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This is fantastic

"Well, to be honest, after years of smoking and drinking, you do sometimes look at yourself and know....."

...."just sometimes in between the first cigarette with coffee in the morning to that four hundredth glass of cornershop piss at 3AM.............."

" do sometimes look at yourself and think: This is fantastic. I’m in heaven."

For anyone who does not know Black Books, you are almost certainly missing out on a great experience.  18 Episodes of comedy gold.  I'm sure it's available to buy or stream from a reputable merchant near you.

 SKIN Trent from Kento
SHAPE Modded Cad shape - gave it my best shot, but this is haaaard
HAIR Game1 in Brown from Dura
EYES (you can't see em but they are from Insufferable Dastard)

JACKET Mesh suit jacket from Hoorenbeek
PANTS Mesh suit pants from Hoorenbeek
SHIRT from Alphamale
SHOES City Walks from Shiny Things

CIGARETTE from Hermony

PS - Sadly (for me) this blog will be updated less regularly than previously due to various RL things.

Casket Ready Hunt – Fashion Voodoo

Shape by: Frostings!! – Travie
Hair by: DURA – Boy #23 in Black
Boxers by: Alphamale – Cotton Boxer Briefs
Outfit by: Wolf Designs – Casket Ready Hunt Gift #27
Glasses by: SuPerBia PierCinGs – Checker Glasses @ Fashion Voodoo
Bag by: Earth’s Designs – Casket Ready Hunt Gift #14
Shoes by: Cysleek Design – Red/White
Shirt Bottom by: Rispetto Designs – Featured in Giretto Outfit in Wine
Sleeve Tattoo by: Delusions – Voodoo @ Fashion Voodoo (FV)


Casket Ready Hunt Ends Sept 23rd! Details Here
Hunt Items Cost $2L