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etham – Damselfly

Hair: Damselfly - Dominic (Cosmopolitan Sale Room) 200L
Eyes: DA
Beard: T A I L O R E D ::: Beard Style 4  (Cosmopolitan Sale Room) 70L
Jacket: etham - Alexandro Blazer (Cosmopolitan Sale Room)70L
Necklace: - Entente - Anchor necklace
Ears - MANDALA taped ears

My japan fair

Jacket: JF 2014 ...Scars... 1B Tailored Jacket  - JAPAN FAIR 2014
Hair: Salon de GLOW <hairpieces>-M-09 -  (Strawberry) - JAPAN FAIR 2014
Eyes: IKON

R U Mine?


r u mine



New Amazing shirts at Deadwool

button-up bandits


Did you know that I love a good button up? You do now.

XIAJ has spoiled me and the rest of you @ the thrift store event with a great set of button ups that are available right now in a gacha! Also there’s this greatly detailed Blazer i’m wearing in the second look available for a small amount of time at a discounted price!

Also be on the look out the new store T O R O with some great clothes for guys and girls! I’m looking forward to what else they bring out. The items i’m wearing don’t officially come out until Friday so i’ll update the links on Friday also!

Left Look

Cardigan – Pumpkin

Shirt - XIAJ @ Thrift store (NEW!)[Gacha]

Shorts - Nerd P @ SGB Fest

Hat -T O R O (NEW!)(Coming out on Friday 14th)

Middle Look -

Jacket – XIAJ @ Thrift Store

Shirt - XIAJ @ Thrift Store [rare gacha]

Trousers - Iruco

Shoes – Fir & MNA

Right Look -

Jacket -T O R O – (NEW!)(Coming out on Friday 14th)

Shirt – XIAJ @ Thrift Store

Jeans – Pumpkin (NEW!)

Shoes – Mr Poet

Hat – T O R O (NEW!)(Coming out on Friday 14th)

watch out for this

Yoooo there’s so many events going on right now! And It definitely feels like summer.

So of course there’s this round of The Arcade, one of the best Gacha events on the grid, supported by some of the biggest names in SL and there’s so many varieties of items you can pick up if you’re lucky!

Then theres one of my favourite Gacha Events/Fairs that i’ve been going to for the last two years, the SGB festival which again has some amazing designers, and is a little less known but you can still pick up some great things


Left Look -

Shirt – Kal Rau (NEW!)

Pants – XIAJ – Harem Pants

Shoes – Yeezy’s

Watch – Benjaminz

Hat – HeadzUP! @SFW this week

Hands – Cheerno - Mesh Hands v3

Right Look -

Hat - Sleepy Eddy @ The Arcade (NEW!)

Shirt – 2Byte @ SGB (NEW!)

Shorts – Nerd:P @ SGB (NEW!)

Flip Flops - Cheerno (NEW!)

Bracelet – Boom @ The Arcade

Guitar and Guitar Case – The Standby’s @ The Arcade

kiddy kravitz

kiddy kravits

Basically, i’ve got this shirt in like 8 colours, and i’m not taking it off.

So go get it, ‘cuz it’s only 30Ls with 3 rares what a bargain.

Shirt – Nerd P – TEE019 (GACHA) [NEW!!]

Glasses – Vilenna @ SFW (NEW!)

Hands - Cheerno (NEW!)

Hat – HeadzUP! (Unreleased/Coming soon!)