| Style of the Day – 20.07.2014 |

Tadeu (20.07.2014)

➸ Wearing:
Beusame::Kit Hair (NEW!!!)
Sunglasses: [Z O O M] Ozzy Sunglass @ Omg Room
Shirt: *chronokit* Poloshirts01 Dot Black (NEW!!!)
Pants: <kal rau> Casual Jeans M4_Ripped
Shoes: BLK2.0 VENS GEOSPAT @ The Showroom
Clutch: 22769 ~ [accessories] Travellers Clutch Gold/Red @ L’accessoires

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Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Finn Non NEW! | Project Limited

Shirt: *chronokit* Poloshirts01 Striped Red NEW!

Tattoo: .Reckless. -The Saturday  NEW!

Bag: FLite. Apex Bag Black - RARE NEW! | K9

Short: RONSEM* Rollup Jeans / light*

Pose: [Expressive Poses] - Dudley

Cowboy From Hell

Tattoo: [E.F] Death of Love
Hat: RO Gunslinger @ TMD
[E.F] Hand Tape Slink Av. Enhance
Shirt: **DECO Mesh Islander Shirt
UnderShirt: ***Kennedy’s Men’s Basic T (Non-Mesh)
Pants: Trouble & Co. The Lucas Pant
Shoes: Flite. Corporals

Salon De Sade

Romp is a new event that is currently running till the 30th July 2013 in Second Life and is celebrating all things adult and from N4RS I have this gorgeous and awesome new table called ‘De Sade Salon Table*’ that comes with a host of adult animations and is available for both male to male or male to female avatars. All animations can be adjusted through the menu hud or you can attach a separate hud to yourself to adjust them.

Romp Slurl

Salon De Sade
Salon De Sade
Salon De Sade
Salon De Sade
Salon De Sade

NSFW Pictures Here: Salon De Sade

Pixel Mode – The Dreamer Black Candle Holders
Oyasumi – Kinky Cross & Kinky Gear (available at Romp)
Floorplan – Candle Cage
Dutchie – Rusty Pipe
Botha – Atlantica Skybox

*Promotional copy

What’s been said and done

Ispachi: Lemonade Stall   (L'Amitie Summer Market)

Poche - Tropical Drink Gacha - (Okinawa Summer Festival)
XIAJ - Summer Bento gacha (Okinawa Summer Festival)
Moo Milk Carton
Wooden Picnic Table
Usagi Bento RARE
Neko Bento RARE
Panda Bao

vespertine - fruit treats (previous Arcade)
*ionic* - Eureka! Boat RARE (The Chapter Four)

Snapback and Fly

Bad Unicorn Clothing has released these cool caps* for The Gacha Mania event. There’s eleven hats to collect including two rares which are the King and Queen caps.

The Gacha Mania Slurl

Snapback & Fly
Snapback & Fly

Skin: Hermony Kyu Tone 3
Facial Hair: Nivaro Prophet
Coat: American Bazaar Casual Hoodie (Brown)

*Promotional copies

POST# 655 Hair Fair New Mesh hair From UNORTHODOX ~ come out to the hair Fair in help a good cause wigs for kids. ~ New Skin From -Labyrinth- ~

                      Hair Fair – Demo Group Infofir more info in group link go [ Here ]

               help a good cause wigs for kids. for more information please visit there website

Hair By UNORTHODOX - Fizz -- Noir ( Hair Fair Exclusives ) { Find this at Hair Fair 2014 }
~*NEW*~ ~*MESH*~ ALL Unisex! ---->> 25% goes to Wigs for Kids. <<----
come in 13 Colors, come in a  FATPACK Or The Shops Applier FATPACK
I am just about to 300 posts just for UNORTHODOX is you can tell I love there work
Try the Demo you will love there work to

Earrings By Vexiin - Diamond Studs [Black] they come in Gold or Silver  ~*MESH*~

Facial Hair  By {Fe Style} - Facial Hair - 8ED/2

Hands By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance) Hands  L - Gesture  ~*MESH*~

Hands By Slink - Male Hands (AvEnhance) Hands R - OnHip  ~*MESH*~

Skin By -Labyrinth- - Thorn Skin (Tan) - TheClean ~*NEW*~

Shape By Fa Tru - DJ Shape - Style Card LIMITED Sale just 99L{ Find it on marketplace }

Tattoo By Speakeasy :: - Fuk the system Tat ~*NEW*~ 

Tee By XODOHTRONU - Sapiosexual Tee Yellow  ~*MESH*~

Shorts By XODOHTRONU - Front Stamped Basketball Shorts White ~*MESH*~

Shoes By [Z3] - Retro 1s Maize Store not open any more
Car By R.I.R Racing - Low Classic Caprice with hydro hud { Find it on marketplace }
this wild low riding 1962 caprice classic That R.I.R Racing put together. has loads of detail and some great features to it.
1.Drives well on all roads with a extreme tuning menu.
2. Has working hydro system with hud.
3 All doors open and are skinned properly.
4. Seats 4 Gangsters.
5. Has working radio with great song list.
6. Realistic pump system in trunk.
7.Custom Sounds & Scripting by Booze.
8. Hops and 3 wheels like a thug.



el mañana





Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes – Leonine

Ears: Mandala – Tapers

Facial hair: THESKINSHOP (07) (FACIALHAIR) ‘Manly’

Shirt: * S O R G O – BreezShirt / BRUT @ Seasons Story

Bracelet: [MANDALA]OKAKI Bracelet set/Black


Jeans: HooLigan Ink - 474 – Roll up cuffs GREY

Boots: J’s Short Boots Laceup (DarkBrown)

Groovy Glam



I’m experiencing a major 60′s/70′s flashback, man! Whoa! Keep on truckin’, space cowboy. This new Exile hair from Hair Fair is a big throwback to when rock n’ roll was all about the hair for men, and how full and luxurious you had it. It was a good life to be a shampoo salesman or a hairdresser.

To compliment my groovy look, I’m wearing these far out glammy new shades from AFI Designs, they rock! Also the latest sandals for slink male feet from a new designer that recently contacted me and requested my blogging services, and I happily obliged because their footwear is tops from what I’ve seen so far. Check out ..::ILLI::..’s marketplace shop here . The sandals come with endless colour tinting possibilities on the straps and body, to match every look, very practical and stylish!

Hair: From Yesterday by Exile ( Hair Fair 2014 release)
Sunglasses: Starburst Unisex Sunglasses by AFI Designs (new)
Sandals: SLink Oliver Sandals by ..::ILLI::.. (new! marketplace store
Shirt: Jimmy Open Shirt by Gizza (new release)
Pants: Funkey by E-Clipse
Necklace: Garbo Graduated by Maxi Gossamer
Bracelets: Tarantella Gypsy by Maxi Gossamer
Decor: Groovy Glam Portal Wall Seat w/Menus (18 pos m&f) by CIRCA (new)
Poses: from the “Steele” set by PosESioN (new release)

July 20, 2014


Hair ≫ Lamb ≫ Nothing ≫ @ Hair Fair 2014
Jinbei(Clothes) ≫ D R O P ≫ Mens Jinbei (Night)
※Another pattern of this Jinbei is available group gift.
Uchiwa(Fan) ≫ kisetsu ≫ Scripted Mesh Uchiwa Fan – Hotaru
Geta(Shoes) ≫ Sakka’s Studio ≫ ~Ss~Male Geta
Pose ≫ 143 ≫ Male pose-Miyabi-04


Sudare(Blind) ≫ Tsuchino Co.,Ltd. ≫ Japanese Bamboo blind
Bottle, Bottle box ≫ Soy. ≫ Included in Summer drink set ≫ Okinawa Summer Festival 2014
Broom ≫ Post ≫ Included in Marquette Monitor Top Fridge
Electric fan ≫ Soy. ≫ Electric fan [blue] ≫ Okinawa Summer Festival 2014
Zabuton(Cushion) ≫ +9 ≫ zabuton-gorone-Military ≫ Past Free/ Closed
Mosquito Coils ≫ **DP**YUMYUM ≫ katorisenkou ≫ Currently not available
Watermelon Box ≫ Love Soul ≫ Included in [Love Soul] Copain gift*July 2011*
※Only group subscribers can purchase.(Join / L$500)
Ice ≫ POPICO-V3 ≫ Not find
Cucumbers ≫ The Dark Swamp ≫ Included in *TDS* Face beauty Mask Set


Sink ≫ Soy. ≫ Antique garden tile sink (White)
Plant Pot ≫ #NULL. ≫ Koke Bonsai_1 LI
Tub ≫ Soy. ≫ Included in Ashi mizu set ≫ Okinawa Summer Festival 2014
Bottle of drink ≫ Soy. ≫ Included in Summer drink set ≫ Okinawa Summer Festival 2014
Vegetables ≫ azuki_Tammas’s farm ≫ Gacha
Watermelon ≫ +9 ≫ Included in +9 summer gift 2011 ≫ Past Gift/ Closed