- Summer 2017 (June 24th) [New Release!!]
FLIP-FLOPS. Soy. Flip-Flops Knot & Co.- Summer 2017 (June 24th) [New Release!!]
WRITER. [ kunst ] - Typewriter qwerty & kPad II ULTRA RARE Shiny Shabby - June 20th [New Release!!]

•Other Items•

CAT. (fd) Cat - 05 Curled On Back
WILD GRASS. Studio Skye - Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive

Flamingo Splash!

• I'm Wearing •
HEAD SKIN. Stray Dog Diego - Tone 04 Tropical Summer 2017 [New Release!!]
BODY SKIN. Stray Dog Gianni Skin - Tone 04
HAT.  ::K:: Bucket Hat [New Release!!]
SHIRT.  ::K:: Boat Neck Shirt Homme SIGNATURE STR-Saxblue [New Release!!]
SHORTS.  ::K:: Denim Shorts Homme SIGNATURE [New Release!!]
SANDALS. Noedition Spartan Sandals v.1 Signature Black TMD - June 5th  [New Release!!]
NECKLACE. Kunst Rusty Cross necklace (M) Uber - May 25th [New Release!!]
POSE. RK Poses Fearless 3
•Scene Deco•
POOL. Soy My Poolside House [Platform] C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
POOL RING. Soy ring C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
SIMPLE CABIN. Kalopsia June's Cabin C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
TOWEL CABIN. Kalopsia June's Cabin with Towels C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
CHAIR. Kalopsia June's Deck Chair C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
CHAIR WITH PILLOW. Kalopsia June's Deck Chair with Pillow C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
RETRO STAR THICK. Floorplan retro star marquee (thick) C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
RETRO STAR THIN. Floorplan retro star marquee (thin) C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]

WANT ME NEON. Floorplan neon want me K9 - June 15th [New Release!!]
TOUCH ME NEON. Floorplan neon touch me K9 - June 15th [New Release!!]
KEEP ME NEON. Floorplan neon keep me K9 - June 15th [New Release!!]

BICYCLE. Brocante beach cruiser gacha / teal Arcade - June 1st [New Release!!]

BEACH BAG. Serenity Style Alex Summer Vintage Bag TLC - June 7th [New Release!!]
SODA BOTTLE. Serenity Style Alex Summer Vintage Soda Bottle TLC - June 7th [New Release!!]
VINYL RECORDER. Ariskea  [Record50] Vinyl Record [Turquoise] TLC - June 7th [New Release!!]

•Other Items•
LEMONADE TRAY. [ARIA] Martina decorative lemonade tray
FLAMINGO BAG. Kalopsia Lilo's Beach Bag - Flamingo
FLAMINGO FAN. Kalopsia Lilo's Flamingo Fan
PINEAPPLE LANTERN. Kalopsia Lilo's Pineapple Lantern
FLAMINGO PILLOW. Kalopsia Lilo's Pillow - Flamingo
CACTUS PILLOW. Kalopsia Lilo's Pillow - Cactus
PINEAPPLE PILLOW. Kalopsia- Lilo's Pillow - Pineapple
PINEAPPLE RUG. Kalopsia- Lilo's Rug - Pineapple
PALM LAMP. Kalopsia Blossom's Lamp
PALM PLANT. Apple Fall Huge Fan Palm

Backyard Party

It’s summertime so that means outdoor parties and lounging. Perfect to do with the new poolside home from Soy.

  • House, pool, & patio: Soy @ C88 – My Poolside House
  • Table & chairs & parasol: Apple Fall @ Fameshed – Chester Outdoor Dining Set (table and parasol separate)
  • Table plant: ARIA @ Deco(c)rate June – Margaret Set – Vase with Eucaliptus
  • Light poles: DRD – Garden Party – Light Poles (gacha)
  • Beer barrow: DRD – Garden Party – Drink Barrow (gacha)
  • Bar: DRD – Garden Party – Beer Bar (gacha)
  • Stage: DRD – Garden Party – Stage (gacha)
  • Sign: DRD – Garden Party – Which Way Sign (gacha)
  • Ground table and pillows: DRD – Garden Party – Ground table
  • Fireplace: Apple Fall @ Fameshed – Hampton Outdoor Fireplace
  • Potted Plant: Ariskea – Mocorra Tree Plant
  • Water lilies: Ariskea @ Arcade – Namaste – Water Lily Lotus (gacha)
  • Ivy: EliBaily – Ivy
  • Cooler dog: JIAN – Beach Corgis – Drink Cooler (RARE gacha)


I Adore You

I Aᴅᴏʀᴇ Yᴏᴜ ❥

Armani Torelli:
Skin: Stray Dog - Roman
Tank: sugarPop - Graphic Tank - Adore
Jock: NOCHE - Bryan Jockstrap - White
Shoes: !! - Fog Military - Pink
Socks: ::Envious:: - Nicki Knee Stockings - Pink

Other Notable Items:
Scene: algorithm - build with lighting
Cactus: Soy. - Sandbag Cuctas
Plant set: The Loft & ARIA - Attwell Potted Agave
Neon Sign: floorplan.- neon hit it 

Bathroom Retreat

It’s the end of the month so a lot of events are coming to an end. One of those events is the Arcade. So make sure you drop by and try your gacha luck before it closes!

  • Bathtub: DRD @ Shiny Shabby – Rustic Bathroom – Bathtub
  • Toilet: DRD @ Shiny Shabby – Rustic Bathroom – Toilet
  • Sink:  DRD @ Shiny Shabby – Rustic Bathroom – Sink
  • Shelf:  DRD @ Shiny Shabby – Rustic Bathroom – Shelf
  • Bookshelf: DRD – Boho Princess – Bookshelf
  • Gate: DRD @ TLC – Rustic Garden – Gate
  • Flower ladder: DRD @ TLC – Rustic Garden – Decor – Step Display
  • Sign: DRD @ TLC – Rustic Garden – Sign – Keep Out
  • Book Pile: DRD – Boho Princess – Book Clutter
  • Blanket Pile: DRD – Boho Princess – Blankets
  • Rug: DRD – Boho Princess – Carpet
  • Lantern: 22769 @ Arcade – Garden Lantern (gacha)
  • Stone Artichoke: 22769 @ Arcade – Garden Artichoke (gacha)
  • Cow Head: 22769 @ Arcade – Faux Cowhead (gacha)
  • Laundry basket: JIAN @ Arcade – Scruffy Shepherds – Laundry Pups (gacha)
  • Lights: C L A Vv @ Arcade – Hibernating Time – Umbrella Chandelier (RARE gacha)
  • Mirror: ARIA @ Arcade – Serendipity Floor Mirror (gacha)
  • Wall plants: Yumyum – Vertical Garden
  • Floor/back wall: 22769 @ Arcade – Colors of Spring – Garden Hideout (heavily modified) (RARE gacha)
  • Build: DRD – Rustic Cabin

Boho Life

I'm Wearing
Unorthodox FWU Hairbase
Bold & Beauty .: Homme :. Keith (Catwa Applier) T6 Skin Fair 2017 [New Release!!]
Bold & Beauty .: Homme :. Signature Gianni Body Skin Fair 2017 [New Release!!]
IDTTY Secret Soul The Liaison Collaborative - March 7th [New Release!!]

 ::K:: Leon Shoulder Jacket Homme Navy The Mens Department - March 5th  [New Release!!]
Ascend Jarvis boot cut Pants - Signature Men Only Monthly - February 20th [New Release!!]
Ascend Jarvis Suspender - Signature Men Only Monthly - February 20th [New Release!!]

Kunst Vintage Cigarette Holder Kustom9 - February 15th [New Release!!]

RK Poses Ash 5

Scene Deco
Merak La Casa Azul Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]
Stockholm&LimaBoho Black Out Curtain #3 Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]
Stockholm&LimaBoho Black Out Curtain #5 Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]
Vagabond Mojave Decal (tintable) Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]
Vagabond Mojave Cacti Pompom Pillows Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]
Vagabond Mojave Pompom Rug Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]
Goose Boho chic hang chair Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]
Aria Palermo Decorative Books Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]
Cheeky Pea Free Spirit Mandala Pouffe Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]
Cheeky Pea Free Spirit Elephant Pouffe Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]
HEXtraordinary Boho Meditation Pillows Deco(c)rate - March 8th [Exclusive!!]

Soy Mug & Donut Set Collabor88 - March 8th [New Release!!]
Soy Sandbag Cuctas Collabor88 - March 8th [New Release!!]

Kunst Boho carpet #1 RARE

Winds Of Change.

plb 295.png

HAIR – Tableau Vivant – Oliver Hair

CARDIGAN – Sallie @ TMD – Today’s Stole & Cardi

PANTS – Gabriel – Stripe Pants – Brown

DANDILIONS – Anc @ TMD – Fluff Of A Dandelion – White

TABLE – RH Design House @ The Arcade – Cafe In The Park – Cafe Table

CHAIRS – RH Design House @ The Arcade – Cafe In The Park – Chair

CAKE – RH Design House @ The  Arcade – Cafe In The Park – Strawberry Cake

LAMP – Aria @ The Arcade – Serendipity Pendant Light

TOPIARY – Apple Fall – Bay Leaf Topiary 3-Tier