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I love this Starhip Skybox from 22769 available at Genre this month. The lighting and textures are brilliant and there are various room to explore. 


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: slink physique
face applier: 'eliah' - tableau vivant @ kustom9 may 2017
eyes: 'tokyo eyes (lights)' - izzie's
freckles: 'catwa freckles appliers' - izzie's
body appliers: 'tone 06' - tableau vivant
hair: 'trey' - tableau vivant
hairbase: 'like lust' - stealthic
body hair: volkstone
shirt: 'body belt shirt' - gabriel
trousers: 'skinny pants black'  - gild (group gift)

skybox: 'starship skybox' -  22769 @ genre
pose: 'overflow' - le poppycock

What We Do in the Shadows

Guest Model: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Style Card:
Hair: Sprstome by [INK]
Makeup: Alessia Shadow by SlackGirl (at TWE12VE Event )
Earrings: Claw Earrings by CerberusXing
Necklace: Lezato Choker Unisex by Rozoregalia
Bracelet: Tala Bracelet by Le Forme
Shirt: Disturded shirt by [Gild]
Pants: Pants Set White (with optional belt) by [Gild] (at faMESHed May round (5th anniversary))
Decor: Pole Dance Bench by 22769/bauwerk (at ROMP )

Create your own future

Clean, green, and minimalistic! Featuring some of the items from May’s Deco(c)rate as well as items from Soy and Ariskea.

Front Porch Sittin’

I recently had an unfortunate issue involving a sim griefer that resulted in half my inventory disappearing. After a back and forth with Linden Labs they determined they didn’t know what happened and couldn’t fix me even though the items still existed on the beta grid. As such I lost 4 years of homes, landscaping items, and furniture, which if you knew my inventory was a lot o lot of stuff. Putting together scenes and re-discovering all the things you no longer own is a little depressing. People always say their inventory is a mess and over run and easier to start over. Be careful what you wish for! Thankfully we have awesome designers putting out new things all the time to fill up our inventories with new and exciting things.

On Jestyr (left)

On Cyrus (right)



531 : 0510


{-Maru Kado-} : Shipping container (14Li) @Builder's box "NEW"

Ariskea : [Frank] @The Mens Dept "NEW"
Wood table
Little Marble Bush
Leather Chair [GA]
Motivation Frame
Road Frame
Create your own Future Frame

*chronokit* : WoodCarvingAnimal[Gacha] @The Mens Dept "NEW"
WoodCarving Tiger
WoodCarving Panda
WoodCarving Donkey
WoodCarving Sheep
WoodCarving Bear
WoodCarving Giraf

:: No.13 :: : Furniture of iron wood leather Gacha
002 wood shelf(2LI / brown)
003 wood lamp(1LI / brown)
009 wall decor map(2LI / silver)
014 leather cover aptop(1LI / blue / bk)

ionic : Promise Land Gacha @The Chapter Four "NEW"
Beet Hummus & Roasted Potatoes, Small Plants
Second Spaces : Story Time - personal library - colors, one more chapter - neutrals
[anhelo] : skittles and books (Gift) @6 Republic "NEW"
Artisan Fantasy : Kitchen Pitcher with Hosta (Gift) @6 Republic "NEW"
.:revival:. : bucket of tulips (Gift) @6 Republic "NEW"
22769 : Speicherstadt Pallet Tryptichon @6 Republic "NEW"
..:*bitter vanilla*:.. : Memo
PILOT : Plant Collection Crate 2, 3
Compulsion : Complete Plant 1, 4, 7, 8, 9
.random.Matter. : Botany Test Tubes, Botany Samples
Thistle : Book Stack with Photos - 2017 FaMESHed Gift @FaMESHed
[ kunst ] : Industrial liqueur dispenser
[ kunst ] : Industrial locker / scripted
floorplan. : shot through the books
Seven Emporium : Broken Clock
{iD} : ShizukU -Type-A-
tarte. : lightbulb terrarium - moss, plant

Soy. : Herisson with green (half covered) - example
[ Thaleia ] : Garden Faucet with Hose-green
{vespertine : tile skipping path/garden}
PILOT : Hanging Bucket Planter
Consignment : Bluebird String Light Trellis (Only Ivy)
+Half-Deer+ : Star Creeper Moss [Light Green Set]
Violetility : Mesh Ground Covers

Don’t put yourself down and don’t let them win……..

Listen to the song in order to understand the title ❤

Hair: DOUX – John Hairstyle at Signature Event
Earring: NO.MATCH – No Salvation Earring, L’Homme Magazine SL February 2017 Readers Group Gift.
Collar: [OBSCURE STORE ] – Soom Chocker Black at The Dark Style Fair May 2017
Clothing: CLEF DE PEAU – Alvin Jumpsuit Black at 6 Republic Event May 2017
Boots: GABRIEL – Work Boots Black from Urban Elysium Gacha Set at The Mens Department May 2017

Furniture: 6 Republic Event May 2017

Table: THOR – Vintage Workbench RARE
Chair: THOR – Old Industrial Chair
Backdrop: 22769 – Speicherstadt Pallet Tryptichon

‘…this could take all night’

'...this could take all night'

Hair: Doux - Lawson
Shorts: Kalback - Sweat shorts
Shoes: [Deadwool] - Chase sneakers


Hair: Dura - Boys/Girl #36
Outfit: Fina's - 'The Basic' Oufit


Bagels: Toro. - To-go Bagel
Bat/har: :HAIKEI: - Attic Storage #{3} (gacha)
Beanbag: 22769 - Patio Beanbag Lipstick (gacha)
Box: 22769 - The Record Shop - Records For Sale 1 (gacha)
Box: 22769 - The Record Shop - Records For Sale 2 (gacha)
Box: 22769 - The Record Shop - Ticket Box (gacha)
Chair: 22769 - The Record Store - Armchair (gacha)
Clothes: Sleepy Eddy -Hoodie Clutter (Gray) RARE
Coffee: {BE} - Coffee
Display: 22769 - The Record Shop - Record Display (gacha)
Headphones: Sleepy Eddy - Headphones (Brown) (gacha)
Laptop: David Heather - Austri Laptop
Notebook: Sleepy Eddy -Notebook (gacha)
Pictures: [ kunst ] - Instant pictures x3  #10 (gacha)
Pictures: [ kunst ] - Instant pictures x6  #9 (gacha)
Plant: :HAIKEI: - Gray wall pence house gacha {3} (gacha)
Poster: 22769 - The Record Shop - Homerecording Poster (gacha)
Poster: Bazar - California-Poster 02
Poster: 22769 - The Record Shop - Poster (gacha)
Purse decor: Tartessos Arts - Infinity Bag Set
Radiator: [ kunst ] - Radiator #4 (gacha)
Records: 22769 - The Record Shop - Records in a Box (gacha)
Rugs: 22769 - The Record Store - Record Rug (gacha)
Shelf: 22769 - The Record Shop - Record Shelf (gacha)
Stand: 22769 - The Record Store - Sales Poster Stand (gacha)
Stand: 22769 - The Record Store - Sales Poster Stand (gacha)
Vending Machine: 22769 - The Record Store -  Vending Machine (gacha)

Dog: Tomato park - St. Benard

Structure: [ kunst ] - Industrial Loft Skybox (rare)

Pose: RK Poses - The other side of love (male version)
Now playing: Litost by X Ambassadors


Hair: Dangerous by Exile
Eye Makeup: GoldLine Shadow by SlackGirl (at Designer Circle )
Lipstick: Omega Lipstick- Shade by Booty’s Beauty
Outfit: Aneksi by Gylph (at Fantasy Faire 2017 )
Shoes: Hosanna Shoes by AZOURY (at The Epiphany )
Decor: Winged Lions by Meadowworks (at Fantasy Faire 2017 )
Beach Torches by 22769/bauwerk
Pose: Belau by Grafica (at Pose Fair 2017 )

On the Terrace

Style Card:
Dura: *Dura*B75 by Dura (at The Mens Dept )
Jacket: :SKAJAN! Gacha Jacket TORA (RARE) at “YanFes!! Yankee Festival April 2017 )
Pants: Chinos by Villena
Pose: L’homme 001 by CORPUS (at Pose Fair 2017 starts April 14th)
Decor: Baroque Gazebo, Topiary Sphere, Topiary Swirl from Baroque Terrace Set by 22759/bauwerk (at We ❤ RP )