TREND FASHION FAIR Open’s August 1st, 2014

                                           TREND FASHION FAIR Comeing in 4 Day's
                                                         Opening Trend Fashion Fair
                                                                 August 1st, 2014
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New @ Kal Rau, Dames & Dudes, The Dreamer's Factory, L'Accessories, & MixMatch.


Checker Hair - ~Tableau Vivant~ - (MixMatch)

Glasses - [ 2byte ]

Dreamers Necklace - Lark - (The Dreamer's Factory)

Blazer w/ Tee - Orion(Dames and Dudes)

Casual Jeans - :: Kal Rau :: - (NEW)

Wingtip Brogues - Kauna

My Wish

8f8 - Inside the Story - COLLECTION( Book Island RARE/George the Monkey/Marta the Owl):Where The Wild Things Are Event New!

Yasyn - Greater - Velvet
* S O R G O - ShirtBreez / PALMTREE:The Seasons Story New!
RONSEM* Rollup Jeans / deep
[monso] My Studded Sandal - Black:The Mens Dept New!
Soy. TAPEMAN Earphone
AITUI - Epic Acoustic, with Pose:The Seasons Story New!
B.C.C Summer's Dream Camera Mini Fan White:THE DREAMERS FACTORY New!
Pose:*coucou* F-01_02

1111 – n i g h t m u s i c i a n -

Don’t Speak

Don't Speak
Don't Speak

Skin: Hermony Kyu Tone 3
Hair: Tableau Vivant Checker Hair
Facial Hair: Hermony Mutton Chops Variant
Neck Tattoo: Hermony A Mother’s Love
Tattoo: Dappa The Mayan
Shirt: Deco Islander Shirt (bowler)
Cuffs: Gabriel Leather Bracelets (black)
Shorts: Jomo Summer Shorts

Poses by Sorgo

1110 …time is running out

Up Where No One Knows

Up Where No One Knows :: American Bazaar - Fe Style - The Blues - Identity

Hair :: HOMAGE — MR MS : Essentials NEW! @ The Showroom

Facial Hair :: {Fe Style} Facial Hair 9ED – 1 NEW! @ The Blues (Aug. 1st)

Tattoo :: .Identity. Body Shop – Commander NEW!

Tank :: [AB] Party Rock Tank PowPow NEW!

Jeans :: <kal rau> Casual Jeans M5 NEW!

Shoes :: BLK2.0 – VENS OMBRE_PURPLE NEW! @ The Showroom

Finishing the lines that was there for us….


HAIR: [INK] Hair DIST ::Brown (from Hair Fair July 2014)
HEADPIECE: [ContraptioN] Masks: Oberon’s Crown (from The Secret Affairs)
VEST: Peqe – Jacket Vest (from The Secret Affair)

Burn For Me

Burn For Me
Burn For Me
Burn For Me

Skin: Vaya Con Dios Rafael Fire
Hair: Tableau Vivant Viking Hair
Ears: Mandala Pierced Elf Ears
Eyes: Clemmm ReSnick Eyes
Body Hair: M-Arc Mirror Body Hairs (available here on the Marketplace)
Horns & Bracelets: Death Row Designs LE Horns Blood Red (available at Project Limited)
Harness: DPD Weapons Harness IV
Chain: Cargo Chain Belt (available here on the Marketplace)
Hands: CheerNo Hands M8
Tail: Medusa Neko Devil Tail
Faun Legs: Deviant Titanias Faun 2.0 Male Black

Poses by Del May

And You Can Have It All, My Empire Of Dirt

  July 28, 2014 BodySKIN: KOOQLA HAIR: taketomi - RonaldoFACIAL HAIR: AerosTATTOO: Reckless - Lone...