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22769 – Mancave Armchair @ Man Cave Event June 2017

22769 – Industrial Sideboard @ Man Cave Event June 2017

22769 – Scooter Lamp @ Man Cave Event June 2017

22769 – Musical Bust @ Man Cave Event June 2017

22769 – A World Of Wood And Steel Wallart @ Man Cave Event June 2017

22769 – Wood Sign – COMMON @ Man Cave Event June 2017

22769 – Wall Plant 2 @ Man Cave Event June 2017

22769 – Vintage Toy Car @ Man Cave Event June 2017

22769 – Tray with Water Bottle @ Man Cave Event June 2017

22769 – Hanging Plant – Style Two @ Man Cave Event June 2017

22769 – Industrial End Table @ Man Cave Event June 2017

Soy. DREAM AQUARIUM – Fish tank @  The Arcade June 2017

Soy. Potted Pothos

.:revival:. canvas bag brown

Apple Fall Martins’ Busker Guitar

Apple Fall Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural

HIDEKI – Vintage Guitar Set RARE

Nutmeg. Vintage Rotary Dial RARE


Flamingo Splash!

• I'm Wearing •
HEAD SKIN. Stray Dog Diego - Tone 04 Tropical Summer 2017 [New Release!!]
BODY SKIN. Stray Dog Gianni Skin - Tone 04
HAT.  ::K:: Bucket Hat [New Release!!]
SHIRT.  ::K:: Boat Neck Shirt Homme SIGNATURE STR-Saxblue [New Release!!]
SHORTS.  ::K:: Denim Shorts Homme SIGNATURE [New Release!!]
SANDALS. Noedition Spartan Sandals v.1 Signature Black TMD - June 5th  [New Release!!]
NECKLACE. Kunst Rusty Cross necklace (M) Uber - May 25th [New Release!!]
POSE. RK Poses Fearless 3
•Scene Deco•
POOL. Soy My Poolside House [Platform] C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
POOL RING. Soy ring C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
SIMPLE CABIN. Kalopsia June's Cabin C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
TOWEL CABIN. Kalopsia June's Cabin with Towels C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
CHAIR. Kalopsia June's Deck Chair C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
CHAIR WITH PILLOW. Kalopsia June's Deck Chair with Pillow C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
RETRO STAR THICK. Floorplan retro star marquee (thick) C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]
RETRO STAR THIN. Floorplan retro star marquee (thin) C88 - June 8th [New Release!!]

WANT ME NEON. Floorplan neon want me K9 - June 15th [New Release!!]
TOUCH ME NEON. Floorplan neon touch me K9 - June 15th [New Release!!]
KEEP ME NEON. Floorplan neon keep me K9 - June 15th [New Release!!]

BICYCLE. Brocante beach cruiser gacha / teal Arcade - June 1st [New Release!!]

BEACH BAG. Serenity Style Alex Summer Vintage Bag TLC - June 7th [New Release!!]
SODA BOTTLE. Serenity Style Alex Summer Vintage Soda Bottle TLC - June 7th [New Release!!]
VINYL RECORDER. Ariskea  [Record50] Vinyl Record [Turquoise] TLC - June 7th [New Release!!]

•Other Items•
LEMONADE TRAY. [ARIA] Martina decorative lemonade tray
FLAMINGO BAG. Kalopsia Lilo's Beach Bag - Flamingo
FLAMINGO FAN. Kalopsia Lilo's Flamingo Fan
PINEAPPLE LANTERN. Kalopsia Lilo's Pineapple Lantern
FLAMINGO PILLOW. Kalopsia Lilo's Pillow - Flamingo
CACTUS PILLOW. Kalopsia Lilo's Pillow - Cactus
PINEAPPLE PILLOW. Kalopsia- Lilo's Pillow - Pineapple
PINEAPPLE RUG. Kalopsia- Lilo's Rug - Pineapple
PALM LAMP. Kalopsia Blossom's Lamp
PALM PLANT. Apple Fall Huge Fan Palm

Hidden Sanctuary

Hɪᴅᴅᴇɴ Sᴀɴᴄᴛᴜᴀʀʏ

Sometimes in life when things get too tough we wish we got that one special place we can go to where nothing and no one can bother us. A place where we can go to forgot all our troubles where stress don't follow nor exist even if it's just for a few hours. Fortunately for most of us Secondlife is like our escape from reality where we can come to be whoever or be wherever we like. It's a place where we can get away from all the stuff we face daily in real life by either chilling by ourselves doing what we love or connecting with the amazing people we meet on here. This is my take on a "perfect escape" hidden by mother nature herself.

House: Mushilu - Watter Wheel (@We <3 Role-Play)
Well: Mushilu - Water Well (@We <3 Role-Play)
Wall Ivy: "Moon_Sha" - Wall Ivy (@We <3 Role-Play)
Trees: :: JIAN :: - Hillside Orchard - Apple Tree 
Bushes: *alirium* - Dwarf Forest 
Corn + Sunflower: !! Follow US !! - Autumn Field
Animals: Just Animals - Horse Package
Just Animals - Grey Tabby Cat
Just Animals - Chicken Pack
Just Animals - Black Face Sheep Pack
Just Animals - Young Goat Pack
:: JIAN :: - Southern Shelties - 8. Sleeping Sheltie
HHVET - Stable Prop W/Barn Cat
Hay: Botanical - Round Hay Bale
Waterfall: Luna Bliss - Rainforest Beauty Falls
Deer Skull: Apple Fall - Deer Skull
Milk Bottles: Apple Fall - Ceramic Bottles

Backyard Party

It’s summertime so that means outdoor parties and lounging. Perfect to do with the new poolside home from Soy.

  • House, pool, & patio: Soy @ C88 – My Poolside House
  • Table & chairs & parasol: Apple Fall @ Fameshed – Chester Outdoor Dining Set (table and parasol separate)
  • Table plant: ARIA @ Deco(c)rate June – Margaret Set – Vase with Eucaliptus
  • Light poles: DRD – Garden Party – Light Poles (gacha)
  • Beer barrow: DRD – Garden Party – Drink Barrow (gacha)
  • Bar: DRD – Garden Party – Beer Bar (gacha)
  • Stage: DRD – Garden Party – Stage (gacha)
  • Sign: DRD – Garden Party – Which Way Sign (gacha)
  • Ground table and pillows: DRD – Garden Party – Ground table
  • Fireplace: Apple Fall @ Fameshed – Hampton Outdoor Fireplace
  • Potted Plant: Ariskea – Mocorra Tree Plant
  • Water lilies: Ariskea @ Arcade – Namaste – Water Lily Lotus (gacha)
  • Ivy: EliBaily – Ivy
  • Cooler dog: JIAN – Beach Corgis – Drink Cooler (RARE gacha)


‘… thusly, they said ‘

'... thusly, they said '

Hair: DOUX - Cornelis Hairstyle Shaved
Hairbase: L'Etre - Sided hairbase [Dark]

Shirt: kalback - Casual Shirt M2 (NEW)
Jeans: kalback - Original Jeans

Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Bracelet #1/ studs (gacha #4) @ The Arcade
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Bracelet #1 (gacha #7) @ The Arcade
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Bracelet #3 (gacha #10)
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Bracelet #3 (gacha #11) @ The Arcade
Necklace: [ kunst ] - Leather Necklace (gacha #3) @ The Arcade
Ring: [ kunst ] - Axis ring


Hair: DOUX - Sofia hairstyle [Brunettes] (NEW)
Outfit: Blueberry - Cutieberry - Cardigan Set


Dog: O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Dream Pup - RARE


Books: Apple Fall - Books B
Books: {vespertine} - lifestyle books
Pillow: 22769 -  Pillow Pile
Plant: BAZAR - Berlin-Plant 1
Player: Ariskea - Record50] Vinyl Record @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Sofa: Nutmeg. - Chesterfield Sofa Brown

Structure: ::no13:: Rainy day Reykjavik

Pose: RK Poses. - A thousand years (slightly modified)

Now playing: You Will Find Me by Alex & Sierra

When’s Brunch?

Wʜᴇɴ's Bʀᴜɴᴄʜ?

Structure: SAYO - Gardenia Greenhouse (@FaMESHed)
Fireplace: Apple Fall - Hampton Outdoor Fireplace (@FaMESHed)
Patio Set + Coffee Tray + Vase: Di'Cor - Mary Patio Set (@FaMESHed)
Plants: Dust Bunny - Natural Habitat (@Collabor88)
{what next} - Wall Hanging Plants
Apple Fall  - Design a Planter
Apple Fall - Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums
Curtains + Candle Stand + Bird Cage + Wall Hangings: Vagabond & Kalopsia - Pearl's Lace Set
Statues: Apple Fall  - Horse Bust Fragment
Apple Fall  - Stone Artichoke - Lichen
Small Table: Apple Fall  - Pearl End Table
Mirror: The Loft & ARIA -  Beckett Mirror
Rug: junk. - zebra rug.
Plate Settings: Apple Fall  - Pumpkin Place Setting
Chandelier: Apple Fall  - Pearl Chandelier
Lights: {vespertine} - Outdoor Bulb Lights (@Collabor88)

Moon Light Picnic.

plb 313.png

HAIR – Doux – Cooper

HOODIE – Sleepy Eddy – Zip Up Hoodie – Gray – TMD

PANTS – Blankline – Ripped Jeans – White – TMD

FIREPLACE – Apple Fall –  Hampton Outdoor Fireplace – Fameshed

TABLE  – Apple Fall –  Chester Outdoor Dining Table – Fameshed

CHAIRS – Apple Fall – Chester Outdoor Dining Chair – Fameshed

UMBRELLA – Apple Fall – Summer Parasol – Fameshed

LIGHTS – HPMD – Lamp Bottles

BASKET – O.M.E.N – Dog Park Day – 7 – Basket O’ Goodies

Look at Me

• Morsch's Wearing •
HEAD SKIN. STRAY DOG - VONDA - TONE 01 w/o BROWS TMD (June 5th)  [New Release!!]
BODY SKIN. Stray Dog - Gianni Skin - TONE 01 TMD (June 5th)  [New Release!!]
SHIRT. //Ascend// Ron Kurta Shirt - Signature TMD (June 5th)  [New Release!!]
JEANS. BlankLine Ripped pants [D-Denim]-Gianni v1.5 TMD (June 5th)  [New Release!!]
LONG NECKLACE. [ kunst ] - Thor's Hammer necklace -A- (M) TMD (June 5th)  [New Release!!]
SHORT NECKLACE. [ kunst ] - Thor's Hammer necklace -B- (M) TMD (June 5th)  [New Release!!]
BRACELETS. .11 [ kunst ] - Bracelet #3 (Right) Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
PUPPY. JIAN Playful Pibbles 16. Walkies Plz (Modified) Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]

• Other Items •
HAIR. [BURLEY] - Gabriel (Unrigged;MultiStyler) [New Release!!]
GLASSES. [ MUDSKIN ]_Forever Young Glasses # 2(Plain)
POSE. RK Poses - Jordan 5
• Scene Deco •
HOUSE. SAYO - Gardenia Greenhouse Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
FIREPLACE. Apple Fall Hampton Outdoor Fireplace Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
WOOD CHAIR. Apple Fall Chester Outdoor Dining Chair Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
VINE 1. CR Vine Kit 1 Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
VINE 2. CR Vine Kit 2 Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
VINE 3. CR Vine Kit 3 Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
VINE 4. CR Vine Kit 8 Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
VINE 5. CR Vine Kit 9 Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
VINE 6. CR Vine Kit 10 Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
VINE 7. CR Vine Kit 27 Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
SHEEP 1. JIAN Sheep Collection :: (Static - Baahh) Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
SHEEP 2. JIAN Sheep Collection :: (Static - Graze) Fameshed (June 1st) [New Release!!]
SLEEPING PUPPY. JIAN Playful Pibbles 18. Food Coma (Modified) Arcade (June 1st) [New Release!!]
LIGHT. :CP: Kaye Pendant Light Deco(c)rate - May 8th [Exclusive!!]
CHAIR. :CP: Kaye Dining Chair Deco(c)rate - May 8th [Exclusive!!]
TABLE VASE. :CP: Kaye Vase Branches Deco(c)rate - May 8th [Exclusive!!]
TABLE. :CP: Kaye Dining Table Deco(c)rate - May 8th [Exclusive!!]
RUG. Kalopsia - Dahlia's Rug C88 (May 8th) [New Release!!]
DISHES PILE. Serenity Style- Home Stuffs Pile of Dishes Shiny Shabby - May 20th [New Release!!]
TEAPOT. Serenity Style- Home Stuffs Teapot Shiny Shabby - May 20th [New Release!!]
BUCKET CUSHIONS. Serenity Style- Home Stuffs Cushions Bucket Shiny Shabby - May 20th [New Release!!]

• Other Items •
PLANT. Soy. Potted Pothos [Lsize]
PUNCAKES. [ zerkalo ] Yammies - Chocolate Puncackes - Rare
CROISSANT. [ zerkalo ] Yammies - Croissant & Jam
TEA VASE. [ zerkalo ] Sweet Tea - Vase Dark
TRAY. [ zerkalo ] Sweet Tea - Tray Light
TEA CUP. [ zerkalo ] Sweet Tea - Cup of Happiness
NAPKIN. [ zerkalo ] Yammies - Napkin
CAT. (fd) Cat - 05 Curled On Back

Lanvender Dream

• Morsch's Wearing •
HEAD SKIN. Clef de Peau.Tyson T9 [CATWA] [New Release!!]
BODY SKIN. Clef de Peau. Body Tight T9 [OMEGA] [New Release!!]
SHIRT. -NU- Ibiza Shirt Stripes [New Release!!]

PANTS. //Ascend// Jack Cargo Pants - Slink [New Release!!]
SUSPENDERS. //Ascend// Jack Suspender - Slink [New Release!!]

PIPE. [ kunst ] - Threaded Pipe RARE [New Release!!]
NECKLACE. [ kunst ] - Leather Necklace [New Release!!]
BRACELET 1. [ kunst ] - Bracelet #1 (Right) [New Release!!]
BRACELET 2. [ kunst ] - Bracelet #2 (Right) [New Release!!]
BRACELET 3. [ kunst ] - Bracelet #3 (Right) [New Release!!]

[Other Items]
HAIR. DOUX - Cooper Hairstyle [Unrigged] [New Release!!]
POSE. [3M]***_chair6_1_mirror
• Scene Deco •
ROOM. :CP: Iota Outdoor Room Decorated [New Release!!]
RUG. :CP: Iota Rug [New Release!!]
CHAIR. :CP: Iota Hanging Chair [New Release!!]

[Shiny Shabby]
CANOPY. [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Gold Veil Canopy [New Release!!]
FLOWER VASES. [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Flower Vases [New Release!!]
TABLE. [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Side Table [New Release!!]
PLANK RUG. [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Plank Rug [New Release!!]
WATER JUGS. [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Water Jugs [New Release!!]
BATHTUB. [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Silver Bathtub - Adult (MODIFIED) [New Release!!]
WATERING CAN. Nutmeg. Watering Can#1 [New Release!!]
VASE 1. Nutmeg. Distressed clay vase#1 - White Rust [New Release!!]
VASE 2. Nutmeg. Distressed clay vase#2 - White Rust [New Release!!]
VASE 3. Nutmeg. Distressed clay vase#3 - White Rust [New Release!!]

[Other Items]
AROMATHERAPY. {vespertine} -  aromatherapy
BATHTUB TRAY. {vespertine} - beautify tray.
TOWELS. {vespertine}- towels & pink sleepymask.
BATH CADDY. {vespertine} - bath caddy linked /whitewood
BASKET. {vespertine} - pampering basket. (MODIFIED)
SHOES. Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
PALM PLANT. Apple Fall Huge Fan Palm

The Games We Play

The playable life-size Apple Fall chess set is now available at the mainstore!

Male (right)

Female (left)

Pose: Del May – Yin Yang

Chess Set: Apple Fall – Garden Chess Set