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E.GO – Downtown


Cap: Beusame // 12’O Clock Cap [TMD]

Beard: Beusame // Beard V67 [Man Cave]

Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Live Once

Tank: ExalteD – Skinny Tank [MOM]

Towel: .Blankline. towel_neck_[Black] Past gacha

Shorts: ExalteD – Sweat Shorts [MOM]

Ring: EVEREST Malta NEW!


Pose: Animosity – Benji


E.GO – Believer

Hair: DOUX – Satu hairstyle [The Men Jail]

Glasses: :::NOIR::: Epic Glasses [Man Cave]

Ears: :::NOIR::: Grumpy Cat – White [Winter Trend]

Cardigan: :::Breath:::LJPBP [MOM]

Pants: *KOM – Varenne pants [HME]

Gloves: ::GB::fingers less knit gloves *Past gacha*


Pose: RK Poses. Jacob [HME]




dust bunny . winter decor . lighted rabbit standing [Tannenbaum]

dust bunny . winter decor . lighted male deer[Tannenbaum]

dust bunny . present pile

E.GO – Be Easy

Hair: Modulus – Alex Hair [TMD]

Outfit: Caboodle [TMD]

Caboodle – Face Cover – White

Caboodle – Cozy Sweater – Blue Argyle

Caboodle – Cozy Joggers – Blue


Gloves: //Ascend// Trevor Bento Gloves



Scene: [Bad Unicorn] Hype-R Gamer Set [TMD]

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Blockz’ HYPE-R ARCADE MACHINE

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Blue’ HYPE-R GAMING CHAIR

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Red’ HYPE-R GAMING CHAIR

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Black’ HYPE-R GAMING TABLE

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Try-Hard’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Noob’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Lag’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES


Jessy Version

Bonnie Version



Hat: :::NOIR::: Bohemian Hat [TMD]

Suit: BlankLine Gang Gacha [MOM]

Pose: RK Poses – Faded Fantasy [Kinky]

Scene: /anxiety/ puddin



E.GO – The Sound of Silence

Hair: LOCK&TUFT – Oscar Hair [Shiny Shabby]

Skin: Stray Dog Damien [District 20]

Collar: Kunst – Sean Necklace [TMD]

Fur Coat: ::GB:: Fur hoodie [Shiny Shabby]


Location > Winter at The Mill

E.GO – Wolf

Hair: [BAD HAIR DAY] – Lueur

Eyes: –SU!– Delora Eyes Blind Blodshot Collection RARE

Makeup: .Shi : Ayin [Remnant Dark Days]

Mask: [CX] Mara’s Bind [Kustom9]

Body Strap: ::GB:: Body strap [Remnant Dark Days]

Choker: [CX] Heretic’s Toy

Arm bands: [CX] Spiked Fury – Bloody Black Spiked

Right hand: CURELESS[+] Anointed Hands / BLACK [Remnant Dark Days]

Left Hand: [CX] Hook Hand Corroded

Nails: [CX] Salient Talons – Silver

Tail: [CX] XenoTail ( Silver ) v.1.3

Pants: [Gild] skinny pants [HME]

Boots: [Gild] Short boots [MOM]

Scene: [Isuka] make it stop backdrop

E.GO – Strip that down

On Khronoz

Hair base: L’Etre – Xoan hairbase [LIGHT PACK] NEW!

Skin: Stray Dog DAMIEN [District 20]

Brief: DUFAUX – sporty brief [Man Cave]

Bracelet: Kenvie – Lion Bracelet [TMD]

Glove: //Ascend// Trevor Bento Glove [Man Cave]

Pose: Nutmeg&RK Poses. ReKa Bathtub [Shiny Shabby]

Decor [Kustom9]

:HAIKEI: Daylight Goodbye_Gacha / {1}

:HAIKEI: Daylight Goodbye_Gacha / {2}

:HAIKEI: Daylight Goodbye_Gacha / {3}

:HAIKEI: Daylight Goodbye_Gacha / {5}

:HAIKEI: Daylight Goodbye_Gacha / {6}

Scene: [Bad Unicorn] Content Container [Deco(c)rate]


On Jessy



E.GO – Lights down low


Cap: Beusame // Strapback Velvet Cap [TMD]

Beard: Beusame // Beard V58 Noir [TMD]

Tattoo: DAPPA – Lost Boys Tattoo. [MOM]

Briefs: ::GB:: Loose Boxer briefs (Signature) Black [Kinky]

Pants: :::Breath:::2017 style change pants(BLACK) [Romp]

Pose: ::SenseS:: Couple 161 [Chapter Four]

Scene: FAKEICON / T-o love hotel gacha /[6 Republic]



E.GO – Muy personal

Hair: lock&tuft – frosk [MOM]

Outfit: GIZ SEORN – Rick [TMD]

Pose: The Owl. Help Me Lose My Mind

On her

Visit her blog <<HERE>>

E.GO – Plain sight


Hair: Volthair. Felix hair V2 [Man Cave]

Eyes: L’Etre – Real Eyes [#68] NEW!

Beard: Beusame // Beard V59 Noir [TMD]

Outfit: VINCENT Shirt&Waistcoat & DEAN Chinos [MOM]

Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Hallelujah Tattoo [Man Cave]

Pose: Ana Poses – Prague [HME]

Backdrop: SAYO – Secret Room Scene [C88]