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LOTD #54 – Men Only Hunt (MOH2) and NEW Aotreo, punkd, [JP]:dsg

Hair: *Aotreo* Sid *NEW 
Facial Hair: EMORTAL CONCEPTS BLK chin curtain
Shades: [JP]:dsg Flyboy (MESH) *NEW
Jacket: punkd Jacket Open Style (MESH) *NEW
Shirt: D R O P Basic V Neck Tee @(MOH2)
Chain: Lil Things Black Cross
Pants: <kal rau> Baggy Jeans (MESH)
Shoes: [380] Rugged (MESH)
Pose: [Expressive Poses] - Stripped @(MOH2)

LOTD #53 – Men Only Hunt (MOH2) and NEW Public Enemy, MAYWAY, Z3

Beanie: ::INF:: Black Knit
Hairbase: R E M O R S E -  Front Fade
Glasses: [CheerNo] Marley Painted Yellow (MESH) @(MOH2)
Facial Hair: EMORTAL CONCEPTS BLK chin curtain
Tattoo: - Public Enemy - Third Eye @(MOH2)
Jacket: - Public Enemy - Ghetto Blaster (MESH) *NEW
Shorts: -[.:MAYWAY:.]- Beach Shorts Black (MESH) *NEW
Shoes: [Z3] Vans Canvas - coal *NEW
Pose: [Expressive Poses] - Stripped @(MOH2)

LOT #51 – Men Only Hunt (MOH2)

Hair: [Atro Patena] - Eric 
Facial Hair: EMORTAL CONCEPTS BLK chin curtain
Glasses: Blah My Red-Hot Glasses @(MOH2)
Shirt: BUID Mesh Dress Shirt (MESH) @(MOH2)
Pants: [NV] Damnit Baggy - Jeans Navy (MESH) @(MOH2)
Shoes: Latreia - Trek Zebra @(MOH2)
Pose: PURPLE POSES - Male @(MOH2)

My Best Side Was Your Worst Invention

The MOH2 hunt starts TONIGHT here are a few more previews for you.
Remember to go to the MOH2 BLOG to check for slurls.
Also *Aotreo has released some new hair!

Shirt - BUID-Male_ Mesh_Dress_Shirt *MOH2*
Pants - <kal rau> Baggy Jeans Dark M1_Mesh
Belt - <kal rau> Baggy Jeans_Belt Pack 3
Hair - *Aotreo* Sid - Auburn *NEW*
Glasses -  CheerNo Glasses . Marley *MOH2*

I Can Be Your Superman

Don't forget that the Second Mens Only Hunt opens tomorrow May 26th at 9 pm slt!! 
I have previewed some items in previous posts and here and still have some more to come.
Remember to check the BLOG in order to get slurls to the stores.
Hunters are looking for an iPod.

Tank - URCo> Advengers Mesh Mens *MOH2*
Pants - .::[NerdMonkey*Clothes-[athletic green baggy pants] *MOH2*
Eyes - Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Nuclear Shadow) *MOH2*
Hair - *Dura-Boy*30(Black)
Shoes - Reek - Tennessee Slip Ons - Gray
Poses - Purple Poses *MOH2*

MOH2 Previews

This jacket is pretty awesome.
It's also color change, so every time you put it on its a different color! 
Definitely write this store down on your list to stop by during the hunt.

Jacket - Kauna - Retro Military Jacket *MOH*
Pants - [ATOMIC] Skinny Jeans - Vintage
Hair - *Dura-Boy*31(Black)
Skin - Fruk - Knox
Shoes - TonkTastic - 50's Jump Boots (black)

MOH2 Previews

The Men's Only Hunt starts on May 26th and my next few blog posts will be previewing some items that are my personal favorites from this hunt. Hunters are going to be looking for an iPod and you can find more info as well as slurls on the MOH blog site.

Tank - Elmont - The Fillmore Tank *MOH2*
Nosering - - .HoD. - Omega Nose Gauge - Electrosexual *MOH2*
Pants - {Elygo}  Unisex Denim Navy
Hair - *Aotreo- Sam - Midnight
Hairbase - AITUI - 5 Etched Hair Bases - Firebird
Tattoo -  BlackFeet - To the ends of the Earth (marketplace)
Shoes - [Z3] 4s Black Cats
Pose - [Expressive Poses] *MOH2*