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Makers of Mischief.

plb 341.png

HAIR – Barber Shop – David – MOM

SHIRT – Mr.Poet – Pleated Poet Shirt – Gray

FUR – Gabriel – Fur Stole – Black

CLOAK – Breath – Ragged Clothing

PANTS / BOOTS – Gabriel – Cross Strap Boots & Pants – Black – The Epiphany

CUMMERBUND – Gabriel – Cummberbund – Black – The Epiphany 

CANE – HT – Walking Cane – The Dapper

RATS – Osmia – Sister Of The Moon – Rat Decor -3 Albino – The Epiphany

.            Osmia – Sister Of The Moon – Rat Decor – 2 Albino – The Epiphany

.            Osmia – Sister Of The Moon – Rat Decor  – 1 Albino – The Epiphany

SKULLS – Maru Kado – Skull Plant Pot B02 & BO7

CAT – Jian – Feline Frights – Ghost Companion – The Epiphany

TREE – ContraptioN – The Fallen King – The Season Story

CAULDRONS – DRD – Magick Shoppe – Cauldron Stack

BIRD CAGES – DRD – Spiritualists Shoppe – Hanging Cages – Season Of The Witch

BUILDINGS – DRD –  Spiritualists Shoppe – Season Of The Witch

.                       DRD – Magick Shoppe

FLAGS – DDD – Festive Flags

BOOKS – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Stairway to Knowledge

.               GOD – Atelier – Bookpile 1 & 4



Let me satisfy……………

Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT – Coromuel (from Summer Hairplay Gacha) at The Arcade June 2017

Nose Ring: [ MONS ] – Dreamer Septum Ring (Style 4 Black) at mainstore

Wings: CLAVv. – Dragon Wings (Rare from Dragon Warrior Gacha) at The Arcade June 2017

Shawl: CURELESS [+] – Cheshire’s Shawl (White, from Red Queen’s Realm Gacha) at mainstore

Top: [ RIDI-LUDI-FOOL ] – Juban (Men) Type D Black at mainstore

Skirt/Kimono: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Koshi Kimono Kuro(Black) at mainstore

Tattoo: SPEAKEASY – Sleepless Tattoo at Somber Event June – July 2017

Pose: DEL MAY – Daggers Male at mainstore

Scene items:

Hanging decorative downsprout – [[RH]] DESIGN HOUSE – 10.Kusarotoi- rain chain (from Yuukaku Gacha) at The Arcade June 2017

Confetti: ART NAMED CAPERING – a.n.c Confetti (Shiny Shabby Colors, animation blowing) at mainstore

Hut: 8f8 – No Place Of Ours (Autumnal) from Subscription of Deco(C)rate November 2016


noir_001_blogAnd it keeps rolling over my mind…

  • PANTS: [AB] – Mandingo Jeans @MOM
  • SHOES: NOIR – Keith Mocassim @MOM
  • HAIR: Exile – Outsider [New Release]
  • COUCH: Brocante – Bateau Bed
  • TRUNK: Kunst – Vintage Trunk [Gacha Item]
  • FRUIT: 8f8 – Watermelon [Gacha Item]
  • CANDLE: E:L – Bottled Candles
  • POUF: TA – Nomad Pouf
  • BOOKS: zerkalo – Memories Books2
  • RUG: Blue Sky – Summer Rug


Fathers of Time.

plb 304.png

SUIT – Scars – Slim Fit Suit Jacket – Gray

CLOCK HEAD – Disorderly @ The Epiphany – Chaotic Clockwork – Clockhead Male

CLOCK HALO – Disorderly @ The Epiphany – Chaotic Clockwork – Time Spinner Halo

HOUR GLASS IN HAND – Plastik @ The Epiphany – Crow Hourlgass

PILLARS – Plastik @ The Epiphany –  Claw Foot Crystal Holder – Light

COUCH – Nutmeg @ Shiny Shabby –  Chesterfield Sofa Black

BUSTS – Maru Kado – Mannequin Dog, Cat, Sheep – Black

BUILDING – Drot @ Memento Mori – Clean Vacant Room- Skybox

OWL – ContraptioN – Wainwright’s Toys – Messenger Owl – Black

CLOCKS – Amala – Giant Clock

.                Apt B – The Industrial Side – Big Clock

.                Affaire – Dartboard Clock Decor

.                Nomad – Art Deco Industrial – Factory Wall Clock

.                Vagabond – Rusty Old Clock

.                DRD – Mechanical Clock

.                Floorplan – lantern clock – Brass

.                DRD – Gardenhouse Clocks

GRANDFATHER CLOCKS – ContraptioN – Grandfather Clock – Cycle of Sorrow

.                                               Apple Fall – Harrogate Grandfather Clock

.                                               8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Grandfather’s Clock






americanbazar_blogThere’s nobody here to own our own fate…


Jardin de Printemps

Jardin de Printemps

Happy Easter from the Boystown Closet and Gallant Magazine!

Notable Items:

Table: Dust Bunny - Wood Table
Bench: Dust Bunny - Bench
Pillow: Dust Bunny - Belted Pillow
Chair: Dust Bunny - Chair
Centerpiece: Dust Bunny - Pumpkin Centerpiece
Basket: Dust Bunny - Picnic Basket
Teacup: Dust Bunny - Bouquet Teacup
Pie: Dust Bunny - Apple Pie
Teacup: Dust Bunny - Daisy Teacup
Carpet: Anc. - Law Carpet
Plant: Anc. - Lotus Gold
Birds: Anc. - Swallow - Nightblue
Chick: Anc. - Color Little Chick
Teacup: Anc. - Garden Tea
Swan: Anc. - Miniature Swan
Macaron: Anc. - Macaron
Rug: Lisp - Faded Summer Rug
Books: Apt B - Books
Painting: Apple Fall @ Crossroads - Original Artwork Hillside
Teapot: Apple Fall @ Crossroads - Juliette Teapot
Plant: Apple Fall @ Crossroads - Snowdrops in Cloche
Bottles: Apple Fall @ Crossroads - Stoneware Vessels
Teacup: Apple Fall @ Crossroads - Tea Cup Honey
Table Cloth: Apple Fall @ Crossroads - Woven Table Cloth
Chair: Apple Fall - Oxford Wingback Chair
Jug: Apple Fall - Daffodils Jug
Runner: Apple Fall - Throw Runner
Plant: Apple Fall @ The Liaison Collaborative - Leaf Topiary 3-Tier
Plant: Apple Fall @ The Liaison Collaborative - Oxeye Daisy Patch
Planter: Apple Fall @ The Liaison Collaborative - Suare Lead Planter w/ Lion Head
Food: Apple Fall @ Mad Pea’s Food Fair - Macarons on Sketchbook
Food: Apple Fall @ Mad Pea’s Food Fair - Macarons in Box
Fox: Foxes - Whippet
Piglet: Ispachi - Cap’n Oink the Piglet
Chipmunk: Ispachi - Pickles the Chipmunk
Hedgehog: Ispachi - Poley the Hedgehog
Rabbit: Ispachi - Sniffles the Bunny
Mice: Ionic - Mices
Tree: Ionic - Secret Garden
Fountain: Ionic - Fountain
Teacup: Kalopsia - Tea Set
Weasel: Reverie - Watcher - Rose
Teacup: Shabby Chic - Rose in a Cup
Roses: Shabby Chic - Roses in Tin Can
Cupcake: Shabby Chic - Cupcake
Husky: Xin - Kolouk Husky - Cookies
Fox: Jian - Red Fox
Birdcage: Vespertine - Victorian Birdcage
Flowers: Zenith - Bird Cage with Flowers
Fennec: Jian - Fennec
Chandelier: The Loft & Aria - Winslow Weathered Chandelier
Champagne: Aria - Pink Champagne
Scones: Erratic - Plate of Scones
Food: Erratic - High Tea Etagere
Table: (fd) Tree + Table
Platter: (fd) Cupcake Platter
Food: Zenith - Piggy Corns
Food: Zenith - Piggy Breads
Food: Zenith - Basket with Potato & Onion
Basket: Zenith - Piggy Wire Food Storage Basket
Food: Tres Blah - Donuts
Decoration: Tres Blah - Pom Poms
Plant: Cinphul - Lavande
Cake: O.M.E.N - Cinderella’s Wedding Cake
Decoration: Moss & Mink - Wall Deco
Plant: Happy Mood - Shrub
Tree: Happy Mood - Garden Tree
Piano: Morgan Sim Designs - Piano Gardens
Plant: Alirium - Dwarf Forest - Gold
Plant: Alirium - Itchy Grass - Dark Green
Plant: 8f8 - Meadow Tree

Gallant Magazine – Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Notable Items:

Cans: 8f8 - Milk Containers
Bucket: Atelier Visconti - White Roses Bucket
Hot Tub: Abiss - Allure Spa
Grass: Alirium - Itchy Grass Brown
Pier: Apple Fall - Coastal Pier
Fan: Apple Fall - L’Air Frais
Fence: Botanical - Lattice Fence
Shoe Holder: BS - Flip Flop Holder
Rug: Cheeky Pea - Fish Rug
Trellis: Consignment - Trellis
Table: DRD - Pergola Wicker Sidetable
Rug: Dust Bunny - Breaded Rug
Chair: Dust Bunny - Rocking Chair
Plant: Mesh Plants - Hanging Fern
Lantern: Junk - Large Lantern Silver
Plant: Keke - Sacred Lotus in Zinc Basin White
Build: Llorisen - Lil Shotgun Cottage
Fishing Poles: Pilot - Fishing Poles
Swing: Revival - Swing Double
Plant: Skye - Hosta Leaf
Plant: Soy - Potted Plant F
Basket: The Loft - Oriana Towel Basket

Feeling you within my reach………

Having a early morning shooting with my baby…
I love you my baby :*


On Hikaru:

Hair: ARGRACE – Akatsuki at mainstore

Neck Tattoo: HERMONY – A Mother’s Love. Default Layers, Signature Mesh Appliers and now available for Catwa Mesh Head(v1.1 March 28th 2017 – Catwa Appliers added) at Marketplace.

Top: GABRIEL – ::GB:: katahaori , exclusive preview! Available soon in July.

On Marcus:

Hair: TRAM – F1124 Hair at mainstore

Top: GABRIEL – ::GB:: katahaori , exclusive preview! Available soon in July.

Skirt/Kimono: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Koshi Kimono Aka(Red) at Japonica March – April 2017


Items from 8f8 CREATIONS, Serene Sanctuary Gacha available at mainstore
– Koi House RARE
– Wall Fan
– Hanging Scroll
– Artist’s Desk
– Shodo Set
– Sakura Vase

I will still rise even tho its burning………

My one and only pet, a cat, Nouri, passed away on the 17th of March cus of kidney disease…I miss him deeply…below some of the words i said about him….

RIP My baby Nouri.....

This is what really happen…when he was there at the vet..He wasn’t breathing well.

Then the vet feels that he needs an x-ray. During the x-ray session He was struggling cus he is in pain and he starts to breathe heavily and breathless. During the x-ray he struggled and bites his lips, he was bleeding on the table. But the doctor managed to take one snap then rushed him up to the room to give him oxygen.

Then she came down and explains to me what is going on….

She said that…
His entire lung is full of fluid, 80% of it, the body cannot hold on to the fluid and the kidney not functioning anymore. The only thing that the doctor can do is to drain out the fluid from the chest but need to sedate him as he is breathless and hyperventilating. She told me what she intends to do and before they could do the procedure…his heartbeat stop.

They gave him resuscitation asking me if I want to continue
I say no…
Let him go….
He will be in a better place right?
Saw him on the resus table hurts me, cus I don’t want him to suffer anymore…

I was bawling my eyes out….He passed away on 17th March 2017 at 2015 hrs (GMT+8) having kidney failure ….13 days before 1 yr of Mengka’s anniversary…..

This morning I woke up on my seat.. I think I slept on the chair all night , not knowing about it…missing the meowing of him at 4am asking for food or the early morning wake up call….

I miss you Nouri, my furry Son, my baby boy… I do hope you in the cat heaven playing with Mengka right now.. I love you….

This picture I made for him….its 3.22am my time and im not sleeping cus Im thinking of him….



Hair: TABLEAU VIVANT HAIRDRESSING – Windy from Starry Night Gacha from past The Arcade(Dec 2015)

Mesh Head: CATWA – Daniel Bento Mesh Head at mainstore
Mesh Head Applier: TABLEAU VIVANT – Nyx Applier Tone 1 for Catwa Daniel Bento head at mainstore
Mesh Body Applier: TABLEAU VIVANT – Body Applier Tone 1 for The Mesh Project at mainstore

Choker: L’ETRE LES ACCESSOIRES – Punky Choker (Includes 10 leather and 10 metal textures) at mainstore

Shawl: CURELESS [+] – Cheshire’s Shawl White from Red Queen’s Realm Gacha at The Arcade March 2017

Coat: [ RIDI-LUDI-FOOL ] – Juban (Men) Type D Black at Japonica March 2017

Skirt/Kimono: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Koshi Kimono Kuro(Black) at Japonica March 2017

Pose by Ramsa Luv, Style Vero Modero exclusive 5

Scene: 8f8 CREATIONS – No Place of Ours (Autumnal) from Deco(C)rate ‘November Rain’ subscription


kauna2_blog.pngI know you smile for a whole ‘nother reason…