1106 …and crows flew to me

POST# 659 Bro Couture New Mesh Beanie From [BUC] ~ TMD the mens dept New mesh Cargo Shorts From ::LikeA:: ~ New Mesh Vest from kal rau ~ New Mesh Boots From [NikotiN] ~ New Beard From Unorthodox

Beanie By [BUC] - "Dark Grey" Bancho Beanie Hat [ Find it at Bro Couture ]
~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~
come in 14  Different  Colors or get the FatPack [ Try the DEMO to day ] you will find it to be one hell of a Beanie

Sunglass By [Z O O M] - Gran Torino Sunglass

Skin ~ Eyes ~  brows :: catwalk By  Aeros  >> Aeros Avatar River << 2014a  ~*NEW*~
4 Shapes ~ 6 skins ~ 2 sets of eyes ~ 4 Beards ~ 2 Brows Shapes ~ 1 freckles ~ 6 eyeBrows ~ 4 HairBase ~ there not any thing I can say about Aeros Avatar's from there Skins to there Cocks AAAAA+ all the Way Try one of there Demo's to day you will love there Avatars

Beard By Unorthodox - Arab Beard w stashe ~*NEW*~ 

Shape By Fa Tru - Tape Shape - Style Card - [EyeBrows Shape] [ Comeing Soon ] { Find it on marketplace to } ~*NEW*~

Tattoo By Speakeasy :: - Drown my demons tat

Shirt By [Deadwool] - Durden shirt - (full green tartan)  ~*MESH*~

Vest By kal rau -Vest Collection M2 Dark ~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~
the Vest comes with the Tee the cool thing is you can just wear the Vest are the Tee end its By kal rau so you no its high quality Mesh come in 6 Colors { But if you get the Fullpack 9 Colors the Fullpack comes with 3 Exclusive Colors }

Cargo Shorts By ::LikeA:: - DENIM BLUE BKH303 cargo {  Find them at TMD the mens dept }  Included with 5 Belt Colors , 5 Boxser Briefs Colors , 15 Different Style's and if you got any of LikeA high quality Mesh Pants you Know your getting the best [ Try the Demo ] you will love them

Boots By [NikotiN] - SplitRock  RARE  ~*NEW*~  ~*MESH*~
if you play one Gacha you got to play this one the boots are fucking bad ass [NikotiN] did a amazing Job but they do that on all there Items

Car By GZ Motors - Dog Apsen { Find it on marketplace }

* 4 Passengers 
* Extremely low lag 
* Driving, Steering Parked, Gear change animations. 
* Reverse Gear. 
* Park - Start 
* Highest Quality Drift and Driving Effects 
* Tune Gears, Down force, Steering, Handling, Braking, Drift from the Drivers Seat 
* Auto Down shift (Drag Mode) 
* Set position and Return 
* Adjustable Drift Angle, Slide, Grip, Down force 
* Automatic Auto Align in Drag Gear & in Menu Operation. 
* Custom Driver Pose/Animations (turn left turn right and driving with Perfect Sit - Sit Positioning 
* Tuned in Car Driver Camera 
* Working Headlights, Tail Lights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Neons with Sounds 
* NOS PURGE Venting with Color Change ability in Menu 
* Smooth Spinning and Turning Wheels, Slide Correction Steering during Drift. 
* Fast response sounds Idle, Drive, Rev & Burnout, Drift, Purge 
* Open/Close Hood and Doors 
* Gear Up & Gear Down Sounds 
* Adjustable Drift Wheel Smoke Colour Combinations in Menu. 
* Adjustable Burnout Smoke Colour Combinations. 
(Left Wheel - Start Smoke Colour - End Smoke Colour) 
(Right Wheel - Start Smoke Colour - End Smoke Colour) 
* Alarm Sound






Try & Smile.

plb 90

SKIN - The Shops – Prince – 08

HAIR - Ink @ The Hair Fair – Uber – black

SHIRT - Potcha & 2byte @ TMD - Basic Boxy Shirt – SanFrancisco

SHORTS - Barmaley - Mutang  Jean –  Blue 2

SHOES – Flite @ The Seasons Story - Malibu Lows –  Black

CAMERA - Standby @ Collabor88 - Antique Camera

Ain’t No God On My Streets

  July 25, 2014 BodySKIN: KOOQLA - KnightHAIR: Exile - High and Dry (NEW at Hair Fair...

Beautiful People Like You

Hair: *booN GAS760
Hair Base: **JOMO**

Tattoo: Elegant.Filth Death of Love
Tape: Elegant.Filth Hand Tape

Pekka Hopeless Unisex
Cute Poison Wounded
Random Matter Harvester v2

Shirt: D-Style Denim Jacket and Tank w.HUD
Pants: villena tucked up jeans
Shoes: G&D Aphibious Chick

You don’t own it no matter what…


Today is the day that makes me a blogger for 3rd yr….Happy 3 Yrs Anniversary Hika….Hope for more to come <33

HAIR: [INK] Hair___UBER ::Brown (from Hair Fair July 2014)
SHIRT:* S O R G O – ShirtBreez / WHITE (from The Seasons story)
PANTS:KAL RAU – Baggy Jeans Dark M1
DOG: Boxer vf by Jon Haskell

Other items from THe Season's Story
Milk Motion

Please see this link on the items on the pictures :)

this song for the picture <3


New @ American Bazaar, Dames and Dudes, Hair Fair, & The Mens Dept.


Dist Hair - [INK] - (Hair Fair)

Toxic Chameleon Bag - Le Primitif(The Mens Dept)

Yellow Green Men's Striped Polo - *Shai* - (The Mens Dept)

Khaki Cargo Shorts - AMERICAN BAZAAR - (NEW)

Ocean Gum Sole Sneaker - [Bay Harbor] - (Dames and Dudes)

Le Petite Artiste

Le Petitie Artiste

On Romeo

Beanie / [BUC] @ Bro Couture

Polo / *Chronokit* New*

Pants / Barmaley

Feet / CheerNo *New*

Within The Room

Skybox *Rare* / Xiaj @TSS

Rug / Xiaj @TSS

Media Desk *Rare* / Xiaj @TSS

Art Studio Easel / Xiaj @TSS

Wooden Broom / Xiaj @TSS



July 26, 2014


Hair ≫ Tableau Vivant ≫ Checker Hair ≫ @ MIXMATCH Open at 25th July – 10am SLT
Please refer to the official site for more information about the event MIXMATCH
Skin ≫ Tableau Vivant ≫ Sean Skin – Tone 05
Cardigan ≫ etham ≫ James Cardigan – Black ≫ @ The Mens Dept


Light ≫ junk. ≫ dreamers light. iron. ≫ for The Dreaming Tree (this weekends)
Building ≫ theosophy ≫ Nicholaston Skybox
Plant Pot ≫ A.D.D. Andel! ≫ Potted Bush


Sofa ≫ oyasumi ≫ dream sofa ≫ @ The Dreamers Factory
Light ≫ junk. ≫ dreamers light. iron. ≫ for The Dreaming Tree (this weekends)
Bottle ≫ AZOURY ≫ S.O.S Bottle sea ≫ 24HourSale
Plant Shelves ≫ PILOT ≫ Potted Plant Shelves
Photo ≫ oyasumi ≫ memories ≫ @ KUSTOM9
Lamp ≫ junk. ≫ morrison wire lamp. ≫ Gacha
Bad ≫ ARIA ≫ Imogen pallet bed ≫ @ The Mens Dept
Safe ≫ PILOT ≫ Old Safe Table
Rug ≫ .lame ≫ Mimi’s Rug *Neutral
Alarm Clock ≫ encore ≫ Alarm Clock {silver} ≫ Gacha
Condoms ≫ Volmaak ≫ Assorted Condoms
Wooden elephant ≫ all mesh ≫ Elephant
Bundle of banknotes ≫ S O R G O ≫ The International Set Gacha
Wallet, Coins, Key chain ≫ Tartessos Arts ≫ Concept Wallet
Phone ≫ traceon electronic ≫ iPhone4 wHite ≫ not found