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(Hair) - RAW HOUSE :: Raquella [LtBrown 02] (Seasons Hunt Fall Gift)
(Skin) - FRUK Lennon skin The Smooth Operator Tone 1
(Eyes) - .ID. Colors of Fall / Yellow / (Seasons Hunt Fall Gift)
(Necklace) - [ glow ] studio - Dove Necklaces Black (TDR - 60L)
(Bag) - Fleshtone :: Goo PVC Clutch [Orange] (NEW) ? Stevenzuuh
(Jacket) - [Sheep Door] Check jaket gray (NEW)
(Shirt) - *Connors* L/S V-NECK SHIRT AZUKI (NEW)
(Pants) - eleanor rigby. plain jane cigarette jeans pants (aztec) (Seasons Hunt Fall Gift)
(Shoes) - *VOONER* DECK SHOES_Diamond
(Poses) - (1st Pic - supPOSEdly? Billyjo) (2nd Pic - Label Motion? Razt)

The Seasons Hunt – Autumn

The Seasons Hunt is one of the best hunts on the grid. All of the stores that have taken part bring high quality to all of us hunters and most exciting to us, the fantastic men’s items! Sadly, this is the last Seasons Hunt. This time around, the hunt runs from Oct. 15th till Oct. 29th. We would like to thank Hallie Galli and the designers for putting on such a wonderful hunt for us all. The event will be missed.

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[LV]Halloween Edition Release?

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(Hair) - Hype - Bailey 2.0 // Sunkissed
(Skin) - FRUK Lennon skin The Smooth Operator Tone 1
(Eyes) - CHEERNO.Eyes [LuminaT] GreeN 1
(Glasses) - "Nuxx"GLASSES_Wellington_PURPLE
(Necklace) - Kari - Hoot necklace - Brass (NEW)
(Bag) - (Milk Motion) My satchel *pale grey* (TDRB - 70L)
(Shirt) - madeleine - neato pullover (hey llamas!) (NEW)
(Pants) - [JEM] Baggy pants -grey-
(Sandals) - [ h ] Sherington Sandals - Beige
(Poses) - (1st pic - supPOSEdly (NEW) ? Billy)  (2nd pic - -.label motion.- ? Razt)



(Hair) - [e] Shine - Brown 04 (Collabor88 - 88L)
(Skin) - FRUK Lennon skin The Smooth Operator Tone 1
(Eyes) - CHEERNO.Eyes [LuminaT] GreeN 1
(Earring) - WERTINA Winged Feather Earring (4.44.444 Event - 44L - Ends today 10/14/11)
(Scarf) - sf design sculpted scarf colour change mens (Free Gift)
(Bag) - Fleshtone :: Bom Crocodile Tote (TFG - 70L)
(Shirt) - [ 2byte ] Stripe shirts (Green) (NEW)
(Pants)  - VACKRA Katia Pants (TFG - 50L)
(Shoes) - [CheerNo] Sandals Fhar Special / NATIVE (TDR - 40L)
(Poses) - {Just A Pose}

LOTD 10 11 11 – Beyond Here Lies Nothing

Oh well, I love you pretty baby. You’re the only love I’ve ever known. Just as long as you stay with me, the whole world is my throne. Beyond here lies nothing, nothing we can call our own. Well, I’m moving after midnight down boulevards of broken cards.  Don’t know what I’d do without it: without this love that we call ours. Beyond here lies nothing, nothing but the moon and stars. Down every street there’s a window and every window’s made of glass.  We’ll keep loving pretty baby for as long as love will last. Beyond here lies nothing, but the mountains of the past. Well, my ship is in the harbor, and the sails are spread. Listen to me pretty baby. Lay your hand upon my head. Beyond here lies nothing, nothing done and nothing said.

Beyond Here Lies Nothing – Bob Dylan

HAIR: MADesigns ~ TAISTO ~ Silver Tones I
SKIN: Nuuna ~ Ellivu ~ Male
EYES: MADesigns ~ INDIVIDUAL ~ Possessed 3
JACKET: HEDO ~ Garrett ~ Black
PANTS: MIAMAI BL ~ ChodCollection ~ Dakini Black
EARRINGS: ROZOREGALIA ~ Belial Pierce 2 ~ Black
MAKEUP: Tableau Vivant ~ Vincent ~ Makeup 3
NAILS: MANDALA ~ Nail Palette 2 ~ Short
CANE: JB ~ Walking Cane ~ Glothic Pimp Silver

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(Hair) - *Dura-Boy27*(Mocha) (NEW)
(Skin) - FRUK Lennon skin The Smooth Operator Tone 1
(Eyes) - CHEERNO.Eyes [LuminaT] GreeN 1
(Glasses) - [ 2byte ] metal glasses. (red)
(Bag) - tulip. Deer Skin Tote (Brown - Elbow)
(Sweater) - [ NERD.P ] Round neck sweater color 02 (NEW)
(Pants) - *ARAI* Chino pants 03_navy
(Shoes) - [Sleepy Eddy] Gacha sandal (Leather Brown)



(Hair) - [CheerNo] Hair LUCAN / Dark 3.4 1 (NEW) ? Cheerno
(Skin) - FRUK Lennon skin The Smooth Operator Tone 1 (NEW)
(Eyes) - [ glow ] Scenic Eyes - Sacramento
(Scarf) - *Connors* SCARF 2011 AUTUMN (NEW)
(Shirt) - [Sheep Door] Straight Tshirts yellow (NEW)
(Pants) - [ 2byte ] 106 skinny jean (C) (NEW)
(Shoes) - eleanor rigby. camper clogs {themeory exclusive!
(Poses) - supPOSEdly (NEW) ? Billy

LOTD 10 09 11 – K!NG

New pants from K!ING.  Featured are the DEEJAY and FASHION versions.  Each pair come with various color options of belt and headphones including: shades of green, yellow, orange, white, black, red, pink, blue, and purple. They also include a shorts option and belt with and without headphones and an iPhone.

VEST: NSD ~ Drape Coat ~ Gray
SHIRT: AOHARU ~ DrapeNeck T-Shirt ~ Border/Gray
PANTS: K!NG ~ Street Style Jeans ~ DEEJAY
SHOES: GOS ~ GTFO Boots ~ Black
HAT: ARGRACE ~ Knit Cap ~ LooseCurly/Blonde

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(Hat) - Kari - A Giraffe hat (NEW)
(Hair) - [Anaphora]_Alito_Champagne
(Skin) - the body co. Hunter (02 Ivory)
(Eyes) - [ glow ] Scenic Eyes - Sacramento
(Freckles) - cutesy freckles; Es' cusi (4.44.444 Event)
(Top) - ::{u.f.o}::hakuna matata (Coming soon) ? Charming
(Undershirt) - *ARAI* Check shirt 02_yellow
(Pants) - ! NU i Cropped Pants Yellow
(Shoes) - *FIR & MNA* The Citizen Boots Brown (4.44.444 Event)
(Tree trunk pose w/ birds) - -.label motion.- Birdy day pose+Trunk (NEW) ? Razt