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LOTD 08 21 11 – For Your Entertainment

So hot out the box, can we pick up the pace? Turn it up, heat it up, I need to be entertained. Push the limit. Are you with it? Baby, don’t be afraid: I’ma hurt ya real good, baby. Let’s go. It’s my show. Baby, do what I say. Don’t trip off the glitz that I’m gonna display. I told ya, I’ma hold ya down until you’re amazed. Give it to ya ’til your screaming my name.

No escaping when I start. Once I’m in I own your heart. There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm. So hold on until it’s over. It’s alright. You’ll be fine. Baby, I’m in control. Take the pain. Take the pleasure. I’m the master of both. Close your eyes, not your mind, let me into your soul. I’ma work ya ’til your totally blown.

Do you know what you got into? Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do? ‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you. I’m here for your entertainment. Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet. ‘Ya fallen angel swept ya off ya feet. Well I’m about to turn up the heat. I’m here for your entertainment.

-Adam Lambert

*Outfits from the 1year anniversary of Gizza Show.*

MODELS: Jax Aster & Katherine Comet

HAIR: MADesigns HAIR ~ Ace ~ Dark Blonde VII
HAIR BASE: Recon ~ Blondes ~ Sand
EYES: MADesigns EYES ~ Clarity ~ Event
SHIRT: Gizza ~ Barong Tagalog ~ Black
PANTS: Gizza ~ Flax Pants ~ Black
SHOES: Gizza ~ Shalwar Outfit ~ Vol. 1
RINGS/NAILS: Mandala ~ Sinra2 ~ Black
FACEBAND: Rozoregalia ~ Bouhachi
HAT: Rozoregalia ~ Rosenkavalier
CANE: JackBlack ~ Walkng Cane ~ Gothic Pimp/Silver
BELT: Gabriel ~ Achilleus
MASK: The Plank ~ Lace Thief

HAIR: LeLutka ~ Hera ~ Pitch Black
EYES: Fashism ~ Sunrise ~ Pale/Arabian Blue
EYE LASHES: Miamai ~ No Alpha ~ N06
NAILS: Candy Nail ~ #PO6O ~ Mannish Black
JACKET: Gizza ~ Dark Age
SHIRT: Gizza ~ Dark Age
PANTS: Gizza ~ Dark Age
SHOES: Similar ~ Desdemona ~ Black
EARRINGS: Baiastice ~ Onyx ~ Pools
FACE TATTOO: Shyms ~ Black Diamond

RED CURTAIN: MADesigns ~ Drapes 8 ~ Seamless

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LOTD 08 23 11

Eyes: MADesigns ~ Clarity ~ Event
Hair: Shag ~ One Night Stand ~ Truffle
Jacket: FP ~ Shaggy ~ Jet Black
Pants: COCO Homme ~ Geometirc Print ~ Brown
Shoes: Hoorenbeek ~ Dr. H Boots ~ Red
Belt: MANDALA ~ Mikoto ~ Red Rock
Bracelets: MANDALA ~ Sinra2 ~ Red
Rings/Nails: MANDALA ~ Sinra2 ~ Black
Necklace: MANDALA ~ Takayama ~ Black/C
Eyeliner: LuNi ~ Guyliner ~ Zero
Tattoo: Gok ~ Carpe Diem ~ Light

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[CheerNo] – NUBIoS Skins

New skins from CheerNo paired with hair and eyes from MADesigns.

Bronze ~ Smith (light brown I) ~ Individual (Melancholy)
Special ~ Smith (club black III) ~ Invidivdual (Rust)
Tan ~ Smith (skunk brown III) ~ Individual (A Dead Person)
Sunny ~ Smith (dark brown II) ~ Individual (A Poet)
Nubian ~ Smith (black VIII) ~ Individual (A Poor Person)

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LOTD 08 21 11 – Crazy Girl

Baby why you wanna cry? You really oughta know that I just have to walk away sometimes. We’re gonna do what lovers do. We’re gonna have a fight or two, but I ain’t ever changin’ my mind. Wouldn’t miss a single day. I’d probably just fade away. Without you, I’d lose my mind. Before you ever came along, I was livin’ life all wrong. Smartest thing I ever did was make you all mine.

Crazy girl, don’t you know that I love you? And I wouldn’t dream of goin’ nowhere. Silly woman, come here, let me hold you. Have I told you lately? I love you like crazy, girl.

-Eli Young Band-

He wears:

HAIR/HAT: ARGRACE ~ Baseball Cap ~ Curly/Blonde
SHIRT: [W&B] ~ Contrast Long Sleeve ~ Cream/Alice
PANTS: AOHARU ~ Vintage Crashed ~ Black
SHOES: [hoorenbeek] ~ Walker Boots ~ Brown

She wears:

HAIR: Maitreya ~ Jordyn ~ Whear
SHIRT: [W&B] ~ Cole Boatneck Top ~ Eden
PANTS: {Mon Tissu} ~ Denim ~ Lou Lou
SHOES: [SC] ~ Olea Boots ~ Tobacco
EARRINGS: MANDALA ~ Monica Earing ~ Inca Gold

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New Release!!! Aug/2011

with Hem prims

?Tops : [LV]Big Boeder Tank-Tops(comming soon!)
?Pants: [cheeno]
?Hair: taketomi
?e.t.c. : YV 

LOTD 08 20 11 – Where the Boat Leaves From

There’s a place, where the boat leaves from. It takes away all of your big problems. You got worries you can drop them in the blue ocean, but you gotta get away to where the boat leaves from. Take one part sand, and one part sea, one part shade of a banana tree, and the drinks they’re cold and the reggae is hot. And I know this is the place for me. So get away to where the boat leaves from. It takes away all of your big problems. You got worries you can drop them in the blue ocean. But you gotta get away to where the boat leaves from.

-Zac Brown Band


Summer is a great time to divide up your layering options to create a fun, cool, and easy look.

HAIR: MADesigns Hair ~ Eric ~ Dark Blonde VII

EYES: MADesigns Eyes ~ Clarity ~ A Question

SHIRT: AOHARU ~ Simple Polo Shirt ~ White


PANTS: El Ganso ~ Pants Herringbone w. Band ~ Beige

SHOES: FIR & MNA ~ Gumshoes ~ Cream

SUNGLASSES: GOS ~ Compulsive ~ Tortoise

WATCH: [ hoorenbeek ] ~ Magnum Watch ~ Brown/White/Silver

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LOTD 08 15 11 – Kill the Lights

My new friend since the MVW competition in July, Mr. Japan, Zach Zufreur, recently asked me to take a picture of him and asked me to join in.  This was a fun take on formal wear, and I’m ready to see what Zach comes up with for his picture.

Models: Jax Aster & Zachary Zufreur


SUIT: Lapointe & BastChild ~ “Milan” Pinstripe  ~ BLACK
SHOES: *COCO*Homme ~ LeatherShoes ~ Black


SUIT: **GizzA** ~  Formal Men’s Suit
SHOES: *REDGRAVE* ~ Elegance Leather Shoes ~ Black
BAG: CheerNo

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LOTD 08 09 11 – One Thing I know

Woke up today and things have changed. The man I’ve become just ain’t the same. Wanted to run, but there’s just no where to go.  Living in a dreamworld, praying that it don’t show. Because who I am, is who you want me to be. But, I’m having a hard time finding me.  So take my hand darlin. Won’t you let me go. Got to do this by myself, that’s one thing I know.    -Randy Rogers Band-


Many designers create many items in multiple layers which makes it easy to match colors, tones, and accessories. Pair thse various items to create a look that suits your personal style.

HAIR: MADesigns Hair ~ BRENT ~ Dark Blonde VII
EYES: MADesigns Eyes ~ Clarity ~ Branded
JACKET: INDI Designs ~ Leather Jacket ~ Beige
SHIRT: INDI Designs ~ Polo Shirt V2 ~ Brown/Beige
PANTS: INDI Designs ~ 841 Jeans ~ Taupe
SHOES: INDI Designs ~ O’Leary Sneakers ~ Brown/Beige
BELT: INDI Designs ~ 841 Jeans Belt ~ Dark Brown

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LOTD 08 08 11 – New Egoisme Skin and Capris

Skin: EGOISME ~ Nicola Skin ~ Pale, Medium, Tan
Eyes: MADesigns ~ Clarity ~ Animal Call, Event, Night Call
Hair: MADesigns ~ Brent ~ Light Brown I, Dark Brown VIII, Black I
Pants: EGOISME ~ Capri Jeans with Belt ~ Black, Blue, Brown

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Styling – #1

So this is the first that I have been asked to style someone other than myself and/or quick questions from various friends.  I took a before picture just for reference but now I’m glad I did.  I chose everything in the after pictures from skin, hair, and eyes to clothes and shoes for her. Style Card is as follows (top left to right):

1.  Before
2.  Skin: Tuli ~ Emma ~ Tan
Hair: Truth ~ Mischa ~ Copper
Eyes: Lelutka ~ Reflections ~ Control
Lingerie: Blacklace ~ Velvet Corset Set ~ Teal
3. Skin: Tuli ~ Emma ~ Tan
Hair: Truth ~ Kelsey ~ Copper
Eyes: Lelutka ~ Reflections ~ Control
Dress: lelutka ~ Marta Dress ~ Brown
4. Skin: Tuli ~ Emma ~ Tan
Hair: Lelutka ~ Inverted ~ Copper
Eyes: Lelutka ~ Reflections ~ Control
Jacket: Diram ~ Cassie Outfit ~ Black
Top: Diram ~ Cassie Outfit ~ Black
Glasses: Diram ~ Jocker Sunglasses ~ Black
5.  Skin: Tuli ~ Emma ~ Tan
Hair: Truth ~ Mischa ~ Copper
Eyes: Lelutka ~ Reflections ~ Control
Swimsuit: WaterBabies ~ Tied SashOne Piece ~ Light Blue
Hat: COCO ~ Straw Hat ~ Natural Ribbon
6. Skin: Tuli ~ Emma ~ Tan
Hair: Truth ~ Blake ~ Copper
Eyes: Lelutka ~ Reflections ~ Control
Jacket: Mon Tissu ~ Rockaby Blazer ~ Gray
Top: Mon Tissu ~ Park Avenue Top ~ White
Belt: Mon Tissu ~ Seneca Threaded Belt ~ Sable
Jeans: Mon Tissu ~ Lou Lou Denim ~ Dark
Boots: Mon Tissu ~ Province Riding Boots ~ Dark Brown
Bracelets: Mandala ~ 7 Luck ~ Brown
Necklace: Wippet & Buck ~ Memory Collector Necklace ~ Speckled
7: Skin: Tuli ~ Emma ~ Tan
Hair: Truth ~ Diana ~ Copper
Eyes: Lelutka  ~ Reflections ~ Control
Dress: Azul ~ Sora ~ White
Shoes: GE ~ Kylie ~ White
Bracelets: Mandala ~ Milky Way Bracelet ~ Polly White
Earrings: Mandala ~ Milky Way 2 ~ Polly White

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