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Firelight and Furniture. Post #201

I do not usually have the patience to build a set, decorate etc for my blog pictures.  People who do this properly and a lot have my total respect (Chance Raynier is a prime example for guys...and what about THIS one..can you imagine how long that takes to set up?!)

Clearly my lack of patience is the only reason no-one would let me decorate their house. Nothing to do with my approach ("what have I not packed up yet?...oh look feet!")  I have been doing a disservice to the amazing group of decor/furniture designers who make things for events like The Men's Department.  I have pulled out some new items, and some older TMD items from designers like Cheeky Pea, Deco, Pilot & Kusshon.  All are beautiful and if I was so inclined, I would clad myself with your works. (Note to self: some of this stuff must be wearable)

Other newness includes: Fishermen's sweaters from Sleepy Eddy at TMD, a pair of cool cargos from Kracker and the boots and hair that I blogged previously.

STOP PRESS: The Amacci Sale starts 12 January and ends 20 January. All single packs will be sold for 95 Linden dollars and the fat-pack will cost 295 Linden dollars.   Guys - as well as the men's hair, the girl's hair is worth looking at as lots of the shorter styles work well.  If you mind wearing hair called "Linda" then ignore this advice.

And yes, this was my 201st post. This is a true milestone: a triumph of enthusiasm and raw stupidity over style and finesse.  Thanks for sharing my story arc thus far.

SKIN  LUCA  Medium/Bald from Egoisme
BEARD Reila Skins  - Romeo beard 4
HAIR Amacci Hair Linda ~ Dark Brown (NEW!)
LASHES [Iren]Lashes_1
EYES .ID. Deep Colors  Brown (Previous TMD) from Insufferable Dastard

PANTS Cargo Pants ~ Brown ~ Medium from Kracker  (NEW)
TOP Turtleneck Fisherman Sweater by Sleepy Eddy The Men's Department (NEW)
BOOTS  ISPACHI Footwear [Leopold Boots] (NEW)

STANDING POSES from HISposé (Bleeding Heart)

DART BOARD Cheeky Pea Kraken Dart Board - Dark  The Men's Department (new)
DOLLS Schadenfreude vouboos (previous Arcade Gatcha item)
FEET Ladies Tip Toe Bare Feet Honey (Meli Imako on Marketplace)
SHELF [kusshon] wall shelf "nippon", 4 li, mesh, tran (Previous TMD)
STOOL [kusshon] stool "nippon", 2 li, mesh, 7 anims, trans  (Previous TMD)
BUILD [DECO]The Port Richmond Skyloft

Etam at TMD

Another Men's Department item today - a "scarfed sweater" from Etam, along with more pics of the new ROMEO skin from Reila, and the Ispachi boots that I mentioned before.  I am wearing one of a number of beard options that come with the skin, as tattoo layers.

A quick note after an IM I received from a charming resident on behalf of her boyfriend.  Yes I do occasionally put odd angles in my pictures that may mean I am not showing the clothes in their entirety.  Clearly this annoyed you.  I can only say that you are probably too easily annoyed. But sorry anyway.

Also, in response to your other point, I do try (and I am hardly a Photoshop adept) to do things like tidy up the T-zone on my face, smooth out some edges and gaps etc, and add the odd light effect.  If you want to see exactly what things look like inworld, look at the vendor pic or try a demo.  No I will not refund you the Lindens for what your boyfriend bought.

However if you want to earn 7 Lindens the hard way then do IM me inworld.

SKIN  Reila Skins - Romeo pale (NEW!)
BEARD Reila Skins  - Romeo beard 2
HAIRBASE SOVI3T * .:Ryadovoi Hair Razor Base:. 3
HAIR Killian Hair/Espresso by NSD
LASHES [Iren]Lashes_1
EYES .ID. Warrior / Gray  from Insufferable Dastard

JEANS Atomic Skinny Jeans - Antique (Pants)
TOP etam - Scarfed Sweater - Red at The Men's Department (new)
BOOTS  ISPACHI Footwear [Leopold Boots] (NEW!)
POSES from HISabs set by HISposé

Jawdrop. The Lapointe & Bastchild Mesh Tux.

I have always been a massive Lapointe & Bastchild fan. Even before they started on mesh clothing, there was something about the jackets in particular that I loved.  (L&B posts from Chic Style Guide/KeiraSeerose.com here and here.  And various times on this blog obviously)

Obviously I NEVER EVER use hyperbole. Ever.  But this really has to be the most gorgeous formal suit on the grid right now.  Some key features as follows:

- It's mesh and HUD driven to customize texture and colours for the different elements
- Once you have a Tux itself, you can buy specific add-ons to the HUD for other options: brocade and silk waistcoat, silk tie/handkerchief mods etc.  I just bought 3 Tuxedo packs which was probably dumb but once you are wearing one, you can just switch HUDs to customize
- You can wear pants and the "jacket/shirt/tie/handerchief" combo separately if you want
- It has cufflinks (which I don't think are customisable but are something I can see happening at some point maybe!)
- It can be a proper tux (as I show here) or you can make it plain without the edge piping
- The waistcoat pattern is close to identical to the one on my RL tux. i.e. their sartorial style knows no equal

For lots more information on these Tuxedos and HUD addons, take a look at the L&B blog OR just go and buy one. (Lazy Marketplace link here)

I am also wearing hair from Amacci, mesh boots from Ispachi and the new Romeo skin from Reila.  I will show these all properly again as they deserve more prominence.  Have I mentioned that I really like this tux?

SKIN  Reila Skins - Romeo pale (NEW!)
HAIR Amacci Hair Linda ~ Dark Brown (NEW!)
HAIRBASE SOVI3T * .:Ryadovoi Hair Razor Base:. 3
EYES IKON Eternal Eyes - Mesa (M)
LIPS Gloss 1 by Adore and Abhore
EYELINER ~Blacklace Beauty~ Guyliner With Eye Shading
LASHES [Iren]Lashes_1

L&B Mesh (MED) "Modern Black Open Tuxedo" from Lapointe and Bastchild  (NEW!)

BOOTS  ISPACHI Footwear [Leopold Boots] (NEW!)
GLOVES FATEwear Glove - Dexter - Void

File No. 041


So if you haven’t gone by the F R O S T Fair, you need to get down there IMMEDIATELY. One, because today’s the last day. Two, and more importantly, there’s so much dope shit down there. Don’t be the only person without the latest winter threads and accessories. I know it’s Christmas time, I know the kids are whining and crying over EVERY toy they see a commercial for, but screw em. Upload some Lindens, get down to the F R O S T Fair and spend spend SPEND!

[Skin] Reila Skins || Noah Tan 3 (NEW!)
[Eyes] FATE || eyes v2.0 (MESH)
[Beard] Fe Style || Facial Hair – 3ED @ F R O S T Fair (NEW!)

[Hat] Fe Style || Trapper Hat / Cross/Blackn (MESH)
[Vest] American Bazaar || Winter Vest Navy @ F R O S T Fair (NEW!) (MESH)
[Sweater] Fe Style || Basic – Black – Rolled Sleeve Shirt (MESH)
[Pants] Epicosity || Casual Chino (MESH)
[Shoes] Entente || L’Equipe Kicks (MESH)

[Pose] Focus Poses || Male Set 18_ 2

File No. 040


[Skin] Reila Skins || Noah Tan 5 (NEW!)
[Eyes] FATE || eyes v2.0 (MESH)
[Beard] Fe Style || Facial Hair – 3ED @ F R O S T Fair (NEW!)
[Tattoos] CREDO || Gold Rush HD Tattoos

[Hat] UnderDogs || SnapBack – Crooks (MESH)
[Hoodie] Kal Rau || Korea Hoodie (NEW!) (MESH)
[Khakis] Sheep Door || Painter Pants (MESH)
[Shoes] 2Real || F-WINGS SHOES (MESH)

Doing things (more) justice

I never really blogged this awesome jacket properly before. It was a "salivating throw an outfit together" kind of thing, to the extent that I didn't even properly resize the elements of the jacket. Which I now have I think. My love for Mr Poet only diminishes because they don't release often enough for my insatiable thirst.

I wasn't sure I could make the jeans work, but I liked the pattern so much I had do do it.  They are a mesh release from Reila Skins and come in 8 funky patterns.

No random comments to add, except that I closed the competition late (yeah, I forgot about it) and counting up the entries I have sent the prize (512L) and some Spare Arcade Gatcha goodness to the winner, Pennyspender Resident.

SKIN-Belleza- Cooper
HAIR [7R] hai  from Uw St
EYES Snow Light from Poetic Colours at The Men's Department
HANDS Mesh from CheerNo

JACKET Flying jacket from Mr Poet
SHIRT Flower power shirt from SF Design
PANTS Floral Jeans M7 from Reila (NEW)


More from FAIR

Got to say that I loved this sim, Babbage Canals, it's cyperpunk-themed and full of great things to look at.  When I arrived the stream was playing a lounge version of Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf (Dinah Eastwood cover), which made me chuckle.

Some more FAIR items here - mesh from CheerNo and Mijn Boutique (and that skin again, which look very different on Cad's gawky sticky out ears shape, but I love it).

Also a new release from Reila's clothing line: stripy mesh espadrilles in lots of different colour options.

HANDS Mesh hands from CheerNo
HAIRBASE Etched spider web by AITUI

HAIR Yancy in Coffee by Atro Patena
SKIN Cooper by Belleza at FAIR
EYES by Insufferable Dastard

GLASSES KIP by Balaclava! at The Men's Department
SHOES Mesh Espadrilles Shoes by Reila
BOXERS by Ronsem
PANTS Mesh Sono pants by CheerNo at FAIR
SUEDE COAT & SCARF by mijn.botique at FAIR

2 more pics on my Flickr: destroying a windmill (through the medium of dance) and face/body closeup

File No. 039


[Skin] Reila || Noah Tan 1 (NEW!)
[Shape] [DopeSpoon] || male.001 (COMING SOON!)
[Ears] AITUI || Stretched Ears – 2″ Plug Pack (MESH)
[Beard Layer] CheerNo || FacialHAIR DARK PACK 03
[Beard Prim] EMO-tions || LENNART beard

[Hat] UnderDogs || SnapBack – WEED (MESH)
[Glasses] BALKANIK2.0 || Billionair’z Eyewear
[Sweater] Fe Style || Black Sweater (MESH) (NEW!)
[Jeans] Iron Claw || Skinny Baggys Blue .::Medussa::. (MESH)
[Shoes] SUPER KINGDOM || slip-ons (MESH)

[Pose] Focus Poses || Male Set 12_4

File 036: Cold


[Hat] ::Hermony:: || Oversized Beanie / Grey (MESH)
[Sweater] Reila || Breath Of Autumn (male) 1M (MESH) (NEW!)
[Scarf] Reila || Breath Of Autumn (male) Scarf1 (MESH) (NEW!)
[Jeans] kal rau || Skinny Pants Denim (MESH) (NEW!)
[Sneakers] Zone 3 || Yeezy 2s Black/Pink Limited (MESH)

[Pose] Focus Poses || Male Set 12_3

Wading through treacle

Sometimes life is like wading through treacle: really unlikely, extremely sticky and something that would be hard to explain to an insurance company if one needs to charge back a chiropodist visit.  I do enjoy these little discussions we have.  I mean they are a bit one-sided, you know.  I worry about you a little. I hope that you are getting something out of it too and don't feel you have to agree with everything I say.
Original Large colour version here
I'm wearing a new mesh release top from Reila skins that comes in a load of colours, big fan of the weave on these.  The skin is from Filthy and is the group gift for November - there's also a guy's shape in the pack that's kinda cute.  Sad that I just realised that Kookie is no longer open. Nice boots imo.

SKIN *Steph*  Vincent DT . Bald- Group gift from Filthy
HAIR/HAT :Bakerboy Cap and Hair from Mr Poet
EYES Deep Colors from Insufferable Dastard

HANDS Mesh hands from [CheerNo]
JUMPER & SCARF Breath Of Autumn (male) from Reila Skins
JEANS Straight Jeans (black2) + Belt from Ronsem (boot cut jeans version shown, all mesh)
BOOTS Armada boot in Dark Choc from Kookie (Store closed I think)