Music Man

Hair: taketomi Kenji untied

Sweater: Le Primitif Crewneck Sweater @ TMD November

Jeans: Le Primitif Super Skinny Jeans @ TMD November

Boots: Nikotin Splitrock

Glasses: SORGO Vader @ Xiasumi School Festival


Keyboard (worn): AITUI Midi Controller

Lights: 7 Hanging Bulbs

Music Equipment & set: xin. Super Indie Studio Gacha @ Xiasumi School Festival

Speakeasy / VOI

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Dreads line - Rumple Hair
Skin: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Cesar Basic Tones 
Tattoo: Speakeasy :: Truth Seeker Tat (VOI)

Gizza Moto Jacket…


Outfit: Gizza Moto Jacket and Gizza Turnover Jeans (NEW!!!)

[….who said music is good for the soul…]

Hair: Damselfly - (Colin)Mens @ TLC
Hands: CheerNo - Hand Mesh Set 1

Jacket: tag. - jacket unstoppable [ramones v.1] @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Pants: tag. male pusher pants (NEW)
Shoes: [NikotiN] - Sneakers Manhattan (gacha) NEW
Glasses: tag. glasses proud  [v.4]  (NEW)

Bear: Serenity Style- Mr. Foxy RARE @ Thrift Shop 7.0
Bear: silentsparrow - (Pink) Eli the Elephant @ Cirque de Seraphim
Bottle: [NikotiN] - Bong Bottle @ TLC
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - mk2 -  silver @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - new classic @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - portable amp @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin.- super-sl9000 navy RARE @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - studio table @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - vintage microphone @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. - way2indie4u shelf @ Xiasumi School Festival
Indie Studio Gacha Items: xin. record chair @ Xiasumi School Festival
Rug: bauwerk/22769 - Sloppy Hemp Rug
Space Break Decor: bauwerk - Alien Ale/Snail Burger @ Geeks and Nerds Fair 2014 -11/24
Structure: Epia - Workshop Attic Skybox

Be Thankful.

plb 106

I decided to just dig around my inventory. I’m sure we have all been there . Discovering old favorites and stumbling across the thing you forgot you bought a week ago. Goes to show when you’re looking at your inventory thinking “I have nothing to wear” . Just dig deeper and be thankful.

SKIN – Hermony @ TMD –  Symon – 00

HAT – SF design - Brando Cap

JACKET – ROM – Duffle Coat – Nordic

SHIRT/VEST – Fatewear – Edward (B) Waste Coat & Shirt

PANTS – Villena – Chinos – Creme

SHOES – Flite - Autumn Boots – Black

BOW TIE – The Wriggeslworth Residence – Bow Tie – Abstract Pattern

NECKLACE – Sleepy Eddy - Pocket Watch Necklace – Gold – Gatcha Item

NECKLACE 2 – BOOM @ Collabor88  - Animus Necklace – Heart Chakra

MONOCLE - ieQED @ TMD – Dapper Monocle

FLASK - The Sea Hole - Animated Fashion 5th – Giant Squid – Gatcha Item

CIGARETTE – Nikotin - Cuba Premium

BUILD – Tree House Designs - Scheune “Barn”

COUCH - Kopi – Used Sofa – Red

CHAIR – Post – Ystad Manor Chair

STRING LIGHTS - Trompe Loeil - Valiano String Lights

Look of the Day



SKIN: amitomo ~ samon skin (by woomi Latte)

HAIR: Dura ~ Boys&Girls54 (by chiaki xue)

EYES: Labyrinth ~ Radiant Eyes (by LabyrinthStarchild)

EARS: MANDALA ~ Simple_ELF_Ears (by kikunosuke eel)


TOP: Bleich @ Xiasumi School Festival ~ Mesh Japanese Hoodie

HEADPHONE: MANDALA ~ EARGASM Headphones (by kikunosuke eel)


Diesel Works (by Rogan Diesel)

The Gentleman’s Club

The Gentleman's Club
The Gentleman's Club
The Gentleman's Club

NSFW Pictures: The Gentleman’s Club

Avatar: Signature Anthony Mesh Avatar (available at The Men’s Department)
Suit 1: Lapointe & Bastchild Modern Black Open Tuxedo Set
Suit 2: Zaara Classic Suit (coal)

HSF Erotic – Deep Buttoned Sex Couch, Deep Pocket Shots Sex Pool Table
Trompe Loeil – Green Glass Buffet Lamp, Triple Glass Lamp Green
Dutchie – Male Dom Chair, Library Bookcases, Schefflera Tall, Aglaonema Full, Sansevieria, Aglaonema Tall, Portret of Isaac de Bruijn by Jan Veth, The Statesman
Post – “Wolfskin,” Zorn 1915, “Torso,” Ingres 1801, Jouanny Chinoiserie Vase (Lawn), Bohus Art Glass Cocktail Set (green), “Salome,” Wilde 1892, Lonsdale Cocktail Glass
Rustica – Empire Sofa Table, House Plant
Second Spaces – Ezra Ashtray

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Hair: [taketomi]_Messi_Black

Skin: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Cesar Albino 

Scarf: -Entente- Voyage Scarf

Sweater: xin. zhen leather tees NEW! @ N21

Pants: [ 2byte ] waist shirts jeans 04

Shoes: FxR - Strapped Vulcans Snake NEW! @ N21

On The Set

On The Set

What Im Wearing

Strapback / BUC @Kustom9

Hoodie / Excellence *NEWW*

Pants / Kal Rau

Sneakers / Flite @Kustom9

It’s just you and your hand tonight

Skin: HERMONY  / SKIN / SYMON / ST0 (@ The Mens Dept)
Hair: Action Joe Flashed
Jacket&Shirt:<MK> The Leather Jacket
Pants: {EPIC} Skinny Jeans – Ripped – Black
Boots: [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots – Black
Mask & whip: <MK> Burlesque Outfit
Tattoo: Speakeasy :: Truth Seeker Tat (unisex) (@ Victims of Ink!)

Enhancements: Slink Hands, Mandala ears
Pictures made in Libertine Broceliande

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