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Murder To Excellence.

  • Shirt: [Pumpkin] – Plain white tank (HUNT)
  • Pants:.:VILLENA:. – Baggy Pants *Black*
  • Shoes: ::INF:: – Winter Boots *Brown*
  • Hat: TonkTastic – Ushanka
  • Scarf: TonkTastic – Keffiyeh
  • Glasses: Kari – Poser Specs
  • Gun: dfo! – [tsh] gone huntin’(HUNT)
CHECK OUT!  I N F L U E N C E . Mainstore for this dope boots & some other products.

M E A T L O ? F. (Coming Soon)

Photos by: Jose G 

  • Shirts: M E A T – Tanum Shirts COMING SOON.
  • Sweaters: M E A T - Bathing Ape Sweaters COMING SOON.

Okay so Me & my bro Egypt decided to open a store soon :’> just thought I’d show you some of the upcoming stuff. :D

btw I didn’t make this I’m just the model & blogger thats my job so basically credits goes all to my bro his DOPE real talk lol.


New @ [CheerNo], .:Vive9:., & potcha. -- The Seasons Hunt & H:YS Fair items!


(Hair) - [CheerNo] Hair LUDMILA / Blond 9.1 (NEW) ? Cheerno
(Hairbase) - [CheerNo] HairBase / Blond 9.1
(Skin) - (= potcha. Riku (pale)   (NEW)
(Eyes) - /artilleri/ Antie eyes *loud blue*
(Teeth) - - DAMNED -  BigTeeth
(Necklace) - CONCRETE FLOWERS- ACORN NECKLACE (The Seasons Hunt)
(Shirt) - .:Vive9:. Claire Knitted Tunic - Grey (NEW)
(Pants) - *Valiant* jeanity jeans greyscale
(Shoes) - BRB.robe magique/doll shoe - velvet 01 box (H:YS Fair)
(Poses) - Cheerno Motion ? Cheerno


New @ [CheerNo] & *Connors*!


(Hair) - [CheerNo] Hair ALAIN / Red 8.1 (NEW) ? Cheerno
(Hairbase) - [CheerNo] HairBase / Red 8.1
(Skin) - the body co. Hunter (02 Ivory)
(Eyes) - /artilleri/ Antie eyes *loud blue*
(Shirt) - *Connors* DOT SHIRT BLACK (NEW)
(Pants) - {Gisaci} Ruvido Slacks - Bianco
(Boots) - [ hoorenbeek ] Engineer Boots - Gritty Black
(Poses) - Label Motion ? Razt


New @ [CheerNo] & AITUI!


(Hair) - [CheerNo] Hair PAMP / Blond 9.4 (NEW) ? Cheerno
(Skin) - the body co. Hunter (02 Ivory)
(Eyes) - CHEERNO.Eyes [LuminaT] GreeN 1
(Ears) - [CheerNo] Ears GAUGE
(Necklace) - [k]accessories : neck/01 (group gift)
(Bag) - AITUI - Eco Shopping Bag (NEW)
(Shirt) - AITUI - Railways  [Morning Trail] (NEW)
(Pants) - [YU] - Norfolk Pants Slate Blue
(Shoes) - *FIR & MNA* The Ashbury Loafers Orange
(Poses) - supPOSEdly ? Billyjo

LOTD 10 28 11 – Into the Wild

I’ll seek you out, filet you alive. One more word and you won’t survive, and I’m not scared of your stolen power. I see right through you any hour. I won’t soothe your pain. I won’t ease your strain. You’ll be waiting in vain. I got nothing for you to gain. I’m taking it slow feeding my flame. Shuffling the cards of your game, and just in time, in the right place suddenly I will play my ace.  Eyes on fire. Your spine is ablaze. Felling any foe with my gaze.  And just in time in the right place steadily emerging with grace.

Eyes on Fire – Blue Foundation

*New Items from Egoisme*

SKIN: -Belleza- ~ Jacob ~ Medium
EYES: MADesigns ~ MUTATION ~ Speard
HAIR: MADesigns ~ Gili ~ Black VIII
NAILS: Mandala ~ Short Nail ~ Male
COAT: Egoisme ~ Mink ~ Fur Jacket
PANTS: Egoisme ~ Mink ~ Fur Pant
SHOES: Egoisme ~ Mink ~ Winter’s Boots
BELT: CheerNo ~ a.C STD.DEKO’s.collection ~ Cult
MAKEUP: Egoisme ~ Avant Guarde ~ Kabuki
HEAD PIECE: Miamai ~ Lena ~ Black (modified)
SPEAR: Tabu ~ Spear of Desinty

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LOTD 10 27 11 – GizzA for Fall

MODELS: Zachary Zufreur & Jax Aster


JACKET: GizzA ~ Double Blazer ~ Tartan Red
PANTS: GizzA ~ Fusion Chic ~ Violet/Green
BELT: Gizza ~ Fusion Chic ~ Violet/Green
SHOES: Gizza ~ Fusion Chic ~ Violet/Green
FLOWER: Gizza ~ Fusion Chic ~ Violet/Green


JACKET: GizzA ~ Double Blazer ~ Grey
SHIRT: GizzA ~ SweatShirt ~ Lines Black
PANTS: NSD ~ Chinos ~ Brown
SHOES: [hoorenbeek] ~ Mullingar Boots ~ Coffee
BELT: GizzA ~ Tartan Pants ~ Cream

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Zombie Popcorn Hunt #5

The Zombie Popcorn Hunt is one my top favorite hunts. You will always find quality items on this hunt that are a little different in aesthetics. I very much enjoy going on this hunt and finding the hunt items I like as well as learning of new releases at some of SL’s favorite stops for alternative fashions. If you prefer the darker side of life this hunt is for you! There may be a little blood involved but it never hurts to expand your styling  choices. This time around on Zombie Popcorn’s 5th hunt I found a handful of awesome finds.  This hunt runs until Oct. 31st so there is still time to get in on the action. Check out what I got~

Garrett is Wearing

Skin: Belleza ~ Ashton – Medium (bald)
Eyes: MADesigns ~ NATURE – Island Green
Hairbase: MADesigns ~ Hair Base – White (tintable)
Chest hair: The Lions Mane ~ Light Chest Hair (Full Basic)

Helmet: DECO ~ Skull Bowl (shot)
Coat: [NV] ~ Rebel Coat – Blood (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)
Shirt: {Boye} ~ Skully Tee (store closed)
Necklace: KOSH ~ Hangman Necklace – male (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)
Leggings: Villena ~ Misfits – Red/White (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)
Bag: [ bubble ] Brains For the Ride Bag (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)
Boots: DECO ~ Trail Boot – Red & White Suede
Blindfold: Razorblade Jacket ~ Bloody Blindfold Gray – small (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)

Poses: SupPOSEdly

Flashing Lights.

  • Cardigan: [pivaaca] -Homme- Big Loose Knit Jacket *Red*
  • Shirt: ::Thrift:: – Trashy Hooker Tee (Coming Soon)
  • Pants: [Sleepy Eddy] – Used Grunge Denim (Black)
  • Shoes: {Elygo} – Supra Wings Sneakers
  • Hat: [ NERD.P ] Pompom Knit cap (B)
  • Scarf: -tb- Autumn Scarf (Season Hunt)
  • Glasses: Kari – Poser Specs


New @ { Micoolie } & [BURLEY] -- H:YS Fair items!


(Hair) - [BURLEY]_Biff_Blonde06 (NEW)
(Skin) - the body co. Hunter II (02 Ivory)
(Eyes) - CHEERNO.Eyes [LuminaT] GreeN 1
(Sweater) - (Clarus&Obscurus) Molly's sweater - gryffondor (H:YS Fair)
(Shorts) - { Micoolie } KlainClot White (NEW) ? andersonlevis
(Legging) - AMERIE M - Leggings(Stripe)
(Shoes) - (Clarus&Obscurus) Loafer - Gryffondor (H:YS Fair)
Poses) - Cheerno Motion